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Lee     The protection of El Dorado was a job that never stopped. That was known to everyone but even more so to the Guardians, the group within the Militia that dedicated themselves to protecting El Dorado. Lee, leading members of the militia and those who would volunteer to assist, was walking on that long road with those with him. "We got reports of a deathclaw 'round here harassin the people. We've had a few people try ta talk to it.. but it just tried ta eat em. So we suspect this is parta the feral type and not the intelligent ones. We're gonna find it and put it down. Any questions?"
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and checks her gear to make sure everything is all reloaded. She glances around at all of the power armor and makes a mental note to stand safely behind them. "No questions here." She pipes up and then settles in the back with her wolf, tugging vaguely at her armor until she's happy with its placement.
Krysta      Krysta kept close to the Knight-Lieutenant as they walked. She had transferred tot he Guardians recently and her duster reflected that change. She carried her gold-plated monstrosity and wore salvaged armor She kept an eye out around them, paying attention to where Lee was indicating the deathclaw probably was.
Devlin     Turning his hand to the side, Devlin brings his off hand around, checking the cells that had been installed inside the laser pistol. "Just one? That's lucky.. it might be a rogue one, rather than a pack leader or a brood mother." Satisfied with the weapon, Devlin looks towards Lee to ask, "If it was a smart one, why wouldn't we put it down just the same. It's just a beast after all." Lowering his right hand, he focuses on tapping along his right forearm, still adjusting how the pipboy integrated with the new suit.
Lee     There's a grunt given as Lee kept walking, that sledge pulled from off the back of his new armor as he'd check it. "Yah. I'm glad it's only one.. fraggers are tough as hell.. I rather not deal with that sorta crap.." Glancing to Iris, he'd nod her way, then looks to Devlin. "Try ta make sure Iris is protected. Yah? We keep civvies safe. fer sure."
    There's a pause as a roar up ahead signifies that deathclaw was on the hunt. "Frag.." Lee curses and takes off into a run, heading towards where the sound came from. There, a mangled car was slowly being peeled away as that deathclaw saught out the delicious fleshie bits inside. Closer now, it's easy to hear the cries of children and a woman within the car.
Iris Lark Iris frowns and breaks into a slow run after Lee and the rest. The wolf stays close on her heels and she is already pulling her pistol from where it's stowed. "It sounds like someone is in that car, we need to try to get them out of harms way." She calls out, concern clear on her features.
Krysta      Krysta continued keeping pace with Lee when he broke into a run. She heard him tell Devlin to keep Iris safe and glanced toward the woman before stepping forward and pulling her weapon tot he ready. Sadly Iris pointed something out about people.. "So.. I'm not allowed to overload the fusion cells?"
Devlin     Lifting his left hand, Devlin motions loosely for a reflective salute as his right hand was currently grasping onto his pistol. Turning his gaze onto Lee even as he began to side step to intercept Iris's trek, he begins to study the man's form as he draws the weighted mallet from off of his back. "Hmm.. I wonder how he's going to perform with that new suit.." The amount of time he was able listen, he could hear Iris mentioning 'car' before hearing Krysta talking about 'Overload', causing a chuckle to sound loud enough to be heard through his speaker system.

    "That's almost perfect bai.." The humor came and then faded just as quickly. "Estimated range from that damn city?" Looking around him, even to the point of looking behind himself and towards Iris before over her shoulder, Devlin was looking suddenly for something. "Children in a working car, on the outskirts of the city, alone? This doesn't seem right. Not at all," is said but much lower in tone, his own thumb shifts, augmenting the firing mode of his pistol from single action to a low level of burst fire. "Anyone got eyes not just ears on?"
Lee     Lee almost couldn't help but chuckle at Krysta's comment. "Neg. No large explosives. Parker. I'mma gonna distract it. Get the car out or the civvies in it out then flank it. Iris? keep with Devlin and try ta keep it's focus away from the car. Devlin, sweep ta the right so we force it ta turn.." Lee would call out those orders to the others before he'd speed up into a sprint, then with a cry leap.. higher than he anticipated into the air. Coming down on top of, instead of next to that Deathclaw. "Crap..!"
