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Iris Lark The room has been decorated with webbing, spiders and a lot of other spooky things. Food and punch have been set out on tables and music is playing loudly. Several couples are already out dancing on the floor, the lights low enough that it's hard to figure out who exactly is who in their masks.
Lynnette Well here she she promised her friend. Dressed in the dress that Iris made her, she'd have a simple piece of black lace that covered her eyes instant mask. Bam....costume. What was she dressed as? Who knows! She didn't even know! Taking a deep breath she headed straight to the bar and found herself a nice little spot right there.
Grover Grover makes his way into the party. Dressed in a suit of black armor, that covers him from head to toe. Hard to tell who he is...then again, a lot of people don't know who he is anyways. The one odd thing about the whole look, is the set of goggly eye glasses that the figure wears on its head.
Iris Lark Little lights have been strung along the treetops (we're outdoors, think garden) and as the temperatures start to fall someone starts up a bonfire. Seats are placed around the fire and some people split off from dancing to sit around the warm fire. The open bar sits off to the side, the booze provided thoughfully by Lyn's Cantina.

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Lua      Lua had dressed in a short fluffy skirt with a crinoline underneath and a low cut top with a corset style overshirt. She was informed by the helpful one that sold it to her that this was a bone fide pirate costume from waaaaaaay before the war. Though it showed quite a bit of skin.
     Her golden hair was hanging down past her waist and there was a triangular hat on her head. At her waist was her sword which was also told to her was something appropriate. The final touches were kneehigh leather boots. She paused at the entrance and looked around.
Matt Matt arrives...eventually. He cant not show up to this event since Iris set it all up. He isnt sure what he is supposed to be doing. But he dressed up! A dark black cowboy hat, coupled with a silver mask over his eyes. Its not an actual costume, just fancy clothes.
Iris Lark Iris has finally shown her face and she's dressed as an angel. A gold halo is attached like a crown to her head and fluffy wings peek out from behind her back. A fancy white layered dress completes the ensemble and she seems pretty happy to be here, until someone tries to spike the punch. "Hey!! There is a bar, not *everything* has to be liberally laced with alcohol!" She shouts, stomping in the direction of the punch bowl to continue her tirade. How very angelic.
Devlin     Having arrived at the party well before the party had begun, Devlin stood close to the entry way, his back close to the doorway's frame covered from head to toe in blacks, grays, browns, and whites. It was difficult to see if the man was actually awake or even actually there as what stood by the doorway was a tall suit of Power-armor. Oddly, the Power-armor was dressed for the part of the party..

    His helmet was fitted with a large broad-rimmed hat, drawn low almost to the point of covering his visor. Around his shoulder and snuggly around his throat was a pancho adjusted to fit around the neck of the suit of power armor. Adjusted to cloak his left arm completely, Devlin has his right arm exposed, the black armored limb extends down to rest onto his hip, hovering just over a holstered laser pistol. To finish the attire, small, slightly bent spurs were spot welded to the heels of his boots, not making them useful for anything other than appearance.

    Devlin had been asked to attend and act as standing security, and so.. a request was a request and a favor earned, especially when it was with a merchant. Shifting his head slowly, he continues to watch as each person passes by but what couldn't have been seen was that the man had his own music playing having connected his Pipboy connected to LoneStar Radio.
Kaelyn Soo, she'd been called Witch many many times before, so now Kae can be seen wandering up, dressed as well a Victorian stylized Witch. She has a low-v-necked poet shirt with frills, and no she doesn't have her skin suit on underneath, so she is pulling the Elvira look off quite well. She also has a black corset on underneath and she is wearing a riding dress as well, the split dress occasionally showing a little leg above the long calf-link boots she has on. She also is wearing a pointytopped wide-brimmed hat as well and she has a plushy spider hanging from the bent over tip of her witche's hat. In her left hand she even has a broom. And lastly, she has a small cape on as well... Long pointy ears twitch a bit as the crimson-eyed white-haired beauty looks around curiously.
Nemo     Nemo took the time to dye some of his old clothes black, but, since he lacked the skill and the dye, he ended up using motor oil. A couple days later, they were dry, but itchy. He was certainly gonna end up with a rash, but his oil black pants and cloak were as dark as the night outside. He hitches a ride to the party, and wanders up towards the campfire, wearing his homemade cowboy bandit mask, revolver at his hip.

