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Elsie Lowry is just leaving. Who is Lowry? He's a dude that was sitting with Surelda at a small table in the saloon, where the two were throwing back shots (him at a far faster rate than her) and laughing the afternoon away. But evening has come now, and Lowry has gone to fall into a toilet or something. Surelda waves to the man as he goes to take his leak, leaving her alone at the table with some empty shot glasses around her and a sticky tabletop from some spilled sasparilla either from this pair or someone who'd been utilizing the spot earlier. It's a saloon, so who can say.

Surelda is somewhat noticable. She's a pale young woman dressed simply in a blue dress and black rugged boots. In that, she's unexceptional. But her hair; it's long, falling almost all the way down her back, and it's a silver-white color. That has earned her a few glances, though she's becoming more well-known in El Dorado these days, so it doesn't earn nearly as many looks as it used to.

Neither does the sight of a pill bottle, which she pulls from the pocket of her dress and rattles until a few Daytrippers fall out. She tosses them down her throat with nary the blink of her big, black eyes.
Ironface Jones It's as good a place as any to stop in now that Ironface is back in town and the saloon is one of his favorite spots to grab a drink when he's around. There's an almost happy look on his face when he makes his way through the door, pausing a moment to scan his surroundings before heading for one of the bartenders.

Along the way the young lady with the white hair catches his attention and he takes a second to study her, giving her a nod of his head and a gruff, "Greetings." Then he resumes his quest to get a drink, telling the robot bartender, "Tincan, I would like beer."
Elsie Surelda, bright and sunny with a slight buzz, caps the bottle of pills and slips them away again. She drapes one arm over the back of her chair and watches Ironface Jones after he's entered and nodded to her in greeting. She seems endlessly amused by the sight of the man, for some strange reason. "I dunno that he answers to that name," she informs the large stranger. "I mean, he might. But so many 'bots got personalities like people these days, I'd almost be worried about what he might be serving you after you called him that. He might spit oil into it or something."

Her amused grin grows slightly, a touch of mischief flashing there. She leans her chin on her fist, elbow on the tabletop after she uncoils the arm from the back of her chair. "That's what I'd do if you called me tincan, anyway. S'what I used to do to the rude ones, when I tended bar. Well," she sits up with a shrug. "I'd just spit in the drinks, not oil of course."
Ironface Jones "I have heard him called that in the past and thought it was his name," Ironface turns to the young woman again and shrugs his broad shoulders, watching her momentarily while he waits for his beer. There is, however, a quick glance back to make sure his drink is just booze. "You have tended bar in the past? I have never had any kind of employment like that."

Once his drink is brought to him he takes a big gulp, lifting his arm to wipe his mouth with he sleeve afterwards. Then it's back to Surelda, "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan."
Elsie "Are you now? Well that's quite somethin'. I'm ...." She pauses her, almost as if unsure of the answer to give. Then she grins from ear to ear. "Sully," she decides. "My name's Sully."

She continues on. "And maybe he really is Tincan, I never thought he might be," Surelda conceeds with a shrugging of her shoulders. "I've only been here once or twice, back when I was looking for a job. Yeah, I tended bar. It's not much of a hard thing, though in New Vegas lots of folks wanted fancy mixed drinks. Sasparilla and cactus liquor, things like that. Fancier'n around here, anyway. I'm out of all that now, though. I'm a radio girl now, though, for the Lonestar Caravan." She seems immensely proud of this career shift, and her chest almost swells with the pride of it.

Then she deflates as recognition and understanding flashes across those big black eyes. "Brotherhood? You must be busy these days. After the Citadel, seems there's not a whole lot of Brotherhood left to go around. I was there; saw a lot of that. I'm terribly sorry about how that ended up going for you guys." The Brotherhood did not emerge unscathed.
Ironface Jones "Pleased to know you, Sully," Ironface replies seriously as he meanders over her way again. As she tells her little story his head nods a few times, obvious that he's concentrating on what she has to say. "I have never been to New Vegas. El Dorado is the largest city I have traveled to," he explains after a moment of thought on the subject.

"Lonestar is good. I like the things that they sell very much even if I can not always afford to buy them all."

And finally Ironface shrugs his shoulders, "I am not aware of such things. I am not even sure if I am still a Brother, since I joined in New Mexico and haven't found my people since I returned."
Elsie "Oh," Surelda, now Sully, says with an owlish blink. Ironface's presence at her table seems nothing but welcome. "Well, if you've been coming up from New Mexico, I hate to be the one to tell you this but there's not much left of the Brotherhood. Militia neither - I mean, I suppose if push comes to shove we're all militia in some ways. But the organized stuff? They took it real hard at the Alamo a few weeks back, harder than they let on at first. Mutants'll do that."

Surelda lifts one of the mostly-empty shot glasses left by herself and Lowry, eyes it, and takes a little sip. "I was there, was managing the radios for everyone. Was high as a kite for most of it, toward the end. But it was mutants from the south, reavers from the north, us stuck in the middle. So no, weren't pretty. I imagine the Brotherhood'll be glad to have you now."
Ironface Jones "I am sorry to have missed the battle," Ironface says with a deep sigh, looking down for a moment to see what he's doing as he pulls out a chair and seats himself. "But if El Dorado is in need then it is good that I have returned when I did. I very much like this tribe and wish for good things to happen to them." As he settles in and takes another gulp of beer his head nods solemnly. "Mutants and reavers are dangerous foes. It is good that you survived and provided assistance to people."
Elsie "Well, I sort of got this grand idea to go out there, and honestly once I was there, I wished I was anywhere else," Surelda says, shaking her head and speaking more quietly, more solemnly now. "I'm not really much of a warrior, or fighter, or however you're supposed to be." She gives the man another, almost sheepish shrug.

"How'd you end up here, if I can ask? I mean, not just now. I know you said you came back from New Mexico. But I don't think the uhm ... Sand Lizards...? Are particularly local, yeah?"
Ironface Jones "Battle does that to many people. It is nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing is that you provided aid where you could," Ironface tells the woman with the faintest hint of a smile. Clearly he's trying. "I did not mean to leave here, but I went to the wilderness to hunt mighty pigs and then..." He trails off, looking off into the distance for a moment before coming back to himself. "The Sand Lizards were not from around here. They were my people before Caesar's men destroyed them."
Elsie Surelda, with her long silver-white hair, and Ironman, with his giant self, are seated at a small table at the bar. They're an odd-looking pair, but that seems to be rather par for the course here.

Surelda, the shot glass now finally empty, is concent to lean on the table on her elbows, chin against her fists. Her big black eyes have settled on the man across from her, and meet his eyes as they talk with no shyness or fear of the large man. Must be the drink or the drugs, that.

"Ceasar's men? And you don't mind being in El Dorado? I mean, we got all kinds here, including Legion-folks. That's ... never been a problem?"

Only then does the silver-haired young woman look down at her empty shot glass and wrinkle her nose. She plucks it up between two fingers and twists toward the bar behind her, waving the empty glass in the direction of the robotic bartender. "Hey uh, Mister Can? Tin Can? Can we get another round of these um ... Sasparilla surprises?" Goes great with the Daytripper.
Ironface Jones "No," Ironface replies to Surelda plainly enough. "I have gotten my revenge against them. Many of the men of the Legion have fallen before me," he explains easily enough. The last of his beer is finished off after the lady he's talking to orders something else to drink and he motions for a refill of his own, "If they threaten El Dorado or other innocent people I will still attempt to slay them, of course. If they bother no one then I do not bother them."
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the digger, "Hey everybody!" she says as she comes through the door. "Everyones causing problems and getting into trouble I hope." she says with a smile. She makes her way over to her usual table and plops down in the chair, as she signals for her usual.
Oakley Anders The news of arrivals from Texas has been making the rounds of El Dorado ever since the final assault but the arrival of refugees means that housing is needed for them as well. One of those new arrivals makes his way into the saloon himself as Oakley steps onto the wooden floor and glances around before heading towards the bar. His dusty jacket still bears the marks of the Texas Brotherhood of Steel, the twin pistols and crimson wings as he shoulders his rifle and frowns a little.

"Did I already miss the rush for rooms, or you got any left?" comes the question to the barkeep before he turns his attention back to the floor, a lift of his brow curiously at Alasa and a chuckle. "After the last week, lass, a little break from trouble would just be a minor rucus."
Elsie "Well, I spoze that's for the best. El Dorado's kinda like that, seems. Just sucks people up and leaves their baggage out in the wastes. Oh." The silver-haired woman turns at the sound of new arrivals, but it's one in particular that seems to ahve caught her eye. That's Oakley Anders; or rather, it's the marks his jacket bears. Her black brows raise in curiosity.

"Friend of yours? Between the two of you and Commander or Captain Rexus, or whatever he's called ... ya'll might be all that's left of the Brotherhood, right here in this bar," she suggests to Ironface, turning to look at him curiously.

