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Nemo The full moon hung over El Dorado, without a cloud in the sky. As the sun continued to vanish on the horizon, twilight dominated the land, and the stars were just coming out. Few people walked the dusty roads at night, yet Nemo Booker was one of them, dragging along a beat old Pre-War motorcylce on a makeshift sled. There's a trail heading out of town that he's drug the the along, and it's needless to say he would have been back hours earlier if not for the burden.
Kaelyn It's night, it's nice out, relatively considering it's a desert and all, and well Kae's out too... She's got her black and grey form-fitting armor on and a light duster over it currently, nothing really fancy. Kae pauses in the street to yawn and stretch her upper back as she glances around curiously, then rubs one of her shoulders.. "What I get for going out at night I guess." Mutters the red-eyed pointy-eared woman.
Nemo Nemo pauses to take off his cowboy hat, and use the edge of his poncho to wip sweat from his brow, exposing the zipper on his ass for a moment. Sighing wearily, he pauses to take a breather, when he spots Kaelyn not far. "Yo! Kaelyn?" He gives his scavenging haul a brief glance backwards as he approaches, waving.

Stopping short and upnodding Kaelyn, he asks, "Hey, I've been looking for you. You got a mailbox or low band radio or something?" He smiles brightly, and pushes back his black hair before putting his hat back on.
Kaelyn Kae comes to a stop and blinks curiously as she looks to Nemo now... She tilts her head and shrugs "I have a radio?" She says and tilts her head "Whatcha need?"
Nemo Nemo gestures to Kae, plaintively, "You." He glances back to his motorcycle, keeping a wary eye on it, then he turns those green eyes back to the woman with the hour-glass figure beneath the duster, "I've been fascinated by you, since the Alamo, when I saw what you did to the Mutant King? And then, finding out about your sisters, and a little bit about your history." He looks confused for a moment, "Oh! Did I not mention I'm with the Scientists of El Dorado? You're a treasure trove of information... And a Hero."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously as she looks to Nemo... "I'm not really that knowledgeable... CORA knows more but ya can't get more info than she's willing to give...." Kae says and rubs at the back of her neck... "And I dunno much about Hero I was just there and tried to help..." Kae says and rubs at the back of her neck.
Nemo Nemo tips a nod towards the old motorcycle, "Could you help me drag this back to my house in Shantytown, then? It's not far, and I'd pay you some caps." He wipes his brow, moving to grab the handles of the sled, "It'd certainly be a help."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Nemo and shrugs waving a hand to the motorcycle, it shifts somewhat, then wiggles in place, then Kae turns her hand over, palm up, and elegantly lifts her hand slightly, and the bike litterally lifts off the ground as she begins walking to the South wordlessly.. After walking a ways she points with her free hand... "Lead on?" And yes her eyes are glowing just slightly at this point, like channeling whatever power it is she does seems to well make her eyes glow.
Nemo Nemo watches, and he thought he was prepared for what might happen. He wasn't. When the bike started to shift, he jumped away from it, like it might come crashing down on him. He whips around to look up at it, then Kaelyn, trying to suppress a huge grin, before he bobs his head, "Yes ma'am." He laughs and shakes his head, as he turns down the street, heading towards the built up shacks and tin buildings on the southwest outskirts of El Dorado. "So... CORA? That's your pip-boy? You gave it AI or somethin', or was on you when yoouu.... escaped?" He furrows his brow, continuing along, "I don't wanna bring up any painful memories, or bother you. A blood sample, or some physical studies would do wonders for documented science in the future." Anyone whose known Nemo for a while might his accent isn't so nearly pronounced when he's around Kaelyn.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "Y'all allready have blood samples, I think... " Kae says and shrugs a bit, wandering on... CORA then pipes in "Yup, I'm an A.I. I'm in Kae's suuuuuuuuper modified Pip-boy, but a bit compressed!!!!" She calls out, Kae shrugs and grins a bit... "CORA was my caretaker A.I. I'm sure you heard of it. Basically A.I. That watch over the modification process... Oddly enough, every caretaker A.I. that was made had one thing 'fail' as far as the good mad doctor was probably concerned... All of them believed that free will was a necessary component and requirement for our well being... soo, designed to keep our well being in line and all they modified our genetic code from what was intended, gave us all a rather inordinant amount of free will." Kae says with a smirk... "least that's what CORA says.."