    It's the mention of spiking the punch that draws the bandit's attention. High on Mentats and Calmex, he's keyed up and tuned in, but gracefully calm. Apparently deciding to try the virgin punch, he heads towards the bar.
Grover Grover moves about the room, checking out the decorations. "Spider webs in a house, usually consider poor housekeeping...have them up at a party, and there a decoration...I just wonder how the got the spiders to work here..perhaps someone can communicate with them." As he crosses his arms.
Iris Lark Once the bonfire is raging nicely most of the lights are put out and the fairy lights in the trees are the only other source of illumination. More food is carted out by servers, mostly finger foods, and have been set on warming trays. One of the men who fought at the Alamo moves to stand where everyone can see him. "Ahem.." He raises his glass and grins. "Plenty of us didn't make it home safe, but plenty of us have. Raise a glass, say a toast, to the brave people of El Dorado who helped defend our home."

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Iris stops to check on the food, the drinks and makes sure that enough chairs have been set out for people who are arriving. She grabs a plate and piles a little bit of food on it before she moves closer to the fire for warmth.
Kaydin     Kaydin had to store his uniform which he practically wore everyday in a safe place before getting into hus costume. He wears a big furry outfit with a snout. a bear costume! He walks around mingling with the guests before making his way over to the punch bowl to try some of the virgin punch. "Fruity." He says with a smile hidden by a bear mask.
Lynnette Oh of wine in hand as she winked playfully at Chuck. "Look at you....." Grinning, she would just duck as he threw a napkin at her. Seems Lyn had loaned out her faithful bartender sidekick for the event and even he was dressed up!!! As a ghost it seemed.

When she heard Iris speaking up she would smile and raised her glass. Wishing she would have been able to help but she had her own.....issues to deal with. Sighing softly she would just nod and took a sip before leaning back against the bar. Giving Iris a wiggle of her fingers she would then blow the woman a kiss and smiled.
Nemo     Nemo pours himself a glass of punch, lifting it in cheers at the toast. He offers a casual wave to Iris, telling the bear beside him, "Lotta great costumes here. Did you make that yourself?" All the while, he's checking out the crowd, unwilling to try his hand at dancing just yet.
Grover Grover hmms, as he turns when the toast is made. "Oh, guess I missed something...well I miss alot." He makes his way over to one of the empty seats and sits down.
Camilla     So, Camilla had heard of a part of some sorts, and talks of costumes and the like and had no idea what that meant but there was a desire on her end to have company and be around people tonight, so, here she is. As she walks in to the garden area, she can't help but to see the bar and dancing and the fire. It's actually a bit much, and then there's all these people in costume and she's just wearing a long sleeved, full length black dress of some sort. There are a few faces that she recognizes in Iris, Lynn, Devlin, Qwillis, Kaelyn, et all, and that makes her light up even more. THough, the first to get her attention is Iris, who gets a suprise hug from suddenly there Cami.
Lua      Lua walked around the area and paused at the table with the food and drinks, carefully selecting something nonalcoholic and supposedly safe to eat. She nibbled carefully on the snack, watching the festivities but not sure how to approach people. For now, she would just observe....
Kaydin     "found it in a wrecked store." Kaydin says to Nemo. He then makes his way over to Iris and Camilla and offers a wave. "So nice party?" He says as he seems to be enjoying himself.
Devlin     Shifting his feet, Devlin tilts his left foot so that he taps the ground lightly with it before crossing them near the ankle, settling more into his post. Shifting from point to point, Devlin begins to study each of the party goers, though to what extent could not be easily seen. One by one, the VATS system begins to target Iris before then settling onto Camilla, studying not only what the pair were dressed as but also what they held for weapons on their persons. From there his gaze drifts out one meter, before the next, assessing the party goers by threat level and proximity to his current 'employeer'. "A silent night I hope.."
Lynnette Finally she would take one more sip of her wine as she made her way back towards where the 'security' was standing. Staring at him, her brow would raise a bit as she grinned a bit. "....well hello tall, dark, and mysterious....." Her free hand would reach out and pluck that armor gently. "....are you even alive in there?" A tilt of her head as she looked up at him through that lace veiled gaze she'd just grin then.
Kaelyn Kae notices Camilla and the Witch Elf, girl wanders over and grins before hip-bumping the other female... This might be a bit overkill but Kae's in a bit of a playful mood.. "Heyooo!" she says, her cheerful attitude quite prominantly on display... "So how is it going?" She asks curiously "How's everything over in Roman-Town?"
Nemo The bandit wanders over to Kaelyn the witch's side, tipping his cowboy hat. "Evenin'. Your outfit is spellbindin', care ta dance?" He tips back his cup, chugging the rest of it so he can set it aside.
Camilla     Camilla smiles and waves back to those that have engaged her, offering a way to Kaydin first, followed by smiling at Devlin and showing that she's entirel unarmed tonight. She is taken a bit off guard at Kae's hip bump, but, it's a good day! So, that means, CAMI HUGS! Yeah, she spins around and wraps Kae up in a big ol hug with a huge doofy smile on her face. "Heya back!" she replies before shooting Kae a confused and quizical look. "I'm fine, but what do you mean in Roman Town?" she asks.

