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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan has set up his wares on display from his wagon as he stands next to hawking his wares as folks walk past. Seems to be a little lull in the rain right now so perhaps business will pick up.
Stockton Stockton looks a little beat up but no worse for wear as he stalks down the streets in his gear. There's a strange elongated shape sticking out of his pack as he wanders down the lane. Seeing Nathan in a stall makes him slow down and he throws the merchant a friendly, if toothy, smile. "'n Sparrow made a deal, yeah? What you have for trade today? I need a new pistol."
Rose      A rainy day ment little to a Ranger, but there was work ahead and dangerous work at that. Rose needed supplies, weapons, and ammo. The Caravans were a familier sight, but the stall? That was new enough to the blonde woman to make her approach not that long behind the small mountain that was stockton, a nod of her head in greeting for the pair. "Hey there, lookin' for some gear. More punch, the better."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as folks come over, "Well only got one pistol and it's also the most punch I've got in a weapon right now and that's the Desert Eagle here. It's a beautiful weapon but ammo can be a bit scarce for it."
Stockton Stockton gives the approaching Ranger a tip of his hat and a brief, "Howdy," course he looks back at the merchant when he brings up the handcannon. "Well. Now that would make a fine pistol. I got this here Service Rifle I don' need. Don't s'pose you'd take a trade. Course I can throw in my services fer a week if there's a difference."
Rose Rose raises an eyebrow at the mention of the weapon. Sure enough the Ranger called 'Desert Rose' had heard of the handgun before, but she'd never possessed on herself. Adjusting the strap of her dufflebag she gives Stockton a sidelong glance before she nods her head. "I'd be willing to trade, or buy. Picked up a few things on the road myself..." She pauses, glancing sidelong again. "Got a .308 in automatic, and a service rifle as well..."
Nathan Nathan hmms, "I've got one of those automatic rifles too they're pretty amazing for a good fighter but I don't need another one. Don't have a service rifle though but figure those would be pretty easy to move good solid rifle there. This Eagle's been takin up space in my wagon for a while. Only issue is I've only got the one. I could get a couple of 10mm SMGs pretty quick and for a good price if anybody would be interested in those?"
Jacqueline It's been a while, but Jacqueline Wayne tries to stop in at the Lone Star Caravan Store at least once a week, if only to see what's made the trip from parts afar lately. She's been busy lately, but all the same, here she is, peeking in, and then slipping through the door quietly with a quick little wave to the room.
Stockton Stockton gives a tip of his hat to Jacqueline when she approaches. But the Merc has his eyes on the prize of that gun. The Ranger also throws out her bid and the man's face wrinkles a bit. A cigarillo comes out of his coat and he just chews on it for a moment. Not quite ready to just be the gentleman, he looks at Nathan squarely, "Seein' as you don't have any other pistols, and you can move a Service rifle, I'll give ya the rifle and one of my ten millimeters. I'll figure out the ammo."
Rose Rose pauses for a moment in consideration, another nod at Stockon. They were both interested and odds are they wre both interested in the weapon, but Rose chews her bottom lip in further thought. "You might not need one, but even so you know it'll sell soon enough. I can match you it, plus the service rifle. Or I can throw in 300 caps atop." Another pause, she cocks her head to oneside. "Otherwise...I did manage to come across one of those nasty auto-knives that cuts right through armor. A Ripper. I'll happily give you a straight trade for it, since I've not seen another one in all of New Mexico so far."
Jacqueline Jackie gives Stockton a quick smile and a nod to his tip of the hat, listening to the negotiations. Her quick eyes flick across the items on offer, considering pros and cons. "Hey, Rose," she says quietly to the Ranger, not wanting to interrupt the bargaining
Nathan Nathan hmmmms, "Both are interesting deals. The automatic rifle's been sitting in my wagon about as long as the Eagle. I'll have to defer to Stockton's deal for now as his friend had already told me he would be coming to set up the deal. Perhaps you two could make a trade after? I don't want folks sayin that I went back on a deal that I'd already set up." He pauses a bit, "And of course if I ever come across another Desert Eagle I'll set 'er aside for you ma'am and I'll sell 'er to you for a song and a deal."
Rose Rose nods her head, a shrug of her shoulders but another glance to Stockon before she turns to address the -much- taller gunslinger. "Got a good friend there to have managed this for you, make sure you thank 'em. If you're interested in trading? Let me know." Back to Nathan she looks with a bow of her head. "I'd appreciate it. I've been keeping an eye out for one of those for a while now." A glance over the remaining wares later and she frowns. Seems the pistol was about all she really had use for.

Finally now, she turns to face Jackie, giving the other woman a friendly smile. "Hey there! Didn't see you come in. Lovestruck with pretty firearms."
