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Sparrow The clinic isn't terribly busy today but Sparrow had dropped in to do some trading with the local Docs. Talking stories and making sure that they've got their supply of FEV innoculations for the month. The blonde Doc's stoic face doesn't really change at all as she speaks, keeping already weather-worn features from developing anything more than the fine lines at the corners of her eyes and lips. The other Doc takes the innoculations to the back to store them properly and Sparrow has ended up manning the Office for a little while in his stead.
Oakley Anders There was a small rush of patients when the Alamo Citadel survivors first arrived. Some decided to wait. Probably not for the best as one of the late arrivals is an older gentleman who gives a rub of his salt and pepper beard. "Evening. Heard the Doc wasn't that much of a looker. Guess they were wrong. Got a moment to patch up an old Knight?" he asks curiously.
Sparrow Sparrow glances up. "That's odd, word doesn't normally travel that fast. But I guess since all the best Doctors in El Dorado are usually lovely young women." She says wryly with a hint of a smirk as she pushes off the desk. "Go ahead and have a seat in one of the curtained areas for some quick triage. Unfouruntely the rooms are all full up on surgeries. Take whatcha need off for me to get to your injuries." She moves to get washing her hands and make sure her medkit is attatched to her jacket properly.
Oakley Anders "Don't need the surgery. Took some close ones at the 'mo, and got rattled around in the old tin can on the road over here." Oakley offers with a smirk of his own before he moves to settles on one of cots in the curtained area. He goes ahead and removes his shirt, his skin showing the age of an old veteran with scars of past battles, some probably older than the woman treating him. The fresher wounds show on his shoulder, and a pass-through wound on his right arm that he's hastily first-aided back together.
Sparrow Sparrow adjusts her lab coat and moves over after pulling on some gloves. "Well that's a plus. I can perform surgery in public but it's not exactly fun." She moves to check the wounds checking the first aid and then cutting away the bandages to start working on making sure there's nothing left in the wound to infect it. The young Doc's serious blue eyes unwavering from the man's shoulder. "I'm susprised no one was able to help you along the trip. It's not exactly a small distance."
Oakley Anders "Yeah, it's a hike. But there were folks that needed it more than I did." Oakley gives a shrug of his shoulders. "Names Anders. Oakley Anders. One of the few of the Texas Brotherhood able to still be one." he says with a grunt. "Wasn't too keen on being the first out or being carried out on my shield, so I waited for the others to get clear and moseyed behind the caravan making sure the stragglers stayed safe. Good thing at that, ran into some Jackals trying to pick off some of the left behinds. That's how I got that." A gesture to his shoulder. "So what's the damages, and what I owe ya for the sawbones work?"
Sparrow Sparrow reaches up to stop the Knight from shrugging the injured shoulder giving him a lofted brow and a smirk before going back to work. "I don't know, I've known a couple of your folks. Scribes, Knights.." She says neutrally giving no real indication one way or the other as to her feelings on the BoS. "Course I'm not really up on all the differences between you folks." Sure and steady hands make uick work of the cleaning and then come the stitches. "What all did ya fight up there? Ya surely don't mean real jackals."
Oakley Anders "Naw. Just call 'em jackals. Scavengers, like to pick off those that get left behind or get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too cowardly to be raiders, too dumb to be mutants." Oakley offers with a little grunt as Sparrow continues her work. "At least ya got the right bedside manner. All about the service. Ya know, helping out others - all that rar rar stuff. Easy to forget who you were yourself in all that. That's what I'm facing now - what happens when the Knight ain't got a castle to Quest fer anymore. I know right, poor pitiful fuckin' me."
Sparrow Sparrow looks surprisingly relieved about that. As if there could actually be real 'jackals' involved. She looks up towards the door then back towards Ander's arm. "Bedside manner? I've got steady hands and I aint got time to take guff. I wouldn't exactly call me a party hostess." She's carefull and swift about what she does, working quickly with her medkit to tak away anything that wont heal before doing another quick set of stitches. She's fast and she knows what she's doing in the very least. "What now that the Alamo's gone? Nonsense, there's always a new quest. Hear tell there's stuff to be done about Dunwich now that they've figured out what was goin' on up there."
Sixteen Sixteen slinks in to the clinic, quieter than the door at least until she clears her throat while peering around. "Dusty out there," she explains, unnecessarily, for the eyes that turn her way. A brow quirks up when she spies Oakley, and the corner of her mouth on that side twists, but she minds her business while the doc does her work. Mostly. She can't help shuffling around, poking her boots under empty cots - generally curious.
Oakley Anders "Yeah. heard a little about that. Weird shit in the mists, or something like that?" Oakley asks curiously before he hears a familiar voice, and the corner of his blue eyes crinkle with the smirk that tugs on his lips. "If you were hoping to catch me in my altogether, Sixteen, ya still owe me that drink." he says with a snort, and then there's a chuckle. "I'd introduce ya to the Doc, but she ain't exactly been forthcoming with the name. Ya know, one of them old folktales, ya know someone's name, ya can hold it over them." He comments dryly. "I patched her up out in the wastes between here and the 'mo, so might want to give her a looksie." he explains to Sparrow. "I ain't great at much other than sticking a bandage on it."
Sparrow There aren't many, not out here. The previous Doc's slid out for a break since he's been here going for some time. Sparrow isn't one to mind though so she peeks out from the small curtained area where she's working on Oakley and lifts fingers to tip them from her temple without touching anything. "Howdy, have a seat and I'll be right withya. Sorry for the wait but we've had an influx recently. I think there are a few half readable magazines there in the rack by the door."