CORA then pipes in... "You have more than others! I think that term is called... Being Hard Headed..." Kae blinks and sticks her tongue out at her... wrist....
Nemo Surprised, Nemo leans forward and says loudly towards Kaelyn's arm, "Thank you for that! The free will, I mean." He looks to Kaelyn, "I mean, not that I can't see the allure, but that'd be so fucked up. Your F-... your doctor? He's almost a straight mix of batshit evil, and beautiful genius." He looks to Kaelyn, "I didn't know others from the S.O.E.D. had even talked to you." He gestures towards a lean-to, on the farthest outskirts of town, which basically consists of two large poles, and a big sheet of salvaged sheet metal for the roof, and a torn tarp for the front wall. The whole thing is probably 20 square feet. "This is me." He looks up at the motorcycle following behind them, overhead, once more awed. "You can just set it down beside here. I got caps, or some of B's famous whiskey, or chems, whichever you'd rather have as payment." He gestures vaguely inside.
Kaelyn Kae sets the bike down next to the structure and shrugs slowly... "No need for pay.... I don't usually do chems, and with what I can do, ya really want me to chance being drunk?" Kae asks with a slight smirk... "i've noticed that to use this ability I gotta just not give a rip, relaxe and just do... sooo feature if I'm drunk and all..."
Nemo Nemo leans up against the shack's pose, hooking his thumbs in his pockets, as he studies Kaelyn, "Yeah, I can't imagine that'd be good. And here I was gonna offer you some calmex." He flashes a quick grin, "You ever meet Serena? She's a psyker, too. Firestarter... Not nearly as pretty." He glances to Kaelyn's wrist, "CORA, what are my chances with Kae?" That grin remains as he awaits the response.
Kaelyn CORA pauses a moment, then asks "Ya know what a mosquito is right? Ever seen a firestorm? Whatcha think the Mosquito's chances are in a firestorm?" CORA suggests.... Kae raises both eyebrows and glances at her wrist curiously... Kae would sweatdrop at this point and give a slow shrug "Speaks her mind..." Kae says and smirks, shaking her head slowly.
Nemo Nemo's grin doesn't falter, and instead he laughs, pulling a syringe full of pearlescent white liquid out of his jeans pocket. "And funny, too. I had to ask, I wanted to know if she even knew what I meant. Which answers a few more questions of my own." He pulls the cap off the tip of the needle, and presses it into his arm, injecting himself. Almost immediately, his posture slackens, and his experssion dulls. "...gnnaahhh.. There we goo. Always good to be home, huh?" He speaks slower, "I wish I could get you on the table, poke and prod you a little." He rolls his eyes, giving a little exagerated wave of his hand in the air, "But that's ~ruuude~ they say." He snickers, "Oh, hey, do you ever get sick? Colds, allergies, things like that?" He's looking between Kae and CORA both, treating the latter as if it were a person, "Is telekinesis your only ability? Are you capable of pyrokinesis?"
Kaelyn Kae shakes her head slowly. "Noo I don't get sick.." CORA points out "Technically she can't really get sick in the way you think... OH and she heals like uber fast, no scaring..." Kae peers at CORA... "Jeeze, quit bragging!" CORA then adds "It's not bragging if it's truth! Besides, I didn't tell em you probably have a natural life expectancy on par with a ghoul!" Kae peers "Jeeze just what I wanna be compared to, a ghoul..."
Nemo And finally, Nemo's grin starts to fade, "You don't get sick, and... no scarring." He stands up a bit straighter, frowning as CORA continues, "You'll really live..." He trails off, shaking his head. He pulls his hat off, squinting into the distance, "We're not even the same species, are we?" After a moment contemplating this, he looks back to Kaelyn, "So uh... I appreciate the help." He gestures to the bike, then scratches at the back of his head, at a loss for words. "You uh... you take care now." He tries for a smile, and it comes out weak, hesitant, "Don't let nobody uh... pick on ya. I mean... have a good night." The gulf between Nemo and Kae apparently just became clear to him.
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Well technically I'm quite related and all, considering I started as a normal human girl, everything given me is a genetic modification or an addon... Dunno if that makes me a not human or not? Maybe Homo Sapiens pointy-ear or something instead of Homo-Sapiens Sapiens?" She says and rubs the back of her neck. CORA Guffahs at the pointy-ear bit... "Ooh that's rich!!!! Kae! Yer a Genetically Engineered Life Form... G.E.L.F or if you wanna shorten it an Engineered Life Form!>>>" Kae sighs "Oooy yer a goober CORA..." CORA then responds "Takes one to know one, miss Red-eye her self.." At that point Kae shakes the arm she has with the Pip_CORA on it, getting a long-whine out of CORA "Ayeeeeee!!!!" Kae now glances to Nemo "Should I want to, I can actually conceive viable children with any human, so that does make me related at least."
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, "Oh, I didn't mean... I mean, you're definitely related, I just..." He sighs, contemplating the right wording for a moment, "I'll never know what it's like to be you, not even a little bit. Your life'll be longer, and completely different than mine." He looks Kae over thoughtfully, "I'm sorry and all, I mean it's shitty you didn't get to choose, but it seems like ya got a good angle on dealing with it..."

"...It's just jarring to be reminded of your own mortality, I guess. You could be older than me, and I wouldn't know. And ya might look just like that, when ol' Nemo bites the dust." His accent changes, becomes thicker and with more drawl, and he looks out over the darkened wasteland, "Weeeelp, I reckon I oughta get workin' on this 'ere lump a scrap." He pulls aside the tarp, revealing a blanket on the floor, dozens of empty syringes and bottles, and everything else in the little shack is just a collection of greasy tools and spare parts. He gives a languid wave, and steps into the shack.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "Well i was born before the great war and all, though I spent that time in a giant tube." she says with a smile and then waves cheerfully "Take care on the bike and stuff..." Kae says and begins to wander... "Also who says I'll live longer? Something might happen to make sure that doesn't happen, and as far as life span, we really don't completely know..."
Nemo Nemo gives a moment, then peeks out of his lean-to, watching Kaelyn walk away, before he's quickly back in, pulling out a notepad from beneath his blanket. "Wednseday, August 30th, 2283. Found a motorcycle, killed some bandits, and talked with the strangest woman..." High on Calmex, he writes for hours, until he's asleep.