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B So hours after some of the memebers of the Scientists of El Dorado meet, a petite raven-haird woman is still here. She's just cleaning up. Okay .. she's mostly gathering tin cans and bottles to be repurposed into jars to be used for her goods brewing downstairs. She hums a little to herself, rather oblivious to things like the time and weather. Being in a bunker with few windows will do that to you.
Nemo Coming in out of the warm Summer's day, Nemo steps into the underground bunker, carrying a burlap sack over his shoulder. Wearing a Mexican poncho and some Levi's with a zipper on the ass, he pulls off his cowboy hat, nodding to B when he spots her. "Hey, need any help cleanin' up? They all bail on ya?"
B B turns round, raising a brow curiously. "Hmm?" says the woman with a capital letter B tattooed on her face under her right eye, "Oh. Hey there. Didn't hear you come in. And .. no, I'm good. Just collecting some things for my place downstairs. Not really sure if it's a lab or .. what. It's more of a distillery if you ask me, way fancier than the one I have at home. Where are my manners? Hi. I'm B." She wipes her hands clean on her apron before extending one out in Nemo's direction.
Nemo Nemo takes the hand and gives it a firm squeeze, his own hand calloused and a bit greasy with motor oil, or gun oil one. Those green eyes light up when he sees her tattoo, then hears her name, "B, yeah, B's shine, no, no, I know you...." He puts his hat over his chest, "Anyone with good taste that's been through El Dorado knows the name behind good liquor is B, whether you're in Shantytown or the Gold Digger, ma'am. It's an honor, I'm Nemo Booker." He winks, "Mighta heard of me? Fought at the Alamo, help out at the clinic, make chems. I'm Qwillis' mechanic, it's a damned pleasure."
B B withdraws her hand from the shake (her grasp was warm and gentle) to tuck a lock of hair back behind her ear. "Nemo? I did hear of you, just recently too. Mmn. Sorry though, I can't remember in what context it was. And you're going to make me blush with talk like that. I'm just .. B. Good work at the Alamo though." She smiles a genuine smile as she moves to another table to gather some more cans. "A mechanic, eh? That's very fortunate. We're in need of one .. well once Cooke and Qwillis finish up with designing their EMP. I'm not so skilled in that department. Now, if you need a bottle of tequila? I've got you covered," she laughs.
Nemo Nemo's intrigued, hopping up onto a counter to sit, watching B with intense interest, "Yeah, I'll take a bottle. I've come into quite a few caps..." He sets his burlap sack down beside himself, some junk spilling out, "...Course, I got other stuff to trade, too. I usually bring in a decent haul, scavengin'."
B B cants her head to the side. "I've got a sample on me. Here.. on the house. Your opinion of the taste is far more valuable anyway." She smiles and fishes into her pocket for a small flask. After pouring a shot into an old cola bottle, she brings it over and offers it out with a rasied brow. "I taste everything, but not everyone shares my taste. That's my newest batch of whiskey. It tastes a little off to me. I think it's because I'm not using a still that's been seasoned by years of use." Her blue eyes stray to his burlap sack. "Find anything good out there?" she wonders.
Nemo Nemo takes a swig of that whiskey, swishing it around in his mouth, before hissing out a response, "sssswooo! ahrmMmmmm... tastes a little... what is that, copper? Coppery?" He shakes his head, "Still damn good," he tosses the rest of the offered spirits back, draining the old coke bottle. "Well, got a holodisk, and a Beretta. Some odd little gear, here and there. Bit of Daddy-O, Calmex, Psycho, some leather. Whatcha need, whatcha lookin' for?" He grins down at her.
B B leans her hip against the counter and shrugs. "I'm good on gear, more or less. Same with holodisks unless you've got one that'll help me shoot straighter, or run faster," she laughs and tucks her flask back away after a descreet little sip of her own, "Daddy-o? Calmex? Psycho. What? No jet? Mmn. I've never tried any of those before. Could be worth an experiment. How much are you asking for a sample of each?"
Nemo Nemo's attention snaps to B's lips, and he's slipped off the counter, moving up close and in B's personal space all of a sudden, "Do what? You got some jet? Is that what you said?" He's already licking his lips, and his eyes are little crooken, eyeing the young brunette like an unsearched military base. "Did ya?"
