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Lynnette Well now that the Sheriff was all patched up and she was back up behind the bar. Chuck had to bring Cami back to Shanty Town so it was just her for now.

Leaning on the counter, she was sipping a glass of water while looking at the one or two raiders that were hanging out as they always did in this place. Exhaling she would turn and grab a bottle of whiskey from the top shelf and poured herself a glass of it. It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?
Davidson The low, throaty rumble of a vehicle of some sort - unusual enough in this day and age - can be heard outside before it cuts off with a vibrating thrum. Not too long after, Davidson pushes open the bar's door and strolls in, filter mask hanging down around his neck, rifle slung over his back, fresh scars still healing across his brow and the side of his face.

"Howdy," he greets casually as he approaches the bar, dropping himself down onto a rickety stool pushed up near it.
Lynnette Hearing that noise she would look up as she raised a brow slightly. As the door opened, she'd sit up straight and leaned back against the wall behind her now. Sipping her whiskey she'd watch him for a moment then smiled as she wiggled her fingers of her free hand at him. "Afternoon!" Setting that glass on the counter she would just tilt her head a bit and smirked as she nodded. "Need a drink, handsome?" Tilting her head she'd run her fingers through her hair as she was already going for a glass. "From the looks of do need one...."
Davidson "Absolutely. And you should've seen the other guy," Davidson quips, a wry smile tugging up at the corner of his lips as he leans forward, forearms folding against the bar's edge, "You wouldn't want to, though. Ugly motherfucker."
Lynnette Chuckling she would just shake her head a bit as she propped her head up on her arm as she nodded. "Noted." Looking at the bottles behind her then back to him she'd nod. "So! Beer....something harder? Something weaker?" Pulling her own glass of whiskey to her she would nod a bit as she took a long sip. "Either way....10 caps....."
Davidson "A few fingers've whiskey sound good," Davidson admits with a slight shrug, head tilting towards her own glass, "Name's Davidson, by the way. Nice li'l town you've got down this way..."
Lynnette With that she would turn and pull down a bottle of whiskey and poured about...three fingers worth. Sliding it over to him she'd nod then as she would pick her own glass back up. "I'm Lyn....and uh...." Looking out the large window she would laugh then look back to him. "The town? Its kind of a shit hole but the Sheriff is working on fixing that. At least my place and classed up the joint a bit...." Sighing a bit she would then nod. "I haven't seen you out here before. You must stay out by El Dorado? Or just passing through...."
Davidson A stack of caps is counted out from a pouch and slid over the bar, Davidson's hand reaching out to gather his glass up and raising it in a bit of a salute-- a grin, then, leaning back with the whiskey in hand. "Yeah, the outskirts - shantytown, you know, I don't spend a lot've time inside the walls. Just got back from Texas, though."
Lynnette She'd slide those over to her then dropped them in her till. When he saluted she would raise her glass in return then nodded. "Oh okay yeah. I know that area." She'd take a long sip then chuckled. "Yeah I heard about that. A lot of people went out there to help. I unfortunately was uh....previously engaged so I couldn't go help." Leaning on the bar she would smirk a bit then. "So how was it....?"
Davidson "It was..." Davidson's smile fades a bit, head shaking, "It wasn't pretty, let me tell you. A lot of lives lost. But we held. We held." He brings the glass up in salute, then slams it back -- thumping the glass back down to the bar's surface.
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit and shook her head as she looked at him. "Not....okay." Closing her eyes she'd go back to leaning on that wall before looking him over. "Well...did it help? How are they doing out there?" Lyn would frown a bit. "I heard one of ours did some screwed up shit out there.....he shot up my friend.."
Davidson "We held," Davidson says with a shake of his head, voice a bit rough that soon after swallowing the whiskey; clearing his throat, he looks back at her, "We broke the back of the mutant horde, we drove off the reavers... but the Alamo held. So you don't need to worry about a tide of green washing over your town anytime soon, at least not from that direction." He frowns, "Who was it?"
Lynnette She'd frown as she took a deep breath. "Vuk...." Lyn just shook her head as she nodded slowly. "Iris was who got shot up. I"m glad she's okay but what the hell...." It was obvious she was pissed but was holding it in. "If he's stupid enough to show back up....I'm gonna kill him myself for being a traitor...."
