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Qwillis     That bunker had some fortifications in front of it and a rather solid looking door that would roll into place. Currently, it's open while Qwillis worked inside of the bunker, cleaning and repairing as he goes. It's an endless task and yet.. worth it. It's this or working on the power core for that EMP pulse cannon to stop Dunwich. But Q felt like he was at an empasse for that.
Sparrow Sparrow had gotten word to visit Q and after some asking around -finally- tracked him down in the fortified bunkers. She knocks on the open door pulling her bandana off her face and her hat off her head dusting it off on her chaps. "Howdy, Q. How's life been treatin' ya?" She wonders as the Wasteland Doctor sets her hat down on something handy but out of the way. "Whatcha workin' on?"
Qwillis     Qwillis looks over at the knock and smiles. He'd rub at his face to get some dirt off of it and nods. "Sparrow. It's been a while. There's been ups and downs.. Your letter and the sheriff.. I ran off from Iris' house. I slept on the top of a robot for a while.. and then.." He'd motion around. "I found this place. A secure spot that I can do science at.. So I gathered people who are willing to use science to help others too." He'd smile to Sparrow then with a nod. "I heard you're actually focused on helping others too.. We have an autodoc here we're working on restoring with Iris' help.. Would that be something you're interested in?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Sure, I'd love to help. Mostly I was out gettin the inncoulation to folks, teachin' folks ho to replicate it. Aint no sense in not, yanno, just add to our troubles if everyone became super mutants. I heartell Iris is doin' well and.. well all that's in the past. Stockton's around I reckon but he's been doin some work himself." She walks over gesturing to the EMP generator. "What's this?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response. "Iris works here now. Camilla runs the clinic in Shanty town.. So they're doing well." He'd smile and motions to Sparrow. "If you want to join us.. Scientists of El Dorado? You're welcome to do so Sparrow. I know your help would be appreciated." Looking over to the EMP generator, Q walks over. "It's my project. I'm using a fusion core to attempt to create a directed pulse. I've got Dunwich.. mostly.. figured out. But I have to end the mist. And this work should do it." He'd tap the machine. "The mist is nanites I suspect.. it's alien technology that's affecting everyone that goes into it." Pointing to the corner, Q smiles a little. "I had bought an item that was stolen from Dunwich unknowningly. The component that causes that feel of unease is at that corner table. There's a microscope so you can see the micro-microchip. Self contained power source."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Huh." Sparrow says looking over the generator and bobs her head at Q. "All good to know. I suspect folks have been heelping themselves busy." She moves over towards the microscope. "Have you asked, bothered to ask about town if anyone else has something from Dunwhich that you can look at as well. Might be worth knowing if there's more of them out there." She moves to bend to take a look in the microscope, the young Docotors serious blue eyes in her weather aged face going thoughtful. "But this is your baby, Q. I'll help wherever you think I can. Keep in mind though I do still have to have time to go out and make sure folks in the Wastes are tended to."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles and shakes his head. "It's a place to be considered a safe haven. Also Sparrow, the autodoc? Once we get it fully functional will allow you to help people even better." Shifting on his feet with that metal click, Q muses a moment. "I have not. The Alamo occurred and we went to assist. We're all coming back in now. So it's just a matter of getting organized. But as you saw.. that micro-microchip has it's own power unit. So it's working despite not being attached to the weapon's power source. This is also how things such as clothing can get marked." Q chuckles softly. "We have the bunker to explore too. Now that the main power is online, we can lower the elevator and see what's below."
Sparrow Sparrow nods as she looks around. "Yup." She drawls, "I noticed. Interestin stuff. Might wanna see if any other folks have somethin' of the sort." She hooks her thumbs in her beltloops and considers Q with serious sky blue eyes. "I'm probably not gonna be great in helpin' out in that regard unless you'll anticipate needin' medical support. Though I can use a bow which helps when around high explosives, pressures or incidary gasses. I can go in as backup if need be. You figured out the chips on the devices at all?" She looks back over at the micriscope.
Qwillis     "I've found it's never a bad idea to have more than one person trained in medical capability. You could also help with installation and upgrades of cybernetics if necessary. I won't make you join us of course, Sparrow. Just offering the support and opportunity." Q glances over to the microscope and shakes his head. "I don't have small enough tools. Nor have I been able to figure out a way to dislodge it. Thus the EMP."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "The auto doc will have small enough tools. Those things are meant for. Some of the surgery they perform can be on some pretty small scale. I might even be able to do it if I had a good surgical kit and the right lighting. And of course someone who knows machines hovering over my shoulder." She rolls her shoulders and moves over a bit. "Oh I'll join, Q, that was never the question. Just more of how I'll best be able to help out it all. "But an EMP will damn sre kill it I reckon."
