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Iris Lark When it gets dark in Acme the streets tend to empty out and people shut themselves in at home. Not so at the General Store. Iris keeps odd hours and it shows here, the doors are open, the lights are on and the healer is sitting behind her counter, feet up with a book in her lap. Her long hair is damp and she looks freshy scrubbed and one might say, glowing. Her animals are in attendance, the wolf sitting nearby and the the piglet running around the store, pulling leather and fabric from the shelves. Just another slow night.
Serena Well she had ventured out of the bunker finally today and decided to wander over to Iris' shop. Making her way inside she would hum softly, that baseball bat strapped to her back, that chest plate and her everyday attire. As she stepped in, the blue eyed blonde would look around before seeing Iris. Giving her a wave she'd make her way over and nodded. "Hi there. How are you?"
Iris Lark "I'm doing well Serena, and yourself?" Iris asks, pulling her feet from the counter and shutting her book. "Glad to see you armed as well." She says, smirking as she gazes past the smaller woman into the streets. "Even Acme isn't safe this time of the evening." Dusk moves towards the door, flopping on his haunches with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth. "Did you come for shopping tonight or for a visit?"
Nemo It's been a long day, and Nemo is back to El Dorado, a little worse for the wear, but not much, hauling a burlap sack. Heading down the road towards Shantytown on foot, he turns towards one of the only open shops, confused by the lights on. A lone dog howls somewhere out in the night, off to the west, and middle-aged, worn down caramel skinned man enters, taking off his cowboy hat, and dusting off his brightly colored poncho. Iris and the pig and the wolf get his attention first. He stops in his tracks and rubs at his eyes, blinking to make sure he's awake.

"...Evenin'. Y'all open?" He drops the burlap sack to the floor, catching his breath in the doorway.
Serena "It's the bat I got from you. I figured it would be best to have at least something to deter issues....." Serena would nod as she made her way over closer and nodded. "And just to visit. Qwillis thinks it's good for me to learn to be more social without him. He believes I may use him as a the term." When Nemo made her way in she would quiet as she stepped aside for Iris to address him. This was her work after all. Though she was quiet....she did wave to Nemo quickly before waiting.
Iris Lark "Usually, c'mon in." Iris replies, snapping a finger at the wolf. He gets to his feet, ignores almost everyone else in the store and moves back towards Iris, sitting at her feet. She glances at the sack and then back to Nemo. "You alright? You're welcome to get a drink of water from the back of the store." She says, gesturing slender fingers towards the cooler next to the back door. She leans on the counter and grins at Serena. "That is a nice bat." She chuckles softly at the social comment and shrugs. "You are welcome to visit me anytime hon."
Nemo Nemo leans his shoulder against the doorway, watching Iris with a bright smile. He nods, stepping further inside, before looking to Serena, his green eyes roaming that bat of hers before he points a finger at her and winks, "Hey, Miss Lady." He looks back to Iris, then heads towards the back door, giving Zaxelin a polite nod. The worn, caramel hued man called out, "Ya got the place lookin' good, Doc. Whatcha sellin' in here?" He kneels down to grab some water from her cooler.
Serena "Miss....Lady? Why do you call me that?" Glancing over to Iris she would look perplexed but then smiled as she nodded. "Okay then. I will. I may take you up on the offer of the....continued medical training and girl talk." A tilt of her head and she would look to Nemo then with a tilted head. "What is in that sack? You seemed to be struggling with it it heavy?"
Iris Lark "A little bit of evrything." Iris responds, and she grins at Serena and shrugs, chuckling softly. "I'm happy for you to come by and chat and train. I get a lot of patients and you can get some experience with them." She slips off of her stool when Nemo doesn't accept the offer of water and she walks to the back, takes out a bottle, and hands it over to the man. "Here you are, have a seat or look around if you'd like."

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Nemo Nemo quickly uncaps the bottle and chugs it down with gusto. The plastic bottle crumples inward with the suction as he gulps it down, his shaky hand causing some to spill out. Green eyes return to Iris, as he wipes his mouth, grinning and refreshed, "Thank ya... Truly." His grin widens a bit, before he slides his attention to Serena, "Well, to be honest, I don't know. I used to know Qwillis, he's different now, and you're part of a package deal with him. So it's Miss, Lady, Ma'am, and thank you kindly but no thank you once you inevitably warm up ta me. Start havin' them natural feelings..." He chuckles and pockets his hand, neck twitching briefly before he turns it into a glance around the store. He points to his burlap sack, continuing casually as he looks over a rack of holodisks, "That there is a blower for a 2069 Grenadier Atomic. Turns fast into too fast." Spotting combar armor, he starts towards the shelf, "Shit. I've been looking for a set of this for a while now."
Serena She'd blink a few times and tilted her head. "Different? Different how?" Looking to Iris she would seem confused then. "Package deal? What is that? Poor Serena and her lack of social anachronisms. Smiling she looked back to Nemo and just shrugged a bit. "I....really don't know what you thank you for what?" Yup.....lost. Completely lost.