The robot bustles over with two Saspiralla Surprises and a beer chaser for Ironface.
Davidson The doors of the saloon swing open with their usual creak, and Davidson steps along inside. The filter mask he's wearing is tugged down to hang around his neck, shoulder rolling to shift the strap of the carbine slung across his back as he heads up towards the bar at an unhurried stroll, head turning to take in the current residents of the drinking establishment. Road dust clings to him like a lover, fresh from the wastelands it seems - the none-too-old bloodstains here and there don't hurt that prediction either...

Reaching the bar, he slides onto a stool, chin lifting up easily to beckon over the bartender.
Ironface Jones The loud call from Alasa gets Ironface's attention. His head swivels slowly so he can give her a looking over and a friendly nod of his head, "Greetings. I am not causing trouble yet, I believe." When Surelda draws his attention to Oakley, Ironface follows where she's looking and his eyes widen in surprise, "I do not know him, but I feel that I should do something about that."

He accepts his beer with a friendly nod to the robot server and takes a quick swallow before setting the mug down. His gaze returns to Oakley, "You are a Brother of Steel, yes?" Then he taps his helmet that's marked with a BoS symbol.
Alasa Alasa gets her pot of hot water, and pours some into a glass. SHe then reaches into her utility belt and gets out her Batman tea bags, and starts dunking it into the water. Ah, the tea of Caped Crusader...."rooms?..I hear you can rent a cot for $20, for an 8 hour shift...but rooms are hard to come by...thats why I have a whole house...much nicer." She picks up her glass, and sips at the tea.
Oakley Anders "Well, I don't hear you offerin' up a room." comes that distinctly Texan accent from Oakley - something that even decades of seperation can quite chase off. There's a small smirk towards the redhead woman before his attention turns back to Ironface. "Yeah. Was, until the Alamo left us as pretty much remnants of what we once was. Knight Captain Oakley Anders, at yer service." he offers with a tip of his fingers to his brow. "I guess this is my retirement package."

And with that, he orders himself a drink, because Saspirilla sounds mighty sweet at the moment as the older man leans against the bar.
Kaydin     Kaydin enters the saloon and looks to the various people. He removes the helmet and holds it as he looks to the various people. "Lots of brotherhood folks here." He says as he makes his way over to the bar and orders a nuka cola. when his drink comes he sips it and looks to Surelda. "Arent you Ashur's woman?"
Elsie "Brotherhood don't have rooms? Figured they'd have quite a bit, after Alamo," Surelda says, with a sympathetic wrinkling of her mouth to one side. "Either way, you might talk to Mr. Ward, that's Mr. Matthew Ward, at the Lonestar Caravan camp to the west of town. He's sometimes got rooms for traders, and if they ain't all taken, well you might be able to swing something from him. Might be more willing to offer you something if you buy some goods while you're there," the silver-haired young woman adds with a slight smirk.

That smirk fades when she hears someone addressing 'Ashur's woman.' She turns to look over her shoulder, those big black eyes blinking twice in Kaydin's direction. "...I was," she finally admits, almost sheepishly. "He threw me out few days ago; legionaires ain't much for chem users, seems." She pauses a moment in thought, then continues with more confidence. "I remember you, what you did at the Alamo. You're a big damn hero, or near enough to."
Alasa Alasa hmms, and looks at annie Oakley, "This is your retirement? Really?...they could have given you a minigun, or a laser pistol at least." She takes another sip of her tea, "By the way, if anyone is interested in something like that..I have them for sale..sure I'd have to disappoint my scarecrow..but thats life..." She smiles a bit.
Sixteen Sixteen steps through the doors of the Gold Digger with a cautious step. She takes a moment to look around, eyes tracking briefly towards the Texan accent she hears, and then she's headed for the bar. That cautious step takes her out of the path of a robotic waiter, and it gets a somewhat surprised once-over. A slender but calloused hand pats at her pocket as she appears to be looking for the caps to buy a drink.
Kaydin     "Was lucky it wasnt a bomb." Kaydin says as he moves to sit with her. "Never could get into chems myself. Prefer to be in control." Kaydin says as he chuckles. "Yea the legion frowns on chems, even stimpacks. One of the few things I liked about them. Still. Am an NCR man myself." He says as he gestures to buy her a drink.
Ironface Jones "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan," Ironface replies to Oakley with a serious nod. "I am a Knight in the New Mexico Brotherhood but I do not think it is around any longer. I went away for some time and upon my return many things have changed." There's a big shrug of his shoulders after that and a slightly downcast gaze. "Welcome to El Dorado. It is pleasant here. There are many drinks and the whores are good."
Alasa Alasa listens to Jones, " thats a name. I mean, if you tried to get that as a monogram on a shirt, it would still go down the sleave..." She takes another drink of her tea, as she pours some out onto a saucer..she then lets out a loud whistle, "BOB! Come and get it!" She smiles as she sets the saucer on the floor, then looks to the others. "I'll just stick with my normal name..Alasa, you the state, but without the K for obvious reasons."
Davidson A drink in hand, Davidson washes down the... slightly watered-down beer, probably, before glancing to the others gathered about. "Davidson," he offers over, as introductions go around, raising his glass up a bit, "Davidson Harris, wasteland cartographer. Good to meet y'all."
Oakley Anders "Ain't interested that much in the whores, want to get my dick wet, I'll be sure to look into it." Oakley answers easily before he pays his coins for the sasspirila. "Didn't mean to take you away from the conversation." he offers as he gives a nod of his head towards Davidson's greeting. "So, since we're all friends now, do we huddle in a circle and sing folk songs around here for entertainment?"
Elsie Surelda is sitting with Ironface when he starts talking about whores. So, just for good measure, she leans around the large man so she can peer toward Oakley and the others at the bar. "Not a whore," she clarifies, quickly and quietly, before her attention is stolen by Kaydin.

"You're damn right you're lucky it wasn't a bomb," Surelda agrees with Kaydin as the man moves to sit with herself and Ironface, who is currently turned to speak with Oakly. The silver-haired woman smiles gratefully for Kaydin's gesture and nods in agreement, ordering another Sasparilla Surprise shot, which consists of a shot of whatever's handy topped with sasparilla. Surelda's a cheap drinker, apparently.

"If you ain't such a fan of chems, I might not be the right person to be sittin' near. I suppose if I were a bit more sober or a bit more drunk I might have somethin' poetic to say about none of us ever really being in control, chems or no. But I'm not that clever, just now. Still," she shrugs, almost sheepishly again, toward Kaydin. "If you don't mind staying at the table a spell, I'd love to ask ... what in the hell were you thinkin, when you grabbed that thing and made a run for it?"
Sixteen Wrapping her hands around a watered-down beer of her own, Sixteen smirks. "Davidson..son of David?" She wonders, before trying the drink. Happily, as if the water was what she really wanted. She does have a bit of a dusty look.
Ironface Jones "Thank you," Ironface tells Alasa seriously, a smile appearing to turn up the corners of his mouth for a mere moment. "It is good to know you, Alasa. I do not know of what 'K' you speak, and I do not mind that you go without it."

To Davidson Ironface lifts his own beer, "Good to know you, Davidson Harris." Then he drinks some.

"Folk songs are not of particular importance to the El Dorado tribe," Ironface tells Oakley, shaking his head. "I think that is good because I sing very poorly."
Alasa A bobcat comes barreling through the front door of the saloon, slides to a halt...looks around, and starts running again towards Alasa. "What takes you so long, I told you where I was going..." She takes another sip of her tea, as the bobcat stops at the saucer, and starts lapping. "its good to be known..I tell you what. Course I also get forgotten its a balance thing." As she pulls out some fresh carrots and bites into one.
Kaydin     "I was thinking about throwing it into the horde of mutants once I was in the main horde. I intended to shoot it but someone shot it instead of me." Kaydin says to her and chuckles to her. "If you need chems I know a guy who can supply you. I dont care about people's habits as long as it doesnt make them helpless." Kaydin says as he watches the woman and turns to Ironface. "So how is it the child of two tribals become a brotherhood of steel member? Last I heard the brotherhood was stingy when it came to recruitment."
Davidson The glass is raised up to Ironface, and then Davidson takes a hearty swallow of his own before he thumps the vessel down upon the bar; wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Took fuckin' guts to do what he did," he calls over in compliment to Kaydin, "Just might've saved all our asses that day, too."
Elsie "Oh? Well, yeah," Surelda says, her voice dropping a bit for the slight illicit tint of conversation between herself and Kaydin. "Might be good for the Caravan to know of it too, in case there's business there to be done, and such," she adds, perhaps unconvincingly. She's a buy-for-use kind of girl, not buy-for-distribution!

The drinks come, and she lifts her own shot in gracious salute to Kaydin. "Well, thank you for thinkin' that and whatever else crossed your mind in that mad moment. That was beyond decent of you ... in a way I don't think I'll ever understand." Big damn hero she is not. The silver-haired girl sips her drink and looks around the room, listening to the conversation.

The bobcat makes her yelp and almost jump out of her skin, but she only just manages to keep her ass in her seat as the creature does not seem hell-bent on destruction. She watchces it all the same, though, wide eyed with concern and disbelief at its presence.
Ironface Jones "Why are you forgotten? You and your friend seem memorable to me," Ironface tells Alasa, studying the animal that seems to be with them. It will eventually get a nod from him after he finishes sizing it up.

