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Sanbella It's been many days past the mutant attack on The Citadel, many of the El Dorado Samaritans left after the siege was broken, leaving behind The Militia to secure the area. Recently The Desert Rangers have slowly returned to their original base, occupying the place left open in the community as their guardians after the Texas BoS suffered great casualties at the hands of the Reavers.

Sanbella walked down the halls of the great building with a blissful smile plastered on her face, she was more then happy to see more Rangers that shared her ideal to become an independent organization again. She had joined the Rangers, having to climb the ranks from the bottom again. Not that she minded, The Red Ranger loved to test her limits in the wastes and the rigorous tests only served to help make sure only the worthy would join their ranks.

Entering the medbay while holding a clipboard, Sanbella looks over the room, noticing just how... different it looks. There was no longer an air of despair or fear, many patients have long been cleared and there were very few doctors left. At moment the medbay housed a single patient, her friend, the Mech-Pilot Zaxelin. She had suffered many wounds during the heated battle, broken bones, ugly sores and a horrible concussion that sent her into a coma that lasted days. Sanbella took the task of making sure the girl would survive, when she was not out patrolling. She cared for her health and made noted down the girl's condition daily, to see if she got worse or better as the days passed. She did her best but... Sanbella was no doctor.

The Ranger pulls a stool close to the bed Zax found herself in, observing the smaller woman for anything that should be noted down, "Good morning, my favorite vegetable! How are you doing today?" ... Sanbella had a weird sense of humor. Something she earned with her instructors, she would certainly explain if asked.

She placed her palm in Zax's forehead... not too hot. She looked over the mechanic's injuries, wishing she could do more than just treat the symptoms. "I wonder when we are going to see a doctor again..." Sidower asked herself, sighing and closing her eyes.
Zaxelin The mechanic laid there in bed, the attack on the Alamo being worst thing that had ever happened to her, as the injuries kept her bedridden for days. She perked up upon hearing Sanbella return, trying to sit herself up as best she could, despite the terrible state her limbs were in.

"Ah, hey again, 'Doctor'. Nothing's changed... am I gonna get some real treatment soon?" She tried to keep a polite and upbeat tone, but she had been wasting both her and Sanbella's time being injured, her mind still fixed on that crash.
Sanbella Sanbella shakes her head, she really wanted to do more for the poor Zax. "The... 'Good Samaritans' of El Dorado all left after the siege, little one. And with them, all that possessed healing hands too." She scratches her hair, examining the condition Zax found herself in and... pondering.

The Red Ranger had a lot of free time, if Zax wanted... they both could try and find a doctor. "Hey Z, you think ya' good enough to walk?" She said, gripping the clipboard with a smile. "People frown at us Rangers leaving The Citadel, but fuck 'em. You need help, so if you can... like, limp or crawl good enough... I can take you to a doctor." The Ranger flashes a bright smile at Zax.
Zaxelin Zaxelin shakes her head, "I don't think I could walk without some help... a cart or something would be nice." Zaxelin thinks back to her six-legged mechanical monster, what help that'd be if it were intact.

She shakes her head, images of scuttling ATVs dispersing her wandering mind. "Do you think we could make a trip out of the citadel, Red?" The mangled mechanic didn't like her chances, if she were to limp her way into the wasteland, as she might not make it out again.
Sanbella Sanbella nods at the broken Mech-Pilot, "Of course we can! You will be with me, afterall. And... I don't think we have a cart, but I can get you walking sticks. Or Clutches." The Ranger played with the clipboard in her hands, she seemed a little anxious.
Zaxelin "Crutches, you mean... Yeah, I guess they'd work, as slow as it'd be." Zaxelin looked around the room, then around her gurney, wondering how easy it'd be to exit.

"When're we gonna go, Red? The sooner the better, I've spent too long in this bed." She really had spent too long 'healing' to no avail, it was time to take drastic measures.
Sanbella Tilting her head, Sanbella spoke up trying to safe face, "But... you sure they are not called Clutches? Because... if you're not Clutching them, you end up falling?" That's... that's why they are called that, right?

Without giving time for the Mechanic to answer, she shoved the clipboard at her hands and produced a pen from her pocket, "A'right, smarty." She said as a compliment, "We can leave any time we want to. BUT... I will need you to sign these forms, written-proof that you knew of all consequences and that we have your consent to take you to another doctor instead." She was smiling, a lot. More than the normal actually.