    Oh, there's a nemo, "Hiya!" wave. She spins back around to talk with Kae, waiting for answers.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously "You know, like New Rome? Thought you were working there and stuff?" she asks curiously, and now glances to Nemo the Bandit and she's about to say something when CORA pipes in "Umm yah, Kae's agile and stuff? But not much of a dancer yet... We're working on it though!" Kae peers at CORA and glances back to Nemo and gives a shrug... "Amma be visiting folks and stuff and seeing folks I finally get to see away from like a big crazy combat facing huge numbers of bad things...."
Lua      Lua continued watching, peering at Devlin and Lynn then glancing over to Iris. The angel would get the pirate approaching her and a soft incline of her head, a stately motion quite disconnected from the pirate costume she wore. "Thank you for providing such an event."
Kaydin     Kaydin sips the punch and makes his way over to Nemo and nods. "So what are you, a cowboy?" He asks the man as he watches him. "You know they say if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of everyone screaming across the landscape"
Nemo     Nemo squints one eye at Kaydin, before looking back to Camilla and Kaelyn, brow quirked. To Kaydin, he shakes his head, bemused, peturbed, "Where can I get some of the punch /you're/ drinking? The fuck, man? Need some calmex?" He nods aside to Kaelyn, "Practice makes perfect, but a party's for the people. Enjoy yourself." He tells the man in the bear costume, "Yep, Cowboy."
Camilla     Cami shakes her head no to Kae, "Not sure where you heard that, but being a former slave of the legion? No way in the world I'd be in New Rome. Nope, I'm in Shanty town running the clinic for that amazing lady right there..." and she points to Iris smiling warmly. "Anywho, so, dancing and food and drink and company? I like this! Let's get to it!"
Devlin     Lynnette gains no reaction for some time, the suit of armor wasn't moving any more until she plucked his chest piece. Slipping his left arm low and around, the blackened arm slips an arm around the bend of her waist, using his hand onto her far hip before drawing her closer closer to his side. Looking down, a chuckle could be heard over the speakers as his head turns towards the woman and he dips his head gently towards her. "Are you trying to wake up the new security or are you looking to be arrested for 'assault on a Militia member'?" is asked with a faint chuckle though the hold he had on the woman was brief.

    Looking up from Lynnette, Devlin glances around the room briefly. The targeting computer causes him to briefly eye Lua for a moment, her proximity to Iris triggering one of the VATS initial settings that he had arranged to make sure he was focused. Shaking his head gently, the target lock disconnected and reset causing him to look towards Nemo and Kaydin as they closed in on one another.. oddly Camillia didn't trigger his computer, noone approached her so much as she approached others, confusing the onboard computers threat assessments.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Cami and rubs at the back of her neck "Sorry remembered the coming fromNew Rome, forgot about the slave thing..." Kae says and gets a growly look from CORA who's suddenly a hologram above her arm "Smooth move goofy girl!" Kae then sighs and looks to Cami "Ooh, again, Sorry, very much so... Had tons of stuff on my mind lately and things slipped." She says and smiles apologeticly.
Camilla     Camilla just smiles and shrugs at Kaelyn, "No's all entirely ok.." and she thumbs at food and drink, "Gonna grab some." With that, she saunters off to partake of food and drink.