B B blinks at him. "Er. No. I said I've never tried any of those things. Was interested in buying some from you though. Ah .. I've got no jet. Sorry." She shrugs helplessly at that and almost seems genuinely regretful that she has none to share. Almost.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head once, "I uh..." He blinks, then steps back, grimacing a little sheepishly, "Right, I.. misheard, forgive me." He reaches into his burlap bag, digging around, "Haven't had Jet in fuck... seven months? Got excited." He offers an apologetic smile, as he takes out his chem box, a stitched together bag of upholstery. He offers the whole thing to B, "Inspect 'em, get to know 'em, ask me about 'em. I'll give ya a sample of everything for two bottles of alcohol, how's that sound? Or do you got some brewed?"
B "You're on," comes B's reply as she accepts the bag. She roots around in it, noting the differences between the drugs but still rather clueless as to what they all do. Fishing out one of each, she tucks them into the pocket of her apron for later and raises a finger. "I'll be right back with some bottles for you. Do you have a perference as to what kind? I've got mead at home, but shine and more of that coppery whiskey if you're into it. One of each?"
Nemo Nemo's eyes widen, "One of each? Sure, that's a perfect deal. Here, don't forget some calmex." He offers over a syringe of pearlescent white liquid, taken notably from his poncho's pocket, not his medicine bag. "Once ya get back, we'll take some Daddy-O together."f
B That wasn't really her plan, but she nods anyway.

She's not gone too long. Only long enough to ride the elevator down to her floor, grab some bottles and come back. Bottles may be too strong a term. They're mason jars with screwed on lids, clearly labeled with neat printing over duct tape. Both are handed back out when she returns. "Tah-dah! Just like I said. One of each. And more if you want. I have plenty to spare. Well .. I will soon. Right now I'm a little dry. Gave away most of my stash at the Alamo."
Nemo Nemo pops the orange and blue pill, settling down in a chair and patting his knee. Getting relaxed, buzz coming in slowly, "So how long have you been runnin' a still? Did ya always live in El Dorado, B?"
B B watches Nemo poppin' pills like candy. She waits, wanting to see what effect it'll have on him before she'll try her own. "Uh .. since I arrived in El Dorado about a year ago. Before that I was, well, I was a slave in a brewery. My owner made beer. I was bought when I was nine. Lived there since then. But then he started buying up kids again because we were too big to get in between the stills to clean them and maintain them." She doesn't take her pill.Yet.
Nemo Soon, Nemo's pupils dilate, and he begins grinning, relaxing into his chair. "Man, that suuuucks. Brewery slave, no thanks!" He shakes his head, still grinning, "But man, big breweries. Big brew. Bigby's big brew..." He starts stroking his chin, "I wanna brew something. Hey, let's do some fuckin' science." He looks over at the Auto-Doc, then looks back to B.
B But, she is doing science. She's observing an experiment before she'll participate. That, and she's going to wait until she's with her pocket-doc before she pops and pills. For all she knows, they might eat through her stomach or something. Be very good to have a doc then. A sober one. "Er .. well I'm no good at anything other than brewing," she follows his gaze to the autodoc, "but I'll help out if I can."
Nemo Nemo pushes to his feet, heading over to his burlap sack to pull out a small case of tools. He sets his hat aside, watching the Auto-Doc like it's a snake that might bite. He circles it, slowly, studying it from every angle. He blows lightly on the glass enclosure, then wipes it gently with his sleeve. He squints at scuff marks and shiny screws indicating recent repairs. He checks each bolt with his fingers, then unplugs it, and one by one, pushes each and every single button. By then, he says, "Mmmmm. Yes. I see."
B B follows along, looking a touch worried. She glances to Nemo every now and again just to check on him and make sure he doesn't keel over. "You sure this is such a good time to work on this guy? I mean, we could try again later .. like tomorrow." Surely the effects couldn't last -that- long. She stands nearby, trying to follow whatever insight Nemo has while he pokes around the non-functional autodoc.
Nemo "It's unplugged," Nemo tells B, moving to plug it in, "And of course it's a good time to... explore, and discover. Let's discover together, do you know what Daddy-O is? What it does?" He rises from his squat near the Auto-Doc's base to lean up against it. "It's a mix of mentats, and caffeine anhydrous. You can get it in liquid form, or powder slash pill form, like we just... I just took." He quirks a brow at B, glancing down at the Auto-Doc, "It rapidly enables the effects of mentats and keeps you there at peek performance but can make .... deee... railed." He looks B up and down, "Quickly."
