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Owner Pose
Kaydin     Kaydin comes into the shop carrying a duffelbag full of weapons. "Hey Iris." He says without looking to see if the woman was there. He then moves to the counter and smiles. "I got a light machine gun which I am not sure what to do with it. What would you give me for it?" He asks curiously.
Iris Lark Iris, in fact, isn't in the front room, but the door to the storage room is open and noise is coming from there. Music mostly. There is a bell on the counter and a sign next to it that says "Ring me for Service!"
Nemo It seems this is the time of night Iris gets these sorts of customers. Perhaps that's why she keeps the store's hours like she does, or maybe she just needs more hours in the day herself. Regardless, it's fortunate for Nemo, because this is the last stop on his routine, before he's in for the night.

Stepping into the store, he casts a quick glance around, before heading towards a rack of holodisks. Hearing about the machine gun, he upnods the man, "Hey there. Kaydin right?" He gives the blonde, muscular man a once over.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to Nemo and looks to the bell with a bit of a grin. He then pushes the button and dings the bell. He then looks around and then pushes button again, hearing the bell. "Love these things. Always wanted to play with them as a kid." He says as he dings the bell a third time.
Iris Lark Iris walks out frmo the back, and she grabs the bell from the counter, placing it underneath. "I heard the first ring, the next two were unnecessary. How can I help you this evening?" She asks, glancing from person to person with a slight tilt of her head. "Looking to purchase some supplies?"
Camilla     Camilla soon enters in to the shop, no doubt here to visit Iris and check up on her. She sees Nemo and Kaydin here and lets out a sigh, there's a moment there she hesitates and seems to be thinking if she wants to stay or not. Then, there's Iris at the counter and she chooses to stay, albiet remaining quiet and leaning against a wall.
Nemo Nemo tips his hat to Iris, "Evenin', Doc. I'm in the market for holodisks. Got a strange one I found, got me thinkin' about catchin' up on stuff, if I'm gonna be a scientist and all." He eyes Kaydin's hip, "Though, I'd definitely buy that revolver off of ya, son."
Iris Lark Iris nods to Nemo and smirks, shaking her head back and forth. "Not a 'Doc', remember, just Iris." She leans against the counter and manages a smile. "Holodisks hmm? You've got a pip that you're going to put them in? What kind are you looking for?" She goes quiet, letting the others talk. When she spots Camilla, she offers her a wave and a smile.
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to his hip and pulls the revolver out and looks down the sights. "How much would you give?" He asks curiously as he holsters it and pulls a light machine gun rifle out of the dufflebag and shows it to Iris. "So what would you give me for this?" He asks curiously.
Nemo Nemo gives Kaydin a shrug, leaning against the bar, "How about one a' them quantum bottlecaps from the mines, and three hundred caps?" His green eyes drop to the machine gun, before he tosses them back to Iris, "No pip-boy, actually. Q-balls I think, or someone we both know, told me to ask you about one." He glances to Camilla at the wave, and offers his own. "Howdy."
Iris Lark "I'm not sure who would buy it, but if you really need the resources, I can probably give you 150 caps for it." Iris responds, glancing at a ledger briefly before she smiles at Kaydin. "Heavy weapons aren't the most popular at the moment, people are buying a lot of shotguns and assault rifles." She picks up her water and takes a drink. "You're better off selling to Nemo."
Kaydin     "For the revolver or the machine gun?" Kaydin says as he picks the rifle back up and puts it back in the duffel, another rifle next to it so it could be seen. He looks to Nemo and waits for the man to respond.
Camilla     Camilla is just, standing against the wall, silent. She'll return any nods, or waves, or smiles. Other than that though, she's not seeming to be very sociable today.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "Quantum and three hundred for both, man." He shrugs lightly, "Like she said, heavy weapons aren't real popular. Very few folks can even use 'em." He glances down at Kaydin's mexican revolver again.
Iris Lark Iris points at Nemo and nods. "You only asked me about the light machine gun, I thought, not the revolver." She leans against the counter and frowns. "I'm only really buying things that I know that I can sell easily." She shrugs a shoulder and glances towards the back room."
Nemo Nemo clears his throat, clarfiying for Kaydin, "That machine, if I could learn to use it, would be worth three hundred to me. And I thought only something special would do for that Mexico made revolver."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he pulls the revolver out. "This revolver I got from a refugee from Mexico. If you would take good care of it, then I wouldnt mind bartering it for a quantum." He says as he spins the revolver and offers the handle to the man. "Only got four shots in it."
Nemo Nemo bobs his head, digging through his pockets before setting handfuls of caps onto the counter, counting out three hundred. Finally he pulls a glowing blue cap, passing it to Kaydin, "It's kind of funny, I've spent almost a thousand caps on refugees so far. I /will/ take care of it, though." He nods down at the pile of caps, "What about the Saw?"
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he offers the Saw to the man. "Better then what I would have gotten from Iris." Kaydin says as he takes the caps and nods. "Alright. Thanks Doc." He says as he pockets the stuff and watches the man react to his guns.
Nemo     Nemo takes the revolver, and immediately begins taking it apart. He's got it down to pieces and a firing pin, and four bullets standing upright soon. He starts oiling and cleaning each part, telling Kaydin as he puts it back together, "You're in the militia or somethin', ain'cha?"
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "I volunteer when I can. Why you in the militia?" Kaydin asks as he watches the man and he adjusts the duffel bag on his back.
Nemo Nemo pieces the revovler back together, and hangs it on a makeshite wire loop he's hooked onto his belt, "Nope, nope, I just feel like I remember seein' ya 'round here, and down at the Citadel." He slings the Saw over one shoulder, grunting with the effort of carrying it, "Pleasure doing business with you, by the way. I'm thinkin' of headin' back out there, after this bad baby at home."