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Kaelyn It's been a long day, and it's mid afternoon, a perfect time for a Siesta here in the wasteland and all. This is a nice valley, with a spring fed stream and small pond in it. It's not exactly completely unknown of, there's several entrances even to this little oasis. There's a number of trees about, all nice and green mesquite or some desert cypress or the like, plenty of blue grass and the like cattails, amphibians of a type are chirping as well as birds...

This might even be considered a nice rest stop for travelers on their way to Eldorado... One such traveler, that currently resides in Eldorado is Kae, she's currently just done bathing and all and has just finished pulling on her skin-suit, though the front remains unzipped for now.. Good thing she wears an athletics bra, though, like the skinsuit it appears to be some kind of spaceage material. Next to her is her carbine, her body armor and a pistol, as well as a small fire she has lit and of course a bit of a cloth lean-to.

Kae is currently toweling out her long hair, the woman now appearing to talk to someone else?

Ok on better view probably more than some -one- there are several other leantos and there appear to be other female voices talking back as they chat quietly, occasionally a louder, synthetic female voice can be heard interjecting on their conversation as they talk.
Davidson "'Allo, the camp!" Davidson's call is a careful announcement of his presence as he makes his way down the valley, carbine slung over his shoulder but in easy reach should it show need; filter mask hung around his neck, dusty clothes telling of many miles of travel. Or maybe he just never washes them. It could go either way. "Not trying to sneak up on y'all, so nobody start shooting," he adds, tone cheerful enough, "I'd hate to bleed all over this lovely little oasis down here."
Nemo From far off, Nemo spots the smoke, just a trace. The wind was right enough he smelled it first, and soon he was veering towards the valley where he sometimes fills his bottles. He approaches quietly, on foot, circling the valley from a distance. He checks his Pip-boy, and unslings his sniper rifle.
Alasa Alasa rides along on her horse, "Blue shadows on the trail....hush little doggies don't you sigh..." The horse whinies a bit, "What?...I do to have a good voice.." The horse shakes its head..."Fine fine..go soak your head.." As the horse decides thats a good idea, and trots into the oasis.
Ashur Thump, thump, thump, lumbers some massive beast, and the earth quakes beneath it; here, upon the horizon, treads Ashur, the brute concealed in his Hellfire armor head-to-toe. He is a monstrous shadow, the former Legionnaire, clad in duraframe plates thicker than most power armors. It's all jet-colored and augmented with golden decorative plates and curling filigree, sprawling most clearly around the amber-hued lenses of his helmet's eyes. Behind him trails that massive white wool cloak.

What brings the ranger prospect to this area? He had heard rumors of a settlement, southwest of Roswell along the old highways, that the Legion has occupied; some old detachment. While not much of a sneak, he has been scouting it out as of late, taking a particular interest in that organization for obvious reasons. Now, he heads back toward El Dorado, and winds up in this queer oasis.

There is no stealth attempt, no surveillance. He just bulls forward, stomp-stomp, augmented musculature of the suit propelling him forward.

Until he pauses. Stares, the HUD of his helmet interfaced with the Pip-Boy on his arm highlighting and tracking the movements of the female bodies ahead of him. That one is.. Kaelyn? He zooms his vision in. Ah, yes. He'd recognize that chest anywhere.
Kaelyn Several heads turn simultaneously toward Davidson at this point, one belongs to Kae, white haired, red eyes, long tapered ears... She tilts her head and watches the person before offereing a wave. Another belongs to a purple headed slightly darker toned woman, that could easily be Kae's twin, save this woman isn't quite as lushly figured as Kae, still she's very well built, stacked one might say just not well as wide and full figured as Kae, more slim. Her eyes are also a rich Violet...

Then there's another woman, black haired, pointy ears, Blue, within Blue eyes, nope no regular whites here. This woman here, and yes she could easily be one of Kae's sisters, taller more brawny than Kae in some respects, though slightly so. Then there's a 4th woman? Also pointy eared, thinner than the other three, but also very well curved, she has blue hair, and silver eyes, All of these women could easily fall under into the category of some wierd elf-otaku's wet dream.. Still it's clear that they are probably all related, right?

As Kae waves to Davidson, she turns and waves to the person singing on horseback too. The other three women turn and look at the new person as well, eyes studying, passive for now and now silent.. The one with the black hair leans over and whispers something to Kae, and Kae tilts her head curiously and nods "It's allright Daedra... I think so anyhoo right?" she says as she looks to the others...