And then he's looking over at Kaydin, "I, too, was born into the Sand Lizard Clan. They are dead now, though, so I was forced to find a new tribe. Knight Caldwell formed the New Mexico Brotherhood and asked me to join. He is very dedicated to not stealing and to helping people and so I told him I would assist him."
Sixteen Sixteen drops a hand to the butt of her gun when the bobcat comes barreling into the saloon, brows dropping low over her eyes. It only takes a moment to grok that it's a pet, though, and she drops her hand looking almost embarrassed. She'd exchange a sheepish glance with Surelda, who also seemed alarmed, if only the young woman wasn't still staring at the creature in fascination.

Sixteen blows out a quiet breath and rakes a hand through her short hair, once again listening to the room full of strangers bantering.
Oakley Anders "Motherfucker!" Oakley exclaims when the cat bursts into the room. He damn near spills his drink, but when it goes over to stand next to Alasa and starts to lap at it's saucer, he gives a snort. "Needs a collar. Maybe a bell." he grunts, trying to down the shot finally as he returns his attention to the conversation. "So what happened to them?" he asks Ironface when he mentions that there is New Mexico Brotherhood. Not that he's been actively looking for them.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Just things you get use to.." as she reaches down and scratches Bob between the ears, and he starts to purr loudly. "Well if I put a bell on him, the deathclaw would hear him coming, now wouldn't that be silly." She takes another sip of tea, "Sides, whats wrong with having a cat?..I'm not some crazy cat lady, I only have the one."
Davidson As others are startled by the bob-cat, Davidson breathes out a low chuckle. "You get used to it," he says in general, waving the glass of beer he's holding casually as he indicates the animal, "There's weirder shit out here. Hell, there's a whole village of talking animals in the wastes, not too far from here..." Then he leans back against the bar, watching the gathered as he takes a swig of the drink - motioning with it again before settling it held on his knee, "And people can get used to anything."
Kaelyn End of the day, and Kae had been out in the field well doing her normal thing... She wanders inside now, the woman wearing her new normal attire, this time form-fitting black and grey spaceage armor of some kind... It's sleek, pretty, and has a collapseable helmet! Kae pauses just inside, CORA speaking up "Busy busy busy!!!" calls out the A.I. Kae nods "Yah very... And I think I've saved up enough caps for food..." she says with a grin then heads toward the bar at this point, the redeyed, white-haired woman all but bouncing her way to the counter.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes in with her usual scowl. She darkens the doorway as her cold gaze pans slowly over the unbelievers, heretics, and other piles of mensch that the wastes have coughed up into this place. Perhaps she was beautiful once, before all those radiation tattoos marred her face. The lipstick is thick and likely made herself from....something.
Alasa The bobcat hops up into one of the empty chairs at Alasa's table, and curls up. Alasa says, " talking deathclaws. And aliens, and really old people..thats the worse I tell you. Some good things out there too...good..bad..its all out there. What its the best place to be.." She laughs, and contiues to eat the carrot.
Ironface Jones "I do not know. I was gone for some time and when I returned no one seems to know where to find them," Ironface tells Oakley with a deep frown on his face, seemingly unperturbed by the man's outburst at the sight of the cat. "Hopefully I can find them again. Someone in town mentioned that I may now work for the militia instead, but I am not sure about that."

The newcomers to the saloon get glances and polite nods, Ironface not being shy about that kind of thing. He's even not shy about studying Zealot Shreya's markings, "Your skin is impressive."
Lowry Well Lowry had been off, apparently at the pisser. But that was some time ago and when he returns he has seemingly made no effort to sober up. Stopping to grab a drink he downs it when he leaves the bar and pulls his little bottle from his coat...second one is on him. Making his way over to Surelda he shouts, "Shirley!..." Now he takes notice of the gathering. "Oh..Well, I 'uz gonna apologize fer' leavin' ya so long but it seems you kept yerself occupied." He says amiably as he tips his hat to Everyone he knows. His name offered to those he does not politely. If there is room he will grab a seat.
Davidson The beer tips back to Davidson's lips, and then he lowers it again - pausing at the sight of Kaelyn to take in her, his brows raising a little at the sight of the high-tech armour that she's wearing. "Hey, beautiful," he calls over to the pointy-eared woman casually, "New duds? Look good on you."
Oakley Anders Setting his empty glass upon the bar, first it was the bobcat, then it was the scarred woman - now it's a regular hot air balloon smuggler. "Alright, I think I've had my limit fer the day. Guess I better go find a place to bunk down for the night and get my gear squared away." Oakley offers with a tip of his fingers to his temple. "Thanks fer the warm greetin's, folks. Downright friendly." With that, he's off to figure out his plans for the night.
Elsie Surelda does catch that look Sixteen threw her, and the silver-haired young girl shakes her head slightly, then laughs. It's the nervous, holy-shit kind of laugh. "I wouldn't've blamed ya," she tells the other woman, noting how the hand went to her pistol. Hey, Surelda's something of a city girl. Wild animals are not quite her thing!

She settles back into her seat, taking a moment to throw back the rest of her Saspirilla Surprise. She seems about to speak to Kaydin again when someone shouts 'Shirley' and comes back to the table. She gives him a little look of playful rebuke. "Fruity," she responds. "What, did you fall into the loo? Here, take my seat so I can go now. I didn't want to lose the table." Though she ended up losing half of it, as Kaydin and Ironface are now sitting with them. Whatever! It all works. They're all friends now, right?
Zealot Shreya The Zealot's eye's narrow slightly when she sees Kaelyn but she turns back as she is addressed by the behemoth in mismatched armor. "It is a shrine to Atom, blessed by his power, and strengthened by the glow." The feverish look in her eye when she speaks of the blessings given by her God let one know that logic is unlikely to work on the truly faithful. Talking beasts, aliens, the world is in a constant state of flux as it is reformed in His image. I am Zealot Shreya. Blessings of Atom be upon you stranger."
Sixteen Sixteen smiles at Surelda, a real one - not even an aggressively toothy grin. "Just been a long trip," she hedges. Quietly, she returns Lowry's greeting with one of her own, being a newcomer. Of course, a murmured "Six," might not seem like an introduction. The religious talk floating around has her burying her face in her beer. Bottom's up.
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously and looks back at Shreya now curiously. She then cheerfully offers a wave to the person who probably dispises the very air she breaths... "Hallo..." She says, then looks around the place, the woman's long, tapered ears twitchin ga bit as she scans the area with those crimson eyes of hers.
Lowry "Aww. Well, shoot. Thanks doll." He'll pull the seat out for her and tip his hat before sitting himself. His eyes watch momentairily as she departs, that drunken no good look. Everyone knows it. He then turns, "Zealot, Six. Pleasure is all mine." He sounds sincere. "Surelda is nice but yer' all stuck with me now." He grins and raises his glass. Salute.
Kaydin     "Really? Where?" Kaydin asks Davidson and then looks to the woman as she drinks. When she freaks out about the bobcat he just smiles and looks to it. "I seen it once before already. It is a little discerning, mostly wether or not if I should shoot it." He says calmly
Ironface Jones With a deep nod of his head Ironface replies to the fancy faced lady, "It is good to know you Zealot Shreya. I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan."

Looking again at Surelda he tells her, "Please take care of yourself, Sully." A slightly awkward smile appears on his face for a second before he puts it away in favor of his usual neutral expression. Then he's looking Lowry's way and lifts his own glass in return, taking a drink after a second of holding it up.
Rusty     There is some thumping at the entrance, which is essentially someone hobbling themselves in. Along the front of the heirloom desert ranger duster, is a star marked 'Deputy Marshal'. Blood seeps between pieces of the venerable armor of a veteran NCR Ranger. The thumping stops when his shambling to the bar ends. The red lenses dispassionately looking from face to face to face, right hand low on his belt before turning back to the bar. The helmet vox crackles to life. "Need a shot, probably, but first. Is there a doc in the house, or the town?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. "YOu do not seem to be part of the Brotherhood of Steel. They are much better outfitted. Not that I mind as the actual brotherhood is not fond of us. I think perhaps the sun has baked your head inside that helmet. The Sand Lizard Clan? I have never heard of them. Spears badly and punching snakes....that sounds a bit foolish."
Alasa Alasa looks to Bob again, then at the others. "Having a cat is odd? Guess my peoples traditions are just more..well traditional...but then we have been here a lot longer." She grins a bit, as she hears Rusty.."Theres a clinic in Shantytown...if that helps."
Davidson Davidson's greeting goes un-noticed, but he doesn't seem to mind much; a shrug of one shoulder to Kaydin's query, the zealot's explanation getting a curious look from him. "Well, the world's changing all the time, that's for sure," he agrees, weight sinking back against the bar... at least until that ranger walks in. "Shit, man, you look like hell over there," he notes, leaning forward again, "What the hell happened to you?"
Sixteen Sixteen laughs, a dusty little breath of a thing, and she lifts one shoulder at Lowry from within her duster. "Well. Stuck with you but at least you have your shit together. I almost shot a bobcat and doomed myself to name my children after that time I boxed someone's pet in a bar." The shrug indicates she's making a little light of the Son of Snake Puncher Jones. Because she likes to live dangerously.

