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Lynnette Chuck was behind that bar it seems as Lyn made her way from that basement door. Sighing, she would run her fingers through her wild hair it seemed as she was just pulling it down from that updo. Still sporting that dress from the night before she would slip behind the bar with her cohort and fixed herself a glass of water. "Dude...I'm not used to that amount of drinking anymore...." The man would just snort as he pushed what looked like a plate of food he had ready for her. "Oh okay...." Rolling her eyes she would move back around to the patron side and plop down as she stared at it. " it going to kill me?"
Devlin     "Aren't you a risk taker 'boss'?" is asked in a clear, somewhat teasing tone. Devlin was in the back of the bar, per usual though his helmet was off, the thing still had the cowboy hat on it though the poncho and spurs were now missing from his suit. Taking several slow steps forward, he closed in on where Lynnette was sitting, contemplating the horrors before her. "He didn't poison it, though it might help with how much 'poison' you ingested last night. For shame if Alpha saw you last night.. in the arms of security no less asking to be handcuffed, tsk tsk tsk."
Lynnette She would raise her brow as she looked over at him and groaned a bit. A hand went to her head as she just closed her eyes and sipped her water. "I promised Iris I was going to go. I almost stayed home because Alpha is hurt but he insisted I go have fun. Well I did....then I came home and snuggled back up to him." Picking up that fork she would just poke at it and then cut her eyes over at him. "That security man put his arm around me....he seemed to be quite sure of himself. Besides...." Picking up a forkful she'd take a bit and just groaned before she would sigh. "I knew it was it was harmless..."
Devlin     A series of mild hisses echo from his chest as the suit of power armor begins to split apart, the arms above the below split, the thighs split, the back of the ribs part and along the spine raises up, cracking the shell to allow Devlin to step out of the Mechanized suit and allow him to walk around it to flank Lynnette. Moving a hand close, he strokes at first across the small of her back but then the touch moves higher, following her spine until it pauses between her shoulder blades. "Harmless yet it looks like I should have arrested you for being 'drunk in public', huh? Close your eyes, add a pinch more salt maybe and let it mute the headache."
Lynnette Watching that suit open up she would just stare at it blankly, even as he left the damn thing to go to the other side of her. Sighing she would just lazily roll her eyes before they stopped on him. "I wasn't drunk....not visibly. I can hold my liquor....I just regret it the next day.." Letting out a sigh she would then motion for the salt but Chuck was already on it. She'd pretty much shake it more than a pinch and went back to eating. "And arrest me? Whatever....." There was a snort then. "I can't shoot for shit but I could have gotten away...." Lyn then grinned a bit. "But if there were handcuffs....sure you would have taken me to jail?"
Devlin     Tilting his head, his own smirk was easily seen. "Now, I'm a tease not a poacher unless I don't like the guy." The hand along Lynnette's back however didn't pause as it continues to try and help her relax, "I would likely cuff you, toss you over my shoulder and carry you back to this lounge, pick the lock of your hidy hole or frisk you for the key before delivering Alpha a 'gift', might even wrap it." At the mention of wrapping, Devlin's hand pauses, gently patting between her shoulder blades. "Think he'd mind that too much or would he enjoy the bound pillow?"
Lynnette Chuckling a bit she would just sigh before shaking her head. "Noted....poaching only if you don't like that guy." Snickering she would sigh a bit then as she take a big sip of her water, chugging it. Chuck was at the ready to refill it as she nodded. "I think he'd enjoy that a bit too much...but it's not like the first time he's had me handcuffed." Lyn had a mischievous smirk before she would tilt her head. " have you been. I've been....disposed for a bit. Kept my place from burning I see...."
Devlin     "I've not been in town," is soon admitted before shrugging his shoulders somewhat lazily. Devlin continues but only after starting to take a seat beside Lynnette, his hand coming to rest for a while onto her shoulder rather than stroking her back. "I was in Texas, took the deployment with the Militia, contracted on to defend the citadel, not necessarily the occupants. Most of those are dead now if that matters," is offhandedly said with a shrug of his shoulders. "I wasn't informed that you had left beyond Chuck saying you had 'business' near the deployment time."
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit and sighed a bit. "Well Chuck...." Glancing over at the man she would smirk. "Good job keeping this place running...." Blowing him a kiss she would then look over at Devlin and smirked a bit. "Well seems everyone was in Texas....." Shrugging she would then yawn a bit as she laid her head down on the counter as she let out a yawn. "Naw....not really business. I got snatched up not long before I thin that Texas crap started....." Closing her eyes she would then smile. "....I'm surprised Alpha didn't go but....I think it was because I got kidnapped. I was stuck with Enclave assholes for a week or so.....I wish they had just put a bullet in my head but I knew that wasn't gonna happen...."
Devlin     Arching a brow, Devlin looks towards the back room where Lynnette has a hidden room below the bar before looking back towards the woman. "Is that why Alpha is wounded though? Trying to get you free from becoming an experimental subject?" Shifting slightly, Devlin rests his free elbow onto the bar and turns to face Lynnette directly, trying to watch her eyes while she seemed to crumble down onto the counter, barely not going face first into her own meal. "Need me to carry you back to bed 'princess'?"
Lynnette She'd shake her head a bit. "No....that happened after but by the same brand of jerks. Seems Enclave is back around...." Lyn heard the experimental part and chuckled. "Naw....I wish that's what it was. I'd have been less pissed off...." Opening her eyes to look up at him she'd smirk a bit. "Now what would my fiancé think if I was carried down to where he is laying by another man?" Snickering she'd push herself up and drank some of that water. "Nah I'm fine. Just trying to wake up a bit before I go change and get back up here with Chuck. Making sure no one is trying to burn the place down..."