Now the thinner more svelt one perks up, listening to something in their ear, and taps Kae and the one idenitified as Daedra... "Sniper rifle? NOo no need to take them out, just get their attention and invite em in?" And of course lastly all of them hear the power armor, kae blinks and glances upward curiously...

It's at this point, and without warning someone whispers into Nemo's ear... "Might want to just head on into the oasis sir.." They say, voice well quite natural, smooth, and oddly lackng much if any emotion. Should he look he might only see well nothing, least till they move and a light blurred outline is revealed, shortly before the outline fades away into a female of some kind dressed in black, form-fitting armor of some kind that at one point was invisible...

"Just head that way, no need for your rifle, besides..." She says and motions to his shoulder, where there's a green dot shaped roughly like a crosshair, she then motions to another one on his other shoulder, and finally his forehead... "Best to be nice now right?"

Kae now turns toward the power armor curiously and blinks... "Well looooots of people coming in now." she looks to the other women here and to the thinner one "Kayla umm, yah it's ok for now...."
Davidson "Oh." Davidson's stride comes to a halt as he's greeted, one hand lifted and thumb hooked through the strap of his carbine, weight shifting a bit to one hip as he looks over the encampment - and the women within it, the man's brows both raising a little upon his face. "Well. Either I've died and finally found out what that Heaven the preachers keep talkin' about is, or..."

He pauses, then, squinting a bit at Kaelyn, ", I think I know you. Saw you at the Alamo? Not dead after all, then." A grin crooks up at the corner of his lips, "Sorry for disturbin' you all here, ladies. Davidson Harris, wasteland cartographer." A dramatic bow, then, one hand swept out to one side, "A pleasure. And-- oh, hey, looks like we've got more company. Afternoon, folks."
Alasa Alasa gives a wave of her hand, "Oh, look Joey..other people got here first...looks like you'll have to share." As she gets down off her horse and the left side....and nudges Joey off toward the water. She stretchs a bit, "Looks like a picnic is in effect."
Nemo Nemo stiffens when he hears that voice, turning to find nothing, squinting in confusion as he snatches off his hat, rifle loosely held low. When the female in a bodysuit reveals herself, he's a bit taken aback, but he bobs his head, "Alright... I noticed ya called me sir... it's the only reason I ain' freakin' out right now." The rifle is carefully slung back over his shoulder, and his hat replaces hit hat and tips it towards her. He squints at her in vague recognition, before heading to join with the others, suddenly recognizing her relation. "Kaelyn. And crazy Davidson, I'll be damned."

He speeds his pace, giving a casual wave, "There's more of you. Holy fuck." He takes his hat off, and holds it to his chest. "I'm Nemo, Nemo Booker, of the Scientists of El Dorado." He looks to the female that could have ambushed him, "Did I die? Is that what this is?" Dusty eyebrows raise in genuine curiousity.
Ashur The bull in the Hellfire slows his downhill stampede, black boots crushing the grass and imprinting on the soft soil beneath. That insectoid helmet turns, expressionless, and cuts left to right, right to left. A pause. The motion repeats.

At last, Ashur raises his right hand -- and the high-tech gauss ballistic fist upon it, sleek, digital ammo counter in blue, also black and gold-plated to match the armor -- and gives the side of his head a firm, echoing smack.

Then another smack for good measure.

"All systems functional," he declares, voice broadcast through the helmet's speaker with a powerful and metallic tinge. "Environmental seal one hundred percent." He has the tone of voice of someone reading, not speaking his own thoughts -- no doubt listing off the words on his HUD.

"Kaelyn. The air I breathe is not, in fact, thick with hallucinogenic fumes. Explain why there are many of you."
Kaelyn Kae peers at the others and at this point Aralyn, the woman with the purple hair and slightly slimmer than Kae stands and offers a slight bow, next to her is her tell tail ultra-light .50 cal sniper rifle "No Ashur you aren't dreaming or halucinating, nobody here is. We heard about this Alamo thing we tried to get down here and even though we realized it was over. Those of us who havn't met Kaelyn decided to do so..." She states and then adds, "Kaelyn is in a way one of our progenators... The scientist, or mad scientist that kidnapped her before the sino-american war and altered her, used her as a template to create 2 others, and then their genetic templates to create the rest of us." She motions to the other 2 women here and then all around... "We, all are basically genetic composites of Kaelyn there and two others." She adds and then smirks. "Kae was geneticly modified in an effort to artificially instill strong latent psionics into a human hoast... The scientist that made us determined on her that a large number of physical changes had to be made to the hoast to ensure surviveability, and also, due to is sick ideals decided to well, make all of us variations on what is ideal woman should look like.." Aralyn then motions to her ears "He liked elves." She adds ruefully..

