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Qwillis     Qwillis, with the donation of a fusion core by Eden, was working on a master plan! Those of the SOED were called to the bunker and next to the mostly repaired auto-doc, a session of the scientist was held to go over details of what's going on and how to fix it.

    Qwillis would look to the others there with a nod. "So the Mist of Dunwich isn't mystical or anything like that. It's Science. Albeit unconventional science of an alien make. However, I know it runs on power. That means, we can disrupt that power and therefore, disrupt the mist. But to do that, we need to generate an Electromagnetic Pulse."
Iris Lark Iris Lark isn't much in the business of science, at least not the electromagnetic pulse science. She is in the business of making sure nobody gets blown up or zapped so she makes her way through the wasteland to the bunker, pushing a motorcycle with her. When she manages to make it to the bunker she parks the bike outside and steps in, shrugging to adjust the weapons on her back and hip. "Heard we were up to some stuff." Her hands to go to her hair and she starts to pull it up into a messy bun. "What can I do to help?"
Victoria "Okay, so ...we do this emp thing, right?" Vic will begin, her hands up in the air, a pair of sciency looking goggles on her forehead, bangs smushed beneath, hands wiggling a little, "We get it working, but how do we protect the electronics in existence around it while we gimmick it, so we don't fry ourselves out of business?" She has no doubt they will get it functioning, "I mean, if we fry our junk, I'm cool with it, just wondering for those who have better junk than I." She asks this while standing near Qwillis, brown eyes bright with excitement, "Actually, ignore me. Lets just get this thing motoring. C'mon, where's a tool kit."
Percy     While Percy had heard of Qwillis and the group he's leading, it was Iris Lark who set him on the course to actually seek him out. Upon her suggestion to look into it, the young Doctor mulled and considered, before finally deciding to see what the fuss was all about. No promises, he told himself. He didn't need to join! But he could at least see what it was all about. Right?
    Dressed as professionally as he can muster with slacks, a slightly dirty white shirt with overcoat, the round-spectacle wearing man makes his way into the bunker. Holding a briefcase of all things in his right hand, the tall male tilts his head in some curiosity. "Good evening," He greets politely - lifting his spare hand to wave. Blue eyes linger over those who have gathered. Iris is the only one he recognises. "I heard this was a meeting of the minds?" His smile is faint but present. To be honest, he's having trouble containing his excitement.
    "I'm wondering if I can be of any service."
Victoria Victoria's pipboy beeps frantically from Vics wrist at her after her question is posed, and as Percy walks in Vic glances his way before eyeing her pipboy, "Oh, let him take my place, I've got this mutant on my backside for this order of tea set he commissioned a few weeks back and he's hassling me now." A grunt as she walks off in the direction of her room, "Sorry Qwillis! I'll be back as soon as I can, but no promises." Her voice begins to fade, "This guy lives in the middle of nowhere in these crazy rocks-" A door opens, and time is taken for Vic to pack things up, and she'll come out, baseball cap on her head, goggles around her neck, coat on and backpack hung over one shoulder. Behind her a faded red wagon with a crate box in it is pulled as she continues her way out, "Good luck with the science, don't blow anything up." Boop. She's out.
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates as Victoria would go for her tools.. only to be called off. As Percy shows up and recognizes Iris, he'd nod a little. "Ah.. nice to meet you. I am Qwillis. We're meeting to discuss how to make an electromagnetic pulse generator. Iris has offered to be on hand to help both with small work installation as directed and medical assistance if necessary. So, do you have some ideas on how to generate a directed pulse, Mister..?"
Iris Lark Iris beams at Percy as he comes to the bunker, clapping her hands before she waves hello to him. "I'm glad you made it, and that you're coming to meet Qwillis." She enthuses, and a pin falls from where she's trying to secure her hair. "Drat." She unshoulders her rucksack and moves towards the medical bay. "I'm going to check up on a few things, and then I'll help ya'll more with this."
