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Qwillis     Due to the efforts of the SOED, that medical area was coming along nicely. With Q at an empasse with that EMP device, he turned his attention to the auto-doc. While there, watching over Bacon, he'd work on fixing the system so that it could be used both to mend others and by the advise of Sparrow, potentially help with the Dunwich situation and that gatling gun.
Iris Lark Bacon loves attention, and lately with his Mistress being so busy he's not getting as much as he's used to. So when Iris left Bacon behind this afternoon to get work done at the store, he explored and found himself a nook to settle in and watch. Iris returns though and he hears her voice which makes him skitter out of hiding, trotting towards her while he snorts. A soft chuckle escapes Iris as she scoops up the little beast and cuddles him close. Entering the medbay she glances around. "This is starting to look really nice."
Serena Standing not far from Q was Serena as she seemed to be watching intently. A tilt of her head there....a 'hmm' here.....she was paying close attention. Pointing a finger then she'd look where he was tinkering and pointed. " what is that loose thing.....?" Looking up to see Iris she would smile brightly then. "Hi there! We took good care of your pet."
Qwillis     Qwillis was happy to have Serena close while he worked. He seemed.. more at peace. So when she'd point out that loose part, he'd look at it curiously. "Well. That would of been foolish. It's a redirect for the drug injecter. There wouldn't of been any painkiller without it." Shaking his head, he'd flash a grin at Serena and starts taking apart half of what he was just doing. As Iris shows up, Q glances over and smiles her way warmly. "Hello Iris. Yes. I think we're doing rather well with it. I'm quite pleased with the results. I was just working on the auto-doc here with some help from Serena."
Iris Lark Iris steps closer, setting Bacon down on the floor where he follows her. "Sounds" She chuckles and glances between the pair of them. "Not much of a date, but probably interesting nonetheless." She walks around the machine for a moment before she leans closer and opens part of the casing. "Most of this stuff in here has been replaced, repaired and oiled. Some of the bits are loose though." She glances at the piece that Serena pointed out. "Once they're all in the proper place, it should work no problem."
Serena Smiling a bit, she seemed pleased with herself then. "Oh....I found a problem?" Serena beamed before she would look over at Iris again now. "Date?" Looking back to Qwillis she would smile. "We still have not discussed" Those baby blues looked to Iris once more now. "Well I hope it is up soon. It could do a lot of good, right? I mean....saves you guys some work?"
Qwillis     "Dates? Hmm. That is when a couple goes out into a social scenario for the expressed purpose of interaction and determining compatability with each other." Qwillis looks from Iris to Serena and smiles with a small shrug. "As Iris mentioned this could technically be such, although unorthadox. Any sort of public or semi-public situation where we are there together could be valid. Usually there is an expressed purpose of interaction with each other of course. But I do believe we have found ourselves to be quite compatable. Do you not agree, Serena?" He'd smile her way and once the disassembly is complete, replaces the part she had pointed out so it was in the right slot, then went back to putting it back together. "I took most of it apart so I could clean it. It needed a lot of work."
Serena Serena listened intently as she heard him explain the 'dates' and then nodded. "Oh! So not what we've been doing here at the lab in our room?" A tilt of her head as she seemed to be thinking then. "So...spending time together....." Tapping her chin she would then look Iris before peering back at Qwillis. "Yes I do find we are compatible. Perhaps the recruiting outings....would that count as one of these dates?"
Iris Lark Iris raises her brow and glances over at Qwillis to see his reaction or response. A slight grin fights to spread across her face and she's clearly trying not to giggle. "Oh Serena, I love the way that you look at life." She reaches out impulsively to give the girl a squeezing hug before she moves away to go back to work. "You two are cute."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head. "No. That particular interaction is often what a date can lead to if a compatablity is determined. However, we followed our own route to that conclusion." Smiling, Q would nod then as he'd shift over some and start on the next part of the auto-doc. "Yes. That is a good way to look at it. Although Kaydin throughly ruined what was otherwise a nice time together."
