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Tibbie It's early morning and Tibbie had just dropped the morning loaves off with her mother to be sold at the market, but she's saved one for herself for breakfast. She sits at her bed in the corner and is just enjoying the sounds of the morning and a moment off of her feet.
Eden Eden comes in with her baby in the sling in front of her, as always! Lilith is gazing out quietly watching the world pass by with her brand new baby eyes. Knocking on the door she says "anybody home? Tibbie? Billie?" Eden accidently had grabbed the wrong plate to take home and needed to return it!
Tibbie Tibbie hears Eden's familiar voice and gets herself up and to the door with a spring in her step, it's not everyday someone comes to visit! She opens the creaky door and steps aside to welcome Eden and her adorable baby inside,
"Hey there Eden! C'mon in! Well aint you rip roaring and ready for fun lil one!" Tibbie talks to Lilith in your typical baby-voice when she sees her in the sling. "All's you need is a big ol powerfist like y'pops and you'll be smashin' raider left and right!" She laughs at the thought and clears the pre-war desk of her current drawing to allow Eden to sit should the walk have been far on her feet.
Eden Eden gratefully accepts the chair. It kinda has been a long walk! Laughing she says "Oh Daddy would love that! He'll be teaching her about power armor by the time she can walk i bet" giggle she takes Lilly out of her sling. "So I have this plate. Ashur musta thought it was ours, but it's not." She put the plate on the table. Honestly, she's glad cause she wanted an excuse to see Tibbie again!. "Do you want to hold her?" Tibbie is giving Lilly that look...
Davidson Clang, clang, clang... crash!

As Eden's being let in, the scrap-metal ledge of the roof opposite collapses, taking Davidson with it to the ground just outside. He lays there for a moment, then holds up an arm and a thumb's up, "I'm good! I'm alive! I don't think I broke anything!"
Kaydin     Kaydin comes to the shack and knocks on the door frame. "Hey I came to trade recipes with the cook here." Kaydin says as he holds a little notebook in his hands as he watches the people present in the shack, coming in and moving to take his helmet off to show his face to those present.
Jackson Prism @emit It had been a rather mundane day for Jackson as he idly patrolled the dusty streets of Shantytown. In the wake of current events, he'd been absolutely swamped with his duties with the Sheriff's department. As it was, he wasn't exactly complaining about a little bit of down time. As he moved through the bustling streets, he noticed a familiar looking shack. It was Tibbie's-- one o fthe women who he'd shared a mission with a while back. She was friendly enough at the time, and Jackson certainly didn't have much to do at the moment. So he decided to drop by and put forward a friendly greeting. It never hurt to get to know someone a little bit better after all.
Apparently, Tibbie was a popular gal. There was already someone else at the door when he approached. He was a young looking man-- not much younger than himself by the looks of things-- and he was dressed head-to-toe in the garb of the NCR. The deputy was still unsure of his opinion of the NCR, but rather than allow an awkward tension to build between them as he approached, Jackson strode casually up to Tibbie's shack and offered his hand to Kaydin with a toothy grin.
"Howdy. Name's Jackson. I was just stoppin' by to give Tibbie a hello, but it seems she's got some company already. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Tibbie "Well of corse I do, I aint ever held any babies before!" Tibbie eagerly accepts the sweet child in her arms, and actually seems to have a good grip on her! When the clanging and knocking are heard the young woman grins and welcomes Kaydin in, and balancing the baby in her arms, she props the door open via foot and notices the tall fallen man.
"Donât sweat explainin' to the neighbors, I'kin handle that one for ya. Now why aint ya come in though, give ya muscles a break a whiles afore hoppin on off again?" Tibbie offers the man casually while bouncing Lily in her arms a bit and shooting silly faces at her.

