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Sparrow It's easy to find work around the Wasteland. There's always something less fortunate needing the help of those with the constitution to take down the day to day pests that insist on destroying what little civilization grows from the arid desert dirt.

Out by the river in an old junker caravan that's been tinkered up to an ancient motorbike is Millie Grande. Standing in standard gear with the arm of her flannel pinned up where it's missing and a worn eyepatch that just fits into the gaunt socket. When the group who's agreed to help her rolls up she waves them down. "Hey, thank you'll for comin'." She lifts a rough hand drawn a map of the area with some basic shapes that imply unique borders and landmarks that will lead the group to the Pump and Filter System. Millie is convinced there's something down there clogging it because each time someone has unclogged it's gone back to being inactive within hours.

Traveling from where Millie has set up to defend herself it's about three miles down to the Pecos and the wooden shack that's been built to protect the Pump and filtration 452system from the elements sits on the bank with tubes that feed into the river.

IN this area of the Pecos the water is oddly murky, worse than usual. And especially unusual for a place to put a filtration system.
Stockton Stockton can't turn down a job, it's tough getting a foothold in your old town it seems. Besides, everyone in the Wastelands needs something they're too old or lazy to do themselves. The Merc is walking along with the Cowgirl, his boots crunching against the dirt - until it becomes mud - as he flicks a match to the tip of a handrolled cigarillo. The dark paper crackles as he puffs away at the smoke, his wide-brimmed hat keeps the sun off his face. "If it's a clogged filter, there's either somethin' there cloggin' it, er else there's somethin' further upstream. Check the hut first though?" the Merc asks of his compaions.
Hanzhou Hanzhou heard about Millie needing help from a customer at the Noodle shop, so he closed up a bit earlier and set out to offer his services. Water is awfully important, so getting that filtration system working again will benefit a great many people not to mention himself down the road if the Town of Acme needs some help.

So donning his armor and gearing up, he arrived ready for action and as oddly dressed as he is in that mixture of western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior, the Wasteland Samurai is here to help.

He stays silent though, just watching from the back of the group who have also come to lend a hand.
Barns Barns walk down the gravle road to help the junker caravan "what seems to be the problem" he asked as his voice is distorted threw his NCR helmet helmet his anti material rifle slung over his back                                            hes always willing to help others in need pay or no pay it didnt matter to him if they needed help hed be there to offer a hand
Ashur Ashur is road-weary; he's marred by cut and contusion and a layer of sweatslick dust. He's spoken little with the group that came together to handle Millie's malady-- the way he figures, there's little anyone needs gossip about with a man wearing the uniform of the Legion, anyway. He looms near the river, cloak rustling in the breeze, fingers curled white-knuckle tight around the brass rings, the bumper digging into his palm. "The water looks spoiled," he observes, walking toward the shack. He'll just waltz right in.
Sparrow Sparrow strides alongside Stockton. The weathered cowgirl's features unmoving from the chilly stoic. "I'm just here to cover people and make sure if anyone gets hurt they don't die." She reminds Stockton around her own teeth-held cigarillo as her boots splash in a puddle as she steps in. The light sprinkles of showers dotting her hat and beading up on her Duster. She nods her head to the others who'd joined to help Millie out of her bind. Smiling at the Noodle Samurai and the redheaded Vaultie only briefly with a nod for each. Per her usual, the young Drake woman's not really 'chatty'.

The wooden shed has a light on, light red, but the generator is not currently running. The water seems peaceful enough from a distance despite the muck. There are two large clusters of rock to either side of the bank, a rope strung across between them. In the distance, there's the wreckage of a train car that leads over a small hill and father towards Bitter Lake.

Waltzing right in though will have the troublesome effect of alerting the creatures that have, indeed, been recently infesting poor Milly's pipes. Hopefully, folks have sneaky boots.

