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Iris Lark It's been a while since Iris has been at the clinic and it was nice to see the place she brought up from the ground, even if it wasn't hers anymore. Things seemed quiet though so she went to the small kitchen, made a cup of tea and started to clean. Something to do was something to do, right?
Cassandra Cassandra has never been at the clinic, and it certainly shows. She walks in the front door dressed in the recognizable uniform of the NCR Ranger, a dusty and much patched duster coat over robust combat armor, magnum on her hip and service rifle on her back. She pulls the blank-faced helmet off her head and shakes her hair loose on entering the building, wincing slightly at the movement as she twists her head first one way and then the other to look around, "Is anyone here?"
Iris Lark Iris steps out of the small kitchen and raises her teacup to Cassandra. "Welcome to the Shantytown Medical Clinic, do you need help?" She asks, walking further into the clinic as she takes a small sip of tea. "If so, feelf ree to have a seat on one of the cots, and I'll help you." She says, a small smile forming on her face.
Cassandra "Hello there." Cassandra's voice is a bit husky for her frame and gender, raspy from time in the desert. She slowly begins to remove her duster coat, and when she does it's possible to see some burning and lesions on her arm, the result of some sort of chemical exposure no doubt. She then begins unbuckling her armor, setting both on a nearby chair as she continues, "I was exposed to some acid from a Super Mutant Centaur attack, it got inside my armor. I was hoping someone could take a look at it."
Iris Lark Iris spots the acid burns and she nods, pulling some supplies towards the woman as she opens her rucksack. "I can help, of course. Acid burns are pretty nasty." She tsks softly and starts to mix some alcohol and water to clean the affected area. "My name is Iris Lark, it's a pleasure to meet you, though I'm sure you wish it was under better circumstances, especially when I start to clean these." She manages a wavering smile and sets aside her tea and begins to work. She cleans the burns with the diluted alcohol, wincing each time she touches the burn. "Where did you encounter super mutants?"
Cassandra Once she's unburdened by her armor, Cassandra moves over to take a seat on the cot indicated. Underneath she's wearing a simple cotton shift, and lifts the shirt up slowly to bunch it over her chest, showing the acid burns on the same side of her stomach as the arm, lesions on her side. "At the Battle for the Alamo." And it's taken her this long to get them looked at? "I'm Cassandra...." She nods her head for you to begin, taking deep slow breath as you begin to clean the wounds of infection....
Iris Lark "Nice to meet you Cassandra." Iris is kind enough not to say anything about her waiting so long to get treated, she simply works. Once the wounds are cleaned an anti-bacterial salve is spread across the burns and then they are gently wrapped in gauze. Once she's finished bandaging, Iris walks away without saying anything and disappears back into the kitchen. She returns with a cup of tea that she hands to Cassandra. "Those should heal up just fine now, in a few days they will end up as scars." She pulls a crock of salve from her rucksack and hands it over to the other woman. "Use this when it gets itchy, all right?"
Cassandra Cassandra is sitting on a cot in the main room of the clinic. The duster, armor, and helmet of an NCR Ranger sits nearby with the rest of her gear. She appears to have lesions, boils, and burns on her arm and side/stomach, and is currently occasionally hissing in her breath or taking a deep breath as Iris cleanses the wounds with disinfectant and anti-bacterial, as well as otherwise taking care of the boils. "Just what I've always wanted, acid scars." Cassandra quips with a grunt and a small smile, lowering her shirt back down as she reaches out for the tea, "Thanks Iris. It's a good thing you guys are doing out here."
Iris Lark "Scars give you character and remind you of where you've been. Mostly so you don't make the same mistake twice." Iris responds, picking up her own cup of tea as she settles down on a chair nearby. "I would also recommend next time that you don't wait so long to get treated. It's not good, especially for acid scars." She takes a sip of her tea and shrugs. "It could have been worse, those could have gotten infected."
Camilla     Camilla, had been sleeping, taking a much needed and much nagged about rest. She'd also forgotten to really and truly opening the clinic properly this morning, so, when she walks out in to the lobby proper still waking up and sees an Iris working on a patient, she just stops in her tracks. She brings a hand to her face and sighs, "Shit..." and slowly trundles over the kitchen area. "Looks like I over slept..."
Cassandra "Sure Doc, sure." Cassandra's tone is that of any generically 'tough' individual who considers themselves to generally not need doctors. Respectful, but not overly concerned. She looks over as Camilla enters, and nods before wondering generally outloud to both, "How much do I owe you guys for the service?"
Iris Lark "The usual fee is about twenty five resources." Iris replies, glancing over at Camilla as she enters. "You can pay that to Camilla, as she runs the clinic." She gestures towards the kitchen with her half-full cup. "There is tea on the stove, and ..well..this is your clinic, Camilla. You work when you want to work. That's one of the few benefits you get here."
Camilla     Camilla stops in her tracks and turns around, a bit of a /0.o/ look on her face. "No, you can pay Iris that, since she did the work..." she replies plainly as she turns back about and continues in to the kitchen. She starts working to get some of that lovely and steamy hot tea and as she brings a steamy cup to her nose and sniffs it with closed eyes, she replies to Iris. "I know, I know. I just like to open up early enough to have a full day, and another benefit of it being my clinic now, is that I dictate payment policy as well.." she adds to Iris as she turns and smiles warmly at her.
    "Anywho,if you need any follow up with me Miss, feel free to come back at any time" she adds in reply to Cassandra.
Cassandra Cassandra reaches into the pocket of her duster, pulling out some tradeable goods. Mostly bottlecaps, but also some other small tradeable goods, the kinds of things that are nice to have around but not too valuable. "Here you go, that should about cover it then." She hands over the goods, holding them out to Iris and then saying to Camilla, "So it's your clinic?""
Iris Lark Iris takes the payment and gets to her feet, taking another sip of her tea before she starts to stow the caps and settle what supplies she pulled from her rucksack back inside. She moves then to clean up the small mess she's made, washing out the bowl she used for her diluted alcohol and cleaning the rag and hanging it up where it can dry. Once she's done cleaning up, she settles back into her chair and cradles her tea close to her, inhaling the steam that rises from the cup.
Camilla     Camilla moves to find a chair to sit down in herself. She leans back in it and starts sipping on her tea, crossing her legs and looking somewhat relaxed. she turns to Cassandra and nods, "It is now, though only by the good graces of the woman that just patched you up" she replies.
Cassandra "So what...." Cassandra trails off at Camilla's answer, raising a skeptical eyebrow and looking to where Iris is packing up her stuff and cleaning the treatment area. Cassandra reaches out, grabbing her armor and fitting it over her shoulders, beginning to buckle herself back in slowly, "You just gave your clinic away or something?"
Iris Lark "Yes, I did." Iris responds, and she smiles at Cassandra, raising a shoulder to shrug. "I was moving on to a different place in my life and Camilla needed a place to work and live. It seemed like a perfect solution. I still practice, and I still help out here, and she takes care of the pesky administrative details." She takes a sip of her tea and chuckles softly. "I don't find myself in El Dorado all that much anymore, I tend to be more around the border settlements."
Cassandra Cassandra clearly, has trouble believing that decent generous people might exist in the wasteland. She looks at Iris for a moment as if she's grown a second head, reaching for her duster and tossing it over her shoulders, gingerly fitting in first one arm and then the other before grabbing her service rifle. She grins at Camilla and says, "Well, that worked out for you huh?" She then grabs her helmet with her other hand, seeming to be preparing to leave and offering out, "Thanks Doc."