The svelt clone then speaks up. "In essence we're all cloned sisters." She says and smiles a bit, her voice is higher pitched than the others, also she is some 5'6" as supposed to 5'10" like two of the women here, or the 6'4" like the tallest, the black haired Daedra.

CORA, Kae's wrist AI now calls out cheerfully "Yaaay, all my special research projects are here! Behold the wonders of my work!!!" Kayla and Daedra now look at Kae and sighs "Do all the caretaker AI's get crazy when you put them in a pip?" Kae blinks curiously and looks back at Daedra now "Ummm, I dunno have other caretaker A.I.'s been put in a pip?" Aralyn then nods "Yup, one other has been... the second of your generation got out much like you did, did pretty much the same thing..."
Davidson "Nice." Davidson's eyes roll a bit in his head as he's described as 'crazy, pointing one finger mock-accusatory in Nemo's direction, "See if I come to you first with something good that I've dug out've the ruins, Booker, you just see."

The heavy sound of machine-driven feet brings his attention past and over towards the valley's side as the massive figure approaches, one hand slowly creeping up towards his rifle... before the man smacks the side of his helmet, and then speaks. Then he relaxes, a low chuckle stirring up past his lips, his own head shaking in amusement at the Whitecloak's bemusement of the situation. He brings a hand up at the explanation, fingers scratching at the curve of his jaw, "Huh. Well, isn't the weirdest thing I've seen or heard out here in the wastes. Wondered what was-- you know, the ears. Guess that makes sense now."
Kaydin     "So pointed ears and red eyes make a person more likely to be a psyker?" Kaydin asks having been in the background for a while now and having just now voiced his opinion on the matter. He keeps his revolver drawn but does nothing with it, looking around with a curious gaze, his helmet thankfully hiding his facial expressions. "So what now, we sing kumbaya and move on our merry way?" He asks curiously.
Nemo Nemo's Pip-Boy radio is beeping up a storm, even as he gushes over Kaelyn and her sisters, asking questions about genetics, other modifications, different extra sensory phenomenon, until he finally notices the damn thing. Looking understandably upset, he remarks, "Davidson, ya know I didn't mean it. I gotta help out some friends out on patrol, otherwise..." He looks to Kaelyn, "I wanna talk to you and your pipsqueak one day, set a date, a'ight?" He gives the armored man a once over, considering the paint job, before he's waving and leaving."
Ashur "So you are all the sister-slaves of an insane scientist who wanted a harem of pointy-eared sows," intones Ashur, hand curled into an idle fist at his side, "that the old world called 'elves', and your purpose is.. ?"

He glances between the women, who all, bluntly, look like some sort of sex kitten, albeit catered to different tastes -- it's a subtle thing, but his own focus rarely lingers on the taller ones like Daedra, or the more muscular ones. Ashur prefers to be the tall one; he likes the short girls.

".. what, really? Surely, he didn't invest the resources in you all merely to fuck you, and then let you go."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur and ummmms... At this point, the black haired woman slowly stands. And yah she's tall, more muscular than Kae and all too, her movements are lithe, graceful, and much like a predatory cat of sorts. "The three originals, Kae included were developed in an effort to make a psyonic weapon. Their looks are purely an aesthetic the mad doctor wanted them to have. In his own words, he wanted the chassis to be just as sexy as what's under the hood..." she states demurely, voice calm. "As for the rest of us, we've been made by the caretaker A.I.s in our little mountain. We are clones who's genetic profiles are based on samples from the original three, with our base genetics modified to fit pre-defined roles. I am a front-line hand to hand and melee fighter. Hence my musculature and physical build. Aralyn.." She motions to the purple-headed one. "She is a sniper... she is smaller, slimmer, more silent..." she then motions to Kayla. "Kayla is a healer, and also meant to be stealthy like most of us, save for those who are meant to be front line like my self." She states matter of factly. "We are in no way sows.. Though some of us who do venture out do bring home husbands. This is in no way more required than any other female member of any species. We do not lay around just to make babies." She adds

Kae stands and sighs "It's allright Daedra, it's just his way..." Kae says matter of factly. Daedra, now sits down, and stares at Ashur, yah he got under her skin Kae now glances to Kaydin and shrugs "Umm well maybe not, I think there's only two of right here who are psykers? My self and Kayla there?"