She sniffs when Rusty comes in to bleed at the bar. Probably coincidence. Maybe the coppery smell. "Trouble outside?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Rusty now, tilting her head "The clinic.. That shoulda probably been the first place you went instead of here..." she says matter of factly... CoRA then pipes in. "I think Shreya's ignoring you.." Kae glances at her wrist, and the little holographic avatar hovering over it... "Seems like, personally I think she's a little fried, what with all that radiation worship." She says quietly and grins just a bit... Kae then orders her self a bbq sandwitch and a cola, before glancing about the place again... As the Cola's set up on the bar, Kae glances over to the tender "No need, I got it!" she says cheerfully, and the cola slides over the counter and hops into the woman's hand, seemingly on its own... She then tugs the top off and takes a long pull, before exhailing "Ahhhhh....." She says cheerfully.
Stockton Stockton gives the old door to the Saloon a familiar kick with his boot, the resulting thud followed up by a few more as his heavy steps bring the mountain of a man into the building proper, the jingle of spurs an exclamation point to each movement. After shadowing the doorway for a moment, the man in sleek armor and a duster - bearing the Marhsal's star - lifts goggles up from his eyes to his helmet before pulling the whole kit off. Observing the room for a minute, he grunts a greeting to the townsfolk as a whole before stomping up to his usual table and pushing out a chair. Mr. Handy will float by eventually and exchange beer for caps, the quiet Lawman just watching for now.
Lowry      Lowry smiles to snake puncher and listens on. When The marshal is standing there bleeding he turns and looks inquisitiveley. But everyone is quick to answer so that is addressed. When Zealot speaks up he lifts a brow. His eyes dart around and stop on Six, he smirks. "Someone get this one a drink!" He's referring to Zea....Jokes in the bar. But hey he /will/ buy her one!
Ironface Jones "I was recruited just months ago, then I left town on a quest and when I returned the New Mexico Brotherhood seems to not be it's own thing any longer," Ironface explains to the zealot with a big shrug. "I don't think that my head has been baked, but I spend much time out in the wilderness and I acknowledge that it could happen." Then he pauses for a quick drink before offering further explanations, "The Sand Lizard Clan is no more. That is why I am of the El Dorado tribe now. My parents were given their names based on deeds they had done. My mother was terrible with a spear but very skilled with a bow and my father once saved a village elder by punching a poisonous snake before using it as a whip to fend off it's pack mates."

Sixteen's joke goes right over Ironface's head, "I do not think you get a name like that here in El Dorado. Usually you come in with one or your parents give you one when you are born."
Sixteen Sixteen wrinkles her nose at Ironface. "My dad gave me one strange name already. He was fuckin' hilarious." Her drawl indicates no one but him found his jokes funny.

Her dark eyes cut to Stockton with the practiced suspicion of someone who has been on the many sides of the Law, lighting on that star and then skidding away to Lowry. "Buy...her a drink?" She sizes up Shreya, and ventures: "Well, gorgeous? What kind of benediction do y'favor?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods slowly, her face turning toward Kaelyn's taunt with a sneer of distaste. A reply is not offered. She speaks to Ironface as she approaches the counter if he follows it is easier to hear her. "Forgive me. I am new to the west. There are many things I have yet to know. Something lives in Dunwich, most of my study is occupied there." Her gaze lingers on Sixteen more than is proper but she continues her conversation with the huge man. "My parents gave me a name, but it is gone, along with the woman it was attached too. I am Shreya now. That is what matters."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Sixteen and then Ironfacecuriously, and she now looks back to Shreya, The girl tilts her head and shrugs... "Ok so teasings and stuff no works, I just stay ignored..." She mutters, and CORA giggles "Yer easy to ignore, remember!" Kae ooh's and nods slowly, She looks back to Sixteen curiously and smiles "Ya had family and all, that's allways good... I spent my childhood in a big tube..." she says with a slight smirk, "Though evidently I've got a 'people' of sorts... Sisters.... LOOOOOTs of sisters..."
Alasa Alasa says, "I still say the best way to deal with Dunwich is to burn that mother to the ground!" She smiles, "But thats me, something like that place is just...wrong.""
Rusty     "The trouble is dead." The vox crackles in response to Sixteen's question. The lenses nod briefly at Alasa. "Right." The voice behind the vox sounds exhausted. Attention turns towards Kaelyn for a dry. "Y'don't say." For Davidson, the vox-voice explains. "Patrol woes. 'fugees turned Raider. Only one penalty. They got it. Even got a warning first." He sighs deeply and finally his hands pull his helmet off to be clipped to his duster. His left hand runs through his grey hair. Rusty eventually croaks out. "That was yesterday. Need rest at th' moment. Need a drink. Been a day. Beside's heard a sawbones could be had here. I'll stop at th' clinic next then." There is a deep frown biuilding as he has to keep using more words.
Stockton Stockton watches Sixteen skitter away and just smirks. When he's got beer in hand, he happily takes a alow drink getting his mustache frothy for a moment before his tongue darts out to capture it. The skittish one is ignored again as he scans the rest of the bar. Shreya and Kaelyn recognized, each given a polite nod before he goes about learning new faces and new behaviors. People watching with his booze and his thousand-yard-stare.
Lowry Lowry is still wearing that ridiculous grin and kind of shaking his head. He downs the last of his drink and stands. "I need another. Anyone else? Sure, Everyone else." He smiles and turns. Approaching Stockton on the way he says with a hand held out. "Lowry. Benn meanin' ta meet ya. But, uh, hey..."" He waits and points to Rusty, "That yer' man? He might need a hand." He winks and continues to the bar.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles as the young woman speaks to her. "I favor a smooth wine, the age is not important only the flavor. I am gorgeous? You are selling something? You have been drinking long before I got here perhaps. Or you truly see me?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, and looks at Rusty "Well, if you don't mind a little cherokee medicine..I can take a look at you. At least patch up any bleeding."
Davidson "They are beautiful, yet also terrifying, sisters," Davidson adds on to Kaelyn in a wry quip, finishing off his beer and setting it down - an eye kept on Rusty as others move to assist him, no medic himself after all.
Kaelyn Kae looks to Rusty curiously "Well I'd help ya if I could, but I work best on machines and stuff..." Kae glances now toward Davidson.. "Pretty yah but I dun see how they're terrifying? They acted nice enough didn't they?" She asks curiously and rubs at the back of her neck... "Anyhow, was kinda cool seeing a dozen clones and stuff."
Ironface Jones "The name you have is probably good enough. I find that once outside of my old clan any name is good enough," Ironface offers to Sixteen with a big ol' solid nod of his head.

And then he's back to talking to Shreya, though he gives Alasa a long glance as well, "What is Dunwich? I do not know of it." The big tribal finishes off his beer and motions for another from one of the bartending 'bots.
Stockton Stockton glances up at Lowry and sticks a rough calloused hand into the other man's easily, giving two firm pumps before releasing him. "Reputation's preceedin' me now, and you are?" he asks curiously with a bit of a smile, the mention of Rusty who's still bleeding at the bar. "Son, if'n I threw a fatherly tizzy every time a fool Deputy came in bleedin' on the Golddigger's floor insteada visitin' the Clinic first, I'd have a full head'a grey," he jokes lightly before looking back at the Deputy-Marshal in Ranger gear once more. "You gonna make it to the Clinic, Deputy? Er we gonna have to wait til yah pass out and drag you?"
Sixteen "I see someone who sees things," Sixteen says to Shreya, tilting her head so she's giving the other woman a coy look. It's a posture that could also be read as deferential, were one the sort to read into things. She does seem a bit daunted by the order, but takes heart seeing the quality of the establishment's top shelf. "Alright, a smooth wine. Definitely red - for the lady."