Davidson "Shit, Iris got shot up...?" Davidson straightens a bit on the stood, his wound-crossed brow furrowing as a scowl curves across his expression, "She's okay, though? Motherfucker-- never met the guy myself, but I've heard some things. And I saw a bunch of bullshit pro-Reaver propaganda laying around."
Lynnette Nodding, Lyn would continue. "Yup....apparently he wanted her to go with him but....." Sighing she would shake her head as she heard that. "Pro-Reaver...." There was a snort then. "That would make sense about his weird ass. But fuck...this whole time? And no one knew? That's....terrifying....."
Davidson "Yeah. All these papers everyway saying the Brotherhood was evil, but we'd all be saved by the 'People of Peace' and the Reaver symbol. Then the Reavers showed up and they started shooting refugees..." A rough snort from Davidson, "If it was that guy, he can go to hell. They killed a lot of innocent people, and made that fight a lot worse than it was..."
Lynnette Slamming her now empty glass down she would cast her eyes to the side then before she would sigh. "Screw him and all his little buddies then. To me they're no better than the others. Why the hell would you go after defenseless people...." Taking a deep breath she would slowly pour herself another glass as she spoke. "I hope he has the balls to show up here. I'll blow his head off where he stands...."
Davidson "Good fuckin' riddance if you do. Things were bad enough without them showing up..." Davidson shakes his head slowly, "Shit I saw there that I'll never forget, and I've seen some weird-ass shit in my time before then..."
Lynnette Pouring him another glass she would smile then gave him a wink. "....on the house...." She'd finally put that bottle up then sighed softly. "'s over for now at least. I wish I could have helped but hell....sounds like it was insane..."
Davidson "Thanks. And yeah..." Davidson's nose wrinkles even as he reaches out to curl his figners around the glass, "There was this thing... some abomination of a super-mutant, sixty feet tall. Nearly ripped the wall apart. We had a scorpion-walker that it picked up like a toy and threw aside..."
Lynnette She would blink a few times and just stared as she heard that. Shivering she would just shake her head then. "Oh no no.....I'm good....I don't even want to think about it. That's enough." She'd had her share of super mutant crap in her bar and doesn't want to talk about more. "So anyway.....what do you do, Davidson?" There was a tilt of her head then....time to change the topic. It wasn't good for anyone's health.
Davidson     A low, wry chuckle comes then, his head tilting a bit as he looks up to the bartender, "Sorry. Just fresh in my mind... ah! I'm a cartographer, which is a fancy way of saying I wander around the wasteland making maps so people know where the fuck things are. A new horizon every morning, if I can help it."
Lynnette "It's fine....I totally get it." Lyn would raise her brow a bit then chuckled. "So a map it." There was a shrug then as she looked him over a bit. "Got a map for this area at all? I still get lost trying to get between here and El Dorado at times. You think I'd know it by now but....oh well..." She'd sigh softly then as she closed her eyes. "But seriously....sounds fun."
Davidson "That's why I'm here, actually. Heard about this place, figured I'd drive back'n forth a few times, get some good maps of the best routes between..." Davidson shrugs with an easy smile, "Spot all the potholes, raider ambush spots, et cetera, get 'em mapped out. And the wastes're a dangerous place to spend your time, but the sunsets are worth it."
Lynnette "Aaahhh....." Snapping her fingers then she would chuckle a bit. "I will have to buy one off of you when you finish then. Might make my life a bit easier to be honest...." Taking a deep breath she would just raise her glass. "Well hopefully you don't get hurt out there and shit. The raiders tend to be dicks.....Enclave is back wandering around...and...all kinds of other crap is going on."
Davidson "Tell me about it..." Davidson reaches a hand up, rubbing against one of the healing scars across his cheek with a grimace, "Hopefully we have time to build our forces back up after that battle... we have what's left over here on the Texas border to protect us, at least. We need more allies, though, in case the Enclave starts rolling. Or some other group of assholes shows up."
Lynnette She'd chuckle and nodded a bit as she sighed. "I'm just...not in the mood to be honest." Sighing a bit she would just look over at him for a bit then sighed. "Well....hopefully that doesn't happen. I don't think I can deal with it. Like....I've had too much going on as it is."
