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Ashur "They are called the Desert Rangers," explains Ashur, seated on the ground next to the old scrapmetal bench lingering beneath a sunny-shaded metal tree. His helmet is removed and hanging on his belt, and his armor, oh, how different his armor has become since you last saw: thicker, bulkier, black and more angular, of some shining material with golden filigree and decorative plates along the edges of it. Even the gauntlet worn on his hand is new! All that old Roman stuff seems to be missing.

"Many years ago, they allied with the NCR to stand against the Legion. However, recent events have, in Texas, at least, seen this original branch of them assert independence once again -- they have taken up residence in the Alamo, the Citadel I told you about, that I was at for that month or so."

A faint breeze stirs through the otherwise quiet scrap forest.
Fern     "Yeah? That mean we gotta go out and fight 'em or something? Or do you not care now you're no longer with the Legion?" asks Fern as she stands nearby, her hands on her hips and her squinty eyes on Ashur. She's in the armor he gave her several months back. Has she taken it off since? Let's hope so.

    Fern shuffles a foot against the ground, and as she eyes Ashur she wonders, "Where'd you get all that new armor?" She nods towards his getup, then grins as she waits. "I got somethin' kinda cool, too." The girl reaches into a back pocket and pulls out some folded paper.
Ashur The bull chuckles and tosses his hair. It's something of a mess; his greater times in the wild have left him alone and with little ability to properly tend his braids and account for new growth. He runs his fingers through it, over his scalp, getting caught on a knot and frowning as his hand arrests. "There would be no 'we', little Fern," he corrects, slowly spreading his fingers inside the knot until it gives and breaks; his hand then falls aside, brushing the ground. "That is far too dangerous for you before your training is complete; 'storm the Alamo and overthrow the elite Rangers there' will have to wait."

He looks up toward her and smiles. She's one of the few people Ashur smiles gently at.

"This? It is some sort of Enclave armor; I killed the man who wore it before. It took great cost, and the materials from some other armors, but it was adjusted for my size. Stout stuff," he declares, pounding his fist to his chest. "And heat resistant. What is that?"
Fern     Fern just gives a full roll of her eyes when she is reminded that she can't be out shooting people, even if she's gotten better at hitting things. Her hands remain on her hips and there's a slight smirk as she watches Ashur, listening.

    "Yeah? Who can craft stuff like that so well? That's pretty cool.. Not as cool as mind, but it's still pretty sweet," Fern says with a slight lift of her chin. The teen starts to wander closer, and as she does she asks, "Does it do anything special?" The armor. She nods to it again. as she stops a few paces away she holds the paper up and says, "Adventure. That's what." Fern grins wide and holds the paper out towards you. It's part of a map to Vault 30.
Ashur Ashur reaches down and lifts up the helmet. He palms it in one massive mitt, and reaches up to push it upon the girl's head. The size is all wrong, and she can't quite see out of it properly since the eyes don't line up right -- but through the eyeplates of fiery amber, the whole world takes on a golden hue, as if peeking through the sun.

"With the right buttons, the helmet can track the heat of living creatures, and see in the dark," he mentions, "as well as shine a bright light to help others see. The armor itself has some sort of computer built into it; it can interact with my Pip-Boy, and help me target and identify things I see. The machines inside it also help it balance -- throw this armor on you, Fern, and even I couldn't knock you over."

He reaches out to snatch the bit of map.
Fern     Fern passes the paper on to you and then grabs at the helmet, adjusting it until she can see out of the eye holes. "Ohhh, cool! Wow.. That's pretty neat. I like it." She looks around, then steps back and tries to look you over with it. "You got a pop boy? How? You rip it off some old skeleton's arm or something?" she wonders as she turns around and looks over everything through the helmet. She wanders the area slowly, enjoying the change.

    the paper in your hand is from an old newspaper. It puts Vault 30 somewhere in northern New Mexico, near Albuqerque.
Ashur Ashur glances down toward the newspaper fragment and hrms. That's useful information to file away for later -- mentally, of course. There's not a chance he'd steal from you! He reaches over and tucks the paper back in your pocket with his right hand, and seizes the helmet with the left. A flick of a button on the side, and the lenses shift, as the whole world becomes vivid rainbow hues; he's activated the infrared!

He'll let you wander around like that, no doubt disoriented.

"It was salvage from an old Enclave facility beneath Roswell," he mentions. "My bride found it, but she has no need of it, these days; it rests on my arm as a token of affection, and more useful, besides. The straps needed a little work, though." A shrug of one broad, armored shoulder.

"As for the Rangers, no. They are not part of the NCR here, and have a noble goal. I have chosen to help them for now until the mutant threat is dealt with."
Fern     "Which one again?" Fern asks as she wanders about, enjoying this new sight. She turns so she can see Ashur, and it makes her grin to see how he looks now. She cackles, holds her hands out before her, then looks herself over. "Wicked.." she hisses.