With the order in, she has to smile at Ironface. "I've grown into it, I think. Thanks, big guy." With the saloon so hopping, she manages to note quietly to Kaelyn, "A tube? Really? Bummer. I have lots of brothers and sisters, too. For sure. That's why they named me sixteen, they stopped trying and just started counting." Her grin give this claim the lie.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya replies to Ironface, "A town out in the waste that is said to be haunted. There is a presence there though I am still skeptical as to whether it is the spirits of the dead or something else. A bridge between worlds perhaps where the bonds grow thin to the world between." She smiles, perhaps flirtatiously at Sixteen. "Well thats practical."
Davidson "The whole 'I'm pretty sure they could have murdered me if they felt like it' part," Davidson offers back to Kaelyn with a wink, and a chuckle, elbow resting back on the bar's edge as he makes himself comfortable there to observe the conversations carrying on.
Alasa Alasa says, "Dunwhich is a place of evil...just over past Roswell. Just being in the town makes your skin crawl...stay there long enough, and you'll have nightmares for weeks. Encounter the evil there, and you may not leave. Though they do have a sushi resturante that is to die for...literly..." she laughs"
Lowry Oh look, one of those auto-booze-bots came a swinging by. Lowry laughs at the Marshall's joke and orders three doubles. "Well he could have this shooter. At least get the passin' out outta' the way. Be easier carry him sooner than later." He will raise his glass with a laugh. When done the *ahhhh* and the glass set down. "I'll take odds since we're in the saloon...I give him till the witchin' hour.." He's laughin and Rusty's drink is still there. The stuff about Dunwich he just shys away from.
Ironface Jones "I should go there. Many city people do not understand spirits like my people used to," Ironface says after a few seconds of consideration about Dunwich. Looking towards Alasa he nods his head a few times, "I do not know what sushi is, but I enjoy dining in restaurants. I have hunted great pigs for the restaurant of the vault people."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly... "And umm, how many benevolent armed forces have you run into that couldn't murder you if they didn't want to?" Kae responds, and looks to Sixteen and grins "Well my 'sisters' are umm well they don't come from a normal womb and all, they're grown in tubes too I think... Least thats what I've gathered...." Kae adds and now her eyes drift back to Davidson "Am imagining they could cause all kinds of trouble if they wanted..."
Davidson "I know the motivations of most groups I run into," admits Davidson then, eyebrows raising a little to Kaelyn, "Your sisters...? No idea what they want, really. They're nice girls, though, not going to say otherwise. Hospitable. And shit, they even put up with Ashur's line of bullshit without starting to shoot, so they're patient, too..."
Rusty     Rusty's eyes settle on Alasa. "How're you with pullin' out lead?" A gesture at his left hip after flicking back the duster. Kae does at least get a brief nod of acknowledgement. Then there's a long hard look towards Stockton. "Marshal. Uncle John didn't tolerate the family raising fools." A brief pause after so subtly reestablishing family credentials. "Stubborness though. Got that plenty." Another pause. "Shepherdin' young Rangers got me this." A gesture at his grey hair before finally adding for Stockton. "Not sure yet. Could be a little of both, Sir." Rusty plucks up a drink that appears with his left hand, the right still near his belt... and thigh. Then he looks back to Alasa. "Yer call. If th' round gets pulled I can swe m'self up."
Alasa Alasa reaches down to her boot, and pulls out a knife..."Well, I thought I'd do it the old fashion way..and dig around with this, till I could pop it out...would you like something to bite on?"
Lowry Lowry laughs. "That yer' Nephew?" He asks Stockton. "Aww shoot. Almost forgot, Lowry." He nods to the man and approaches Rusty. Pulling his own knife with one hand and a bottle from his coat with the other he'll offer him both. "Ya' can bight on that but drink that first." When he's done with the bottle if he so chooses Lowry will slip him something else when he hands it back.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's at Davidson... "Ummm, what any other people want I guess, propigate the species, survive, have a good life and all? Just the manor they're brought into this world differes greatly from most folks, and considering they are litterally fed information and taught within their incubation chambers and hatched out as adults and all... well they can be a little ummm, wierd? Not really show much emotion and whatnot at first due to their lack of experience with humans and interraction? I guess robotic is a good term..." Kae says to Davidson with a bit of a grin... "Still it's neat to think there's more like me out there and I'm not the only one, and that does kind of make me happy."
Stockton Stockton gives a low chuckle at Lowry and gives a gracious nod for getting the joke. The Deputy Wayne draws a soft snort and he shakes his head. "You can dress it up with whatever word yah want, sentiment is the same," he teases the grey-haired former Ranger. The family credentials don't seem to faze the former-mercenary turned Sherriff turned Marshal. "I'll stick 'round til yah figure it out at least," he tells Rusty before glancing at Lowry and nodding, "Marshal Stockton Volkner, pleasure. And no, I ain't related to Sheriff Wayne or 'is kin." He keeps his seat and drains the last of his beer before pulling out a perfectly hand-rolled cigarillo and a match to light it. Puff puffing as he watches from the darkness.
Sixteen Sixteen gets the red wine and hands over the caps for it without looking too put out. After all, robots don't care if you're reluctant. She slides off her stool and offers it to Zealot Shreya. "I'm Sixteen. New in town. Nice to meet you. All of you, of course," she's friendly! "And you, in particular. I hadn't heard about a ghost town. Well, at least not a town full of actual, alleged ghosts. Have you...seen it? Yourself?" She seems pretty unidsturbed by the prospect of someone digging out a bullet a few feet away, and her accent is so slightly tinged with Texas.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya swivels in her stool to regard Sixteen though her answer will be for Ironface as well. "I have been there many times. I have been attacked by forces that flung me through the air, I have heard the children...sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry, and the screaming.....She pulls open the divide of her robe revealing leather leggings beneath. "These leggings come from Dunwich and a pistol that is at my home now. The entities if there are more than one seem to have a connection to those things which come from the city." She takes the glass and smiles over the rim at sixteen before taking a good pull. "Very smooth." She looks closer at the woman who offered her the wine. "I like it."
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to the others and watches the women and men as they go about their actions. He then looks to Sixteen. "Dunwich is weird. even the deathclaws breathe fire there. Only one man is brave enough to kill them does so with his fists." He says calmly as he sips his cola and looks to Shreya. "So how goes worshiping radiation? Has Atom revealed to you why he is so harmful to folks?"
Rusty     As Alasa pulls a knife, Rusty does not exactly flinch. But his right had moves suddenly, stops, and moves back to the belt. There is a sharp exhale of exasperation, as he ends up doing that again when Lowry pulls a knife too.. even if sheathed. "Can we please move slow around the paranoid semi-freshly wounded Ranger, err Deputy Marshal?" At least he snorts a laugh and holds up his left hand. "I'll settle for someone getting a doc." A moment before he just stares at Lowry. "Stockton ain't my uncle, Sheriff John Wa-." Stockton handles that detail. Though as Rusty rarely brings up family, it may go to show he's a little more hurt than he appears. At the very least he's not grumbling much at the teasing the Marshal gives. "All right, Marshal. I'll go get my medicine soon enough. Ain't the worst I have got. Just. Gettin' old I think." THAT gets a grumble from the man. Finally he tosses back the drink with his left hand.
Kaelyn Kae looks to Rusty now curiously and at the knife and the others... "Well tell me what to do and I might be able to extract the bullet and attached debris it might have carried in without the need for blades and stuff.." She finally volunteers, CORA then calls out "That's delicate stuff there Kae, you crushing tank turrets and ripping stuff apart is raw power and all, but it takes a practiced hand to remove a bullet..." Kae glances at CORA and umms "Well I need to get the practice right?" CORA's avatar puts hands on her hips "Not on live bodies... " Kae ummms and shrugs slowly... "Oookay...." she glances Rusty and the others curiously... "Up to you and all, I dun have a ton of practice and stuff, but again, I -might- be able to help..."
Alasa Alasa slips the knife back in her boot. "Oh, well...he seems a bit shy about traditional yeah, I say just reach in there and pluck it out...who knows, maybe you won't pull the entire limb off.." As she gets to her feet, tapping Bob on the head..."Time to go...Father Moon will be up soon." She smiles as she looks at Rusty, "Hope you can still walk, next time I see you." As she heads for the door, Bob jumps down from his chair and follows Alasa.
Ironface Jones "Fire breathing deathclaws..." A faraway look appears on Ironface's face as he thinks about what might be involved in that. "I have killed an eaten one of every animal larger than myself, but I have not killed a fire breathing deathclaw..." He seems just fascinated by the idea.