Lee     The Death claw was minding it's own business, going for a light snack when out of no where some guy in power armor leaps onto it's back! It'd tear at that car some more, then with a back hand of a claw, knocks the guy off and tries to bite at him, getting a rather crunchy shell instead. Darn cans! the fleshie bits are on the inside!
Iris Lark Iris blinks when the order comes out to distract a death claw. Okay, she can do that. Be safe, stay behind the armored person. Can do that too. She stalks to the side, keeping both of her eyes on the car and the people inside, especially when the deathclaw takes a swipe at the vehicle. She raises her pistol and takes two shots, one going wide and missing completely though the other makes contact. Dusk, seeing that his human is in danger darts in, teeth snapping but the deathclaw moves sideways and the wolf misses completely.
Lee     Lee scrambles off of the beast, knocked about, but looking completely unharmed by it. That hammer comes up, smashing into that claw that batted at him, the pistons firing to knock it wide, before he'd deliver a crushing blow to it's left leg.
Krysta      Krysta watched Lee enter melee combat with the creature and lifted her rifle. She fired on automatic at the thing, hitting it both times and doing some damage at least.
Devlin     Watching Lee not only close range but meet the creature head on with it the hammer in hand and gently shakes his head gently. "There are limits.. He's going to be split like a tin can.." is said too softly for the microphone to pick up the transmission easily. Raising his right arm, he pulls the trigger twice but a short flurry of shots began to pepper against the hide of the creature before them. "I think I need a better gun than this thing, just where can I find something like that anyways? Damnit all.."
Lee     The deathclaw got annoyed at the one who wasn't in a tin can attacking it. Gathering itself to leap, Lee would grunt. "Oh no ya don't!!" And with a well timed shoulder check, knocks it off course, instead of landing on Iris, it'd thud to the side. Getting up, that claw would lash out at Krysta, scoring a mark on her armor. Iris however, is able to nimbly dodge that attempted grab by the beast.
Devlin     Lining up his next shot, Devlin shot along side Iris only to notice that the massive creature not only closed range suddenly but then attempted to pounce onto the very woman he was guarding! "Hell! Iris, Run! That's an order!" is barked out without a second thought as his firing arm drops low. Forcing his pistol into its holster, Devlin reaches over his shoulder and draws over his shoulder that could be called a sharpened slash of thick metal that was almost two meters long and almost a foot wide.
Krysta      Krysta watched the idiot creature take a swing at her but only scrach her armor. She had learned a lot at the Alamo.. apparently. She fired on the deathclaw again, nailing the dumb thing in the head before popping out the mag, replacing it and opening fire again. Devlin's ordering Iris to run got a short snerk from her but it might go unheard inside her armor.
Iris Lark Iris blinks when Devlin tells her to run, and she looks like she might hesitate for a second but something makes her actually retreat. She moves to the other side of the armored brutes that she is with, but she stands her ground enough to pop off two rounds from her pistol. They both connect and the deathclaw might turn in her direction, chittering as it gathers itself for another attack. Dusk jumps back into the fray but the deathclaw bats the wolf away almost without trying, and the wolf slinks back to his mistress, crouched for another attack.
Lee     Lee had stumbled after knocking the deathclaw off course, but hadn't stopped. That sledge being brought back up, he'd growl. "I'm over here!!" While the others would shoot at it, Lee planted his feet and leaped! This time.. he was ready for the extra power and it showed. When he came crashing down on that deathclaw, that piston in the sledge fired off at that perfect moment. With a sickening crunch and the whole body of the deathclaw causing a small crater under it, Lee hammered that bug into the dirt. Drawing the hammer away for a follow up swing had Lee pause.. nope. It was dead. Panting softly, he'd shake his head, then glances around. "Sit rep. I'm ok. Anyone hurt?"
Iris Lark Iris waits for a moment to see if the deathclaw moves again. If it doesn't she goes straight for the vehicle and the people inside, checking to see if anyone is hurt. She's already pulling bandages from her leather rucksack, and her hair starts to fall from her braid. "Are you all okay in here?" She yanks at the door, and it's stuck. Lovely. "Need help getting this bloody" She grunts, and then kick the car for good measure. The wolf sits where it was, casually licking at its paw as it watches the humans act silly, as usual.