Iris Lark "I don't know." Iris says, trying not to laugh as she gazes between Serena and Nemo. "I think what he's saying is that where you go, Qwillis usually goes, and that's okay, right?" She clears her throat and grins at the pair of them. "I think he's trying to say that he's not going to give you any offense?" She glances at Nemo and raises her eyebrows a bit before she gets to her feet. "I need to grab something from the back you two, behave and I'll be right back."
Nemo Nemo walks along the shelves, gathering up different clothes and armor, before carrying it all back to Iris' counter and plopping it down. "Yeah, Iris translated real well there for me. My parents spoke different than other folk, so it's hard for me to adjust to how others talk." He looks to Serena, "Ya know what I mean?"
Serena "Oh...." Frowning to herself a bit she would watch as he went shopping around the store. Looking to Iris she would nod a bit. "I don't think we are that...." Trailing off she would think about it then and nodded. "Perhaps I do need to get out more....make friends..." Now she was talking more to herself than anything before looking to Nemo. "But what did you mean he is different now? Was he different before?"
Iris Lark Iris moves behind the counter, taking a seat and crossing her legs. She watches Nemo gather things and bring them for her to inspect and price. She gazes at Serena and gestures for her to come behind the counter and take the second seat. "You're getting out more, you're making friends." She pauses and takes a short breath. "I think what he's saying is that Qwillis used to act differently, but since I've only known him since he returned to Shantytown, I can't see much of a difference myself." She glances at Nemo and tilts her head. "Two hundred caps or a quantum cap." When Serena moves to pass her some items for sale, she hands her some caps. "Here you go, love."
Nemo Nemo steps quickly over to grab that burlap bag again, carrying it back to the counter, before he pulls out a quantum Nuka-Cola bottlecap, flashing her a bright grin. He drops the bag again, some metallic objects clinking inside, as he starts to don various pieces of armor over his clothes. To Serena, he says, "Well, 'bout fourteen or fifteen years ago, Qwillis lived here in El Dorado." He points westward, "I lived out on the edge of Shantytown, with Ella, and we had a little handyman business goin', fixin' up this and that. Qwillis would come by and help... Real shy. Always smart." He chuckles, "And he had all his limbs. So... different."
Serena "Ohhh....okay." While all this shopping was going on by Nemo, Serena had pulled out a couple of 'books' and slide it over to Iris without a word. Taking those caps she would just continue. "And I see..." Smiling brightly then she would nod a bit. "Shy? I was that way but he told me I needed to get out of not be afraid of people." Shrugging then she would smile a bit. "All of his limbs? I kind of like him as he is. I think it his personality."
Iris Lark Iris nods and grabs the cap sliding it across the counter before she deposits it into her rucksack with her chems and supplies. "Good deal." She says, before she slides some caps to Serena. "Being afraid of people does kind of suck, I'm sure there are some people out there that you should be wary of, but most of us are all right." She slips a hand back inside the rucksack and pulls out some blackberry brandy, pouring herself a shot and pouring one for both Serena and Nemo. "To new friends, or at least, new work buddies."
Nemo Nemo takes his brandy, sniffing it before flashing a pleased little snicker, "People are good and bad, ya just gotta trust 'em to try their best /and/ make mistakes. The real fuckos of this world don't try, an' ya can smell it a mile off, I promise ya." He lifts his brandy, "To a new crew, and to new friends."
Serena She'd look the drink and then blinked. "Um...." Slowly she would pick up the shot and stared at it. Serena would smell it the scrunched her nose. "What is this? Is this alcohol?" Sighing she would then watch them and then smiled. "And...true. That is what I have been working on." Raising that glass, follow suit she would then slowly set it down and looked at it before nodding. "And yes.....Qwillis told me how he lost his arm and leg. It's rather unfortunate." Sighing a bit she would take a small sip of that brandy and coughed before continuing. "It suits him. And did you know he can make his arm vibrate?"
Iris Lark "It is alcohol. Sweet alcohol, but alcohol nonetheless." Iris picks up the shot, and drinks it down, shuddering delicately as she sets the shot glass down. It takes a moment for what Serena says to dawn on Iris and she blinks over at the woman, puts two and two together and promptly starts to cough, bending over at the waist. Excusing herself nonverbally she stumbles over to the cooler, grabs a bottle of water and proceeds to drink it down. Once she can breathe she manages to gasp out. "Oh really?" But she starts to giggle again as she makes her way to the counter again.
Nemo Nemo drains that delicious brandy, savoring it with a hiss and a wince, as he nods along with Serena. Then, Iris is laughing and Nemo goes bug-eyed, outright laughing, popping his hat onto his head, "Well ain't that somethin'... Does uh..," The weary cowboy grins over at Iris, speaking slowly, carefully, "What all parts does he have replaced?" He tries to regain some composure, and keep a straight face, but it's hard, "I don't know the ah... extent of the damage. Ya know? 's all vibrate?" He coughs into his hand.