The paper looked normal, the fields Zax had to fill were nothing out of the common. Name, age, gender, height, allergies, Medical Family History and a single line on the bottom for her signature.
Zaxelin "I'm pretty sure they're Crutches, Clutches are used in gearboxes... either way, I'm probably going to need a pair."

Zaxelin looked over the form, scrutinising it briefly, and pausing her hand. "This... isn't a release form. What're you getting me to sign up for here, Red?"

The mechanic had just been violently ejected from Brotherhood conscription, making another glorified gang sound less appealing than ever.
Sanbella Sanbella giggles nervously, "W-whatchamean? O-of course it's a release form..." She sighs, laughing loudly. "I want you in, Zax. Join us! Join the Desert Rangers, and we will let you play with the mech as much as you want!" She taps the clipboard with a serene smile.
Zaxelin "You're kidding, right?" Zaxelin pauses, reconsidering the situation. "Wait, you guys picked up the Gigascorp? ...Is Shiloh a member too?"

Studying the form, while not willing to commit to the group so quickly, Zaxelin puts it down. "And why do you want me as a member, anyway?"
Sanbella Sanbella shakes her head, "Nobody picked the Giga-Scorp, it's in the same place. The other Rangers have been eyeing it for a while, seems like they want to either scrap it or fix it." She pats Zax's hair, "If you join us... maybe we can do something about it?"

The Red Ranger gets up, taking two Crutches off the wall and holding them towards Zax. "You don't need to apply right now, you can take your time to think about it. And... why I want you?" The red haired ranger giggles, "I like you. Every group should have someone with grease thumbs. And because I like you." She repeats herself, her mind already thinking about something else, probably how the fuck they are going to survive the journey.
Zaxelin Zaxelin stares at Sanbella, before accepting the crutches, and raising to her feet. "Yeah, it's gonna be a long journey, maybe I'll change my mind on the way." Or not, it'd be a decent excuse to get out of the recruiter's way, having to heal out-of-town.

"My 'greasy thumbs' are ready to go when you are, Red." the mechanic says, adjusting to the weight she's putting on the crutches, and taking a few unsteady paces around the room. She was greatful to be back on her feet again, as uncomfortable as it was with her injuries, but it'll be gone soon...
Sanbella The Red Ranger smiles, placing her hand in Zaxelin's shoulder and helping her walk out of the medbay. "I'm ready to go... ah, here. Take this." She places a revolver inside Zax's pockets, the safety was on. "If it's hostile, you kill it. That's what Hunter used to teach me." Sanbella helped the smaller girl climb the stairs, wondering where she stashed her food supplies... eh, whatever. The Red Ranger could find enough food for the both of 'em.

Walking out in the courtyard, she watched the results of the battle. Many walls were broken, needing even more repairs than before. The Mech was trashed, surrounded by scrap metal. It was not a beautiful scene but somehow, it inspired Sanbella to try her best... and if Zax joined the rangers... maybe they could even get the laser turrets working again! The pair quickly left to the wastes. "So... this will be a long journey, I hope you have some good stories."
Zaxelin Zaxelin looked at the revolver in her hands, the first personal weapon she'd held since Kansas, and definitely not the last. That defenceless feeling was starting to dissapate, like clouds in a clearing sky, and the trek to a doctor seemed more managable now.

"Ah, this... this'll help, thank you!" She followed after Sanbella, hobbling as fast as her crippled legs can carry her, eager to keep up.
Sanbella Sanbella and Zax were at the top of a highway road, passing by husks of old and destroyed cars, remains of the old world glory when everyone had a vehicle and could travel miles without stopping. The day was getting dark, the wind was howling cold against the two. The Ranger was already used to this style of life, so she looked at Zax, wanting to make sure the little girl was still okay. "How you holding up, girl from Kansas?"
Zaxelin "It's gettin' a little cold... and I cold do with a drink from all the walking we've been doing. How about you?"