Stockton Stockton gives a slight grimace when Rose starts rattling off the gear in her pack for trade. Far as he's concerned this deal just went south in the face of that offer. There's a cut of his feral brown eyes back to the merchant when he defers to the previous arrangement. "Yer a damn upstandin' merchant, sir," that sounds like genuine respect from the Merc? Giving the Ranger a nod his lips thinning at the side, some in an attempt at empathy or sympathy, "With that Ripper, yer gonna find one. I owe 'er more'n that now," he grimaces a little at the thought and offers his hand to Rose, "Name's Stockton, just returned to town, you'll be the first ta know if I feel like tradin' it though," he assures before shaking proper like once, and going about handing over the things he'd promised in his bargain.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as the two talk for a sec, "You've got my word that you'll be the first to get the next Desert Eagle I come across." He motions towards the super excited Stockton now, "And I'm sure that you've no reason to doubt my word for now."
Jacqueline Jackie grins, listening to the dealing. "No biggie, Miss Rose. I was being quiet. See anything good?" She bows her head to Stockton politely. "Call me Jackie," she says, though the man wasn't introducing himself to her. She believes in saving time.
Rose Rose mimes a tipping of a non-existant hat towards Nathan with a smile. "I'll hold y' to it, believe that." With a nod to him and Stockton both she turns to Jackie. "A few pieces, but none for me."
Stockton Stockton gives Jackie a polite nod and another tip of his had, he appreciates cutting corners and saving time. Eventually he drops his hand and just gives the Ranger a curt nod before looking back at Nathan. "Still keep an eye out for revolvers, the balanced kind yeah? I'll keep bringin' you what I find." The rifle and his left hip-holstered pistol are settled up and handed over to the merchant.
Nathan Nathan nods as he hands over the Desert Eagle in exchange for the rifle and 10mm Pistol, "I'll keep an eye out for revolvers for you" And a nod towards Rose, "I'll expect you too miss. And I'll keep an eye out for a Desert Eagle for you as well. Anything else either of you want?"
Jacqueline "Maybe there's something for me. I'm always looking for cool stuff," Jackie says hopefully, pausing to give the ranger a quick hug. "And there's always next time."
She turns to Nathan. "Whatcha got, Mister?" she asks with a smile.
Rose      Rose had truthfully began to step away, but Jackie's hug and the question from the merchant earns a pause and a tilt of her head. "Maybe...a long range rifle. A sniper rifle of decent quality and calibre could be useful to me. Not to the same degree as the pistol, but I would be willing to trade or barter for it."
Stockton Stockton listens to the deals going on around him as he takes up his new gun. Practiced fingers drop the clip, rack the slide and one hand catches the spare casing that flies out so that he can inspect the insides of the Desert Eagle. Satisfied, he stands off to the side to stay out of the way. He has a few more words for the merchant when the ladies are done.
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "I could perhaps get ahold of a good sniper rifle but it'd probably run about 1500 caps though." He nods towards Jackie, "I've got a couple of rifles, some decent armor and an old Army Guidebook on heavy weapons. But if you'd like to take a closer look all I've got for sale is on the wagon right now."
Jacqueline "Hmm... as much as I like a good rifle, those look a little rich for me," Jackie confesses regretfully. "That helmet's nice, though... it looks like Miss Rose's here. Bet it's expensive, though."
Rose Rose nods her head in agreement. A ranger's helmet? She could only hope it had been sold and not stolen or looted. The blonde Ranger's eyes drift over to Stockton as he checks out his new purchase before she shakes her head. "I'd have to lay eyes on the rifle itself, and even then it'd have to be traded for my wares. I only have 600 caps to access, plus the service rifle and the .308 automatic. It would truely have to be worth my while."
Stockton Stockton perks an eyebrow at the mention of armor but he's already got somethin and his purse doesn't look that big. The Merc stays quiet, even under the scrutiny of the Ranger. He just flashes a friendly smile, trying hard not to offend. A drift of his eyes catches Jackie again, giving her more regard than he had before. His lean resumes, his eyes darting over the merchandise another time or two. "You run across medical supplies and gear much?" he finally asks Nathan.
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "Whatcha got to offer for it? I'm open for trades or caps." He glances over at Rose and shrugs, "I can buy them from you so you'll have more caps less weight if you'd like?"
Jacqueline "That looks like a sniper rifle of some kind up there, Miss Rose," Jackie says, gesturing to the Arbiter sniper rifle. "Whatever it shoots, I doubt it'll get back up in a hurry."
Rose Rose pauses for a moment, tilting her head to one side before she looks up at the rifle. "1500? The service rifle and the .308 should more than cover that, but I'll throw an extra 200 caps on top. Since you're the friendly sort." The blonde ranger shrugs lightly as an afterthought. "I'd trade the Ripper for the handcannon, but something like that rifle won't help me if something is in kissing distance trying to gut me."