Davidson "I hear you. Well, any luck, we'll be fine for awhile. Don't you worry your gorgeous little head," Davidson flashes over a smile, brows lifting, "Life goes on, and there'll be another dawn tomorrow to enjoy."
Lynnette She'd wink at him playfully the as she gave him a nod. "Well I will try. And I will worry less if I know you're around making maps. It'll keep women like me from getting lost and lord knows what happening to them." Sighing she'd just lean on the bar as she looked him over then nodded. "And it does goes on. But damn does it go rough sometimes....and that it was sucks. But I'll just keep here....slinging drinks in my bar unless I really need to fight...."
Davidson "You don't sound too cheery about it," he admits, brows lifting a bit as he looks back to her, "Something else you want to be doing aside from slingin' drinks?"
Lynnette Laughing softly she would nod a bit. "Yes....getting drunk. But since I own the place....I need to be responsible...." At that she would raise up her glass and finish that whiskey before reaching over for that glass of water. "I'm used to just being a bartender....not owning the bar too."
Davidson "Ah, responsibility," Davidson nods gravely, "You poor soul. Well, now I can't plot to get you drunk, so I'll drink for you--" A laugh, then, shaking his head, "Just became owner, then?"
Lynnette Shaking her head she would smile a bit. "No's been a couple of months now...." Lyn would lean on the bar top as she looked to the large window. "I added that when the wall got a hole in it because of a dude named Ashur. I had just taken over and boom....fight breaks out and hell ensued. So figured I'd fix up the place since I had to redo it."
Davidson "Oh--" Davidson looks at the window, then looks up as he thinks, and nods a little, "Yeah, that's about Ashur-sized. I don't think that guy can even die, the mutants tried their damndest but nothing they could do managed it."
Lynnette She'd sigh as she just shook her head. "He's....a piece of work. In fact...I can't stand him..." Lyn let out a laugh then as she nodded. "And him still being alive? I'm really not surprised. I'd be more shocked if he //was// dead."
Davidson "Tell me about it..." Davidson shakes his head, "I don't know the guy real well, but he seems like an asshole. And an idiot. Just a nearly unkillable one."
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit then as she shook her head. "You hit the nail on the head. He is literally a dumb, dick hole that's unkillable....." Sighing she'd just shake her head. "And the way he treats women...I can't stand it...."
Davidson "Tell me about it. Ah, well," a shrug of one shoulder, "I don't have to deal with the guy much. I've got more important things than some misogynist semi-mutant to deal with."
Lynnette Letting out a sigh she would smile. "Well you're lucky. Like....screw that. I have to deal with Enclave attacking people here..." She'd roll her eyes a bit then as she nodded slowly. "The Sheriff got hurt on patrol but he's good now. Then just people getting harassed. I thought they would stay away from this town of thugs, you know? But nope...they're harassing here too. At least here the guys fight back...heh."
Davidson "I mean, if your town is full of thugs, some of them are going to... thug," Davidson allows a bit wryly, shaking his head, "The Enclave, though, that's another issue. I've been visiting this other settlement nearby-- you wouldn't even believe me, honestly, if I told you. But if we can win them over, we'll have a big ally on our side."
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit then. "I is a petty lawless town until the Sheriff got in." Chuckling she would just shake her head then smirked a bit. "What are you talking about? Win who over?" A brow would raise then. "I mean....who could it be that would be that big of a deal?"
Davidson Davidson cocks his head to one side, considering for a moment... and then he breathes out a chuckle, "You're gonna think I've been drinking too much."
Lynnette She'd raise her brow as she leaned over on the bar, smirking as she swirled her water around in that glass. ".....try me. I crazy could it be....."
Davidson A deep breath's taken in, exhaled, and he leans forward to rest a forearm on the bar in return. "It's a town protected by intelligent Deathclaws," he explains seriously, "And filled with talking animals. I swear by all that's holy, their mayor's a dog."
Lynnette She'd blink as she stared at him and just slowly reached out her water to him. "I might have been drunk before you got here. Drink this...." Lyn just stared at him as if he had two heads. "...a dog?"