B And enter one petite raven-haired brewer, entering through the door as Victoria makes her exit. Sliding her hands into her pockets, B gives those gathered here an upnod in greeting. "Hey," says she, glancing around at all the gizmos and thingamabobs. She scoots out of Iris' way and gives her a little wave of farewell. "So," says B, rubbing her hands together, "What are we cooking up today?"
Percy     "Cooke." Percy replies, placing his briefcase down on the ground in an elegant motion. "Percy Cooke. It's a pleasure to meet you, Qwillis. I've heard a few things about you. It's nice to finally put a face to the name." Leaning forward, he offers a hand forth to shake Qwillis' own. Nothing like some formal introductions.
    "Of course, Iris." A smile beams over to the woman, even as she departs. "In the end I couldn't resist the urge." As B then approaches, Percy gives her a nod in greeting before turning back to the head honcho.
    "An EMP device, it sounds like." Putting a hand into his pocket, the Doctor purses his lips. "Truthfully, like Iris? I'm more a student of medicine. But I do quite enjoy most other sciences." He pauses in some thought. "That said, yes, I have a rough understanding of how they work and how to build one. The basic idea is that any conductor passing current creates a magnetic field around it, right? Even a simple wire. Our device, or EMP Generator, should generate a strong magnetic field in a coil of some sort so nearby electronics are induced."
    With that bit of theory out of the way, he exhales slowly. "Granted, I've never actually made one. And that description is fairly high level. How big were you thinking it should be, Qwillis? What's your blast zone? Have you got the parts?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Pery and shakes that hand, his own a metal one with only 3 metal fingers and a thumb. General examination says it's been made out of refined scrap parts that could be found in the wasteland. "Nice to meet you, Mister Cooke. Yes.. that's what we're looking at." Q looks over to B with a nod, then looks over to the table. "I have a fusion core. We're looking at a 5 mile range.. if we can bring it into the center of Dunwich and set it off. Otherwise, we need to figure out how to give a directed burst so it does not fry itself of course. As for parts? I doubt I have all the parts we need. So we will have to gather some more. But I have a basic group of electronics to get started to direct the power as well as the key component. The fusion core itself."
B B extends a hand to Cooke. "B," says the woman with that same letter tattooed under her right eye. "I've got some scrap laying around the farm that I could drag in, but I'm not sure if any of it would be useful in this case. Mmn. But, it's a start. Also have a fusion core, but I'm saving it for a dire emergency. If this thing goes kapoot, then we've a back up." She nods and rocks from the balls of her feet to her heels and back, unable to be still.
Percy     "Please, call me Percy. Mister Cooke is what they called me in the NCR. And... that place gives me bad memory flashbacks." The man shudders a little. "Do I want to know WHERE you got a fusion core from, Qwillis?" What follows is a laugh, before he shakes B's hand with a firm grip. "Nice to meet you, B. Same question about the fusion core. Heh." Running a hand through his short-cut hair, he chews on his lip and mentally calculates some numbers. "Regardless, a fusion core should be enough to get you the range you're looking for. I mean. In theory."
    "We don't actually need a lot of gear to make one of these work." Percy admits. "We're not talking about a machine that has a million moving parts. I'd say if you have the core already, that's most of the work already done. You'll need wire, some sandpaper maybe. Some tape." His shoulders roll into a shrug.
    "How are we going to get it inside the center of Dunwich?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response to Percy, then smiles to B. "I wouldn't mind if you brought it in. Afterall, we may come up with a way to direct it, instead of only just pulse outward in all directions with some more materials."
    Looking to Percy, Q nods again. "THe fusion core has the power. But we also don't want to fry the fusion core. So that's why I'm looking at having more than just an emp bomb. We want it to be controlled. As for getting into Dunwich? That's.. complicated. Most likely? We'll have to recruit people outside of the SOED for help with the martial part. Militia maybe."
