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Ashur Brahmin's Rest was a small settlement about two days' travel south from the Citadel along old Texas roads. With about thirty people at its height, it was never particularly large, but the people there made an honest living tending the land and raising animals.

Three guesses what livestock they owned, and the first two don't count.

Brahmin's Rest was abandoned when the mutant Horde swept through Texas, its population fleeing with the other waves of refugees from even further south north toward the Alamo. But after the death of the Supermutant King, and this arm of the Horde breaking apart, people have dared to re-settle the Texas wastes.

Unfortunately, the Horde did not all die just because their leader did. They faded into the wastelands, and now serve as unintelligent raiders, little better than brutal wildlife. A courier from the settlement has asked that the Rangers assist them, and clear the mutants that stalk their area.

Rather than full Rangers, since the settlement was so close, they sent a group of Prospects. Earn your keep, kids, Walker had said. Kick some mutant ass.

Ashur stalks along at the head of the group. Brahmin's Rest is up ahead.. and, coincidentally, on fire, with dark plumes of smoke rising from a wide area of mudbrick huts, wooden hovels, and scrap roofs. At least, it's probably Ashur. No one else wears that cape, even if the brute's now in a truly massive, thick-plated set of Hellfire armor, black and with heavy golden adornment, face completely hidden behind the squat, insectoid helmet with its massive golden eyeplates.
Esscast At the word that a settlement needed help Esscast was on the move grabbing his armor and firepower he loaded himself up opening up the back and climbing in. The static and humming as his power armor booted up calmed him. "Let thee who's sheds blood today with me be called my brother." He makes his way to the meet up point his armor shining under the suns rays making his polished gold plated armor shine to the heavens above.He walks with each step pounding into the ground. Bullet belts of copper .223 ammo and mags for his 9mm and a few cells of 2mm are attached to his chestpeice for easy access. "Hello Ashur nice to see you helping out here."
Harmon Harmon had been spending most of his time near the Citadel trying to help out where he can. At the request for assistance he volunteered, being a seasoned scout and field doctor and is bringing up the right flank, "Just another day in paradise." he murmers softly.
Sanbella Sanbella had just returned from leaving her friend with a doctor, hearing the state of Brahmin's Rest she joined the other Desert Rangers with a grin and without a second thought. Afterall, she was raised for this kind of duty. "Nice to see you again, big guy... so you became a Ranger too? That's surprising."
Ashur The situation at Brahmin's Rest seems a little more dire than expected! The smoke thickens on the horizon, and no doubt it means the settlement's been purged, and all in it slaughtered; a dark omen, indeed. The group crests the incline in the road that leads up to the settlement's stretch (it's built around an old gas station, doncha know), and sees..

Well, odd things. The people have not been butchered and cannibalized. The brahmin have, unfortunately -- what few survivors of their herds they managed to secure after returning have been turned into so much delicious beef, immense carcasses split open and being smoked by fires. A number of the settlers, men and women, have their feet locked within crude chains, forcing them to shuffle with small steps as they tend the fires, turn the meat, and whatever else.

A few of the smaller mutants mill about in the area. A dozen of them, roughly, never straying far from their overseers: two big, lumbering brutes, one blue and one red, bulging-veined and thick with muscle. They wear armor of metal and leather, one holding what seems to be a bazooka fashioned from pipes, and the other wielding a massive cleaver of recycled steel.

The two supermutants are amusing themselves with one of their enslaved toys. Specifically, they're enjoying watching their three-headed chimera pet eat him alive.

"That's what you get for runnin'!" says the blue, bazooka-wielding Charles.

"Them's good eatin's, Cerbie-poo!" howls the red, cleaver-swinging Dixon.

"Little human man! Bring us our snacks!"

From inside the gas station comes a high-pitched squeal. The other homes surrounding it seem abandoned.

Cerberus snaps off his (?) victim's leg, gnawing on the bone, as the Prospects arrive. As one, Charles and Dixon stomp their feet and yell, "Git off our land, tin-men! This is ours now! Go bite 'em, Cerbie-poo!"
Sanbella The young ranger asses the situation, thinking which is the most dangerous target. When she sees the mutant with makeshift bazooka running away, Sanbella knows who to shoot. She quickly rises her rifle and shoots at his arm, trying to impair it, to keep it from firing at her squad... to no avail. She feels the hot wave and painful Shrapnel hitting her chest armor, almost sending her flying back. At least it was a makeshift bazooka, she is certain a real one would have killed her.
Harmon Harmon bends his knees a little, assuming a bit more of a stalking posture at the sign of the black smoke. He mainains position as Ashur charges in, waylaying attacks with that ballistic fist and he shakes his head a little.