As Alasa starts to go Ironface raises a hand in a farewell gesture, "Take care."
Sixteen Sixteen laughs, brief but with the genuine eye crinkles, and spreads her hands at Shreya. "Good thing. It'd be a shame to make someone open a bottle of wine you didn't like." The news about Dunwich seems to interest her, but she only nods. "Sounds like the kind of place that might call out to folks with a desire to prove there's another side..." And then she winces at Kaydin and Ironface. "Fire breathing? Shit, I'm definitely flammable. Learned that lesson the hard way."
Davidson "Good." Davidson offers a warmer smile to Kaelyn, head canting in a bit of a nod, "We all need to know there's someone out there like us, I suppose... well. I don't think there's many out there like me. Probably best for the world--" He chuckles, then, gaze sweeping back to watch the surgery - then to Kaelyn, "--uh. Maybe leave the medicing to the... medics, no offense."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya turns to Kaydin slowly as he sends his barbs toward her and her God. She smiles without mirth. "Not all are chosen brother. If Atom is harmful to you than you should enjoy what life you have left. If we use the analogy of the ark from the writings of the nailed god, perhaps whatever it is that you are is not needed in the beyond. The future belongs to those who believe. Look at my skin. Do you see blemish? Look at my hair, does it fall out? Look at me. The only thing disrupting my skin is the ink I put there purposely for praising his name. There could be many reasons." She turns back to Sixteen with a more genuine smile. "A seeker of knowledge is naturally attracted to such an anomaly. I am one such. And what of you. Tell me about you."
Rusty     "Ma'am?" Rusty calls out after Alasa. "Much appreciated, regardless. Besides. Too stubborn not to walk again." Another pause. "And mean." His gaze flickers over towards Kaelyn. "Wait. Do what now?" His head shakes back and forth slowly. "Thank you, No."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Rusty now and well her soda pop simply lifts and slow spins above the palm of her hand... "Just saying I might could help ya maybe... But yus I have no problem leaving things to medics." She says and takes the cola before drinking from it a bit... She resorts to setting the bottle down the normal way...
Sixteen "Me? Nothin to tell about me," Sixteen demurs, brows arcing up. "I heard about this thing they used to do called 'vacation' and decided I was due for one. I'm just..ordinary folks. Now, how IS it that you don't have, uh, the usual accoutrements one might expect? That's interesting." She's still working on a watered down beer, and it must be pretty warm by now, but she doesn't even make a face when she pulls from it.
Lowry Lowry backs off from the deputy. "I hear ya." He nods. You'll make it. He gives the beer bot the twirl of the finger indicating all those he's met...Everyone in the room it would seem. Kae's little trick cathes his eye and he squints. Not bein too loud or nothing he asks, "Ok...What in tha' hell was that?" His lips turn up into a little half smile and he flicks a look back to Rusty. He seems curious.
Kaydin     "Thats right, being dark elven makes you a psyker, I completely forgot about that. Are you like the weather kid at the 188 trading outpost? He was fun." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and looks to Shreya and shrugs. "Personally I think this belief in some sort of higher power is nothing but a load of hogwash. Folks before the war didnt know what happens when we die, dont think we figured it out after the bombs fell." He says as he begins to pull out a 10mm hand gun and goes about taking it apart to clean it.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "I am blessed. My faith is strong. It is not the body I wanted. It is perhps not immortal like those we call ghouls. Yet perhaps it is. It is by his hand that I am not harmed, I am meant to persist past this age of toil I think. It is my duty to minister to them so that they do not join the ranks of the Forsaken. For this reason came I west, to Roswell."
Rusty     An open mouth... shuts, and Rusty points at Lowry at his question about Kae and the bottle. Rusty himself looks vaguely unsettled even if others are unphased. "Erm. Again, thank you no. Best I see a doc." First, he's going to down another drink before rising. Most of his bleeding has stopped again. "Good. Now i'm pre-disinfected." His helmet is unclipped from the duster and slapped onto his Head with his left hand. The same left hand which tosses a few caps onto the bartop. Then he's hobble stepping for the door. Aside from near his hip, he's clearly got a wounded leg. It's not the Deputy Marshal's week.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Kaydin and shrugs slowly "Nooo just means, if ye look like I do, there's a high probability of being a Psyker, not all Psykers look like me and not all those that do are Psykers I dun think." she says cheerfully. She looks at Lowry curiously and umms as she makes the now empty bottle hover in mid air again... "You mean this? " She says, and with an impish grin, she's about to say something and CORA calls out "She haz crazeh mind powahs!" in a very silly voice... Kae blinks at her pip_Cora and ummms "Oy, yer getting silly." she says and looks to Lowry and nods "Yah, crazy mind powers." she says as the bottle now hovers over to a trash can and simply drops in.
Sixteen Sixteen nods, slowly, like someone who doesn't get it at all indicating they get it. "One of those divine, unexplainable mysteries, then." She shrugs at Shreya. "Must be nice, to have the certainty of faith in your life." She slips a glance at Rusty, curious about his progress. Maybe just trying to catch a glimpse of thigh. Alas.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya drinks another sip of wine and places a hand gingerly on Sixteen's shoulder as she puts down the glass. "You should come to the Cathedral in Roswell. You would enjoy it I think. There is much to learn of the lord of the glow and...perhaps I would simply prefer to speak more with you on other things." She withdraws the hand. "The wine is delicious. You are most kind."
Lowry      Lowry is nodding and grinning, "That's fucking cool." His look over to Rusty with the /Aint it?!?!?/ "Only seen it once or twice. Shoot. I been in Eldorado a couple months now and I been hangin' with Brahmin fuckers, shit farmers and junkies. Where ya'll been?!" He's having a ball now. "This one don't even care about bein' shot." He nods respectfully to Rusty, "She's a damn witch!" A polite smirk for Kae before turning to Shreya, "The most righteous tatoos I done ever seen here!" Still all sincerity. And now to Ironface. "And this fucking guy." He's nodding with enthusiasim. "Kills Deathclaws fer' fun it sounds? Buy the looks I'll buy it." His glass raised to the man and drank. "We got Marshall down yonder. He's an alight sort fer' the law no doubt. He cleans his piece right at tha' bar! Gotta' love that!" He throws to Kaydin. Over to Davidson he adds, "Don't know ya' ta' well but fought with ya in Texas. That kind o' shit needs no words." Then over to Sixteen, he winks. "And you, Don't know ya' yet but lookin' forward to it. Don't recall yer' name but glad ta' know yer just sixteen!!" *HAHAHA* He starts laughing at his crass joke as a few others at the outskirts of the bar do as well. He gives her a nod though to show it's all in fun.
Ironface Jones "Why did the thing do that?" Ironface asks of the floating bottle, actually going so far as to get up from his seat and walking over to the trashcan to look inside of it. Then he looks at Kaelyn and her CORA, eyes narrowing a little bit as he considers them. When Lowry comments about killing deathclaws for fun Ironface shakes his head, "Not for fun. For the meat they provide and to protect people from them. Still, I must try to eat a firebreathing one. That would make me very happy."
Sixteen She doesn't shy away from Shreya's hand, but Sixteen looks just a little dubious - if curious. It's a complicated look. "Roswell wouldn't risk me getting fried, would it? Can't say I've been, but I doubt I'd hold up as well as you have."

And shedoesn't look anywhere near the AGE of sixteen, but she snorts a laugh at Lowry just the same. "Quite the welcome wagon. Nice to see a settlement where folks can just relax and get shitfaced."
Kaelyn Kae looks now to Iron Face and blinks at the whole squint thingie... "Ummm, yah, like Kaydin says, I'm what some folks call a Psyker, umm more like a Telekinetic... Ie I can manipulate items inertia and move them and stuff... THis is done through mental manipulation of AIM dispursion fields and the like... " Kae says and smiles cheerfully... "EvidentlY I have a very highly developed Megdula or something..." she adds and CORA points out "Yah right like yer some kind of Geneticist Kae..." Kae looks at CORA and sticks her tongue out "I've listened to you tell me about it a ton!!" CORA then adds "Yus, but I make it sound better, being the A.I. That saw to your developement!" Kae then pouts and shrugs slowly. "Soo? Let me try to explain it some time!" CORA pauses a moment, then hmmms "Nope! You don't make it sound as cool!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "Only those who are truly faithful should bask in the glow. I would not take you to such a place so soon. You would have to ask me for that. My interest in you is....not entirely to do with religion." She chuckles and finishes her wine. "Though of course I am eager to teach that as well.""
Sixteen "Ahh." Sixteen echoes a faint grin. "Lucky that, my interest is almost never in religion. Once I'm settled in, maybe we can have a quieter chat in Roswell, then. I aim to get busy relaxing." Says the woman wearing three visible guns.
Ironface Jones "You have a unique thing that you do, psyker. I do not think I have a megdula or else I would like to learn from you," Ironface very seriously tells Kaelyn after some consideration. "I have to move things by hand, but that is okay because I am very strong. I do not have a thing which argues with me, either. My horse cannot talk and I have no robots." He moves to return to his seat again, ready to take a load off once more. Ironface says, "I have missed El Dorado very much in the months I was gone. I am glad that the people here are doing well."
Lowry Lowry smiles and points his drink at the Son of Snake Puncher. "See...Ya' gotta admit, Sir. That means it's fer' a bit o' sport these days? I've hunted all my life but ya get sick o' shootin critters. Ya know it." He is still smilin' and gives a knowing nod.

     Over to Six he replies, "Yea, I been enjoyin' it ma'self. Gettin' shitfaced is a constant but nice ta' do it in good seemin' company."

     He is just laughing and loving the conversation between Kae and her wrist when Sixteen replies. He just smirks and lets that one hang. *Sip sip*
Kaydin     "Well I am not the one that kills deathclaws. Personally avoid them like the plague. Last thing I want to do is piss off something bigger and meaner then me." He says as he sips his cola. Kaydin then looks to the various people and remains silent now, just watching the people.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "Well this is the place for that. Shall I buy you a drink next?" She raises two fingers to call back the bartender. "I was supposed to eat here. The house is at the back of the abandoned neighborhood in Roswell. It used to be a celebrity house I think, before the war. I should have to meet you in the city proper though, I wouldnt want you falling to the forsaken because you didnt know the best ways in."
Sixteen Sixteen twists her chin to peer at Lowry sidelong, lips pursing with a smirk she doesn't quite let loose with. "It's been awhile. I'll have to find some place to den down and see if I can't get that way, myself." She stands near the bar, chatting with Shreya and occasionally Lowry and still holding the remnants of her first beer. To the former, she says, "You should do that, then. It's important to eat. Hungry makes for weird." She considers, for a second. Weighs. "I could go for something harder than the beer, sure."
Kaelyn Kae oohs at Ironface "I move stuff with my hands and stuff too, I was kinda genetically engineered with that ability." Kae says and smiles cheerfully. "Saddly it's a wierd ability, and not one I can call on in combat or whatever whenever I need it and all.." She says and then glances to Sixteen curiously "Yus, lack of food makes for wierd times and desperate times too..."
Ironface Jones "I suppose that you are correct," Ironface tells Lowry with a nod before he motions to one of the bartender robots for more beer. His attention settles on Kaydin and there's yet another nod from the big tribal, "They are extremely dangerous. You must be very careful or try to hunt them with a group of people."

