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Iris Lark The scent of apple and berry pie is heavy in the air.

Iris must be cooking. As usual, the doors are open and so are some of the windows as well. Iris is seated on her couch, her eyes on the kitchen as she waits for the timer to do it's thing.


A pleased smile curves the Healer's lips as she gets to her feet to go check on the pie.
Lynnette Well Lyn had gotten a note from Iris to come over for....pie? Why the hell not! Dragging on her pants and shirt she'd just make her way over from her bar, leaving Chuck in charge, and over to Iris' house. As soon as she got to the front door, she'd knock on the frame but made her way inside. "Iris! It's me!" Oh and she smelled it. Sighing she'd just go to the kitchen, leaning on the door frame. "Man....that smells good..."
Akane      Akane showed up soon after Lynn, carrying a basket of sorts. Iris had sent a message and Akane was responding. She stepped up next to Lynn and waited. Why knock twice?
Iris Lark Iris turns from the oven, a steaming pan held in front of her that she places onto the counter. "You're both just in time, come on in and have a seat." She pulls the apron from her front and walks around the counter, giving both women a rather snug hug before she removes her gloves and starts to fan the confection that is trying to cool. "So how are you both doing today?"
Lynnette Looking to Akane she'd smirk and give her a wink before following Iris' 'demand'. Returning the hug she would plop down before exhaling softly. "I'm alright. Alpha finally good to get around I think. I've been making him rest......" Shrugging she'd look over to the pie and grinned. "What kind is it?"
Akane      Akane followed Lynn's example and entered the house and brought the basket to the table too, letting Iris see the cold nuka colas she brought to share. She would take 2 out and hand one to Lynn, the other to Iris and then took one for herself. "Things are alright. Lee is concerned that someone wills ee me as a weakness of his now and hurt me. But I think it'll be ok."
Iris Lark "I made berry pie and apple pie." She glances between the two women and tilts her head, quirking her brow. "Well I'm glad both of you are doing okay for yourselves." She gestures for them to take a seat before she folds her arms over her chest loosely. "Akane, you don't look weak to me." She grins at Lyn and doesn't say anything, the woman already is aware what Iris thinks of her.
Lynnette Lynn would shrug a bit then as she tilted her head before taking a deep breath. "I totally want some of that apple....." Tilting her head she would then look to Akane. "He needs to get over it. I thought I was going to be a problem for Alpha but...." There was a shrug then. "He wouldn't let me run off and told me that I didn't have a choice...." There was a shrug as she cut her eyes over to Iris.
Akane      Akane chuckled. "Well, strategically, it would be smart for someone to kidnap or hurt me to get to him. That's all. But it's fine. It means he cares." She peered at Iris curiously. "Mmmm berry, please."
Iris Lark "It would be, but we'll hope that it doesn't happen." Iris remarks, and then she starts to cut the pie. Hell with waiting for it to cool. She sets pieces in front of Lyn and Akane and pours two glasses of milk in front of them. "Here we go." She cuts herself some berry pie and sits down and starts to eat.
Lynnette "Well I mean....I think you're fine. All my bullshit has bullshit...." Taking a bite of her apple pie she would just sigh happily and continued on. "And yet....he still wants to marry me....go freakin' figure....."
Akane      Akane accepted the pie with a dip of her head and sniffed at it, enjoying the scent. Iris' comment made her chuckle. Lynn's got a smirk. "Alpha and I worked really hard on that map to get you back, Lynn." She frowned. "If it hadn't been for that Jackass shooting despite being told he was backup IF AND ONLY IF they started something with us... Oh my god. What was his name? Esst.. Essca...Something?"
Iris Lark Iris glances between the girls as they talk, and she takes another bite of pie before she waves the fork around. "Well I'm glad that you're both safe, and I'm glad that you're here with me having pie." She props her chin on her palm and glances between them. "So two weddings huh? Are either of you going to wear white, or want some big party, or want a dress made?" She grins and pats her rucksack. "I can take measurements!"