Stockton Stockton chuckles some at Jackie's outburst and he just nods, "That it does," confirming her suspicions at least. Whilt the Ranger and the merchant work out their deal, he's pulling out a small notepad and the very /stub/ of a pencil. Scribbling a few notes into the thing, they look more like strange pictographs than actual letters.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Well I'll set up the work to get the sniper rifle. It'll take a day or two if you want to come back then? I'll have to buy it from the other caravan."
Jacqueline "I am looking for a decent pistol. The one I have is a bit underpowered," Jackie says, glancing down at her own holster. "It was a present from my stepdad, so I'm not selling it, but I do need something better."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I've come to own a nice little 10mm pistol. They pack a pretty good punch. And they're pretty cheap and plentiful."
Stockton Stockton gives a glance to the piece in Jackie's holster and lifts a brow, without comment he asks the merchant again, "Medical supplies, when you get another second, hoss," he says to the merchant, taking a moment to turn around and adjust his wide-brimmed hat with one hand, the other fetching a match to strike it alight and put it to his cigarillo, the paper crackling as he inhales slowly. "The ten mil is cheap to keep in ammo at least," he offers to Jackie in attempt to be helpful.
Sparrow Sparrow steps inside, though she only removes her hat. not her glasses. A sure sign that the cowgirl doesn't expect to stay too long. She's got a roll of leather under her arm and a cigarillo burning away in her teeth. "Shopkeep." She greets confidently, toothily, "Got some more for you. As I promised. Had words with my brother too. I think I can make sure you're getting more business." She moves in to set the leathers down.
Jacqueline Jackie gives Stockton a quick smile. "True, that. Plus, spare parts are easy to find," she agrees.
Her attention returns to Nate. "What would you take for it? It looks to be in decent shape, despite the scuffing."
Stockton Stockton sniffs a bit at the mention of scuffing. "That gun was lovingly tended to by yers truly," and there's a Sparrow popping in with her leathers and he can't help but roll his eyes. "Great." is all he says about that, to no one in particular. She'd sacrificed personal stash to help him get the damn gun on his hip. That was going to be held over his head for sure. Even if no one else here knew it.
Nathan Nathan nods, "I'd sell it for 250 caps. I can get more and would sell them for about the same price. If you wanted an SMG I could get you one of those as well." He nods towards Stockton, "I'll keep you in mind when and if I stumble across medical supplies. I've got chems if you need or want 'em though."
Jacqueline Jackie stifles a smile, hearing Stockton. "I've got no doubt of it, but even the best care won't erase the years. I /did/ say it was in good shape in spite of that," she reminds him.
She gives Nathan's offer some thought. "I don't need an SMG, I'm afraid. As much as I like the tenner, I can't give more than 200 for it right now. Is there any work I can do to make up the amount? I do need one."
Sparrow Sparrow falls quiet setting the leathers on the counter and glancing at jackie a moment, dipping her head in apology for interupting. She smiles at Stockton, "Hey, Slimjim." She grins and looks towards Nathan. She's willing to wait around a little bit.
Stockton Stockton nods at Nathan for the information. Seeing the leathers dropped off, he angles close enough to brush shoulders with the cowgirl. A chin up greeting of sorts and he mutters, "We're not gonna talk about what I owe you in public," and that's it as he puffs on his sweet smelling tobacco.
Nathan Nathan smirks and nods towards Sparrow, "Appreciate it." Then he looks over at Jackie and hmmms, "I think I could do the 200 caps would rather my customers have some protection so they can come back and see me. But this'd be a one time deal I won't make any caps on other 10mm pistols otherwise."
Jacqueline "Sounds fair," Jackie replies, digging into her jacket pockets for the necessary caps. "And let me know if you need anythig fixed? I can do discounts, too, for someone who's willing to cut me a break like this one."
She glances over at Sparrow and Stockton, smiling a little at the dynamic she can see there. "Won't be long, promise."
Sparrow Sparrow nods towards Nathan giving the tall Merc a flat look but it turns wryly amused at the last moment. "Well i can't have my employees underarmed." She counters dryly under a narrowed gaze. She turns back to Nathan "Course, Nathan. Got another gunsmithing set too, if you're interested." Jackie's given a approving nod and a grin.
Nathan Nathan nods as he checks the pistol before handing it over to Jackie in exchange for the caps. "Pleasure and I don't have anything just yet but if I do need anything fixed I'll let you know." He looks over to Sparrow and hmmms, "I might. At this rate I'll be able to start up a gunsmithing shop out of the back of my wagon as well."
