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Owner Pose
Devlin     A courier had arrived before Devlin's visit, listing once again a few off comment sentences though Iris would be familiar with the intent, it was about chems once again, though it also mentioned a Holodisk. By the time Devlin arrived, he wasn't alone though he partner wasn't fully informed of why they were there. "Beyond that needle you tossed at me, you hardly have an emergency medical supply, do you?" is asked lightly, his helmet was on his hip, bouncing lightly with every other step. Glancing to the side, he looks towards Krysta's face, wondering her expression to see if he had been wrong or not before looking away.

    Looking forward again, Devlin opens the door and steps inside, leaving an arm lingering for Krysta to take and slip inside with him. "Iris, are you in the back again?" is asked in a somewhat raised tone as his attention shifts to the back door before it would even look towards the counter, a growing habit. Lowering his tone he adds on, "She's interested in these odd 'star' caps, not sure of what makes them too special just yet, but it's better than normal bottlecaps, or even those caps from bottles of Nuka-Quantum." Moving his right hand into his jacket's pocket, he begins to finger the cap before taking it out after sorting it out from the more common but still rare Quantum caps he held.
Iris Lark Iris enters the store behind Devlin and Krysta, a slight grin on her face as she steps around the pair to slip behind the counter. "I'm not *always* in the back room." She mentions, taking a seat on a stool as she sets aside several weapons that she was carrying on her person. "So I see from this that you're needing more chems?" She tilts her head to the side and raises both eyebrows. "I shan't ask what you're doing with them, hmm?"
Krysta      Krysta remained mostly quiet, having no idea what was going on or why they were here. The question about medical supplies got a raised eyebrow from the woman. Iris's insinuation that he was getting 'more' chems got a narrowed glance at Devlin. She waited.
Devlin     "While you won't ask, but I can say this.. They are going to help a 'friend'," though as soon as he spoke, Devlin paused and glances towards Krysta. Her gaze has been strong enough that he could literally feel it making his neck itch, "I'm not a user.. settle down, you don't care for the health nor sanity of the one who uses them anyways." Turning back towards Iris, a light smile spread across his lips. "I'm thinking about upping the trade just a touch. The few that I hinted at, along with store credit for one of these?" Curling his thumb, he flicks it harshly, causing the odd cap to arc in the air toward's Iris's chest, hoping it make it easier to catch.

    Watching the cap flip for a brief moment, Devlin settle his gaze onto Iris's eyes. "A set of calm, two sets of day, a set of jay.. but also four shots of Med-X to go along with that heavy arms holodisk that was collecting dust?" Opening his now empty hand, he shifts it back and forth slowly. "Otherwise, could part with just three Quantums if that's better for you."
Iris Lark Iris reaches out and easily snags the cap out of the air, and she looks amused for a moment before she shakes her head back and forth. "They're going to help a friend hmm? That's fine, the less questions I ask the less I'll wonder about later." She nods and sets the cap down on the counter and hefts her rucksack up beside it. "It sounds good, but there won't be any calm ready for a few days after I give you this." She pauses and wrinkles her nose. "Unless it's an emergency, and then you'll pay emergency rates." She slips to her feet and moves towards storage. "One moment, I'll go get the disk."
Krysta      Krysta did not look impressed with Devlin's reaction to her disapproval, but she remained silent, folding her arms across her chest and watching the two do their business.
Devlin     "Aye, nothing for an emergency, if there is, I'll make sure you're paid well for such a rush job on top of your other duties." Devlin walks over to the counter and begins to look through a few things but then moves three needles off to the side before turning to the side, glancing towards Krysta and pats them lightly. "You should store these ones, I have a few and will be adding the others to my collection." Turning back towards the collection of chems while Iris stepped away, Devlin begins to slip them into his jacket. Now within his jacket was more akin to a dealer than any user would be able to resist the urges, a light smile washes over Devlin's face.

    Turning towards Krysta, Devlin motions to the side before lowering his tone to a whisper, "What's with the long face? This is worth more than just caps to quite a few people. Namely one of the whores of the mutant that they worship.. Do you actually have issue with taking their caps?" Arching a brow slightly, he wouldn't raise his tone until Iris would return to offer the holodisk he had just asked about. Once it was handed over it was quickly added to the collection that were in drive slots along his wrist.
Iris Lark Iris retakes her seat behind the counter, resting her chin on her palm as one hand spins and twists the cap on the counter. "I'll pencil you in as having credit, let me know if there is anything else that you're interested in." She murmurs as she reaches for her ledger and slowly pencils in a name and an amount. "As it is though, for the next week, calm will be marked up three. So tell whomever your helping to take their time with it." She rolls her eyes and after a peek inside her rucksack again, she closes it.
Krysta      Krysta scowled at the needles Devlin was patting with his hand. She did not reach out to take them, though. Her violet eyes were dark and her jaw was set. "'Help' is not the word for whoever you're shilling to, Devlin. Worthless dregs if they can't control themselves. You want to keep them alive, do whatever. I don't relish the idea of protecting and getting shot or mauled for trash like that." She walked away from the counter.
Devlin     "Tsk.. Caps are caps." Watching as Krysta departs, Devlin picks up the Med-X needles and slips them into his jacket hastily, though he didn't risk stabbing himself. "Good, I'll let you know when things come about.. I'll also be looking around for more of those special caps for you. An assortment of goods are always welcome, and if I see something, I might ask you to be a middle man once again." A faint smile was on his lips though his eyes were towards the door already. "I'll be going for now, a few things need to be taken care of, though I don't think my 'friend' will be meeting Krysta any time soon." Slowly shaking his head, Devlin lifts an arm to wave towards Iris as he departs, wondering if the woman only walked off or if she ran.
Iris Lark "Tsk. Drama." Iris responds as Devlin leaves and she eyes the door for a moment before she pushes to her feet and starts to lock up the back rooms. "I do hope he doesn't get blown up, but ..more work for me if he does." Pulling her rucksack on her shoulder she shuts off the few lights and steps out, locking the door.