Looking to Kae he nods a few times, "It is unfortunate that it does not work in combat. Still, it seems mysterious and useful and you seem very lucky to have it. How many people like you are there?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks to the bartender. "A rum and coke for her and another glass of wine for me. Id also like some of those potatoes and radchicken I had last week. With the sauce yes.. and whatever she will have."
Lowry Lowry looks to Six, "Yea it's allright. I spend about three or four nights guardin' Caravans so I don't get too, too stuck in town." He pauses and sips, "Just long enough to blow ma' caps." He chcukles and turns attention to Ironface, nodding he replies, "I'll drink ta' that. Well...I'm in. Let's kill one of these fire breathin' fucks." He seems serious. Like when you talk about white water rafting with your buddies when your drinking way too much. The intent is there. What the future holds....
Sixteen "Just the drink," Sixteen murmurs towards the servo. "Bad enough mixing booze without throwing some food into the mix." At least she knows her limitations. Lowry's comment pulls her interest. "Merc work guarding? Or are you with..a company of some kind?" She's showing how green she is to the area, but flashes a fleeting smile to show she knows it.
Ashur Hither came Ashur, a duraframe thunder; the saloon's swing-door rattles on its hinges and flashes open from a bullish charge, and in comes a titan of gleaming black and plated gold, whose hands are encased in shimmering gauntlets and whose helmeted face has eyes of golden hellfire and insectoid appearance -- all signs, to those who know them, of Enclave power armor, and this in particular a sort at times seen on their heavy troopers. Clasped and draping over massive shoulders, and falling down the giant's thick-plated mountainous figure, is a cloak of purest white wool, some nine feet long and dragging upon the ground behind him.

Hands lift, and twist, and undo the attaching hose of his helmet; unhook, pull up, and the man's fresh-shaved head and bristle beard are exposed, all bronze baked and nicked by scars. The helmet rests then on his belt, and he walks, thump-thump-thump, forward.

Ashur is not a man given to fits of drinking. Today, he'll drain the sea.
Kaydin     "If I didnt know better miss Shreya I would say you are trying to seduce the girl." Kaydin says with a smirk. When Ashur enters he gestures to the man in power armor. "Thats the asshole you want to go against deathclaws. Bastard castrated a yao guai with his bare hands." He says as he sips his cola and looks to the women.
Nemo Nothing special, just a dirty guy in a cowboy hat, poncho, and some jeans with a zipper on the ass. Greasy hands wipe his dusty brow, as Nemo enters the Saloon. He takes a slow look around, and heads for the bar. He tips his hat towards some fellas he knows, lifting a wave, before ordering some whiskey.
Sixteen "Fuck," Six exclaims gustily, because what else do you say to the explosive entrance of someone in golden power armor and the news that he castrated a fucking bear, in quick succession. She looks around, guaging by the reaction of the other patrons whether or not she should be alarmed. No, no, business as usual. She lifts the rum and cola to Shreya and then drains it in a few determined swallows, head thrown back.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Ashur now tilts her head and offers a wave... She then grins and orders her self another Soda... This time she has some bourbon stuck in it and she begins sipping, Uho, the wierd elflike telekinetic is drinking alchohol!!!
Ironface Jones "Very well. I know where Roswell is so I should be able to find Dunwich," Ironface tells Lowry with a very determined look on his face and a lift of his glass. He is apparently up for it as well, but it might not be drunken good time talking with him. When the power armor walks in the big tribal gives it a looking over, then a nod of greeting when the helmet comes off. A glance at Kaydin, then back to Ashur, considering him again.
Lowry Lowry nods. "Yea, I done all sorts o' merc work but this is with Lonestar. Good outfit, steady pay, discounted weapons and ammo. Not a bad gig." He sips his next brought drink. He looks over to Ashur and offers a nod, not caught off guard. Seeing Nemo he waves him over, "Give me chance ta win ma' caps back!" It sounds good natured. To Iron face he get's another nod. "We'll eat fer' weeks. Bet it's some spicy shit too!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya finishes her food and seems to be enjoying Sixteen's company. But all good things must come to an end and the thunderous arrival of Ashur seems to herald that. She frowns as she lays some caps on the table to pay for her meal and the drinks. "Not the sort of danger you should run from outright, but not one Id want to know better either. He has many wives. Imagine your delight were you to be one of them." She takes out a piece of paper and writes some rough directions on it. "I will be at the radio station close to the setting of the sun tomorrow. The radio tower is an easy landmark to find. If you come, Ill be there. If not, I must go there anyway. Be safe and Atom go with you." She looks at Ironface. "If you go to Dunwhich, I would accompany you. I am often curious what I hear and if others can also hear it.""
Nemo Nemo tosses back his first shot of whiskey, approaching Lowry and Ironface, "Fuck yeah I'll give you a chance to win your caps back. Let's grab some cards?" He looks to the bartender, who nods. Then, something's got his attention. He snaps his green eyes towards Shreya, then Sixteen, calling, "What? No, do /not/ go to Dunwich. No one should go to Dunwich, on account of the damn nanites, ya hear?" He looks back to Lowry, "Got caps to lose?"
Sixteen "Noted, and be safe out there," Sixteen says, quiet and amiable, as she palms the scrap of paper Shreya offers. "Commitment makes me itchy, anyway. Think I'm allergic." Leaning back against the bar, she tilts her head back to peer at Nemo through half-lidded eyes. "I heard it was full of ghosts, actually." She glances at Lowry as if to hear his answer to the man's question, twisting to order a straight up shot of rotgut. Once the booze mixing has started, chaos reigns.
Ashur "Ave," intones Ashur, in the greeting solely used by the Legion, in response to the magnetic pull of eyes toward his figure and the nods of heads and the speaking of words. Given his excessive weight, and lack of free opportunity to leave his armor at his home yet (he's only fresh off the road), he'll not burden a chair or stool -- no, the big bull of a man looms geographic, glittering with a fiery burn. One of the servitor robots becomes his focus, and his command is terse: "Drink until I am drunk."

Then there's talk of bears, and Dunwich, and nanites and commitment and ghosts and all other sorts of things. What a cornucopia of topics!

"I was wearing spiked knuckles," he clarifies to Kaydin. "They provided the cut for me to thrust my fingers through."
Ironface Jones "I hope that you are right. We will feast and bring back much food for the less fortunate of El Dorado," Ironface says to Lowry, giving a nod to the man. "Deathclaw sausages should be extra good from fire breathers."

"When I go I will attempt to find you first. I know David Ghoulie of Roswell and can find my way through safely," Ironface says to Shreya, considering her again. Nemo is given a glance and then a frown, "What is a nanite?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur and looks at CORA and sighs CORA's avatar has her hands on her hips and is tapping a foot while making the current time flash. "yus us I gotta help out tomorrow at the farm.." Kae finishes her burbon and coke, orders a second, making sure it's a stout tripple then puts it in Ashur's hand.. "On me..." she says with a slight smile... "You have a good night, and get to doin' better and all..." She says, thinking Ashur wanting to get drunk is probably a sign that things didn't go too wel or something...