    The girl turns and wanders around, listening as she goes, and she says, "Makes sense.. Speaking of mutants. I heard you went all crazy again. People said you died, but then you were a mutant again. So.. what is it then? You like the Hulk or something? How does it work?" she wonders.
Kaelyn Soo Kae's got a new toy, not that many can see her... She's well got the light bending capabilities activated on her new suit and is currently slipping her way through the scrap forest the woman using the wierd shapes and such to test her new toy... Soon enough, the curvy pointy-ear sees Ashur and Fern...

She tilts her head, grins a bit and now begins slipping her way toward them silently, the woman moving quickly but well not really much even disturbing dust... Soon enough she's close to Ashur, but well outside arm's reach when she speaks up. "Halloooo..." She says, grinning like a loon. Soon as folk look in her way she'll deactivate the optical cammo and collapse the suits helmet back into the suit. Soon enough her outline becomes digitally pixilated as the suit stops projecting a few pixels at a time, and then she's revealed, dressed in form-fitting black and metallic grey armor of a sort... "How's everything?"
Ashur Ashur is a strange sight in his armor. While living beings are normally hotter than the environment, and thus stand out, the Hellfire, despite its name, is heat resistant; it tends toward being cooler. As such, while his head stands out, his body itself is cooler. But, oh, how strange and pretty the metal leaves of the trees look as the sun glitters across them!

"Kumo," the man explains, drawing one knee up as the leg folds, watching the orphan amuse herself. "People tell all sorts of strange stories. There has been FEV in my blood ever since the Mexican expedition; at times, it seems to react strangely, and temporarily transforms me. That.. happened at the Alamo. During one of the battles. But we were victorious."

He turns his head with a sudden snap when Kaelyn's active camoflage fades, eyes burning as they cut over her and soak her in. "What is that?"
Fern     "That's pretty cool.. glad you didn't really die," Fern says as she slows to a stop and looks back to Ashur in time to see Kae appear. Her eyes widen and she tugs the helmet from her head, eyes darting to look at the woman.

    "How'd you do that? It was your suit? Did it.. How'd it make you invisible?" she asks before making sure, "You didn't just appear through the trees, did you?" she wonders, one brow arching as she looks at her friend.
Kaelyn Kae grins impishly.. "Active camoflage." she says cheerfully... "Anyhow, I found and purchased a stealth suit..." The woman glances to Ashur curiously... then CORA pipes in "IT was the Chinese answer to American Power armor... instead of bruit force with bruit force, they'd counter by sneeking around the armor and hitting from behind, or cutting off supply chains... This is a slightly updated version..." Kae then sticks her tongue out at CORA but she nods.. "Yah, it's similar to the make that the Sisters were using, only I think the Sisters make their own. Anyhow, they suggested I might do well with it, so I bought me a suit." Kae adds and sits down near the two. She then reactivates the active cammo, though doesn't put the helmet on and moves her hand around, her sillouette looking very predator-like...
Ashur The comment about his death makes the normally proud and boisterous Legionnaire fall silent; he seems to glower, for a moment, face darkening. But it isn't something visible in the infrared sensors. When Fern plucks the helmet from her head, hefting the heavy chunk of duraframe up, he snatches it from her and places it back on his own head. The fit isn't great for him, either, with his braids as wild as they are -- another excuse to shave his head like he's been considering.

"I still marvel that your 'Sisters' are more than fantasy," he remarks, watching as Kaelyn amuses herself with her flailing limb. "But they do not seem like cruel people; misguided, but not cruel."
Fern     Fern looks after Ashur when he yanks the helmet back like that. She examines him as it's put back on, and then she looks over to Kae. Fern nods to what is said about the suit, and she watches how Kae changes again. "Maybe we could meet her sisters some day.." Fern says towards Ashur. Then to Kae, "Where are they now?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "Honestly? No clue, they came to visit me not too long ago, then well after that day I think they hopped into an aircraft and headed home..." she says and shrugs slowly... "Ya remember Aralyn right? Ya met her?" Kae asks with a slight smile "She was one of them... Evidently there's a whole community of em near a mountain some where..." Kae glances to Ashur nowat the mention of the not cruel thing "Well we're not dark elves from an old role-playing game, we're genetic creations built for a purpose I guess, with a bit of misguided artistic flair added in." Kae says with a smirk.
Abdiel     Abdiel makes his way into the forest, looking to the trees and such. He makes his way to the people and looks to them. "Hello Miss Fern. You must be Mr. Ashur." He says as he makes his way to the people. He closes the book in his hand. "I was coming to ask if you will be coming to the church in the next few days. I will be preparing a sermon to give to the people of this town." He says calmly.
Ashur Ashur rises to his feet with a chuff, duraframe armor grinding at the joints and clanking as he lifts its immense weight. The white cloak that had pooled around him stretches out.. and then he taps a button on the side of the helmet, shutting off the infrared that lingered. It does make it hard to navigate in a bright, hot environment.

"A mountain full of your sisters," the behemoth rumbles, voice filtered robotic and loud through that insectoid helmet. "I will seek it in my travels." There are all sorts of uses for a community like that, after all!

