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Qwillis     The scene is at the canopy set up for people to meet SOED, there's a table, some chairs and an ice bin that has water chilling in it. Qwillis is sitting on the edge of that desk, while Serena stood nearby, looking at Kaydin.
Serena Serena would just staring at Kaydin then as she raised her brow a bit. "What do I do here?" A tilt of her head before she would crack her knuckles. "What sort of thing is that to ask? I mean....I can show you what it is I do....." Those blue eyes would cast over to Qwillis then as she raised her hand up a bit.
Kaydin     "It is a simple enough question. Do you have scientific training?" Kaydin asks as he watches the woman and then looks to Qwillis to gauge his reaction as to his question. He watches the man long enough before turning his gaze back to the woman. "Are you a doctor of some sort?"
Qwillis     Qwillis folds his arms over his chest, raising a brow. "Kaydin? I've said multiple times now that this group, the SOED? Does not require everyone to be scientists. We need trustworthy people that can work together. We need people who are able to assist in experiments as much as do their own. As for training? I'm quite capable of training anyone in science."
Serena She would stare at him and then nodded a bit as he held her hand out. "No....I do not. And I am just in training of being medical personnel...." A tilt of her head as she put her hand back behind her back and smiled as she looked to his feet....a fire lighting up around him. "I have my uses for the group. Mainly....that."
Kaydin     Kaydin stomps down on the fire once it sprouts from him. He stomps the fires trying to keep from getting burned. "I see." Kaydin says as he watches the two. "So how can I help the group out?" He asks curiously.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "We have Iris, who is not a scientist, but medic. So, that's another example, hmm?" Qwillis glances over to Serena, looking at her curiously, then looks back to Kaydin. "What would your speciality be, Kaydin? What are you seeking to join SOED for?"
Serena She would smirk slowly at Kaydin trying not to get burned. " time I can just set you on fire...." Serena then looked back over to Qwillis, walking back over as she exhaled softly. "...what?" There was a shrug then as she leaned on the table and looked off to the side then.
Kaydin     "I would appreciate it if I wasnt lit on fire." Kaydin says with an annoyed tone and he looks to the man and nods. "What I seek is more tech to be able to do my role as a desert ranger." He says as he watches the two now.
Qwillis     Q watches Serena for a moment, shakes his head and gets a bottle of water. He'd offer one to Serena, then one to Kadyin and finally taking one himself. "So then are we able to rely on you as a guard for us? Security to protect the facility while we work on the science? We're seeking to help everyone have a better life. Not just research how to make more deadly weapons."
Serena Serena would tilt her head a bit as she took that water then looked over to Kaydin. "Don't annoy me and won't send up on fire....." That was the end of that for now as she glanced to Q and nodded. She'd keep quiet now as she let him do his job. I mean....she's just the assistant to him. This is his outfit.
Kaydin     Kaydin was about to say something but bites his tongue. He then looks Qwillis and nods. "I can do that." He says as he takes the bottle and sips from it. "So Whats the first order of business, boss?" He asks curiously.
Serena She'd look over at Kaydin as Q went into on of his trances it seems....thinking. Staring at him intently she would tilt her head a bit as she smiled slightly. "You looked as if you wished to say something earlier...." Cut her eyes over to Qwillis she'd then look back at him. "Did he actually say....yes?"
Iris Lark Iris returns now from the path she took last nice down the Pecos River with a large shaggy wolf by her side. When she spots Serena, she quickens her step until she's beside the other girl. "What did I miss?" She asks, tucking her hat into her bag. "Nothing terribly exciting, I hope."
Kaydin     Kaydin sips his water and then turns to look to Serena. "What I was going to say is nothing special. Nothing you need to worry about." He says as he nods his head to Iris when she shows up. "So you going to join this group, miss Lark?" He asks curiously.
Serena She'd raise her brow a bit but said nothing. Looking to Iris she would smile softly then just sipped her water. "Nothing of note, Iris." With that she'd glance over to Kaydin and smiled softly. "I think she's already in the group....."
Iris Lark Iris nods as Serena speaks. "I am already a member of this group, yes." She folds her arms loosely over her chest and tilts her head. "Still talking from last night?" The wolf at her feet settles down on his haunches, tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. She idly scratches at his ears. "How are you doing Kaydin?"