He picks his targets, the gauss shotgun drawing a bead first on Charlies, the shot spreading concentrated pain through his torso. A quick snap of movement and he has a line on the Chimera, another shot on target that shreds some more.

He is caught off guard by the bazooka blast, however and moves behind some light cover to regather himself.
Esscast Esscast sees the damage Ashur takes as the adrenalin pumps threw his vains he yells at the cerbures. "Hey ugly lets play a game its called count the shells!!"
Ashur In traditional fashion, rather than approach the enemies intelligently, Ashur initiates hostilities by bullrushing into the center of almost fifteen different monsters; he crashes into the bazooka-wielding blue supermutant and shatters a limb, sending it sprawling back on the retreat as its red-skinned, cleaver-swinging maniac of a friend engages him. "Back, Charles!", screams Dixon, smacking his big-ass rusty blade into the Hellfire over and over. "Tin man's fast! Shoot him, cook him up!"

Charles is about to do so when the other Prospects all open fire on him, leaving him a poor swiss cheese motherfucker. He seems about to die, and goes down to one knee, bleeding heavily.. but a second wind is just enough for him to open fire and launch a single explosive shell at the trio, bathing them in shrapnel and fire!

Meanwhile, twelve mutants dogpile Ashur, stomping him, tentacling him, clawing him, etc. The sheer weight of their bodies hurts more than anything else. The pile only clears long enough for Cerberus to smack him around.

Amazingly, he still stands, but damn. The rest of them better make good use of this!

Meanwhile, the human slaves have begun to run away. Well, 'run'. Their feet are still shackled, so it's more like they noisily and slowly hop. Dixon has the good grace to hurl obscenities at them.
Sanbella gritting her teeth, Sanbella rises her rifle and starts shooting at the masses of mutants surrounding Ashur, trying to take them down before they finish the giant off and swarm the rest of the group. "I knew I should have worn a power armor!" She hits the mutties at the chest, decreasing their numbers slightly and runs for cover, any cover.
Harmon It doesn't take much and Harmon has his breath following the explosion, the grizzled Ranger spitting to the side as he levels his gauss again at the same targets. Steady hands, gentle squeeze. Two blasts erupt from his shotgun and rip harshly into his targets again, he looks to the others, noting the brutality of the attacks their suffering and winces -- This isn't good.
Esscast after esscast recived a light tap from charles he put his revolver to his chest and said with a evil grin "my turn" then percided to blow the mutants chest out his back in smoldering chunks
Ashur Once the rest of the Prospects start firing, priorities shift. And it's only natural, really -- big as Ashur is, he's only one guy, and the mutants are tripping over each other trying to focus on him all at the same time. Charles screams, "I'll eat your grandma!" and hefts up his pipe bazooka like a billyclub, rushing down Esscast and whacking him with such profound force it blasts out like thunder across the plains. The ground itself cracks under the force of the blow!

Ashur, meanwhile, has shoved his way past Dixon and his ugly mutant lackies, and is using the gas station to help separate them. He circles around one of the long-emptied pumps, forcing them to split up and come at him in smaller clumps; when they do, that radiant fist lashes out, each strike coming with an explosive blast as the gauntlet's powerful magnetic coils unleash hot death. One mutant simply disintegrates from the force of it, his smoking hand punching right through the damn pump in a spray of metal!

"Get 'em, Cerbie!" commands the red mutant, even as he swings and cuts, and the three-headed chimera continues the assault.

The others? Well, they just got swarmed by all the mutants that didn't chase Ashur!