B B stands there, one brow arched. "So that means we gotta move fast? Okay. Um.. how can I help? I can get things for you? Do you need that oil can?" She fetches it. "Or that spark plug?" She fetches that too. Actually, she fetches a bunch of things that may, or may not be actually useul. They're all tucked into her apron which she uses to carry them all back to Nemo. "Need that tightened? I can do it. Just tell me what needs done, and I'll do it. I'm gonna save my daddy-o for later. For working downstairs on my new recipe.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "Keep the oil can nearby, the spark plug is a foreign object, completely unrelated to the Auto-Doc. First thing's first, is we need to learn as much as we can about it, then tackle it from power source, to final execution which in this case, is the functioning of the A.D. itself." Nemo plants a hand on his hip, and strokes his chin, "Hmmm. Let's check the model number, and look for a repair log."
B B tosses the spark plug back in the direction she took it from. "Okay," says she, unloading the rest of the random stuff she gathered onto the nearby table. Then she's on all fours looking around under the machine for a model number. They always put those things in the most hard to reach places. "Um .. GT817? Is that right? Or maybe that's an I and not a 1? I don't know .." She reaches out to rub her thumb across the little metal plate she was examining. Might not even be the right thing, but it seems close enough to her.
Nemo Nemo takes out his handheld Pip-boy 2000, typing in the number quickly. His screen lights up, and he reads, "Auto-Doc GT817, Mark III series. Hmm, it's got some blurbs about the history, but that's it. Still, good to know what models." He moves to kneel down, searching a side plate in the gourney-like contraption, before pulling a clipboard off the side of it, "Alright, the got the chemical injectors fixed, it seems, that was a fex days ago." He scans the notes, then finds some screwdrivers, handing them over to B, "If it's still not operational, we're looking for something electrical. Take off every panel, put the pieces together in a little pile, like you're sorting a puzzle, then we'll go up and down the circuit checking wires."
B B nods. That she can do. She moves into a kneeling position and starts to unscrew the various plate in front of her, exposing the doc's inner guts. Carefully, each plate gets set aside with the matching screws so they don't get lost. Then she's on to the next one. "How will I know if I found the broken .. oh. Look here. This one is kind of all dangling down. Is it supposed to do that?" She suspects not, but that's up to people with more skills than her to decide. "I think there was some wire on the table. No cutters though."
Qwillis     Qwillis strolls through looking at something on his pipboy. He'd pause, realizing people were working on the auto-doc in the medical area and would walk back over. That metal click every other step was rather distinct for him as he'd lean up against the wall. "Uhm.. hey guys? Not to belabor the obvious or anything.. But did you plug it in? We had last connections to restore, then plug it in and run diagnostics.."
Nemo Nemo taps his clipboard with his pen, looking from Qwillis, to B down on the floor, to the wall. He follows the trail back from the plug with his eyes, to the base, then squats down beside B, suddenly laughing, "Ha, what did I tell you?" He shoos her slightly away, "Careful now. Go unplug that, please and thank you, and I'll strip these wires and connect them. This is why it wasn't coming on for us." He bobs his head, "Excellent, we'll get this up and running, then uh, Q to the Willis, you gonna help us run diagnostics?"
B B does as she's asked. She gets up and goes to unplug it again. Even she knows it's better not to do repairs on exposed wiring when the machine has power. Nodding to Q, she grins. "It was plugged in. Just found that it had a loose wire, or something. Nemo's better able to explain what's going on. I'm just the extra hands to fetch things, or unplug things as the case may be."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods, smiling to Nemo and B. He'd walk over and plug his pip-boy into that arm. That done, he'd run a brief scan with the pipboy and start typing. It'd only take him a few moments before he'd glance to Nemo and B with a small smile. "Watch this.."
    Q's arm seemed to suddenly jerk, as if something else was taking the controls. Q would close his eyes.. he's mostly showing off here as the pip-boy directed arm would move over the auto-doc, going over those last placements and connecting parts. The good part about a metal hand? Easy to turn a screw without hurting yourself!
Nemo Nemo, backing off and standing next to B, laughs as he watches Q. Shaking his head, he comments, "I'll be damned. I need me something like that..." He looks to B, grinning, "Ya know it vibrates, too?"
B B takes a step back and arches a brow. "Does it now. Well .. um. That's good to know?" She grins and tucks her hands back into her apron. "Now that you're back, Q, you guys got it under control? I'm going to head down to check on the still. Things are still too coppery for my taste. His too. Maybe." She nods to them both, and head back to the elevator to do just that.