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Lowry      For around 8 a.m. in the South west it is still a bit chilly. The sky is clear and the sun can be seen far off in the east offering a hazy glow and an orange hue with the off- green of post apocolyptic N. America. In the Western edge of the world one could still see the Moon in it's full phase with the light blue of the unaltered sky behind it. There isn't much dust in the air on acoount of the wind being non existent and the feint trickle of the creek can be heard

     Having escaped near trouble the night before with Victoria, Lowry and the woman found the shelter of the cliff most alluring. Out of the elements and no enemies approaching from their backs. But, now the sun has come up and it is back to business for the Caravan guard. He saw no need in waking the woman and besides, 'Despair' was here and loved to make a ruckus when undesirables were about.

     Venturing around the edge of the cliff Lowry manages to find a way up atop the cliff. Some higher ground to see if he could get a signal from his radio finally. " Breaker 1-9. Breaker 1-9. Trying to get a signal on this broken down mo-bile. Muckfruit Here. Lady silver you copy?" *chrshshah* He waits now expecting the same result..... "Fuck." He mutters to himself as he sits down and waits.
Elsie Said Lady Silver (there's a Hi Ho Silver joke in here somewhere) has been at the radio all night. It's never good to lose contact with any caravan guard or scout, for in these wastes that usually means death or worse. But she has to try. And of course, she has no home to go back to, just now. But that's a problem for another day.

He's lost, some of the other radio operators tell her. Either he'll never turn up or he will, but he's probably dead so it's time to get over it. But somehow, somehow, Surelda just knows that the guard is alive out there. It's hard to say why she believes that, really. But she pops another pill and tells the others to pipe down, because somehow she knows.

"*crackle*" goes the radio receiver. That hum might have been a syllabal from a woman's voice, but who can tell. "*Crackle*over?*Crackle*" Hmm, that seemed a bit more than just a hum, didn't it?
Lowry "Aww Shoot!" He says loudly and jumps up. "Low- Muck fruit here. Do you copy?!? Do you copy?!!?" He leans over the cliff, checking on the horse, he can see him just grazing about so he assumes the woman is fine. So, he does a 180 and heads even higher up. The signal is clearing. "Muck fruit here, lost contact with base and caravan #63. Do you copy? "
Elsie "Multifruit, this is Lady Silver speaking," Surelda says, pointly correcting the man's name in the never-ending game they play of codenames. "What in the hell is going on there? Last coordinate check in was over 24 hours ago, I've lost track of you entirely." The radio goes dead for a moment as she releases the speaker, but in another breath that sweet, sultry voice is back again. "Mmmm, just made twenty caps off you being alive, sugar. Now why don't you go ahead and tell me where it is you are, exactly?"
Lowry " * Hot-damn, Always good to hear ye'r voice, Darlin'! * " He wipes some sweat from his brow and pulls his flask. Weather the drink is celebratory or just plain ritual is hard to say. When he finishes he says, " * Well, I was about a mile ahead scoutin' a place to camp. Had a small encounter with a radscorp nest. No big deal. Waited around a couple hours but they never showed. #63 alright? I'm about two miles north of the fork. High ground but I see no sign of 'em. Visibility is good. Provisions' fine. Over. * " Before she can answer he adds, " * We really gotta do somethin' about that handle. * "
Elsie "Well once you come up with a short-sounding word for fermented multifruit, then I suppose we'll have our answer," Surelda teases good-naturedly over the crackling radio. "I advised 63 to continue onward to their dropoff point, no sense in hanging around the wastes hoping to bump into you again. Figure it's best if you folks just meet up there. Somehow you two musta missed each other in the evening, but they've reported that they're still on track. That radscorpion nest musta taken you off the main path a ways. You wouldn't be out /lookin/ for trouble, would you Multifruit?"
Lowry Lowry laughs to himself. "Brat." He says to himself. "* Nah, I got a job to do. *" He sounds sincere. "But you can get me a drink with them 'there winnins'. Well, I 'm glad to hear they made it. Guess I could a waited a bit longer but with all the racket we made I didn't wanna hang around too long. *" He starts high tailing it down the ridge and stops near the top of the cliff his radio still going, "*Outpost 17 still our rendevous? Over. *"
Elsie "Roger that, Multifruit. Outpost will be on alert to expect you, and hopefully will run out a bit of a red carpet. Or at least not shoot you at the gate. Most don't take too kindly to a fellah just wandering in by his lonesome." As far as Surelda is aware, Lowry is still out in the wilderness by his lonesome. Radio chatter shifts for a moment as another caravan reports their movements in, and makes some sassy comment to Lowry about getting lost in the wastes. Then Surelda's voice is back again, smooth as ever.

"Oh I'm sure you'll be able to sweet talk some bargirl out of a shot of gin or two, if you put your mind to it."
Lowry Lowry is nodding, "* Oh, I'm well aware. Be advised I have a civilian with me. Harmless, unarmed trader. Female. Got caught up in the radscorp mess. Mama would scalp me if I left her out here for dead. I'm about......two hours away. Send the word, Lady. And advise the bar girls and the smart-asses as well. Multifruit out. *" The last part has it's own little bit of sass and good natured humor to it.