Serena Coming from somewhere in the distance was a young blonde woman that seemed to be....covered in soot. As she approached the two she would blink a bit and started to wipe some of that soot off of her face with her hands and then on her pants. Raising a hand she would smile before she would finally speak up. "Hi there...." Tossing her hair a bit, she'd try to shake out of some of the dust from it. "Sorry...."
Iris Lark Iris enters the bunker a slightly disgruntled look on her face until she spots people. She smiles then, raising her hand to wave at the others present. "Morning..afternoon..something.." She mumbles, and the piglet under her arm makes a snorting noise as if he agrees. "Kaydin isn't here, is he?"
Qwillis     Q nods in response to Sparrow with a small smile. "That's my theory. I need to create it, then do a small scale experiment. I also hope I can replace that part for the gatling gun I took it out of." He'd point over to the laster gatling gun that was in parts on another table.
    As Serena, then Iris shows up, he'd smile to them both. Looking at Serena curiously with her soot, he'd nod her way. "So did you burn it down, Serena? Or is this something else?"
    Glancing to Iris then, Q shakes his head. "No. I'm guessing you do not want him to join then, Iris? I tend to not like his attitude.. He did, however, give me my first piece of armor, when I first came back to Shanty Town.."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Assumin' I'm here, he shouldn't be. And that'd be what we call the honey pot defense, Q. Do nice things so that later you'll him'n'haw about how ya'll owe'm. Howdy, Doc." This to Iris though she's quickly distracted by sooty Serena who gets a dip of her chin but as more people begin to congregate she's begun to mosey back towards here her hat rests out of the way. She glances towards Iris with a quirk of a smirk that tugs at her premature wrinkles, "Should get on my way."
Serena Blinking a bit she would tilt her head a bit then looked at the other two women. "....yes.....I did." She'd clear her throat before turning to Iris with a small smile. "No he is not. Otherwise...." Letting that trail off she would just look back to Qwillis then. " piece of work....." Sighing she would look to the woman she didn't know now and smiled. "Hello there. Are you another of Qwillis' friends? I'm Serena...."
Iris Lark "I'm not the kind of person who turns someone out, I'll simply avoid him." Iris responds to Qwillis, shrugging a slender shoulder. "However, the way he treates Serena worries me." She moves in to give Sparrow a squeezing hug which makes Bacon get fussy so she sets the piglet down on the ground and he immediately goes to explore the new surroundings. "Missed having you around Sparrow." She moves off to the side to get herself some water and she grunts as she makes an attempt to get out of her armor.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Iris, then shakes his head. "I won't accept him then. Too many with bad responses to him." Musing, he'd look over to Serena a bit, then smiles to Sparrow. "Well, I'm also intelligent enough to ask others. As he's also verbally attacked my girlfriend.. I'm not exactly willing to bring him on. So that will just be that."
    Looking to Iris, Q smiles. "Sparrow has joined SOED. She's in the biological division with you.. She's also been helping people in the wilderness. So I felt it was good to help her have access to the autodoc."
Victoria Victoria meanders her way into the bunker from the outside world, dressed in a loose tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans which are tucked into her dirty brown boots. Baseball cap is worn atop her head, ponytail hanging out behind. She carries a backpack over one shoulder, and lifts a hand in greeting to everyone, "Howdy, morning all - man. I heard the craziest thing today from some dude from Arizona about this group, the Legion?" She shrugs as she casually unslings the backpack, moving to where her small tent is to deposit off her pack, "Anyhow-" Down she crouches at the entrance to the wee tent, pack unzipped, Vic rummaging as she speaks/interrupts, "Their leader, some kick ass woman, is pushing back against the mutant horde? I was like so tempted to try and find them to see what was what, but seriously. I need to work on my pistol skills first." Items are dragged out, Vic tossing them into her tent after quick examination.
Sparrow "Wilderness he calls it as if it aint his back yard." She grumbles good naturedly. "Pleasure to meet you." But when she's asked about 'friends', Sparrow just shakes her head solemnly. "Naw, Miss, I aint nearly anyone's friend. But were occasionally of like minds, Me'n Q." She says a bit too wryly with a hint of a smirk pulling at one corner of her mouth but for the most part, Sparrow shakes her head at Iris as well, wrapping Iris in a quick side hug despite her earlier protestations. "I wasn' gone but a tick, Doc. Nice ta see you again anyway. And you too Q. Don't be strangers." She pulls her mask back up to keep her face hidden and puts her hat on her head. It's hard to tell at all she's a woman. "You folks take care. I'll come back 'round soon." She grants Victoria a nod as she goes.