Kayla now nods "Yes, I'm a pyrokineticist..." she states matter of factly and holds up her hand, a ball of flame appears there and begins to dance.

Kae then shrugs "Evidently early on, We were modified in an attempt to artifically create psykers, later, based on the original three we were massed produced to make more psykers, to be used as weapons of war... That was scrapped after the bombs fell, and supposedly the mad doctor left, while the A.I's continued to do their jobs.." she motions then to the other women... "They made more of us, and kept on doing so, while sending some out now and then to aquire more resources to continue doing their job..."
Davidson The ball of fire's an impressive trick, Davidson has to admit; watching it bemusedly for a moment, one hand raising up to rub aainst the curve of his jawline. "Huh. Well, that's not something you see every day..." As the 'psychic elf people' explain things to the giant of a man, the explorer just leans himself against one of the trees. Arms fold loosely over his chest, one knee bending to brace a foot against the bark as he listens to the break-down of who they were and how they came to be.
Ashur Ashur's face is unseen behind that duraframe helmet. His breathing is steady, crisp, pulled through the oxygen hoses that connect to the snout of it. "You may have escaped," the Legionnaire remarks, "but if he made you like that, you were sows; I do not see the point. A woman who is beautiful has no need of combat skill. Your creator was a confused and twisted degenerate. I trust you've since slain him for the offense."

He chuffs, and forces his hand free. His steps crush the cattails underfoot, push them aside, and their fuzzy little heads brush against his cloak as it drags along the tall grasses and weeds. He's coming closer to the group of elven women-things. Not aggressively -- Ashur's aggression and hostility are unsubtle things, after all. But the behemoth draws closer all the same.

"I did not think your underground race of magical, large-breasted witches with supernatural powers was real, Kaelyn. I thought you a sad, confused addict with unfortunate birth defects and a hacked Pip-Boy."

He hrms.

"Interesting. How many of you are there?"
Kaydin     "Sadly I agree with ashur. If there was an underground race of magical people, they wouldnt look appealing to folks like us." Kaydin says as he holsters the gun and adjusts his duster. "So what is going to happen now?" He asks curiously as he watches the women.
Kaelyn Kae looks to the others not knowning that answer "Kae wouldn't really know, she hasn't lived with us, and till she and I met, she didn't even know there were more than just her self... Still though, let me just say this, there's enough of us, a small community, safely hidden. We wish to mostly stay that way." she says with a slight smile...

Kayla nods, then looks to Davidson now "You seem rather well composed, you've been at the airship community yes?" she says and smirks "I've been with a couple others and looked at the community from a distance. It looks like a good place to make a trade connection to..." She now looks to the others and smiles "As does Eldorado... Besides coming to help Kae, we figured it would be a good idea to see if it was possible to open trade with a free community..."

Daedra now looks to Kaydin and tilts her head "Who's to say what they look like? And Might I add, during the fall of fire, the majority of the human race on this continent were subteranean in order to keep from being eradicated by nuclear blasts, and subsequent fallout." she says with a smirk... "Besides, we can't help how we look, nor would we change it. Our bodies are built the way they are, we can handle being walking living wet dreams..."

Kae looks to Ashur now and shrugs "Honestly? According to what I do know? If I met the mad doctor that kidnapped me and modified me, I would probably ask him why this look.. then after I got my answer, I don't know what I would do..."

"I'd cave his head in." States Daedra..

"Shoot him in the head shortly after Kae got her answers." Adds Aralyn...

Kayla looks to the two more violent women and shrugs, before looking to Ashur and Kaydin "Who knows what I would do, but I doubt this is an event we will have. It's unless he is a ghoul, or somehow has managed to make him self ever-living or as long-lived as we, then I doubt he can possibly be alive.. According to the records at the Mountain, he left shortly after the A.I.s were well on their way to full production... That was like right before the rain of fire and all..."
Davidson "They seem like good folks out there," Davidson admits with a tip of his head, one hand raising up to touch two fingers to his brow in salute to Kayla at her observation, "I've been talking to them a bit, but they're a little... cautious of strangers. I think with some time and effort we can get through to them..."

He grins, then, "And let me tell you, after talking dogs? Some beautiful women with pointy ears ain't that strange. Shit. The sixty-foot mutant, that was strange. Y'all here are just-- interesting."