Lynnette "Oh my god that asshat....." Lyn would roll her eyes then. "I don't even know nor do I care....he can die in a fire of muties for all I care...." Taking a deep breath she would just shake her head before she would shrug, taking another bite. " White?" She'd burst out laughing now as she shook her head. "Nah....that ship sailed years ago...."
Akane      Akane furrowed her brow. "Wear white for what?" She was seriously confused. She clearly knew nothing about weddings. "You took a measurement for a jacket the other day!" Ly's comment about ship and sailing and she looked confused. "Wait.. What? What ship? What's a ship got to do with a wedding?"
Iris Lark "The wedding, it was in the tailoring book that I picked up when I started making clothes." Iris gets to her feet, plate in hand as she paces back and forth, occasionally shovelling pie in her mouth. "You wear white to either signify new beginnings or that you're a virgin, or just because you like to wear white." She glances towards Lynnette and tilts her head slightly to the side. "You would look really nice in white though."
Lynnette "'s a phrase....just about how my virgin days are long gone...." Looking to Iris she would smile then as she grinned. "You should know my measurements by now.....and...I guess....maybe ivory...."
Akane      Akane nibbled on the pie and watched the other two. She tried to look like she understood what was going on. She didn't but that was ok. "You'd look good in Ivory..."
Iris Lark "You would both look good in ivory." Iris pulls out a pad from her rucksack and makes a note. "You know, there are a lot of pretty places to have a wedding as well. I'm not sure how fancy the pair of you want to be, but I'm happy to help with anything you need." She tilts her head slightly to the side and frowns. "I've always wanted to go to a wedding."
Lynnette "Eh...." Trailing off a bit she would just shrug a bit. "I was just....thinking we'd run and go do it or something. I mean...." Licking her lips a bit she would sigh a bit. "I's up to him."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Lynnette. "Run off and get married?" She doesn't sound pleased. "But we're your friends, surely you want us to be there when you take one of the biggest steps of your life, right?!" She stares at Akane too. "What about you?" She flounces around and makes a noise. "Listen, why don't you two let me help, I read a book, a good book. I'll help!"
Lynnette "'s not that...." Slowly she would slide back from that table with a laugh. "I just....don't know begin. I mean....." As she offered to help she would look to Akane, mouthing 'help' but then back to Iris with a smile. "Um...sure? I think...."
Akane      Akane blinked several times at Iris as if the woman was kind of freaking her out. But she blinked a few times toward Lynn, too. Her hands went up. "Don't look at me. I have no idea what weddings are like. They were forbidden."
Iris Lark "Well yes, they were forbidden for me too." Iris sits next to Akane and beams a smile at her. "That's why I did some research. I..just.." She fidgets, her fingers linking and unlinking asshe tries to forumulate her thoughts. "I want to help my friends, I have rarely had friends who were girls, and I want to know, share stuff with you guys."
Lynnette Looking between them she would smile softly. " if we just....invite you guys and do it?" There was a frown and she would shake her head. "I uh...I wouldn't know who else to invite anyway...."
Akane      Akane tilted her head and took another bite of pie. "I... could help if I knew what to do?" She looked to Iris then. /Iris/ had The Book after all.
Iris Lark Iris takes a book from her rucksack and sets it in front of Akane. It's rather large, one of those coffee table books full of advice, ideas, gowns and other fluffy things. "I found this in an old library, and I'm honestly not sure why nobody took it!" She opens the book to a page where white paper bells are hanging over a table. "Look, they decorate."
Lynnette Staring at the book she would just...blink before looking to Akane. Sighing a bit she'd lazily look over to Iris with a smile. "I....guess? I's super small I'm sure. NO reason to go all out....just....a couple of people, someone to do it and call it s a day?"
Akane      Akane peered at the book and blinked at a few of the pictures. "Oh no... This is way too extravagant for someone like me, Iris.... I could help for Lynn but..." Akane wasn't very good at figuring out her own worth to friends. She did seem to like a few of the decorations though.