Serena At that hug she would laugh softly and then nodded. "The way I look at it? What about it?" Serena would smile before looking to Qwillis and titled her head. "So....did we do it backwards or....?" Stopping then she would nod a bit. "Oh we did it our own way." Looking back at the auto-doc she'd sigh a bit then. "I wanted to set him on fire would have been proud. I kept my temper in check."
Iris Lark "The way you look at the world, it's a bit how I was a few years ago." Iris responds, and then she glances quickly at Serena and Qwillis before she coughs and goes to work. "It's more important the results rather than how you do something. Are you happy? Then you must be doing it right." She smirks and shakes her head. "Kaydin is..something alltogether different, I think."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks to Serena curiously, then shakes his head. "Not backwards. You provided a service and I offered payment. Because there was additional experimentation involved simply lead to a certain conclusion. Neither of us knew it would be that point.." He'd look to Iris, smiles and nods to Serena. "I am happy with you.. and I like to think you are happy with me, Serena. I am also proud of you for not frying him. Although with how he talked.. I'm not sure I would of kept my temper." Shaking his head with a sigh, he'd look over to Iris. "Hmm.. are you ok? I don't have the auto-doc set up to check on that cough yet, Iris."
Serena A tilt of her head and she would smile. "True. And I am happy with you, Qwillis." Smiling brightly she would then shrug a bit. "You....have a temper?" There was a blink then as she looked to Iris and nodded. "Yes...I am not sure of him. He makes me uneasy...." Leaning back over she would tilt her head then put a finger to see that another thing was loose and just....tapped it back into place. "He reminds me of some people...and I don't like it."
Iris Lark "Well to be honest the way he was speaking to you put me on edge a bit." Iris says softly, and she leans in close to see what she is working on. Connecting wires doesn't take a lot of brainpower, but making sure the connections are secure and in the right place takes some work, at least. She blushes and glances away from the pair as they make googly eyes at each other and simply keeps working.
Qwillis     Qwillis ponders a moment. "I may not show it casually, Serena. But there are a few things that can make me mad, yes. And when I'm mad, I do not necessarily hesitate to retaliate if necessary. Those important to me? They are worth fighting for.. and I will if they are threaten." Shrugging a little, Q continued his work, finally stepping back with a sigh. "I think that's about all I can do for now. The colors of the wires are starting to blur together a bit."
Serena " that Vuk guy was mouthing off....?" A tilt of her head and she would shrug a bit then as she looked to Iris. "Well...thank you for speaking up for me. I am not really used to it...." There was a soft sigh as she moved out of the way for Qwillis to have some room. A hand going this metal arm she would smile then. "Time for a break, hm? You have done a lot...."
Iris Lark "I don't think it will take much longer, honestly." Iris chuckles softly and pushes her fingers through her hair. "Soon we'll have people coming here for healing and being a general nuisance." She rolls her eyes and bends down to scoop up her piglet. "I think this little guy and I will be getting home." She raises her hand to wave at the pair. "I hope you two will have a good evening, whatever is left of it."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Serena and nods a little, then looks over to Iris. "I think you are right. We'll need to get the rest of the room prepped. Then it should be fully available for service. Thank you for your assistance, Iris." Motioning to the door then, he'd shrug. "Would you like an escort home? Serena and I could make sure you return safely." Q reaches up and puts his other hand on Serena's hand on his arm with an easy smile her way. "We always enjoy each other's company, Iris."
Serena Serena smile and nodded to her. "Well....I am working on my medical skills so hopefully you will have help soon..." There was a more bright smile before she then nodded in agreement. "Yes....we can walk you home if you like...." Looking to that other hand she would smile then looked up to him. "Or I can go with her so you can rest. I will be fine alone....."
Iris Lark "No no, you two stay here. I've a shotgun, a wolf and a small piglet who willbe more than enough of an escort." Iris waves away the concern and unshoulders said shotgun. "You two get some rest, together, and I'll see you tomorrow." She offers a wave and moves towards the entrance.