    Tibbie notices the cowboy hat from an earlier adventure and happily welcomes him in to the small shack with the rest of her company, it seems her hospitality is much larger than her home, but she'll make it work for her friends new and old.
Davidson "I remember that roof as being a bit better reinforced..." Davidson slants the roof in question a glare, and then with an easy shrug he steps inside at the invitation, flashing a smile to the gathered, "Howdy folks. Davidson Harris, wasteland cartographer. Nice li'l place you've got here." Not-too-old bloodstains darken the sleeve of his arm, bandages wrapped loosely beneath.
Kaydin     Kaydin turns when the man introduces himself. He takes the offered hand and shakes it. "Kaydin LeGraize, NCR Ranger." Kaydin says with a nod to the man. He then looks to Tibbie and Davidson and nods. "If you are busy Tibbie, we can do it another time. I was curious if the stuff you cooked up were willing to part with some recipes for me to acquire." He says calmly. "Cooking is a hobby I picked up when I joined the NCR. Parents could never cook beyond basic rations."
Jackson Prism It was certainly a lively gathering from what Jackson could tell. Between Tibbie, Eden-- yet another familliar face, Kaydin, and now Davidson, Tibbie was shaping up for a bit of a party. In response to Kaydin, he simply said, "A pleasure, my good ranger." Then shifted his attention toward the other unfamiliar face. At Davidson's introduction, Jack turned toward him and offered his hand once further.
"Cartographer, eh? I would've guessed builder, given the... Uhh.. Entrance. Jackson Parkes. Deputy at small. It's a pleasure, Davidson." As he spoke, his keen eye caught the traces of bloodstains on the cartographer's sleeve, and at the sight of the bandages beneath, Jack smirked and slid his jacket off of his shoulders, revealing a mis-mash of bandages wrapped around his left shoulder under his collared shirt.
"I see i'm not the only one with a fresh wound. If I may ask... Has it got an interesting story? This one sure as hell does."
Tibbie "Well hey there Davidson and thank you kindly, I helped patch this place up y'know!" Tibbie says to Davidson while still locked in blissful babyland, she sure can multitask as she now adresses Kaydin and occasionally steals glances at Lily,
"Aint busy at all Kaydin! If you aint mind helpin me shuffle these crates around, I'kin pull out a rug for all of us and get them recipes on out for y'too! I think I even got some leftovers if anyone's skipped breakfast!" Tibbie's mood is through the roof happy as her shack's never been this full with good company.
Davidson "It's a lot easier to get around by roof-top sometimes," Davidson admits without an ounce of shame, one shoulder lifting in an easy and cheerful shrug. At which point he winces a bit, letting that shoulder drop. "And oh, it does, Parkes, but I'll let you go first-- crates, eh? Sure, I can help out." Kaydin gets a tip of his chin up in an easy nod, "Ranger. Saw you at the Alamo, I think?"
Eden Eden is a little glad for a moment with her arms free. and loves seeing Lilly being fussed over! "A cartographer! I've never met one. What have you been mapping out?" She stands and helps Tibbie shuffle the crates around. She does have 2 free hands after all!
Kaydin     "Yea the Alamo was a right bit of fun. Killed my fair share of muties." Kaydin says as he moves to help shuffle the crates around. "So you make maps. Anything interesting in the area where a ranger could make a fortune?" He says with a grin.
Tibbie With all her crates now grounded instead of stacked, Tibbie grabs all she needs and while placing them individually on her bed she bends she swoops Lily playfully, and even gets a few giggles out of her. She instructs the helping hands to then stack them once again to save floor space. Tibbie enlists Eden's help with spreading the rug over the dirt floor and she sits on one corner of the rug that's also nearby the bed, so she can have Lily in her lap and be able to reach for things as needed.

What Tibbie's got for everyone is simple as she unwraps parcels and pops containers, gasping overdramtically for Lily when their contents are revealed;
Leftover barbeque deathclaw that's now shredded to go with the freshly made sourdough bread for a manly sandwich, she also managed to save some peanut butter cookies and just three slices of her molasses stack cake, and it seems Tibbie's always prepared when it comes to food and not combat as she has strips of tender-looking jerky, leftover sweet potato mash, and even sandwhich fixings already prepared. This morning has turned into a little shack picnic!