Stockton Stockton leaves the merchant and the buyer to their dealings and he shakes his head at Jackie, "Take yer time, do yer thing," he insists before looking at Sparrow with a flat and thoroughly unamused look. "You ain't signed my contract yet, I don't work fer you," he clucks his tongue and gives her a cheeky smile. Puff puff on the cigarillo.
Jacqueline "Thanks! I'll make sure I'm available when you need me," Jackie replies, accepting the pistol. She starts to slide it under her belt, as it's too big for her pockets, but it's a bit too tight for that. She expertly makes the weapon safe and tucks it under her chin while she loosens her belt.
She glances over at Stockton and Sparrow again. "What kind of business are you in?" she asks, the words a little tense from the pistol under her jawbone.
Sparrow Sparrow remains leaned by the counter. "He will." She assures the others with complete confidence through a breath of herbal smoke. "Same quality as the last one." She dugs into her satchel and pulls out the kit setting it on the counter by the leather. "Well, at the moment just getting the family business back off the ground. But I'm always in need of a good gun." She explains in a slow local drawl without much change in her weathered face, bright blue eyes younger than the premature crows feet. "How bout you?"
Stockton Stockton's upper lip twitches when Sparrow contradicts him like that, there's tension rolling through his shoulders and down into his fingers as he tries to avoid the trap of just going in swinging. Instead, the big Merc just flashes his toothy smile and tips his hat at the merchant and Jackie, only to pause at the question, "I'm a good gun...fer hire," the first bit to Jackie, the last to Sparrow.
Nathan Nathan just sits back and peddles his wares while the ladies fight over the giant...
Jacqueline Jackie tries not to chuckle, listening to the two. "What is the family business?" she asks Sparrow, still dividing her attention between the conversation and her attempts to find a secure place for the pistol she just bought. Just walking around carrying it, people might assume she's looking for a place to rob.
She glances over at Stockton. "A mercenary? You're in the right place, for sure. It seems like there's always something going on that needs gun help."
Sparrow Sparrow holds a hand out to nathan, gesturing to the goods. "You want these tools?" She wonders of the business man with the same unmoved expression she usually adopts. "Brahmin. Crops. Old family farm." She explains to Jackie amiably.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I wouldn't mind another gunsmithing tool kit. Whatcha want for it?" He spots Jackie's issues and offers her a box to put the gun in for transport for now.
Stockton Stockton gives Nathan a glance as if asking for help. Jackie does get a nod though, "Yeah, it's in worse shape than I left it...some parts are a lil better than I remember," subtle-not-subtle look at Sparrow. While the Merchan deals with the cowgirl, the Merc plucks his cigarillo so he can exhale to the air. He starts to move before before bumping a shoulder into the blonde, "Walk ya 'ome when yer done?"
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs, "Two hundred." She pitches almost too offhand with a lift of a brow and a sidelong bright blue gaze over the tops of her glasses at Nathan, "And y continued good business of course." It might be charming if she could manage to not have that resting bitch face when she did it. When Stockton offers to walk her home she adds very dryly, "If it's to remind me that you're not going to work for me, you might want to work the deal out with her before making that declartion. You gotta buy your beer somehow."
Jacqueline "That does sound like a lot of work. Does anything on the old place need fixing?" Jackie has to ask, considering the matter. "That's what I do, fix things."
She glances up as something comes into her peripheral vision, and realizes Nathan's offering her a box. "Oh! Thank you," she says, hurriedly accepting it. She takes the lid off and settles the pistol inside, closing the box up and tucking it beneath her arm, then tightening her belt up again.
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "Sure I can do 200 caps for it. Like I said I may as well start my own gunsmithing work from the wagon."
Sparrow Sparrow hmms, "You know, that's a good question." She tells Jaqualine. "Tell ya what, I'll ask my brother and I think he needs some renovations done I'll send a courier?" She offers taking her caps and saluting to Nathan, leaving the Wasteland Leather and Gunsmithing Tools with the Shopkeep. She seems resigned to the big merc walking along with her putting her hat back on her head. "You'll have to keep up with Bluebelle."
Stockton Stockton scoffs and doesn't say anything, lest that shovel get bigger all the sudden. "Le's go then," he mutters at Sparrow waiting for her business to conclude so he can take off in the direction of the Drake Farmstead. Hot on her heels. Fuck, make that catching up to a horse.
Jacqueline "I can't ask more than that. Thanks! Watch out for geckos!" Jackie calls, waving after Sparrow and Stockton.
Her attention returns to Nathan. "Thanks for the box. Hmm... if you're gonna be gunsmithing in that wagon, you might need some accommodations for the tools. Mind if I check my books and see if anything springs out at me?"
Nathan Nathan nods, "Sure, I wouldn't mind having it check out a bit more."
Jacqueline "Coolness. I'll be back later with a few ideas, promise," Jackie says, turning for the door. "See ya then!" And she slips out.