Krysta      Krysta raised a brow as Lee pretty much pulped the bastard. "Niiiiice..." Was heard over comms. When Iris began tugging at the door and found it stuck, Krysta stepped up too and tried to help, though... she was about equally as strong as Iris.... Come on, /boys/ going to let the women do the heavy stuff?
Lee     Shaking his head, Lee would clean, then shoulder that hammer. Watching Iris and Krysta go for the car, Lee would walk over as well. "Stuck? Hmm.. lemme try.." Gathering himself, he'd plant one gauntleted hand on the roof and with a hard pull... yank the door off. Staring at it a moment, he'd sigh. "Sorry.. I'm still gettin use ta the new suit.. it's got a bit higher of an enhancement.."
Devlin     Poised to strike Devlin found himself prepared to.. wait, nothing was of dire importance as he watches just how efficient Lee can be with that oversided mallet of his. Shifting his grip, Devlin lowers his head slightly while rolling his shoulders, bringing his blade back to rest over his shoulders before notching a hook placed above his shoulder blades. "Are you sure you needed us here, or was this a warm up exercise with a display like that?" with his tone, it was difficult to tell if Devlin was being serious.

    Looking around shortly, his eyes settle onto Iris before leveling onto Krista who actually took the brunt of a blow, though he didn't find anything wrong with her at the moment. Following after the pair, Devlin lowers a hand to the grip of his laser pistol, prepared to draw it on those that was 'trapped'. "Are they actually unarmed and that wasn't one of their new attack dogs? Enclave mercs were spotted to the south-west recently again, some are even digging in. Try to be careful.."
Iris Lark Iris automatically takes two steps away from the vehicle, bending slightly to peek at the people inside. She glances between them and the three with her, electing to let them pull people free. She pulls her coat close to her and folds her arms over her chest. "Krysta, do you want me to take a look at where you got hit?" She asks, her concerned gaze settling on the woman in armor.
Lee     Lee stepped back, that door held defensively. Devlin had a point. But inside are just two sobbing children with a really scared mother. She'd look at all the people in power armor, then Iris, who would finally have her look relieved. "Oh! It's you! We were so scared!! We were just heading home to Acme.. then.. that.. that thing attacked us!"
Krysta      Krysta watched the door come off and blinked, tilting her head oddly. When it became obvious that the contents were not Enclave, but children, she took off her helmet. "No thank you, Ms. Lark. It just scratched up Devlin's armor." She peered at the children and looked contemplative for a moment then pointed at Devlin. "Hey kids, that man can carry you like a biiiiiiiig robot. Go see if he'll give you a ride!" There was more than one way to exact revenge on someone after all.
Devlin     Devlin almost cuts to his internal comlink but then realized that Krysta's helmet was under her arm, not attacked and likely wouldn't hear him at all. All that was sounded was a low grumbled growl that sounded animalistic over the speakers. Standing still, unarmed, just a few feet behind the trio was Devlin, his expression cloaked with steel and wires. "Krysta.. We are to 'have words' later. You know how I feel about children.." is said dryly yet he didn't try to act intimidating intently.
Iris Lark Iris beams at the woman and she moves forward, checking on her and the two children. "It's okay kids, the big monster is dead." She moves closer to the mother and lowers her voice. "That was..horribly close." She watches as the two sniffling children make their way slowly to Devlin, looking slightly intimidated. She wraps a bandage around the mothers bleeding arm before she glances at the other three. "Think we can walk these folks home to Acme?"
Lee     Lee watches on, there's a silent chuckle as Devlin makes the greatest sacrifice of them all. Finally, after Iris helps calm the woman's nerves, Lee nods. "Roj. We'll make sure they get home safe fer sure. We came out here ta end that bug and helpin them is a bonus. I'm glad we're able ta save em too." Lee glances to the other two in power armor. "Ya two good? Let's escort em home."