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "Doing alright. Not on fire so thats always a plus." He says as he looks to the various people. "I got a problem with my laser gun, it has a nasty habit of overheating every now and then, how did they fix that?"
Serena Raising her brow a bit she would look to Iris and sighed. "He's just mad because I set the ground around him on fire for questioning why I am here. I could have just set him on first and ask questions later like I normally due. However Qwillis has been working with me on my temper..." She' sip at that water then as she just stared at Kaydin before looking back to Iris. "By the way....I have been expounding on the basic first aid skills that my aunt taught me a long time ago. Hopefully...I can keep reading and studying to improve upon that."
Iris Lark "If I can help you with that, let me know." Iris responds, and then she gazes at Kaydin. "You might want to get a new laser weapon if yours keeps overheating, is it an AEP5? Those tend to do that, they didn't fix that nasty habit until the 7's." She glances down at her hip and frowns. "I use plasma now, I feel like it works better."
Kaydin     "Yeah it's an aep5. picked it up at the citadel and even trained myself on how to use it. The problem is the overheating." Kaydin says as he unholsters the laser pistol and shows it to Iris.
Iris Lark "It won't stop overheating, you'll just need to get something that works a little better. A 7 or a 9, they're both pretty top notch guns." Iris responds, as her eyes skim the gun and the hand holding it. "When did you start using laser weapons? Recently?"
Kaydin     "Yea. I thought about just using my firearms like usual but I figured energy weapons looked better then normal guns." Kaydin says as he holds the pistol for her to see. "Think I should keep using ballistic weapons or stick to energy weapons?"
Iris Lark "Energy weapons are pretty nice. I have this rifle here that I'm not using." Iris holds up the Winchester and shows it to Kaydin. "It doesn't overheat, and the plasma burns if you're decent at shooting." She tilts her head as she smiles at him. "I might be convinced to let it go, for the right price."
Kaydin     "How much you want for it?" Kaydin asks as he looks the winchester over and holsters his laser pistol as he looks and waits for the woman to drop her price.
Iris Lark "The lowest I'll go is 850 caps, and I'll include enough ammo to fully load it again once it's depleted." Iris responds, slinging the rifle over her shoulder as she aims a smile at Kaydin. "I could probably get a thousand, but I just want it gone, honestly."
Kaydin     "I dont have the money to meet your price, but give me some time and I will." Kaydin says as he looks to the woman. "So how did you find these energy weapons?" He asks curiously. "For being a noncombatant you are pretty armed.
Serena Serena would raise her brow then as she stared at Kaydin. "I'm a noncombatant...and I can defend myself." A tilt of her head then as she looked to Iris and smiled softly. "Are you just lucky to find such things. I know that one thing I sold you....because I don't guns but I find a lot of interesting things...."
Iris Lark "I'm patient." Iris responds, and she glances at her weapons and then back to Kaydin. "I am absolutely not a non combatant. I'm just a woman who only shoots when it's necessary." She gestures to her pistol and her shotgun. "I bought them, I'm a merchant."
Kaydin     "Right." Kaydin says to both women as he shrugs and nods. "A merchant who happens to be a doctor. handy mix." Kaydin says as he watches Iris for a moment. "How is Matt? Is he living with you in Avalon?" He asks curiously.
Serena A tilt of her head then as she would blink a bit and frowned. "Why would you ask a woman about her private business?" Now she seemed agitated. "That is rather presumptuous to do...." Looking to Iris she would then push herself off of the table. "I hope you don't keep asking things like that. I may be fresh out into the world but....that is not okay."
Iris Lark "I have to agree with her, my private business remains that. Private." Iris responds, and she dips her head gently before she offers up a slight smile. "Your ...interest is appreciated though." She pushes her hair away from her face and lets out a sigh. "Are you seeing anyone new Kaydin?" She asks impishly, her smile becoming a bit wider.
Carlos     Walking along the River, Carlos makes his way downstream, his left hand resting on the pummel of an old Chinese straight sword. His gaze was focused more on the river rather than anything of the surrounding area, this caused him for a while to not even notice the farms he was passing by, let alone the gathering of a few folks. The only thing that snaps him from his distracted state were the voices, only one male and a pair of females, seemingly a pair. 'Hmm..'
Iris Lark Iris turns and glances towards the river, spotting Carlos. She darts a quick look at Serena and jerks her chin slowly towards Carlos. Her voice is low when she speaks. "Look familiar?" She quirks a brow and lays her hand on her pistol, a frown forming on her face.