To Ashur, then, he calls over, "The wastelands the way they are? Anyone needs some combat skill."
Ashur "It is irritating to see a weapon's project coopted by a degenerate to make sex toys," Ashur gripes in response, gesturing toward the self-professed walking wet dreams. "The female form is inefficient. It is too soft, too small, too weak; it is meant for the bearing of children and the pleasure of men. Even injured as I am, I could subdue any one of you."

That hand falls and he shakes his head.

"It is not your fault, girls; I bear you no ill will. But if your creator lives, I would chastise him violently. The purity of essence is integral; a good design has clear purpose, and does not labor toward two incompatible ends. If you wish for a weapon, make a man, not a sheath."
Kaydin     "My mother served in the NCR military. Refused to join the rangers or any real high rank because she felt it would make her weaker. She was the one I feared more. She could mentally hurt you, my father would just beat me if I did wrong." Kaydin says as he watches the women and he looks around. "Well what they do now is what needs to be decided. They could come to El Dorado, or new rome if you dont mind being treated like a slave." He says softly.
Ashur "Slavery is outlawed in New Rome," Ashur asides. "One of the flaws of their embracing of democracy."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur.... "Chovinist much?" she says and rubs at the back of her neck.... "Ya know women aren't just for men's pleasure and babymaking right?" she says and sighs before shrugging.

Aralyn then points out "Ashur? Men don't make great assassins..." she says matter of factly "Also, do not judge combat capability by bruit force in and of its self. Combat is a matter of mind, and body... A well learned, crafty opponent can defeat a strong brute who charges headlong into battle, brains can make up for brawn, as does agility... All of us here, and I imagine including Kae there are exceptionally agile, probably close to human max in that area."

Daedra then pipes in. "Very much so, and one can't subdue what one cannot hit. I might also point out, you're not much taller than I am sir." She says to the armor-encased bull... "Now none of us here have power armor on, or something as nice as what you have there, that's an exceptional suit of armor but we do have our ways. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover." She says and smirks a bit, and then motions to Kae... "She's capable of massive explosions of telekinetic force..." Then motions to Kayla. "I've seen her incinerate yao gui....." She motions to Aralyn "She's deadly with a rifle, or pistol, or any firearm she has in her hands..." She motions to Kae again "Probably so is she, judging by what she carries. And there are those of us who have far more experience than us 4 here..." she motions on the horizon as well, perhapse mentioning there are more experienced folks out in the world than the others, or maybe closer at hand...

Kae then blinks "Umm no anatomy measuring contests here and all, Umm Ashur is an honerable type and all, he just has a very strongly defined sense of where things should be...." She adds and sighs, then looks to Kaydin curiously before shrugging "I dunno if the others are gonna go into Eldorado or not." kae looks to said others and they in unison shake their head.

Daedra speaks up. "No, in honesty we came to see how you were doing after the Alamo thing being as we were too late, so we figured we'd see you, then head on home. It's a long flight."
Davidson "I doubt you're going to change his mind on this," observes Davidson, his tone a bit wry as he looks over - and up - to Ashur before looking back to the elven-looking girls, "Some people are just too set in their ways to convince... personally, I've seen some bad-ass women fighting out there." He shrugs a bit, "But as they say - opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got 'em."
Ashur Ashur is unfazed by the criticism. "All people have their place, Kaelyn. A man's worth is found in the life he takes; a woman's in the life she makes. To fight against nature is abhorrent."

At the comment on armor, the bull snorts, and with a hydraulic hiss the massive Hellfire frame opens. The Legionnaire steps back out of it, bare feet landing on the grass, scrunching it between his toes. His brawny arms stretch and he rolls his shoulders, cracks his neck, indulging in the feeling of the sun on his skin and the cool wind in his braided hair.

"It is not insult. There is worth in woman's work; without it, there would be no world to fight for. The rearing of children, the tending of the injured, the management of the home -- can you imagine civilization prospering without these things?" He shakes his head. No, clearly not. "The rejection of nature, in pursuit of ill-advised scientific advancement and social progress, is what led to the destruction of the old world. We should not repeat their foolish mistakes."

At that, though, the stubborn reactionary shrugs. "Ah, what is the point? Few these days appreciate wisdom. Go on, fight and kill and waste your youth, sisters."
Kaydin     Kaydin just sighs as he hears Ashur and he looks to the women. "Well I wish you all a safe flight. I can never trust being in the air when things get shot down and blown up often enough." He says as he watches the women. "May your journey be safe and short."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and shrugs "No shame, but I can see where the sisters have their point, see yours too... Remember, they're cloned and made with a specific purpose, even if, like you say their looks don't match up... And honeslty? How are ya suprized about any of this Ashur? Considering how crazy this day and age is?" She asks curiously and grins just a bit... Kae then motions to a stump... "Anyhoo.." She looks to the three other women with her and asks "So how many others made the trip here?" She asks curiously...