Serena Looking between them she looked really confused. "Yes....." Serena would then smile a bit as she nodded. "Oh it's just his leg and his arm. And I don't know if his leg does or not...." Tapping her chin she would actually think on it. "I could ask him....." Smiling brightly then she would then look to that drink and quickly drank it. Gasping she would put her hand to her mouth and just gagged slightly. "....people.....drink this? And enjoy it?"
Iris Lark "I didn't say they enjoyed it, but yes, they do drink it." Iris glances at Nemo and she clears her throat, pressing her lips together for a moment so she doesn't start to giggle again. "You're happy though, and that's what matters Serena, more than you might know." She gazes down at her linked hands and smiles, maybe a bit to herself, before she gazes back up at Serena. "So girl talk..." She gestures idly to Nemo and shrugs. "..we can pretend he's a girl too, maybe he has good advice, do you have any questions for me that you're curious about?"
Nemo Nemo leans up against the counter, tolerating this with heavy amusement and free alcohol for the moment, watching Iris and Serena. "Jus' remember you're lucky. Remember tha'." He doesn't elaborate, but looks to Iris, and nods agreeably, "Aye, age and mistakes bring wisdom, and I've fucked up e'rryday of my life, Miss Lady."
Serena She'd look between them and tilted her head. "Why do guys keep saying that?" Serena looked at them skeptically before continuing on. "Um....well....." Folding her arms she would nod a bit. "I think I will be going on a date. Qwillis said perhaps dinner. So what do I wear on this? Is what I have on acceptable?" Tapping her chin then she would smile then. "Or does it not matter?"
Iris Lark Iris leans forward on the counter, her chin on her hands. "It doesn't matter unless you want it to." She murmurs, and then she smiles at Serena. "I can make you a dress for a date if you're really looking for something different or new. What kind of date, where are you going?" She asks, tilting her head to the side a bit. She glances at Nemo and grins before she shifts her gaze back to Serena. "What is your favorite color?"
Nemo Nemo squints an eye at Serena, possibly putting two and two together. "It might matter. Is this a first date? An occasion like your anniversary? Different cultures got different ways of courting." He glances to Iris, thoughtful, looking her over. After a long moment, his smile widens, and he nods to Serena, "Oughta get a dress. One of them Pre-War style dresses."
Serena "Um..I..don't know. I only had one dress really but I kind of burned that one up." Glancing at the two of them she would looked a bit lost. "Um...." She'd nibble her bottom lip then tilted her head. "I...don't know. Have we not been courting since he and I...." Then she stopped and had a thought. "I don't know....if it's a first date? I suppose it may be. We've been working in the lab together. Does that count?"
Iris Lark "Like I said before, it counts if you say it does." Iris remarks, and she eyes Nemo for a few moments, a slight frown on her face before she gazes back at Serena. "How about I take your measurements, and I make you a nice dress to wear, and a few other things, maybe with some treated leather so you don't burn them up. Hmm?" She pulls out measuring tape, gets to her feet and takes a few measurements, jotting down the numbers she'll need. "If the date is very soon, well then you wear what makes you comfortable, because that's what matters." She squints at Nemo, trying to send him a silent message.
Nemo Nodding at Serena, Nemo pipes up, glancing to Iris, "Right. Pretty much, a date is you going somewhere you like, with someone you like. Everythin' else is just ici-... Is just a bonus." He purses his chapped lips, squinting at the young psyker's face, "How long have you and Qwillis been good friends?" He looks to Iris, as a quick aside, chuckling, "Probably already been down that highway already, if it's long. Speakin' a which, how long have you two known each other?"
Serena Serena would look at Iris as she pulled out that measuring tape. Standing still as she went to work she would blink a bit then as she nodded. "Um...." There was a shrug then. "I don't know...when? He said we can schedule it...." A tilt of her head then as she would smile. "Oh...that would be smart. I go through clothes sometimes depending on what....I am doing." Taking a deep breath she would look to Nemo then before she would smile a bit. "Good friends? Well it's been a total of three months of knowing him..." She would look at Iris thing. "Is that another phrase for courting? He said he is my boyfriend and I his girlfriend." Those blue eyes looked to Nemo and smiled. "So....good friends? Two and a half months as good friends."
Iris Lark Iris retakes her seat and she shakes her head slowly at Nemo, trying hard not to chuckle again. "Well I'm not sure of what kind of phases that courting has. I'm sure there is a book about it somewhere that I haven't found." She rolls her eyes and takes another sip of water. "But like I've said before, and I will continue to say, as long as you're happy and you are comfortable then you do it your way. There is no reason to do something just because other people are doing it." She nods as if she needs to confirm what she's said, and she leans over a piece of paper, sketching out a dress with blue pencils.
Nemo Nemo, finished outfitting himself, bends down and grabs up the bag of his leftovers, slinging it over his shoulder. "Alright, I should be gettin' on back to the cot. I got an early mornin' startin' tomorrow." He tips his hat to Iris, "I hope I'll be seein' you soon, Iris." He nods again to Serena, "Tell Qwills I said hey. Y'all take care out there." He starts towards the door with a languid gait, "It really does look good in here, Doc.