"Now if ya'll want this heated up they's the stove right there and it's still warm from earlier this morn'n, Jefecita would downright smack me for saying that but she aint got this cute lil thang right heeereeee!" Tibbie explains and ends by blowing a raspberry right onto Lily's neck, inciting a fit of giggles from both parties.
Davidson "I suppose 'fun' is one way of saying it," Davidson replies a bit deadpan, reaching up to lift a crate up and start to stack them as instructed - he's tall, so it's useful for putting things on the top of the stack. The baby gets a grin, and once or twice he wriggles fingers in Lily's direction to get their attention before returning to work.

"Looks right delicious, ma'am," he admits, "Much obliged - and ah, I've been doing some runs down by Dead Man's Gulch, trying to figure out some better ways around the pit'n the Boneyard, so I can get through without a Deathclaw trying to rip my head off."
Jackson Without missing a beat, Jackson did as instructed, and helped out Davidson with his own tall frame, rearranging the crates as instructed. As he did his work, he silently mused over how he could best illustrate the story he had in mind, and came to the conclusion that dramatization was often the best approach. "Funny you mention the gulch," Jack started as he hefted one of the crates into position. He took a second to flash the baby a big, enthusiastic smile, then continued.
"Ya' see, Tibbie, Eden and I were scoutin' along the Boneyard for a bit of a search and destroy sorta' deal. Ya' wouldn't realize it walkin' in, but even when you've got four suits of power armor on your side... That place can be a right-rippin' deathtrap when it wants to be. Anywho, I'm ramblin' a little here. I'll cut to the chase. We were backed up against a gigantic skull, 2 super muties way down range, a third of the assassinating variety hot on their heels. But the armor jockies took care of that business. Our problem was the colossal hordes of mutants. Had to have been at least 15, 20 of them. Two groups of 20, for that matter." As he told his story, Jackson finished his work and took a seat at the edge of the rug. The food their host had prepared smelled absolutely mouth-watering, and the deputy was eager to dig into the meal. But before he did, he had a story to finish.
"So we're against the wall, crap's in our pants, and things weren't lookin' too bright. All of a sudden, the entire horde of chimeras just drops into the ground. I'm tellin ya-- the bastards just drop into a gigantic hole out of nowhere." As he spoke, Jackson's voice carried an air of seriousness as he got into the tale. He often swung his arms and hands around to emphasise it at points, and was evidently enthusiastic in it's retelling. "An entire colony of mole rats dug the ground out from under them, and before we knew it, they were screaming bloody murder at the bottom of that pit, shooting that corrosive crap they spew. That's where I got this." He tapped on his bandaged shoulder for emphasis.
"Long story short, that problem got resolved when two of our companions dropped a mountain of bones on top of them. Bastards are still probably buried out there. And that wasn't the half of it. We basically had to drag poor Tibbie out of there toward the end of it all. Not that it mattered. she kicked more ass than I did, that's for sure. Gal's a good shot." At that, Jackson flashed Tibbie a quick smirk. "I'd go into more detail, but if I started ramblin' about the talking mole rats you'd think I was cruisin' on jet."
Tibbie The picnic in Tibbie's shack goes swimmingly; all are having a good time listening to Prism's retelling of what sounds like a tall tale, but it's true! chatting, eating, playing with Lily, Tibbie and Kaydin get into "shop talk" as they exchange recipes and techniques from her father's cookbook, asking of their time at the Alamo, getting more acquainted with her new friends Nemo and Davidson, and hearing their stories while going into some of her own tall tales she's had with her friend Davy, and she winds down with Eden and Lily grilling her with pregnancy questions and asking for cute stories about Lily in the few months of her life so far. It was a great morning for everyone in the shack, especially Tibbie as the high of friendship would last her the rest of the day.