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Tobias The usual foot traffic is seen in the Gold Digger saloon. There are people scattered the length of the bar in clusters of twos and threes having quiet conversations. The peels of laughter from upstairs occasionally break the din of chatter and piano music.

In the far corner of the room a round table with three surly looking individuals has been set up. Tobias is one of the three, a strange fellow with filthy attire and a pair of goggles pushed halfway up his forehead. He's got a small pile of caps on the table in front of himself and the cards in his hands are fanned out.
Neva Fernandez Perhaps the least likely person to be a patron of the Gold Digger Saloon is someone who partakes in the church activities. One would think that a particularly God abiding person would talk high and mighty about not going into a house of sin, but for Sister Neva Fernandez, she frequently drops by to chat, and to partake in some of the activities. In this case, she stops by to play cards.

    "Good evening, Misters." Comes the cheerful greeting of the young and pretty red haired nun. If it wasn't known that she was raised by old Sister Rosa, one might think she would fit the part of a working girl at the brothel. "Is it a little late to be dealt in?"
Tobias Tobias glances up when the Nun approaches and he folds that hand anyway, throwing his cards down and squaring his shoulder with a curious glower on his squat-faced features. He squints on eye at her above a lop-sided grin, "You play cards, Sistah?" He motions to the boys that she should be dealt in and shuffles his chair to the side to make room for her at the table.

The scruffy scrapper is almost never seen with his large steel frame pack off his back but at the moment it resides on the floor under his chair. His feet are propped up on the large four foot long bag out of sight below the table. As he squints at her conversationally, taking his turn to deal the cards, "Never took yah religious sort for the gamblin' types.." After a beat he adds with a slightly higher pitch, "We met before?"
Neva Fernandez     The Nun gives a genuine smile and gives the boys a friendly wave, waiting to be allowed to sit, before sliding herself into the seat and replies, "Well I do like to play from time to time, Mister, it's simply a small matter of knowing when to walk away from the table."

    She closes her eyes and give a soft reply, "Us religious types are still only human. I play cards, Sister Rosa cursed up a storm..." She then narrows her eyes as she mutters, "And Preacher Harris doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself."

    She does shake her head, "We mighta passed by, Mister, but I ain't got a memory of you."
Tobias "I don't go to Church much but I grew up 'round these parts, Tobias Clearweather.." He gestures vaguely to the other two folks at the table, "Lou and Ricketson." The two gentleman manage vague agreeable grunts but don't seem all that interested in tormenting the Nun. One of them falls into silence as he sips his beer and the other takes to the laborious task of stacking his meager caps pile.

Tobias starts to shoot the cards out to each of them with deft flicks of his wrist that create neat piles in front of each player. "Sin ain't somethin' yeh can run away from apparently.. yeh either got it or yah don't..." He picks up his hand once he's done dealing and fans them out in front of his face, "Suppose its a bit like luck in that regard."
Neva Fernandez     "Neva Fernandez." She says all pleasantly enough, "I'm not really the preacher sort anyway. I consider charity and healing to be my lot in life." The young nun takes her cards and fans them out to see what she's got. "I like to invest my winnings helping the less fortunate. I'm planning on organizing a potluck for next weekend. I'd be happy to see you boys come by if you like."

    She narrows her eyes a bit, before drawing a small stack of caps out of her satchel, and placing them onto the table, and then grins, "Raising you ten caps."
Tobias "Well, I got a few other friends besides these scallywags, if yeh don't mind the numbers, sure they might be inclined to a free hot meal too."

The game is played and nobody gets violent or loud, a few caps exchange hands but nothing of real value as the folks in the Gold Digger saloon while away the hours playing poker aroud a small table in the far corner of the room.