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Nemo After a long night, Nemo was glad to be back in El Dorado. A little richer for his efforts working, the swarthy skinned, green-eyed Native American looking man walked into the Silver Dollar looking to relieve that awful burden. Taking off his hat, he scan the crowd, and the empty tables.
Lowry vCowboy hat dusty and man drunk. Lowry strides in quite capable. Right to the black jack. He antes up.
Lowry      20 to start, "Fuck yes." The man screams before doubling down. Eyeing Nemo he adds, "Drink?" Then he pulls his flask and openly drinks his smuggled booze before offering it to said stranger.
Nemo     Well, where there's free booze, Nemo's happy. He sidles up to the stranger, looking over the blackjack table, "Thanks. The tables' payin' tonight, stranger?" He tips the flask back, not testing it before taking a trusting swallow."
Willow Caine The door opens and in walks the little lady who runs this fine establishment, the bar at least. Her blonde hair is swept high on her head and she's in ..well it's an outfit. Propping her hand on her hips Willow grins impishly and struts forward, slapping a few croupiers on the shoulder as she finds a seat, and a drink, and proceeds to people watch. "Oh I hope it's going to be one of those evenings." Willow murmurs, crossing her legs.
Nemo Nemo passes that flask back, moving towards an empty table nearby, "You any good at poker?" He pulls out a chair, and plops down into it, trying to flag down a waitress as he's dealt some cards. His cowboy hat goes on his knee, chair leaned back in a tilt.
Lowry      Lowry nods, "Five cards nothing wild and I am in." He adds another nod and looks to the lady. "You in? We could use the scenery." He winks and would sit down after offering her a chair. "Think we could get a deck of cards?" He is asking Willow as she seems to have a bit of run of the place.
Willow Caine Willow chuckles softly and she winks at Lowry as she snaps at one of the dealers. A pack of cards are handed over to Lowry and she uncrosses, and recrosses her legs. "You two going to bet high?" She asks with an inquisitive tilt of her head. "I love to see a good card game."
Nemo "Five cards, nothing wild," Nemo says, introducing himself, as he orders a couple drinks from the waitress, "Some of that brandy that's so popular. Aye, Miss Caine, was it? I always aim high." He chuckles, taking the deck and letting the waitress cut it, before he deals a quick hand.
Lowry      Lowry nods to the lady. "I already am high, might as well keep consistnet." He sits and allows Nemo to deal. Pulls another drink and slips the booze back inside his shirt. "Ten ante? " His eyes move back to Willow and he asks, "
Lowry      Lowry nods to the lady. "I already am high, might as well keep consistnet." He sits and allows Nemo to deal. Pulls another drink and slips the booze back inside his shirt. "Ten ante? " His eyes move back to Willow and he asks, "You in next hand?"
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and lets out a soft chuckle. "I'll leave you boys to it, I'm going to go check on my upstairs girls and make sure they're all right." She aims a two-finger salute to the two gentleman and points at the croupier. "Keep their drinks coming, it's on me." She turns to twiddle her fingers at the pair. "Have fun."
Lowry "GIrls upstairs?!!?" Lowry says too loudly. "We've no interest in them....Stick around." Another wink is given and he seems sincere.
Nemo Nemo tosses in ten caps, after his drink has been delivered, giving a little wave to Willow on her way out, "I'll be up there to check on 'em soon enough. You have a good night, Miss Caine." He takes a look at his hand, laying out a pair of tens, shaking his head, "Just a pair."
Willow Caine Willow laughs and she shakes her head back and forth. "Be good to them." She says to Nemo and then she grins at Lowry. "You'll have interest in them after a few more drinks and a few hours. Enjoy it, gents." And with that, she's gone.
Lowry "Fuck me." Lowry says. He doesn't share his hand, just throws it down and allows Nemo to collect. He won the deal though. Shuffling he finds time to re-ante and makes some small talk. "Shame she left." His eyes are catching the back half of her and adds, " Wouldn't mind...." Gives Nemo the nod. He knows. Five cards are thrown. "ALright. This ones mine." HE sounds confident but polite, enjoying himself.
Nemo Nemo tosses in another ten cap ante, "She's a beauty, that one, for sure. I got my eye on another, but not it's not like it's easy ta pick." He takes his cards, looking at them with pursed lips. He adds, chuckling, "El Dorado's swimmin' in beautiful ladies. Jewel of New Mexico."
Lowry      Lowry scowls at his cards but smiles, "She could get it. Along with all the others." HE seems less upset than he did as he shows his 10 high. " Sure you can beat that."
Nemo Nemo lays out his cards, three nothings and a pair of Kings. "You shufflin' these well?" He asks, not too broken up about it as he scoops up his coins. "You know a lotta folks are ridin' out west to make coin. You might wanna ask around 'bout it after tonight." He grins.