The talk of dark elves and games sails over his head. "I see," he replies, and then Abdiel approaches. He fixes the holy man with one long, quiet look. "No."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Ashur curiously. "Ya know, umm, if I were dwelling on things beyond my control you'd probably admonish me for it, sooo well I might say, don't dwell on what happened too much, learn from it, go on. But don't Dwell Ashur. Confident, Sure Ashur, is much more fun than cranky Ashur, ok?" She says with a slight grin... Yah Kae doesn't have much bite in her words, rarely does she. Kae looks to Abdiel and ummms... She deactivates the active cammo and peers at the preacher curiously "Ya suuuure, you want a genetic creation from a bygon era before nuclear bombs to attend your sermon?" she asks with a slight smirk.
Abdiel     "We are all made in god's image, even if you are something from before the bombs." Abdiel says as he watches the woman before looking to Ashur and chuckles. "I have heard of you. Former Legionnaire. Looking to beyond the legion's teachings is too difficult for many who were raised with it." He says as he then turns to Fern and chuckles. "She volunteers. I guess I can try and do some of her tasks to free her time. How did the date go with your caretaker?"
Ashur Ashur is always somewhat cranky, to be fair -- confident and cranky essentially define him. He reaches out and musses Fern's hair with his left hand, a plated knuckle digging into her poor, tender little baby head. "Sister Tina is a hard worker," he agrees, before rounding on Abdiel. "Your God is an impotent creature who cherishes the meek; what worth lies in old stories and children's tales meant to comfort the weak and the unworthy? Look around you, preacher -- there is nothing for the gentle to inherit. Mars bathed this world in fire, and war is the only honest work left to us."
Fern     "As far as I know it went well.. Gale has been pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to check and see if they went out more or not.. But they seemed to enjoy each other's company that time," Fern says with a little grin before she is looking to Ashur and listening. Guess he won't be at the sermon! Fern grins again, then nods towards the exit with Ashur. "I'm gonna get started on packing supplies. We should head out in a few days, yeah?"
Kaelyn Kae watches Ashur, then tilts her head curiously and shrugs "Meh, I make it not a habbit to try and dissuade someone from a Faith, faith helps folks get through hard times, and lets face it, we're in hard times, for the forseeable future..." Kae says with a slight smile, then she hops to her toes and no, no jiggling or bouncing well not a whole lot, the body suit and fitted armor kind of limits that... "But whatcha think? Good purchase?"
Abdiel     "She is. She does god's work." Abdiel says. When Ashur attacks his religion he nods. "You claim my god is impotent. Yet everywhere I look I see his creation surviving in this world burned by nuclear fire." He says as he gestures to the area. "These stories are important. They are our history and birthright. If you will accept him into your heart, then you will live forever at his side. You perform these acts of heroism, doing god's work. With people like you helping others, my faith is restored."
Ashur "Faith is comfort for the weak; the gods do not tend our weakness, but exalt in our strength. Honor them through great deeds, not the dull-eyed passivity of a cow." He snorts at that, the bullish brute, his ideology distinctly incompatible with any form of Abrahamic faith; and then he turns, and begins to walk. "There is no glory in such deceptions, Kaelyn. But perhaps it will keep you out of trouble. Slither and crawl like a ghost if it pleases you."

Abdiel's final words earn a flare of anger, though the way Ashur's eyes narrow and his nostrils flare is hidden beneath the helmet. "I do my work! What is a God if his might lies in the sweat of another's brow? If you crave deference so much, then worship me, and the hands that spill blood you find so godly. Degenerate."

He stalks off.
Fern     And Fern? She just has a 'what just happened' look on her face, and she runs off after Ashur.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously, she then shrugs "I fight at a distance, sneek into places and sneek out.. It's what I do...considering my style of combat, this armor is very fitting.. She then blinks as Furn runs away, and calls out "Careful Furn! Take care!" And as Ashur snaps and stalks off, how he stalks in heavy power armor is beyond her but he does.. "You too Ashur, Your gods watch over you!"
Abdiel     "With every good deed you enact his will on this plane, Ashur. If people like me is so weak then how come the burned man came home and tried to atone for the horrors he committed in the name of the legion." Abdiel calls after the man and he turns to Kae and smiles. "Will you attend the sermon?" He asks curiously.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "Pends on what I gotta do..." CORA the A.I. that resides in Kae's wrist comp sniggers a bit. "If I can be there I will, if not, well I wish you well in your sermon?" Kae says with a bright cheerful smile... Made all the kind of wierd by the woman's countenance, rather unnaturally beautiful, on top of having crimson red eyes, white hair, pointy ears, and well tanned skin to boot, with no sign of sun blemish, sunburn, or any other ill effect from living out in the wastelands.
Abdiel     "Many may deny him, but he works through us. The end of the world couldnt bring an end to mankind, thus we are chosen to continue his work." Abdiel says with a smile. "In the beginning the word as with god and the word was god." He says with a friendly smile.
Kaelyn Kae smiles "If you say so... NO arguments will come from me." She adds cheerfully. The woman messing with her hair some and unwrapping the braid from around her neck. Next she stands again and stretches, her back arching as she stands on her toes. How she nearly does a back-bend while still balancing on her toes might be anyone's guess. Kae grins cheerfully and starts to wander north "Got errands to run, you have a good day!" she says