Sparrow will hang back, like she always does, to provide cover fire and healing when necessary.
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives a polite nod back to Sparrow, glancing over as Alice walks on up beside him. "Ahh, there you are Alice. I was hoping you would come join and your technical skills will be most helpful I'm sure once we get to the filtration system. Just stay behind me if things get crazy, okay?" He says in a soft voice to the red headed vaulter and his friend. Of course, if Alice is here that means her bot O.V.E.R. 9000 and her large puppy, Vaultmeat are usually not too far behind.

He narrows his eyes, when he spots Ashur, the man is dressed as a Legionnaire and it is obvious there is some bad blood there. He won't follow the man, when he just waltzes right in with the NCR, Bares right behind him. The Wasteland Samurai will just hang back for now, with Alice, Sparrow and whoever else didn't follow right in.
Sparrow Unfortunately, the big men going right for the problem aren't ninjas. And the large present threats of Ashur and Stockton disturb the soft earth around the murky waters of the Pecos. They disturb the hatchlings that had been hiding in the wet silty and mud. And they launch up from where they'd been laying interest looking like stones. And from the deepest part of the water emerges a glowing Mirelurk that has to swim from across the water accompanied by two other hard-shelled beasts, swimming across the Pecos will only slow them for a moment. until thy get across their tender underbellies will not be exposed to the adventuring group.
Stockton Stockton didn't want to go with the armored fellows, but he's already committed to the action, so he steps several yards after Ashur. A glance over his shoulder ensures that there is someone there to watch his back. Only to be shown why he should be concerned. The clatter and clacking of mirelurks and crabs gets his hackles up, and the smoking Merc grinds his teeth down into his cigarillo as he takes two careful shots at the Fancy looking fucker. A leg ends up smashed by the first bullet, the second taking another leg.
Sparrow Sparrow busy ducking behind a rock while the others are sneaking closer. Once she has a good position not to get swarmed or crabbed she takes some shots at the ground that is bubbling and moving as millions of tiny crababies scuttle forward like voracious ticks. Just ready to glom on and make dinner out of these people who are trespassing on the nesting area.
Hanzhou Even though, he doesn't like the Legion it doesn't mean Hanzhou won't get his hands dirty in a fight when other people's lives are at stake. He reaches behind his back and in one smooth motion draws his Katana, "Alice stay behind me.", then he rushes at the Ugly Mirelurk and slashes his blade in a horizontal arc, slicing through the giant crabs legs and killing it since it had already sustained damage from gunfire.

The ichor from the wound, sprays out but Hanzhou has already moved away towards the next target as narrowly avoids getting his clothes or armor stained with the gunk. Mirelurk meat for his Ramen noodles will be a big hit he thinks!
Barns Barns sees the aproaching lurkers and unslings his rifle before shooting the ugly one the shot cracks and breaks its armor while also seriosly wounding it
Alice If this was Pokemon: El Dorado, Alice would have been a cheater who used three pokemon at once; a samurai pokemon, a robot pokemon and a dog pokemon. It was a pretty good combination, but this was Fallout and none of these individuals were Pokemon.

That didn't stop her from directing the battle for her companions who in all likelihood did not need it at all. Following behind Hanzhou but pretty much hiding behind O.V.E.R. 9000 she calls out, "HANZHOU! Katana slash, you can do it! Over9000 do a laser beam and Vaultmeat follow up with a knockdown!"

She tries to fire the odd looking laser blaster pistol in her hand but it doesn't do anything and she starts smashing it against O.V.E.R. 9000 who just, "*BZTS*" in what might be described as annoyance.
Ashur Ashur can feel the distaste for the Legion shooting from more eyes than he cares to count; it near burns a hole in the already-torn fabric of his cloak. But he's left that life behind, and cares not to justify it to anyone-- besides, it's at that moment a horde of mutated turtles and sea critters in various stages of development choose to come.

The big man takes a step back, his boot crunching the dry grasses lingering on the riverbank. There's a swarm of young ones that snap and pester him, but, deceptively agile for his size, he twists away, kicking one away when it gets too close. Bullets fill the air, there's the flash of a sword, but his eyes are on the prize: the glowing one clambering out of the river, looming brighter and greater than any other.