B B's brows shoot up. "I bought it," says the petite woman, lifting her shoulder in a half shrug. "Lone Star Caravan had a couple so I got one before they sold out. Eden might have bought one too. Or maybe she found it. I dunno. You'd have to ask her about it." She grins and tucks her hands back away in the pockets of her apron. "Well .. there's always Copper. That's my horse. We've a wagon too. Just tuck it right in the back and march it straight into Dunwich. Of course, I'd leave my gun at home. Wouldn't want to fry it. Same would happen with anyone else's guns if we don't get a precise control established. Might have to arm them with only mechanical weapons .. and same with armor. Got my core for my power armor, but that might not be much use in this case."
Percy     Percy nods in agreeance to Qwillis' suggestion. "I understand. I like the idea of the device being preserved, too."
    Changing topic of conversation suddenly, he leans forward to examine Q's hand in some curiosity. "Randomly, Qwillis. Who made you arm? That's some fine work for what I presume is just local scrap. The fingers in particular seem to work very well. But... why only three?"
    B's revelation that she purchase the fusion core raises eyebrows. Well, at least Percy's! "That must have set you back a tidy sum of caps. But still, a very good find." The man smiles faintly. "I wouldn't want to put your horse into harms way, B. Or risk getting your wagon destroyed."
    Rubbing his chin, he thinks. "Are any of you familiar with the 'Trojan Horse' tale? It's a story that comes from the ancient Greeks. I'm wondering if we could maybe do something similar. Dress the device up as a gift. Then when it's brought in, execute it remotely?" That idea certainly seems grand and more complex. But seems to be on that excites Percy, given the sparkling of his eyes. *__*
Qwillis     "Eden donated it. She's another of the SOED members, afterall." Q would comment about the core sitting nearby. As Percy started looking over his hand, he'd smile a little. "I did. The modular engines for the manipulation of the ligaments is sensative. I've been working on another upgrade to the super structure of the limb to allow all four digits as well as reducing the size of them to be more akin to a human's hand, but with other priorities like ending the threat to the world that the Mist of Dunwich is.. I haven't had the time to actually do the updates yet."
    Q looks over to B and nods lightly. "That is important. THe mist is a nanite cloud, B.. billions of small machines. You breathe it when you go in.. It can mark you and if they plant enough on you.." He leaves it unsaid for the conclusion.
    Looking back to Percy, Q smiles a little. "If there was a thing. But it's a responsive nanite cloud that is developed of alien technology. I would not know what to make it and if they are able to embed their tech into it, the EMP could be compromised, up to and including the core self destruction."
B B wrinkles her nose. "Ugh. I might need my armor after all then. We'd really need to become precise or I'll be stuck in a tin can until I can get another core. Not like I can just go buy another one. Yeah, that remote idea sounds the best .. even if it means sending Copper in. I mean, I like her just fine and wouldn't want to hurt her, but if it comes down to people or horses, I'm going to side with people." She sighs at that, likely imagining what damage nanites could do to her horse. "So .. this gift idea. What would we make it into? Maybe .. well could we turn the power armor to work remotely? Like, we could sit here and then just make it walk all the way into Dunwich? Might only make it to the perimiter before the nanites attack it. What about .. anyone have a spare vertibird laying around? We could fly over it and just detonate it from above, angled down."
Percy     Stroking his chin in some thought, Percy 'ahs' when learning that Eden donated the other fusion core. "I would really like to meet the other members when possible. I'm excited to learn about new ideas and things." The Doctor seems positively enthralled when Qwillis explains some of the details of his hand. "That's some ingenious work, Qwillis. I'm really interested in this sort of work myself. I feel the realm of cybernetics is one that we've barely tapped into. I mean, imagine the possibilities..." His daydreaming ends there however, as Qwillis reminds him of the more pressing matters at hand.
    "That's a good point, actually. We don't know exactly what this cloud can do. Have we managed to capture any samples of this cloud? Nanite tech is... well, way beyond what we have at the moment. If we can learn or use that as a platform to boost our own advances in that space it could be very beneficial. To most fields of science."
    B's ideas cause the Doctor to think. "I like your vertibird idea, B. But I think you raised a valid concern in your own statement. Who has one just 'laying around'? Heh." He waves a hand a bit.