Iris Lark A runner from the store pops his head in, calling for Iris. "You're needed at the store Mam!" He calls out, takes a glance around and then scoots off. Iris pauses in the midst of taking off her armor, wrinkles her nose and then pulls the pieces back onto her body and unshoulders her shotgun. "Alll right, I'll return shortly. Can one of you keep an eye on Bacon for me?" She pulls a hat on and makes her way towards the exit. "I won't be long!"
Serena Looking to Iris she would just nod slightly. "It is alright. I'm rather used to it. If he is an asset I can just deal with it....." Serena would just shrug then as she look over to Qwillis. "Do not let me be the reason to lose a person....." Trailing off she'd watch Sparrow leave and gave her a wave as she departed. Now when Victoria popped up she would blink as she started to speak. Those blue eyes would cut over to Qwillis and Iris before nodding. "Perhaps I should go clean up....I am covered in soot and dirt...."
Qwillis     Qwillis waves to Iris as she'd go, then Sparrow, nodding in response to her comment. Looking to Victoria, he'd smile towards her with a chuckle. "We may be able to set up a space for that sort of training. We'll have to see once we get the elevator resolved."
    Looking over to Serena, Q would walk close to her, shaking his head with a small smile. "I wasn't sure. Iris doesn't like him, Sparrow and you don't like him. It's not worth it."
Victoria "I've been thinking of going out just to practice, it can't be hard, right? Just point and shoot?" Vic asks over her shoulder, backpack unloaded, the flap of her small tent tied back so the tent remains open. She'll crawl in then to lay on her bed roll on her back, one arm tucking under her head as she lifts a hand to wave to those leaving, "See you later."
Serena Sighing a bit she would nod then. "Okay. I will try to help you find someone else to suit the same requirements?" Serena gave him a tilt of her head as she then looked to Victoria. Blinking a bit she would lean over and look up to Qwillis. "....who is that? Is it another friend of yours?" Chuckling softly she would nod a bit. "Seems I am meeting a lot of them lately.....your group is picking up popularity I think."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Victoria with a small shrug. "True. But when out of ammo and that's when the raiders show up from the noise of shooting? In the bunker could be a bit safer.." Looking to Serena, he'd smile her way and motions to Victoria. "This is Victoria. She is one of our alchemical specialist. Her and B are going to be setting up a distillery as well as chemstry sets to work on refining the drunks to minimize harmful effects."
Victoria "I'll bore them to death with my sparkling personality." Vic will say with a lopsided grin as she turns her head to look at Qwillis, Serena given the same smile, "Hey." Her knees lift as she plants her boots into the bedroll, free hand dropping onto her abdomen, "Yes, refining and re-defining chems. And I am a pottery specialist, so if you ever need something made, I can probably do it. Provided it's clay."
Serena She would smile as she nodded. "Well nice to meet you then. I am still trying meet everyone...." She'd nod a bit then sighed softly. "And noted. That sounds so interesting." Looking to Qwillis she would chuckle a bit as she nudged him playfully. "Everyone does all these cool things and have these great skill sets...." Putting a hand to his shoulder she'd nod. "Be right back. I am going to go rinse all of this off of me. I am tired of smelling....this." With that she'd turn and disappeared further inside to go wash off.
Qwillis     Q chuckles a little with a smile to Victoria. "We're trying to hire guards. To help with that.. But.. well.. Kaydin has a bad attitude. So we aren't going to use him." Shaking his head, Qwillis looks to Serena and nods. "You have skill too, Serena. Don't be so dismissive of what you can do. Enjoy the shower. I managed to get my hands on some soap recently. It smells pleasent."
Victoria "It really, really isn't. Seriously. I play with mud, and then bake it. I'm like a four year old in a sand box." Vic will say in a self-deprecating manner, staying in her tent on the roll as she continues talking to the pair, "Ask Qwillis - last scouting mission I went on as soon as things got heated I hid." Watching as Serena goes inside Vic will smile to herself, reaching to her side with her free hand to yank a book, flipping it open with her thumb, resting book against her thighs, "Nice to meet you, too." A glance to Qwillis, "For real? That stinks, sorry to hear it." And then without another word she reaches up, leaving her book lain against thighs, to untie the tent flap and allow it to fall away, giving the woman privacy in the space. Vic out.