Davidson "I knew you wouldn't believe me," he admits, his tone wry even as he reaches out for the water anyway, leaning back, "It's true, though. Talking animals. Deathclaws carrying rifles. All of it."
Lynnette She'd just nod slowly as she goes to fix another glass of water. " talked to them?" He's gotta be having a heat stroke. "They didn't attack?"
Davidson "There were some humans living with them, most of the animals, the deathclaws, they aren't too thrilled with outsiders," admits Davidson, taking a sip of the water, "It's really out there, though. Airship Village, they call it."
Lynnette Nodding slowly she would raise her brow a bit then smiled. " you know how to find your way back to this....Airship Village...." Lyn would tilt her head....humoring. "Because if you can prove it to me....hell I'll help you get them to be our friends...."
Davidson "I do," he replies with a raise of both brows at the challenge, "It's a bit hard to get to, but the Deathclaws can't keep up with me on the Terminator."
Lynnette Raising her brow she would stare at him then folded her arms. "Know what...?" Now she seemed to be in thought. "Take me and the Sheriff here there....and let's see what we can find out, hm?"
Davidson "Sure," Davidson replies with a spread of his hands to either side, "I'll bring you both out there, if you like, show you the place. One or two more people they shouldn't see as a threat."
Lynnette She'd grin a bit as she nodded. "And if this is some....messed up joke?" Her face would fade slightly. "....I might have to slap you in that pretty face of yours...." Lyn gave him a smirk then before nodded. "Awesome. I"ll talk to the Sheriff and see what he says and we can set up a time to go..."
Davidson "Look, I'll be frank," Davidson chuckles under his breath, head shaking, "I'll be happy to have someone else to show the place. Shit, even I have a hard time believing it exists, and I've been there!"
Lynnette "Alright then. Let's do it. As soon as I talk to him....we'll all go and see what this is, hm?" A tilt of her head then. "You told anyone else about this place yet?"
Davidson "Just stumbled across it on the way back from Texas," admits Davidson with a shrug, "I was stretching my legs, so to speak, never like taking the same way back to a place if I can help it... and, well. You run into the strangest shit out there in the wastes, let me tell you. This takes the cake."
Lynnette "Alright." Sighing a bit she would nod firmly. "I'll...look for you I guess. If you're in Shanty I can go looking for you and let you know what he said and when we can go. But....I guess we need to roll with weapons...."
Davidson "I mean, it's not a bad idea to bring weapons anywhere in the wastes," admits Davidson with a low chuckle, "But the town shouldn't give us any issues. Who's the Sheriff around these parts, anyway...?"
Lynnette She'd smile as she shrugged then. "Noted. I"ll try to bring something. I'm not really a shooter but eh....." Tapping her chin then she would smile softly. "His name is Alpha. He's lived around her for a bit and ended up Sheriff to clean up the town a bit. Even helped me keep this place relatively less dangerous."
Davidson "Well, let him know. I'll come on by semi-regularly too," he chuckles, "And you can go see that I'm not just some sun-crazed nut."
Lynnette She'd laugh and held her hand out then. "Alright. It's a deal....." A tilt of her head and those green would sparkle a bit. "Maybe we can get our town some allies. We're out here on our own a could help...and in the long run help El Dorado...."
Davidson The offered hand is clasped firmly, and he flashes her a broad grin, "Deal. And if it -does- exist, you've got to relax and take a night off, have a drink, whatever you want to do, eh?"
Lynnette Chuckling she would nod then. "Sounds legit...." Seeing a man walk in the door that was grumbling....walking straight into the kitchen she would laugh. " chit chat time is over. MY employee is back and looking grumpy." Wiggling her fingers she'd then wink at him. "Don't be a stranger....but now I need to go and see what's up his but so I can do inventory and he can hit the bar."
Davidson "Alright, alright..." A laugh, and he pushes himself up to his feet, "I'll be back around. You talk to that Sheriff of yours, though, beautiful." A wink's given, and he turns to stroll to the door, "Catch you soon."
Lynnette Chuckling she'd nod then waves to him. "Will do! I'll be in touch....." And with that she turned and made her way towards the kitchen. Yelling out with a laugh she'd open the door. "So what crawled up your ass, Chuck?" And there began these two and their lovely 'discussion'.