Aralyn, looks to the other three wordlessly and after a little bit, Daedra speaks up. "A full strike squad of about 12. All of us equipped with upgraded stealth armor..." she says and smirks slightly... Yup there's 9 more curvy pointy eared women out there, invisible some where, watching....

Kae gets a bit of a suprised look and glances around curiously.. "Oooh... I so gotta get some...." Aralyn then smirks and nods "Yup, you sure should..." CORA then adds "LIke duuuhhhhhh, go to the caravan store!" Kae then nods "I think I will when I'm back in town..."

Kae grins and looks at the others "I think they'll be just fine... Allways wanted to fly some time that would be fun..." Aralyn now adds "Maybe we can take up up some time..." She says with a smirk...
Davidson "One of these days, I've got to get into one of those vertibirds," Davidson observes wistfully, a hand sliding to rub against the back of his neck, "Brotherhood wouldn't let us near them, at the Alamo. I can only imagine what you could see from up there..." His gaze drifts from the beauties on the ground to the rougher, primal beauty of the sky, his mind briefly trailing off...

Then he shakes himnself out of it, bringing himself back to the here and now. "Anyway. If you do decide to linger about, ladies, I'm sure you'd be quite welcome at El Dorado."
Ashur Ashur shakes his head and stalks through the crowd of visible and invisible elf-flesh. The scarred, heavily muscled man might not shake the ground outside the Hellfire the same way he does in it, but he's still a few hundred pounds of lumbering brutal beefcake. He'll make his way further on toward the water Kaelyn was washing in before. "There is never any sense in science," he asserts, done with the matter. "I need wash and rest. Any one of you girls are free to join me."

Before he's completely gone, though, he'll remark to Davidson, "It is an interesting experience. I have been on two. I was thrown from the first midair, and the second crashed."

Ashur has not had good times with vertibirds.
Kaydin     Kaydin just shakes his head. "Cant get me into one of those things." Kaydin says as he watches them and looks to the women. He remains silent for now and snorts when ashur made his edict. He shakes his head at the man and looks to the others to see if there was any takers.
Kaelyn If they could, they'd sweatdrop, saddly this isn't a manga or an anime, but all the 'sisters' give Ashur the same look. The three, other than Kaelyn now stare at Kaelyn, who shrugs helplessly... CORA then pipes in "Well he's blunt as a sledge hammer to the head and all, buuut well he's kinda OK..." says the goofy AI. Kae glances back at Ashur, then glances to Kaydin then the others, she then looks to Ashur "I'm afraid none of us will be joining and all..." she says wryly...

Kae looks at Davidson and grins cheerfully "I got to get close to several, helped to work on em." she says with a big grin... "I think the Brotherhood also wanted to study me some too, specially after that stunt with the rifle and telekinetics I pulled on the behemoth thingie...""
Davidson At the offer for one of the women to join the behemoth of a man, Davidson visibly rolls his eyes at the shamelessness on display. One shoulder lifts then falls in a 'what can you do' shrug then, a wry look - and smile - offered back to Kaelyn, "Probably. That sounds like them... the 'birds, though, those are amazing, you've got to admit."
Ashur Ashur won't fuss over any of the responses. They're sexy women, why not invite them? Either way, he does need to rest and wash, so off he goes to the water!
Kaelyn Kae stands up after putting on the rest of her stuff... Aralyn then motions to Kae's chest, Kae blinks... She looks down and starts to zip up, while Daedrag iggles at kae, yes the 6'4" e.l.f. Does indeed giggle... Kae then waves to Davidson... "Imma head off with the girls and meet everyone, Yer welcome to the camp and all, they'll then switch out shifts, prolly spend the night near here... yer welcome to visit, share in the food and all..." She says and motions to the food near the campfire.... "I'll be back in a lil..."
Davidson Davidson - to his credit - has at least enough shame to flush slightly when the suit's zipped up. Possibly he'd been enjoying the inadvertant view up until that moment. "Much appreciated," he says, pushing off from the tree with a chuckle, "Wouldn't mind a safe place to spend the night before I move on. See you ladies in a bit, then..."