And elsewhere, the slaves, crawl-hopping away like they're in a three-legged race, whoop and cheer. "Yeah! Billy got the Rangers! Kill 'em! Kill those damn mutants!"
Harmon The mutants have split their focus and have left Harmon ignored and it seems to have hurt the sawbones feelings! He snarls lowly and shifts his aim to the Mutant Squad around Esscast, taking his time this time and charging the weapon before letting out a devastating blast, riddling the group with high velocity molten shrapnel that shreds their delicate flesh and dismembers many of them outright while the rest simply fall limp with smoking holes in their body.
Sanbella Seeing the mutants getting closer, Sanbella instincts kick in and she unloads 5 bullets into the incoming squad, screaming while trying to make her bullets count! "Come get me, Suckers!"
Ashur It's good fortune for Brahmin's Rest that this battle happened near the gas station, rather than in the settlement proper; the horrible blood of these mutants can't be good for crops, not to mention all the stomping movement and advanced energy cells and bullets being sprayed left and right. As the mutants fall, their bodies begin to pile up and melt corrosively -- Cerberus, himself, fucking explodes, and sends a massive splash of acidic blood into the air.

It mostly gets caught on the underside of the gas station's pump-roof, where it burns a hole through the old rusted metal and plastics, sizzling and dripping. Where the drops lick at Ashur's black and gold armor, they do nothing.

With a loud huff, metallic and broadcasted by his helmet's speakers, Ashur turns from the swarm he's thinned and grasps Dixon, slamming their faces together. "Filthy fucking Profligate mutants," he snarls, blasting a magnetic shotgun fist right through his guts before he regains balance. "I slew your king, and now I'll make the rest of you my bitch!"

A little.. rapey, but he was Legion.
Harmon Harmon seems satisfied thus far at the teams response and coordination against the mutant attackers for a moment following the damage he had dealt to the remaining mutants in the second sgroup. Now his attention turns towards Dixon, having caught sight of Sanbella's own wonderful display of violence, and he starts to slowly advance on him as he aims his weapons for a charged shot followed rapidly by a 2nd shot that rip into the mutants torso and arm.
Sanbella Sanbella rises Elder Bowie's shot-gauntlet into the air, adrenaline rushing through her veins as she charges at the enemy lines, her trusty service rifle fires its last two rounds, both of them hitting the enemy and stunning them long enough for her to close the distance, her charge coming to a full stop once the metallic fist impacts against a mutant's head, the pressure plate jams and the weapon goes unfired. The force of the impact was enough to send the muttie flying, it's bones breaking, the muscles tearing and the flesh ripping apart as it hits the ground, skidding away from Sidower.

"BOWIE! YOU FUCK!" The Red Ranger seemed to shout at her weapon before bringing it down at the other mutant that was just recovering. She hits him with a backhand, making him fall to the ground before kneeling and pounding away at the creature, bringing the malfunctioning ballistic fist down at it's head time and time again, trying to un-jam the pressure plate but to no avail. When the weapon makes a satisfying sound as the trigger fixes itself, there's not much left to shot at. The Ranger stood up, slowly, breathing with ragged gasps. She was hurting, but she was alive.
Ashur The black armored behemoth rises to his full height before Dixon as his allies distract him with bullet and scream; the wind kicks up that massive white cape, even as he stalks forward from shadow to sun, his gore-slick figure glittering wet reds and gold. He sparkles like a blood diamond, shoulderchecking the supermutant and sending it falling backwards onto its ass. The cleaver falls from its weakened grip. "Blood'Drinka!", Dixon howls, reaching out for his weapon --

There's a sickening crunch as every finger in that mutant hand is crushed and severed, near half a thousand pounds of enhanced musculature and duraframe-laden ceramics smashing down on it. The concrete itself shatters under the Legionnaire's heel. Dixon shrieks, furious, and tries to pull free, but he's stuck.

"Shut the fuck up and die, you cocksucking eunuch," Ashur tells him, hooking his left hand into the mutant's mouth, down the throat, and grasping the esophagus and vocal chords; he rips them out, shattering all the teeth en route, and leaves the supermutant de-throated from the inside out. His hand damn near glows with that FEV blood.

"You were all very brave. Esscast, unchain the slaves. Our mission is complete."
Esscast Esscast walks over unchaining the slaves with ease. His golden power armor less shiny and more gore covered then when he started.
Harmon As the last of their adversaries fall Harmon let's out a low breath and slings the shotgun longways across his back, "Good work. One less shit stain to worry about out here now." he says with a nod before he moves and starts to help get the settlers free and checked out. He has his medkit and supplies so he begins working on helping them out.