Zaxelin was happy to be outside again, but she forgot just how difficult walking was with her wrecked limbs. All the cars were enlightening though, her mind marking the possible goldmines of scrap, thinking just how easy it'd be to get one of them working again...
Sanbella "Wait... you don't have a canteen?" Sanbella asked, grabbing her own and offering it to Zax. Wandering how far away El Dorado would be... or if there was any alternatives. "You should really invest into some survival gear, miss."
Zaxelin "Normally it doesn't take me this long to walk from one town to the next..." Zaxelin explains while accepting the canteen, taking a swig and returning it to her Ranger guide, before continuing her slow walk down the highway.
Sanbella Sanbella tilts her head, "Next town? We... nevermind. There IS a town nearby. Come, hurry up." She accepts the canteen, taking a swig too and walks by her side. "So, tell me more about yourself, Zaxelin." She pats the back of the mechanic, passing by a nearby car and reaching out for a old, dusty paper underneath the... 'Glass-Cleaning-Stick', trying to make out the faded words. in the paper.
Zaxelin Zaxelin hobbles up to the gate, wearily clutching her crutches, travelling alongside the Desert Ranger, Sanbella. Their long trek lead them through the evening, and to the town of Acme, as the mechanic hopes they needn't wander further.

"Hey Red, stop reading that leaflet, I think this is it. Where are we, anyway?" She asked her companion, unsure of the locale, and stuck to trusting her judgement alone.
Sanbella Sanbella threw away the piece of paper, giving the town a look before answering her friend, "Some town called Acme, it's where the crazy scientists live, last I heard. And... maybe we can find a doctor in here? Guess we did not need to travel to El Dorado..."

The Desert Ranger took Zaxelin under her arm, to make sure the mechanic would not fall while walking in a faster pace as the pair tried to find a doctor... Or even a shaman.
Zaxelin Zaxelin travels quicker with Sanbella's assistance, going from street to street in search of medical aid, yet somehow finding only a deserted town. "You think a town of scientists would be more... lively. Did the Reavers get them?"

Pressing on, the pair stumbled across the general store, wandering in and browsing. The Mechanic thinks to herself, 'if it's as abandoned as the rest of the town, maybe it's just salvage...'
Sanbella After asking for directions from the few still awake 'Acmenians', as Sanbella would call them, the duo managed to learn that Iris Lark, the same medic that had treated Zaxelin before, worked nearby.

Taking the broken Mech-Pilot into the store, Sanbella perused the goods a little, "A town of scientists is anything but lively. Also, don't touch anything. Everything in here belongs to The Good Doctor." The Ranger searched for a bell to ring, patting Zax and pointing her to a nearby sofa she could rest while waiting.
Zaxelin The broken goods of a mechanic sits down on the sofa, putting her crutches to the side, and getting some well-needing rest on its surface. She starts looking about about renovated storefront, darting from object to object, before her eyes land on the cooler.

"Yeah... wait, what doctor are you talking about?"
Sanbella The Ranger leaned into the table, staring and soaking in all that aura of... renewal. The store certainly looked much better than all the other buildings she came across. "Man, my mother's dream was to own a store just like this." She grabs a nearby hat and tries it on, trying to not think about the past.

Hearing Zax questions, Sanbella turns to her direction quickly. "The Good Doctor! The very same one that treated you, Iris Lark herself!" The Ranger was smiling, her sudden optimism came out of nowhere but she was not complaining, life was too short to stay sad all the time.
Iris Lark It's then when Iris Lark steps from the back room, her hair is pushed behind her ears and she looks rather young all scrubbed up and fresh. A large wolf is at her heels and a small tiny piglet. She smiles at the two women and wiggles her fingers hello. "Good evening ladies, what can I help you with?" She asks, folding her hands in front of her.
Sanbella "Ah, Doctor Iris. You have noooo idea how wonderful it is to find you here. I was almost taking Zax there to El Dorado in search of a medic." She laughs, knowing that the journey to the fabled city would take days. Specially at Zax poor state. "I came here bringing you a patient, a recurring one at that." She points at the mangled mechanic with her thumb, smirking.
Zaxelin Zaxelin instinctively rises up, before her broken body slaps her back into her seat, still perky from the sight of a friend in the wastes. "Iris! I- I guess I forgot that everyone had somewhere outside of the Alamo. Caught up in the moment and all that..."

The mechanic grabbed her crutches and levered herself onto her feet, adamant to carry on with an eye-level conversation. "So, uh, yeah. Like Red said, I need an actual doctor to help me out. Everyone left when the attack ended, and the crash messed me up pretty bad."