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Eden It seems healers are in short order lately. Eden is glad she learned what she could, cause it's time to put her training to use. Using her apartment as a clinic for now, Eden sets up what she has to tend to those who asked her for some help. Nothing now but to wait for the invited to arrive.
Rusty     Hobble. Hobble. Hobble. Arriving is the old Desert Ranger turned Deputy Marshal. He bangs on the door first before leaning on the door frame. His helmet vox crackles to life. "Doc? Doc? Sorry to bother you at home." His latest patrol apparently has taken a toll on him, it's clear his endurance reserves are a little drained. There's dried blood at his left hip, and left thigh. "It's Marshal Rusty Wayne, Ma'am. I need lead removed. I can always plug the holes myself if I gotta."
Eden Eden pulls open the door and lets Rusty in. "Hey there. I'm not quite a full Doctor, but I've been training with some. Come on in, sit down. Lemme take a look at that leg." Eden leads him over to the bed and grabs some warm wet towels to clean up any blood. Rolling up the pant leg, she sees the hole and starts to gently clean so she can see better. "Tell me if I press too hard, ok?"
Ashur Ashur is already in the apartment. His massive power armor is stored in a little alcove, and the man himself is swaddled in a freshly-laundered toga, moseying out of the bedroom with a sleepy sort of yawn and a curl of fingernails through his chest hairs. He stumbles over the threshold, makes his way around a small couch and a fake potted plant, broad-leafed and tall, until he is near Eden and her new patient. "Little love," he rumbles, weary and plopping himself down on a chair. "Look over that gash on my back when you've finished."

He drops a nod to Rusty. Doesn't recognize him. But hey, Eden's got friends.
Rusty     "Half-Doc, Quarter-Doc, Full-Doc. Yer the available doc, that makes you more valuable." The vox crackles at Eden. Rusty pulls off his helmet the moment he's seated. A hand runs through his grey hair. "Yeah, that's th' older one. Worried about it trying to go south on me." There is a brief grunt from Rusty, but no complaint otherwise. There is a very brief nod at Ashur in return, before he's craning his head to watch his leg get worked on.
Eden Eden still can't help but grin at Ashur's affection. "Sure will! Is Lilly still sleeping?" Still smiling, she keeps working on Rusty's leg. With the clotted blood cleaned up she can see clearly where the bullet is. Not too deep, and not bu any big blood vessels, but this will always sting a bit. "Alright, I'm gonna have to pull it out then clean it out. It'll hurt of course. you want something for the pain?" Eden goes and gathers the items she needs. Thin nosed pliers that have been sterilzed, alcohol, bandages, etc. Once finished, she kneels next to the bed to have the best view of the site. "You ready?"
Rusty     There is a slow shake of head to Eden's question. He just gives a thumbs up, and slowly starts deepening his breathing. "Pain don't hurt. Pain is merely weakness leaving the body." A bit of a grin curls his lips. "All those ancient chestnuts us old guys are expected to sprout." He shifts to ensure he can keep his leg still for her. "Mostly it's I'm used to it, so once it hurts again. I know you've done progress." A brief pause. "Poke away."
Eden Eden nods and starts to explore. She is very glad that she doesn't have to go far in. Seh is glad she had these delicate instruments- even if they are usually for working on electronic things, they are exactly right for this job too. The thin pliers slide around the bullet and grip tightly. Eden pulls, and out it pops. There is a bit more blood, which she quickly staunches with the towel, then bandages. "Do you think you can manage to stay off it for a while? the more rest the quicker it will heal. I guess medics are always saying that around here! I know I never really listened."
Rusty     There is another grunt as Eden has to explore for the round just a bit. Then another when she's gripping it for removal. After he tug he exhals slowly. Then there is a sharp snort of amusement. "In theory. Sure. In practice? Probably not." In fact Rusty is already trying to stand up. "However, I promise to try." A quick pause to consider. "What do I owe you? Also, yes. That is like textbook medic-speak one oh one."
Eden Eden looks slightly uncomfortable. Money isn't a conversation she is used to. "That would be 40 please" She says, trying to sound confident. "But here are a couple pain pills, just in case.
Ashur As Eden labors and hones her medical craft, Ashur seems to be slowly waking up. "She's still asleep," he confirms, glancing aside toward the bedroom where the little babe is unconscious in her crib, just out of sight. "Her stomach seems to have settled."
Rusty     Shifting his duster around, The Deputy Marshal reaches into his belt and draws out some caps. His helmet gets snugged back onto his head, and the caps are offered to Eden as his vox crackles. "Job well done. Much obliged, Ma'am." The rest of his gear is checked briefly, and the mentioned pills get tucked away out of sight. "I'll leave you to your other duties. Thank you."
Eden To Rusty she says, "OK. you can rest there as long as you need to, but I'm gonna take a look at my Hero's gash over there."

She wanders over to Ashur. The tiny woman inspecting the big man's back. "Yep, You've got a gash alright. Let me clean that up for you love." And she gets to work, being extra gentle- knowing he would never in a million years complain.
Rusty     "I should be all right, but offer appreciated." The helmet inclines towards Eden, another sharp nod for Ashur. Then there is the exit that still has some hobbling going on, but far less than when he arrived. Another crackle of the vox and it's just a low whistling of some song by the Marshal beneath the static.
Ashur Ashur inclines his head as his toga is pulled down and his wife gets to work on his injuries. His lifestyle has not given him time to simply rest and recover fully, as of yet -- these brief trips away from the Alamo are the only relaxation he gets. "Thank you, little one," he says gently, reaching up to pet her head.
Eden Eden particularly hates seeing wounds on Ashur. Always another scar being added. She knows there will always be more. This wou d is a simple one, but is starting to look angry. the long jagged gash has redness in the skin around it. "Daddy!" she scolds, " you should have had me tend this one sooner! it's already getting infected." tsking, she washes with alcohol and applies ointment before bandaging up.
Ashur Ashur closes his eyes as the wound is tended and cleansed by the burn of alcohol and the cool kiss of ointment. "There is only so much time in a day," he mutters. "I have the medicii tend my wounds when possible, but I've been on the road to come and see you."
Eden Eden's scolding face softens at that. She finishes her bandaging with a kiss to his back. That wasn't in any of her medic training, but it can't hurt. "I am very glad you are here Daddy. I know you get restless without adventures, but I miss you. Now that's all tended, is there anything else you need my hero?"