Kae then looks at Ironface "Nanite is a shortened term for Nano-cellular machine, Ie it's a machine usually made of silicates or proteins that is microscopic, small enough to like litterally alter or interract with something on the microcellular level. Individually they aren't much, but together they can alter a physilogy, create artificial constructs, and many other things." She says and smiles a bit... "Anyhow, good night all.." Kae says and wanders toward the door.
Nemo Nemo gives Kaelyn a sour glance, not commenting on her incredibly accurate statement, but telling Ironface, pinching his fingers together, "Nanites are little teeny, tiny, microscopic robots, that can make you do, feel, and think all kinds of things. We can see them with microscopes, and even pick up their programming. It's not ghosts, just nanites, making people have nightmares and all kindsa shit like that. We're gonna blast the fuck outta them with an EMP cannon." He pulls out a chair, glancing up to Lowry, "Still at ten caps ante? I'm ready."
Kaydin     "Ah. How is Eden? I trust you being alive has made her feel better." Kaydin says as he gestures to Ashur. "Buy him a drink on me. After all it is often a man becomes a mutant, transforms back and survives a suicide mission as a mutant cist." He says as he puts the caps forward to pay for Ashur's drink.
Lowry Lowry nods. Calls a bot. "Cards, ya scrap pile o' shit." He loves messing with them. It produces them and he turns to Nemo. "Let's see if we can get some others. "Six? You in? Five cards straight. Ashur...Might be tough fer you" He smiles. "How bout you, Iron face? Kaydin?" He seems jovial and certainly inviting.
Kaydin Kaydin says, "I gamble with my life, never my money." He says as he pats his helmet and finishes his cola before moving to Ashur. "Little bird told me you are joining the desert rangers. Same here. I didnt think you had what it took to help people but with word of your heroics I admit I am surprised."
Sixteen Though she's pulling a stubborn expression and refusing to move from her casual posture against the bar - elbows propped up, head tilted back's clear Sixteen is glad for the excuse to slip out of the personal space of the looming, armored hulk. And in a closed room, most of it is the personal space of soemone in power armor. "Sure," she drawls, knocking back her shot and gesturing for another before levering herself upright to slink towards the table. "Five cards straight, eh?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at the sour glance from Nemo curiously and shrugs "Well that would make sense with the whole dunwich thing, Wouldn't be suprised if it was an interdimensional fissure going on there..." She says and grins cheerfully as she wanders toward the door... She glances back to Nemo again curiously "And yus, Im veeeeeeery familiar with Nanomachines..." She adds and then waves before slipping out the door.
Ironface Jones "I will be wary of these nanites," Ironface says with much consideration of things. A few little nods of his head as he considers everything he's just heard about them and then he shrugs. "I do not think they will bother me, but if they do I shall bathe very carefully afterwards." Because that's how you deal with nanites, probably.

"I would normally like to gamble but I am getting drunk. Since I do not know where I belong right now I shall try to go to the militia to ask them about it. Thank you for the offer." And then he picks up his mostly fresh beer and pours it down his throat.
Nemo Nemo shoots a look towards the door, "Damn, that E.L.F. Gives me the heebie jeebies." He shakes his head, ordering another whiskey, "Drunk or not, I'm gambling." He looks to Lowry, "We gonna move to the other room? I don't know how them Caines like us gamblin' in here, where they don't get no cut."
Lowry Lowry nods. "We'll just muck up the conversation anyways." He downs his drink and would start heading towards the casino.
Ashur Ashur takes the drink offered by Kaelyn. It is charity, but drink is drink, and the man has a thirst. He downs it in one fast-gulped burst. The empty glass is discarded on the scarred bartop.

It is then refilled per Kaydin's order, and once more, the gesture repeats. There is no pleasure in the physical mechanism behind intoxication, not for him, but the end state is coveted.

"I have been a savior to the people from birth," he replies. "offering them salvation first through the discipline of the Legion, and since my time in El Dorado, through the slaughter of dangers; in the old picture books I read, heroes always slew monsters."

A pause.

"I have been killing mutants."
Lowry Hat tips to all. "Gentleman, Lady." He offers smiles to them all before exiting.
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "I was raised the same way. Only with more freedom and less women." Kaydin says as he puts his helmet back on and turns on the optics. "Take care folks." He says with a wave before beginning to head out the saloon.
Sixteen Sixteen hangs back, suddenly hesitant. "Upon further consideration, gents, I think I'm probably not long for the world. Or long for the waking one, at least. I'll have to lose some money to you next time." She catches the second shot pushed out for her, and wrinkles her nose up before drinking it, looking around at the room's thinning population.
Ironface Jones As everyone seems to head over to the casino or leaves the saloon Ironface stands and looks over at Ashur, not knowing the man or caring for his mention of the Legion, but surprised that he seems put off by killing mutants, "You do not like to kill mutants? I have killed some but usually they were in some way a threat. Were the ones you killed not a threat to people?"
Ashur "The Horde's hold is mostly broken," Ashur says, turning to look at Ironface. That he can look a fellow warrior in the eye is a rare treat, and so gold meets black, unblinking. "Where once they swarmed like bloatflies, we pick now at their bones like carrion birds. The supermutants remain worthy foes, but my battles with them become less frequent as time goes on."

His lip curls in a faint, displeasured sneer. "There is no beauty in the slaying of the wretched and mindless ones. They are disgusting and degenerate creatures fit only for overwhelming with numbers. I am.. bored."

The perils of being a berserker when you've berserked sufficiently hard that most things you can reliably kill.
Sixteen "My daddy always said 'if you're bored, then you're boring,'" Sixteen drawls, to no one in particular. And then, she pauses, realizing that she kind of just said it to the armored up behemoth drinking away his maudlin boredom. She shoots a glance at him, then Ironface, and her lips curl up on the side. "Of course, he's dead now. So. Grain of salt on all his wisdom." Annnd she drinks.
Ironface Jones "I understand that. It is why I sometimes must return to the wilderness and pit myself against nature itself," Ironface agrees as he turns to look off to the bartending robots once more. He's quiet, but just for a few seconds. "Supermutants are imposing foes but you are right, the feral are not much of a threat. I usually dispatch them in a single blow."

Looking over at Sixteen Ironface purses his lips slightly as he considers her words. "I do not think that is true. Sometimes just because words sound good it does not mean that they are true."
Ashur "Your daddy was an insignificant welp who raised his daughter with poor manners and a whore's attention to detail," Ashur chides, glancing briefly to the woman's smudged eyeliner. "He would not understand the tragedy of strength any more than a woman would."

Ashur slams his third drink. He imbibes with such infrequency that whatever concoction is in these cups is having its desired effect quicker than he expected; that he is tired from his long travels, and on an empty stomach, besides, worsens it. If only he had a more experienced drinker's wisdom and alternated with some light eating!

"I have slain giants, and laid waste to the horrors of the world; I have ripped men apart, grappled with nuclear weapons, shattered ancient weapons of war. This world has no equal to me."

A fourth. He's putting them down faster than he should.

"And what foe did I face last? Cross-dressers."

Pure venom. He's drunk and bitching.
Sixteen "Aww, thanks," Six says to Asher, with a dreamy smile. "Whores have great eyes for detail, in my experience. Nuance gets more important the less hydraulic-powered metal one's wearing." She turns her attention to Ironface and lifts her empty shotglass to him in salute. "Good observation. Sounds clever, but isn't. Lots of witty wisdom's like that. Like beartraps that catch you up when you thought you knew where you were going." She slides easily back onto a barstool - nearly oozes onto it, and gets another shot dispensed. Three's a good limit. Right? She doesn't weigh all that much.
Ironface Jones "I fear that I do not know what cross-dressers are, but I hope for your sake that you find someone or something worthy of your strength," Ironface tells the other man. He's settled up with the bartending robots and has somewhere to be. Especially if the drunk guy in power armor is going to spew venom or get too drunk and go all weepy. "I must be going now, though. There is business I am attempting to conduct. Should you have an opportunity for another warrior to gain glory ask for Ironface Jones and I will attempt to respond." Lookin gover at Sixteen he nods his head towards her, "Take care."
Ashur Ashur snorts, nostrils flared, and drums his fingers agitatedly across the skull of his helmet. "Salve," he bids Jones, dropping the big fella a nod as he departs. He turns, black, plated heels grinding into the flooring, and casts his gaze down at Sixteen once more when she reveals her true nature as a human liquid and goops her way onto the stool. "What is it you aspire to greatness at, girl? We all have a purpose, and our fulfillment comes through perfecting that purpose -- but what is left to us when we have no more tests, and no way to know how far we've come?"

He drags a foot along the wood like an idle bull and chuffs, adjusting his overly-long cloak. It really is unnecessarily and theatrically large.
Sixteen Sixteen twists on her stool, looking up at Ashur. She takes her time with it, taking in the grinding boots and the egregiously ostentatious cloak, all the way up to the flaring nostrils and the eyes above them. "Wait," she says. "Are you asking me what I aspire to? Or is this one of those things where you're actually trying to work something out for yourself? If it's the former, you have to become a third level friend to unlock my tragic backstory. If it's the latter..." she tilts her head this way and that, considering. "That's a pickle. You could cut off a hand, try the same old same old with a handicap. Or dream big. Burn down Austin. Find a nemesis. Level a mountain. I believe in you."

For punctuation, she knocks back that third shot, taking a moment in the aftermath to let the burn have its way with her.
Ashur Rather than snort, this time the man grunts. He fishes a few caps out and tosses them upon the counter, which the robot scoops into a little collection slot. Oh, how the caps jingle and jangle as they fall, sweet as the tinkling of bells. He turns and advances around her stool, away from the bar, the enormous plates of his significantly larger than usual power armor grinding away at all around him. He walks like a natural disaster; he's got that swagger of men who view themselves as divinely-appointed impositions. "It is not a test of strength if you cripple yourself," he counters. "Tch. This drink is poison."

A roll of one massive black-and-gold shoulder follows with a rustle of wool, and his eyes narrow, teeth grinding. Almost assuredly, it is not vague pining for a Good Fight that has him drunk and furious. "Vale, woman. Tend your drinks."

He lacks the courtesy to wait for a goodbye. Having taken the first big steps toward a night of inebriation, he'll storm off as loudly and animalistically as he came in.