Serena She would raise her brow a bit as she looked in the direction she nodded. Staring at him she would look him over before looking to Iris. "No idea. I can light him up from here if he's a problem...." Of course this was soft as she stood up straighter and looked to the man approaching. In her mood, she was in a burn first and ask questions later sort of mood.
Carlos     Carlos wasn't able to see just what was going on clearly in the distance but he could tell a defensive posture. Lifting his hands up and into the air, roughly at shoulder height, he wiggles his fingers showing off his unarmed state before approaching. "Woo now, I don't mean you little ladies any harm now. Just passin through. Got curious when I started hearing voices, thought I'd be alone for much of this trek."
Iris Lark "We won't shoot you or do anything else if you're just passing through." Iris says, and she shifts on her feet, glancing around to see if anyone else was in the area. She takes her hand off of her pistol and loosely folds her arms over her chest.
Serena She'd nod a bit then relaxed as she smiled softly. Taking a deep breath she would just closed her eyes a bit. "That's fine. Just...don't be weird...." Serena would look him over again and then looked to Iris. "I think he is fine. Worse case....I can get him before I bleed out...."
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to Carlos and turns to Iris. "Got a name fella?" He asks as he watches Carlos. He takes a drink of his water and turns back to Iris and waits for his answer.
Carlos     Nodding lightly, his lips twist into a soft smile as Carlos looks at Iris. "I'm honest about what I said." Glancing to the side, he glances towards Kaydin and answers, "I have a name, father gave me one when he first washed my head." Turning his attention back towards Serena, the smile on his lips fades as he listens to her words while his hands lower down to his hips. "Just about everyone is a little weird, setting someone aflame that ya just met is a little odd too, don't ya think? Also thinking someone is going to gut you on sight is worrying. A lovely face is always something that should be kept alive and smiling."
Iris Lark Iris lets out a sigh and she reaches up to tip her hat towards Kaydin as she offers Serena a smile. "I'm going to go get some stuff done, Serena. Don't murder anyone while I'm gone." She focues on Kaydin then and her eyes narrow slightly. "I live in Avalon, that's all you need to know, if you need my services you know where to find me. If you want to know where Matt lives? Ask *him*." She turns then, and walks south. "Be good, or don't..I'll be back later."
Serena Chuckling as Iris just left, there was a shake of her head before she lazily looked over at the newcomer. Those blue eyes would stare at him before she would turn to face him fully thing. "If you were used to people being hostile from the moment they met too would be a bit.....hostile." That smile would widen slightly and then she would nod a bit. "So...what is your name, stranger? Or shall I just call you......stranger?"
Carlos     "Those from my tribe rarely seem to meet those that are hostile initially, I guess we could thank our elders for elder arranged marriages for the tribe's strength." Moving his right hand from his hip, Carlos bring his hand over to his chest to thud against it loudly. "My name's not 'Mister Stranger' nor is it 'Mysterious Stranger'. Call me Carlos, son of Inigo of the Montoya generations" is said as he shifts, slightly bowing towards Serena. Once he stood tall again he was silent, waiting expectantly for her own name now.
Serena She'd raise a brow then. "...arranged....marriages?" Keeping it calm she would then nod a bit. "Nice to meet you, Carlos...son of Inigo of the Montoya generations...." Those blue eyes stared at him intently and then she smiled. "My name is Serena....not really part of a tribe." Oh that's right! She'd hold out her hand. "Hand shakes, correct?"
Qwillis     It's surprising how sneaky a guy with a metal leg can be. And yet.. one moment he wasn't there, the next, Q was casually leaning against the canopy's bar, arms crossed, flesh over metal as he'd look between Carlos and Serena. There's an easy smile given to Serena and a polite nod given to Carlos.
Carlos     "Yes, those who have proven themselves before the elders, win the right to be candidates, then the elders select the best suitors" is answered casually. The movements and even presence of the cyborg was, for the large part, unnoticed completely. "A woman without a clan nor a family? That's rather odd, though it is not unheard of. Blood lines can be slaughtered at times of war. My condolences." Closing his eyes, Carlos bows his head slightly to Serena before stepping forward, offering her his hand. "Depends, hands, arms, hugs.. there are many greetings, it speaks to your own openness how you greet another."