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Elsie Surelda Solomon, known only as Surelda, or Sully, or Lady Silver to most ... well, she's here. She's been working back to back shifts the last few days, and has more or less seemed to be around more than usual. And she seems ... relaxed. Today, in the sunshine of the afternoon, she's taken off her cloak and moves around in just her blue dress and boots. A quick stop in the Employee Only area, and she comes back down the little steps into the main pathway through the camp, drinking a sasparilla. Mmmmmmm....refreshing.

She seems well known around here, the sight of her silvery-white hair catching the light and catching a few eyes so that she's hard to miss. It's mostly just a wave here, a greeting there. But there's a light bounce in her step as she moves.
Lowry      Lowry comes into the main area slowly atop his horse. His eyes are glazed and he is no doubt just as relaxed, though one could assume it's a different relaxation. He scoots his horse over to the hitching post and climbs down...a little wobbly. He ties, 'Despair' up and grabs a muckfruit from the saddle bag and begins to give it to him. Then he sees Surelda. The never ending game of names continues! "Shirley!" He shouts good-humored. He gives her a wave and approaches. "Hey there Darlin. Good to see yer' face once in awhile." Reaching in his pocket he pulls something out. "Here ya' go. Good work this morning. Appreciate it." Smiling he hands something over to her.
Elsie Surelda blinks at the man, those big black eyes wide and owlish for a few seconds. It's his voice she recognizes more than his face. She's only seen the face a few times, okay! But he's offering something over, and she naturally puts out her hand. When she sees what's there, a purple vial, her brows shoot up and she displays a toothy grin. "Damn, Fruity," she calls him, as the war of names continues. "Didn't know you were such a high roller. Though..." she stands on her tip toes to peer up into the man's eyes. "Looks like you're rolling kind of high now, as it is. Still, you sure do know how to treat a girl right. What did you have to say to that cute barmaid to talk her out of //this//?" Because this is a far cry from a simple shot of gin.
Lowry      "Fruity?!!? Oh we will have to work on that!" He laughs and nods when she leans up. Then pulls a bottle from inside his coat, brown bad looking liquor. A heavy pull is taken and he offers it over if she wants. Then he shrugs. "Ehh, ya find all sorts o' things when yer' out there. And dead men don't complain when ya' releive them o' their belongins'." He adds a wink. "I try ta' just stay drunk so if I can help out it aint no skin off my back." He looks around now taking in the scenery. People husling and bustling about, much the opposite of these two flying high in the midst of it all. "So what's the haps around here anyways? wheres that Matt fella? I'd like ta' steer clear o' him and duty a day or two." His mischievious grin says he's looking to spend some caps in town before heading back out.
Elsie Surelda glances at the flask, then the man, then the flask again. After a moment of contimplation, she slips the vial into her pocket and reaches out to take the proffered liquor. She lifts it back in a quick shot and wrinkles her nose in the pleasure and the pain associated with the burning delight of it. Heaving a sigh, she hands it back.

"Imagine Mr. Ward is in his office," Surelda repsonds, turning her back to lean against the fence of one of the Brahmin pens. "What does a fellah like you need a day or two for, anyway? If you're going to be drunk the whole time." It doesn't seem like it's that big of a deal, his drunkenness. No doubt there are many others who operate much the same way, out here in the wastes. Not like they're going to get pulled over or anything. "You don't need time off to be drunk then, do you? Fruity?" She grins gaily again.
Lowry      He takes the bottle and, one more for the doctor as they say. It is slipped back inside his coat ever so smoothly and he holds that smile, eyes getting a little more glazed. Nodding he says, "Good, I'll stay far away from there then." Then looking to her and addressing her next comment he says, "What? Would ya' have me ride my horse to death! Slave drivers ya'll are. I might as well join the Legion!" He starts laughing and with a little more sincerity he adds, "Ehh, I roamed fer' years. Kind o' like a town once in awhile. Anyways, there aint no whorehouses or casinos out in the waste. Besides, yer' voice is sweet enough but it'nice to put a face to it sometimes." He looks down and gives her a wink.
Elsie "If you joined the legion, you'd have others to do your riding for you, I'd think," Surelda notes, not giving ground in the tete-e-tete just yet. And when he winks at her, and smiles? Well, it's just another opportunity to engage.

"Well whorehouses can see to your need of sweet voices and anything else, I imagine. But this ain't one, so I'm afraid you're fresh out of luck if you're loitering around here. Might as well get put to work then, right?"
Lowry "Ehh, I prefer ta', do my own. Mama always said there was nobility in doin' things yerself. But even the hardest workin fella needs a day off! Anyways, I like my horse. We just need a break." He stretches out, his eyes following some pretty little thing for a moment then he adds, "Shoot! If I didn't know any better I'd say you were the damn vice prez himself o' this outfit!" He throws a little laugh in there. "But I aint been paid so I lookin' fer no whorehouses." He squints an eye and asks, "Whaddyasay? Wanna get out o' this sun? Sit down somewhere and have a drink? I'm a' gettin sick o' chokin on this dust." He doesn't really seem to be puttin the moves on her just aint got nobody else to kick it with now that he's back in town.
Elsie Surelda rolls her eyes in Lowry's direction, good-naturedly as can be but it's still an eye roll. She turns away to watch some hustle and bustle of a new trader wandering through, looking for a place for his nearly-dead Brahmin to settle down. She taps one foot in the dirt, idly, while she considers. Then, at last, she looks back to Lowry. One hand falls to pat the vial in her pocket fondly, as though it were some precious family heirloom. It is precious. "Sure," she finally decides. "But if you think I'm splurging my winnings on you, you've got another thing coming."