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Elsie It's a beautiful day to be out and free in the wilds of Bitter Lake. The name is a misnomer; it's really gorgeous here. Trees, tall grasses, and all of that jazz. And it's under one of these young but sufficient trees that Surelda Solomon, aka Shirly, aka Sully, aka Lady Silver has camped herself out. She's a picture in that blue dress: pale, with bare shoulders, her long silver hair fluttering lightly in the breeze. She's laying, facing the lake, propped up against the trunk. It's quite the scene.

Except as the eyes adjust, they'll see something's wrong. She's sleeping; well that's not too wrong, right? But what's that around her arm? Oh, some rubber tubing. And there's a used syringe in the grass beside her. Oh. OH.

She's high as a motherfucking kite right now. At least she picked a picturesque place for it, right?

But yeah, she's high. So high that she doesn't feel as a molerat has begun to chew on her exposed leg, a trickle of hot red blood snaking across the pale flesh.
Lowry Lowry just happened to be riding by this afternoon, bottle to the lips happily bobbing along. $ Humm ddummm duummm dhummm$ Yep he's humming, like a drunk. He's a ways off but the silver hair gives her away. Smiling he shouts, "Shirls!"! He frowns, "Ehh, pry high or something." He mutters to himself and spurs his horse. He approaches eventually and spots the mole rat. "You little fucker!" Then the needle, "Stupid broad," He mumbles as he draws.
Elsie "S'burnin, don't let her burn," Surelda mutters as she snoozes. Her opposite, non-chewed-on leg kicks out, momentarily startling the mole rat. But the creature nashes his teeth in the air and lowers himself to yank another little chunk from Surelda's living, breathing, bleeding flesh. At this point, her big, black eyes flutter open. They don't see the molerat, but instead stare glassily across the lake. Even that, she doesn't seem to see. "Don't let it burn, my Auntie's in there," she mutters, and her head rolls to one side, eyes closing once more.

Man oh man, this is almost OD territory, this.
Lowry "'Least she's making noise." He's mumbling as he points that old revolver. Biting his lip and squinting he shouts, "Hold still, Despair, you fucking twat!!!" From another perspective one could see the horse, like a rock, the man above pullin' the old Rooster Cogburn. He finally steadies and, BOOM! The round flies high into the tree. He kind of chuckles. "Shit." He takes aim again...
Kaydin     Kaydin had provided some drugs to Surelda and when he explores the lake to work on his motorcycle he comes to the man panicking. He moves along with the man and pulls out a hand gun. He then looks to the Molerat. "Mother..." He says as he raises his pistol and tries to shoot the molerat without shooting the girl's leg.
Lowry "Allright." Lowry hops down and aims, kind of stumbling forward but he looks pretty sharp as huge plume of smoke flies from his barrel. He hasn't noticed Kaydin. He's pry seeing two molerats. He keeps wlakin' forward, the hammer cocking back again as his shot hits the dirt a few inches away from her leg.
Elsie The molerat is having a grand day! He's got this big leg to gnaw on, and appears to be invincible. However, he's also a molerat, so he doesn't know anything. The loud snaps and pops of bullets striking ground or tree trunk? They cause the ugly, blind creature to howl in displeasure and scurry around Surelda, making some howling noises.

But there's no pain assocaited with the noises. No danger. So he sniffs the air again, and decides to continue munching.

This time he's gotten Surelda's beautiful silvery mane.
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his gun and misses and he aims for for it once more as it goes for the woman's hair. He wanted to save the woman but so far his aim seems to be off. He reaches with his free hand and pulls a knife out and readies himself to stab the creature as he makes a dead run for surelda.
Lowry Lowry now sees the man, but he's still a few feet away as he charges so he lets loose another miserable attempt to save the poor girl. Holstering his pistol after that he watches the man flying her way, knife in ready. He pulls the bottle from beneath his coat and gets the cork with his teeth, spitting it on the ground. "Fucking christ." He mutters while approaching and undoing his neckerchief.
Elsie And there's Surelda, getting a chunk of her hair chewed on by a molerat, an open wound in her leg bleeding and oozing freely. Her eyes flutter open once more; she's awake, just not concious. Indeed, it doesn't seem like she's even noticed the molerat at this juncture, though that could be that the critter is off to the side, now. Her head lolls to the one side, glassy black eyes finding the men rushing at her. She grins.

"No need to run on my account," she tells Kaydin with a laugh. "I ain't going nowhere."