He's on it in a heartbeat, snarling like a wild dog. The braids of his hair whip as he lowers and lunges, driving one mighty fist into its leg with enough force to cripple and tear it, seizing it at a broken joint and ripping it right off with a spray of mutant blood.
Barns Barns shoots the glowing lurker blowing him up into a mass of glowing goo before looking at alice "and thats how you kill a smug glowing lurker "
Ashur The mirelurks all die in showers of gore and goop; Ashur is left clutching the severed glowing leg of the pitiable champion as the brood is annihilated. That the Ranger fired an anti-material rifle at it while he was on top of it barely registers to him as a problem-- it reminds him of his earliest days with the Legion. "It was likely their eggs or waste clogging the filters and dirtying the water," he observes, tossing the leg aside. His knuckles drip blood. "Putrid creatures. The filter should work with a cleaning and touch-up now."
Sparrow Sparrow manages to squirm and wiggle and kick the swarming babies off her, firing off guns at the ones who'd come for her. Others dance and move out of the way as the babies attempt to come at them.

It might've been a bit of a mess but thankfully, Barns brought his weapon and so the half shell hermits are beset upon by the group at large, clicking and squishing angrily as the nest area is simply destroyed.

It gets quiet save for the quiet electric buzz of the red light that casts through the raindrops of the murky mucky river bank. No one's getting out of this one clean, mirelurk blood, ooze, babies and squished eggs (as well as a few intact ones) litter the nearby silt.

Now the group is left to scavenge the area and step on any lingering crablings scampering away from the mass murder of their relatives.
Barns Barns smiles after the crab shooting gallery before walking over to hanz and handing him 500 reasorces to help his shop
Sparrow There's plenty left to get done, a quick cleanup, smashing eggs, scavenging around the area and getting it all turned back on. But Milly can do that last bit, now that her pipes have been cleaned.
Hanzhou Hanzhou doesn't hesitate, amongst all the gunfire, exploding giant mutant crabs or when that Legion or ex-Legion (but he doesn't know that yet) rips off the Glowing Mirelurks leg off with his bare hands.

The Wasteland Samurai, seems to be in his own world, a focus and meditative state that is only attained through many years of practice. A deadly sword dance macabre, he moves with a cat-like grace as he apporaches the baby Mirelurks, his Katana blade is like a blur, an X pattern double slash as he moves between the remaining two baby crabs and then flicks the blood off with before sheathing his blade as he calmly walks past them. Both of the babies heads, fall to the ground then their bodies follow shortly thereafter, their legs twitching in death throes.

"Good job everyone." He then, points to the crabs he has dispatched and cliams them as loot. "I would like to take these back as soon as I can to my shop. I think I have a recipe that will greatly enhance my ramen noodles." The Wasteland Samurai and Noodle Chef says in a soft voice, he takes cooking very seriously it seems as does his swordsmanship. When Barnes walks over to him to hand him 500 caps, he blinks and looks stunned for a few moments, giving the NCR a low bow. "I am honored for such a large donation, thank you and I am in your debt. This will help my shop very much and you can eat there for free whenenver you choose." He says in a very respectful tone.

Turning to Alice, "Do you think you can figure out a way to fix the filtration system now that we have dispatched these crab-like foes?" He asks the Vaulter with the robot and large puppy.
Stockton Stockton lets off a few more shots, blasting away some crablings as they come up out of their nests. When the last squealing critter twitches its last, the Merc snorts and strikes a match to relight his cigarillo. "Goddamn," he mutters before whistling low. Stepping through some junk, he starts his usual scavenging. Looking for loose parts or something that isn't bolted down or gross. He does his part to step on eggs and generally clear gunk from the filters. When it's all done, he's dusting his gloved hands off and nudging at Sparrow, "You got room on that mare fer a few pounds of meat?"
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat had wandered off to explore and Alice nodded her head to Hanzhou, "I can give it a shot! Of course." She definitely would not be eating Hanzhou's noddles ever again now that she knew where the meat came from... EWWW!