    "Maybe we should just plan on designing developing the device first? The militia might have greater knowledge and tactics of how to get it in."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles a little to B. "I'd rather we not have to sacrifice anyone. I have Brutus if we wanted something that could get in quickly.. Although I am afraid the EMP would end him too." Shaking his head a little, he'd look between Percy and B. "There are no vertibirds freely handy. Trust me. I've asked around. I feel our main goal is a design and build to focus the burst. That should be what we try for.. and see what happens."
B B nods. "Right. Then we'll focus on that first. One step at a time, right? Build the emp, work on some sort of focus, or targeting system, and leave the rest to worry about later. Hmm. I'll have to leave that to you guys though. I'm just a brewer. Need some alcohol to clean parts with? I'm your gal. Want me to program something? Err .. I'm iffy with that, but I'll help in any way I can. Just point me in the right direction and tell me how I can help." She stops her rocking to grin at the pair of them. "And .. about the auto-doc. Is it working? Someone came by a while ago to buy some shine and mentioned to Clara that she might be able to have her tattoo removed by one. Last I saw of her, but I know we've got one in the works here too."
Percy     "I can start drawing up some basic designs for us immediately if you like, Qwillis?" Percy asks, glancing about the space. "I have some paper and pencils already." He gestures to the briefcase that he brought in.
    "I'm sure either Iris or myself could remove the tattoo from your friend if she wanted." Percy suggests. "...I don't think it's working though, as handy as it would be to have around."
    Moving over to where his briefcase lays on the ground, the man picks it up again. "We all have our talents, B. So -- tell me a little bit about yourself. You as well, Qwillis? I like knowing at least a bit about the people I work with." Percy smiles.
Qwillis     Q smiles to B and Percy. "The auto-doc is almost complete. We have final connections to make and then trial run to process through.. Then it should be up and running." He'd chuckle a little then. "And yes.. it can remove tattoos too. Although, B? I ask that you are careful who you allow here. The more people that knows, the more danger we can be in of them being tracked and those who are not friendly try to take this place.. It's happen once, afterall."
    Q looks over to Percy and nods a little. "I grew up in shanty town as a mechanic. Worked for Nemo for a good part of it actually. I left on a trip to go to this place called Boston.. But.. well.. I was working on a plasma power source when this anti-technology zealot charged in, declaring us heritics and hit it with a rock." Qwillis holds up that hand then. "I was behind him. Why I lived. I lost the arm and leg from when it exploded.. Long story short? I had to rebuild my own limbs.. and return to Shanty Town. I've kind of been here since."
B "It's just Clara. She's ten. I wouldn't bring anyone else here. Derk's at home and can handle most anything else. He's stitched me back together more times than I can count. But .. I could blindfold her. Or just wait to see if we can use the auto-doc from that vault place. Under El Dorado?" Turning to Percy, she shrugs that one-shouldered shrug again. "Nothing much to it. I'm a simple brewer with a complicated past. I've got a kid of my own, and two more that ran with me when I left slavery behind. Um .. I'm good enough with a weapon, and like to help anyway I can. Usually that means catching bullets, but like I said, I've Derk to patch me up again."
Percy     "Really? Nemo? You don't say. I remember having a chat with him a good few months ago. Seems a nice guy." The following super TL:DR'd story has Percy just gaping a little in shock and awe. "That's some story, Qwillis! Well -- I'm glad you survived. And are now here. Metal arm and all." Percy snickers in amusement, rubbing his nose. B's story earns his full attention too, his blue eyes locked onto her form as she explains. "Must be good with a weapon. And power armour to boot. Maybe we can teach you to stop catching bullets though, huh? Heh."
    "I'm sort of stationed in the shantytown clinic at the moment, if you guys need to get in touch with me. I can have a design for you pretty soon, Qwillis? Then maybe you can check it over with anyone you want. I'm bound to make a mistake or two." Having never actually made one of these things before! "You're more than welcome to have a look as well, B. I don't mind teaching you a few things if you're keen to learn."