Dumb broad, indeed.
Kaydin     Kaydin arrives at the mole rag and plunges the knife through it and kills it quickly, knife to the brain. He then looks to Surelda and then looks to Lowry. "I dont have any medical training." He says as he moves the dead mole rat away from the woman and tries to find something to cover the woman's wound.
Lowry Lowry had grabbed the neckerchief and the whiskey, forseeing this moment. "It'll burn like hell," He takes a knee, "But it should wake 'er ass up too. She's on tha' moon, this one." He'll dump a healthy amount of the boot leg liquor on her leg. IF the screaming comes he'll try to restrain her and wrap. He looks over to Kadydin now, "Hey, I Remember you." A flat remark but a courteous nod along with it.
Elsie The chewing didn't wake her out of it, but there's something about the insane heat that sears along ones nerves when alcohol is applied to an open wound. Something special. Surelda shrieks and tenses, every muscle in her being going taut. Not that there's much; she's a strung out former whore, not exactly a bodybuilder is she.

She'll have to be held down.
Kaydin     Kaydin goes to hold her down and nods. "Yea I remember you also." He says as he holds the woman down. "So is this your girlfriend?" He asks as he watches the woman and keeps her held down with his body weight. He remains ontop of her and holds her enough to keep from completely squishing her but enough to keep her held down for the man to work.
Lowry Lowry seems a little sharper now, eyes intent on his work. Sweat is beginning to pour down his forehead and he quickly wipes his brow. He's got a few wraps in. Just gotta tie it. He doesn't look over just answers, "Naw, she's our radia' girl. She's a'right though." If she is still kicking around he'll help to hold her.
Elsie "OUCH!" Surelda finally settles on that particular method of voicing her displeasure. She's panting from the sudden state of wakefulness, the pain shooting up her leg, and the strange sensation of waking up to find two men holding her down. Well, to be fair, she's a former whore--that part isn't too terribly strange.

She blinks at both of them, still glassy-eyed but better focused now. There's blood on her one side; spray from the now deceased molerat, though the blood there is still warm. And then her own blood, on her leg. And the burning. "The fuck?!" she demands, looking between Lowry and Kaydin. "What's wrong with my leg?!"
Kaydin     "You had a mole rat trying to eat your leg, Surelda." Kaydin says as he tries to keep her held down but somewhat comfortable. He then looks back over to Lowry and nods. "Will she keep the leg?" He says as he looks to Lowry.
Lowry Lowry will back off. Leaning on his side now. He's thinking she seems less rowdy so he takes a deep breath and grabs that bottle, himself needing one now. "Ya a'right?" He asks. "It's like the man said," Indicating Kaydin. Now he speaks to him, "Fuck if I know. I seen alot worse though. Reckon we should get her the hell outta here." He nods at his horse. "You on foot? Got somethin' faster? Thought you had a bike maybe or somethin?" He aint sure and he aint sober.
Elsie Surelda is calming down, and it's been determined that she does not have superhuman druggie strength. At least not today. "Mole rat?" She asks, eyes still glassy. She looks toward Kaydin, then off toward the direction of the mole rat corpse. She blinks again, as if not believing what she's seeing. And in truth, who can say what it is she's seeing.

"Keep it?" Those words bring her back to the here and now, and she turns to look between the men, then at her leg. "Fuck me, lookit all that blood!" Again, who can say what she's seeing now. Perhaps that blood is purple, to her.

Then something else seems to occur to her, and she looks back between the men, wide-eyed. "Is my auntie okay? Did she burn with the rest of the city?"
Kaydin     "What city?" Kaydin asks as he looks to the woman and then to Lowry. He moves off of Surelda and tries to help pick her up. "I got a motorcycle nearby." He says as he looks to the man and then moves an arm around Surelda, letting her lean on him.
Lowry "Acme, I think. Theres' a good doctor there, Iris. She's Lsc too so she'll know Surelda."He'll lend an arm to and get her too his horse if the bike is more than a few yards off. "Just leave him, he'll come back when I whisle."
Elsie Surelda looks at Kaydin like he's stupid. "New Vegas, a course. Ain't that where we are? Oh, no," she says, as the men haul her to her feet. She stops, putting only some weight on her good leg as she stares ahead at the lake.

"They burned it flat, and flooded it. There's no New Vegas left!" Did we mention that she's high? Between her drug addiction and Lowry being a drunk, Kaydin might be the only adult here, right now. Poor Kaydin.

"Suppose it's for the best, poor Auntie. She always told Father everything, and that wouldn't be good. But I wish she hadn't died. Damn, bloody Enclave!"
Kaydin     Kaydin just looks to the woman and then looks to Lowry. He looks between the two of them and sighs. "Acme is nearby." He says as he moves to the bike which is nearby. "Here." He says as he gets the woman on his bike and looks to the woman and then to Lowry. "Want to lead the way or want me to?" He asks curiously.
Lowry " You know the way, right? Just go man. I'll follow." He will back off and pull a smoke from his coat and some matches. Lighting up and letting them peel out.