THe doc plants herself back on the rolling stool so she can finish the last of the stitch work up and then get bandages in place. "Alien tech." She replies, "Alien tech makin things go absolutely batshit. Folks were gonna EMP it last I heard." She glances up and then back and forth between the exchange. "If ya'll are familiar may as well let her come on in. Anyway, most folks call me 'Row. I'm out from Avalon for a day or two gatherin' folks to head up to Hondo. I just cover for folks here when they need a break."
Sixteen "Thanks, Row." Six flashes a toothy grin at Sparrow when she peeks out. "No rush, you know what they say - age before beauty." The notion of magazines does sound interesting, but she contains her curiosity and wanders nearer the curtained 'operating room', just to spare anyone raising their voices. "Heard about those 'nanites'. Heard em called ghosts by some chick with green lipstick, too. Have /not/ heard about Hondo."
Oakley Anders "Hondo? Got some kinda trouble ya need poking about?" Oakley asks curiously. Hey, Sparrow was just pointing out that the next quest was just around the corner. "Yeah, we're acquainted, just ain't that friendly yet." he says with a glance up at Sixteen and gives a bark of a laugh. "Oh, you're more fun than a bag of rabid coons, Six." There's a toothy grin at that before he gives a shrug of the shoulder that Sparrow isn't finishing work on. "If ya need the extra gun, mind if I tag along?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well, Tinnie was given a workover by Manuelito and the Milita a few months back, but Picacho - the Ghouls with the Nuka Cola Plant - and Hondo another group of intelligent Ghouls out by Rosewell, have been needin' some help. Picacho's not in as much of a pile as Hondo though so I'm headin' up there. Hopin' that we can negotiate with the folks given them problems." She explains. "Before we go resortin' to any violence. But I don't like the way the folks act, there's somethin' fishy goin' down and it aint just the smell of 'em." She looks between them both, "Sure, ya'll are both welcome. Just mind whatever you're gettin' healed for. I can't redo pulled stitches for at least a week.""
Sixteen "I'd hope so," Sixteen laughs at Oakley, unable to contain it. "Pretty low bar to get over. Coons are likely to make off with a bar, anyway." She then makes a noncommital noise, somewhere between resigned and sympathetic. "Words didn't tend to go very far in Texas. Wish you better luck, here, Doc."

Quieter, towards Oakley, she wonders, "How's that retirement shapin up?"
Oakley Anders "Like shit, Sixteen. How's the vacation?" Pushing off the cot to pull his shirt back on, there's a grin as he pulls back the curtain to let Sixteen take his place as they do musical medicals with Sparrow. "Don't worry, gonna pull the curtain closed so I don't see yer tits or knickers." he smirks as he moves to take his own seat and grabs one of the old magazines.
Sparrow Sparrow finishes up, "Ya can put your shirt back on if you like. Just make sure to keep the bandages clean." She's off to wash her hands before gesturing Six into another one of the small curtained areas. "Yeah there are just some folks you don't trust to talk to folks. Better to be convicted on your truth than die for a lie." She blinks at Oakley and shrugs, "Tits and Knickers aren't exactly a secret in this down, Knight. A walk down by the Saloon gives you half that, and ten caps gives you the other."

She gets Sixteen settled in and gestures, "Take off what you need for me to get to your wounds, please."
Sixteen "I'm warming up," Sixteen says, of her vacation. She sits down and wriggles out of her duster and pulls up her shirt to reveal a healing, just slightly crusty graze across her ribs. "Right?" She agrees with Sparrow. "Not that I know what they charge just yet, but I don't even wear 'em. Still, I figure the perfect gentleman out there will watch your back when you go. Seems the sort ready to eat a bullet for just about anyone."
Eden Eden wanders into the medical clinic full of cuts and scrapes and bruises. She sees Sparrow working on Oakley, and that there are others waiting, and quietly sits to wait her turn. She is humming to herself and seems in a better mood than the wounds suggest. Despite the scrape up with refugees, it's been a pretty nice day. She will stay quietly until she is called in by the doctor. Especially since she knows her wounds are not seriousl or urgent.
Sparrow Sparrow grins at Sixteen but it doesn't last long; she'd hate for those weather wrinkles to become something more deep set. "I've taken my fair share of bullets." The quiet blonde Doctor replies as she gets to work cutting the old bandages away and using her medkit to assess the damage to Sixteen's ribs. "Sides most of the time I just go to make sure everyone comes back alive." Cool but steady fingers poke and prod mentioning with a pointing movement towards a small stack of gauze she'd set neat Sixteen. "If the pain gets to much, there's some Ether right there ya'll can help yourself too. Unfourunately can't do much about Ribs. Just make sure you aint gettin' an infection and get you bound up, when you rebind, not tight. Ya'll need to breathe or you'll get fluid in your lungs." Sparrow pauses to greet Eden, looking past the curtains and waves, "Hey, Eden, rooms are all full. Have a seat over on that other prepped exame chair and I'll be right with ya okay?" She asks seriously before checking back on Sixteen.
Oakley Anders "Not just anyone." comes the retort from Oakley as he gives a snort and flips through the magazine. "Just the ones that were watching my ass out there in the wastes." he points out. Though yeah, Sixteen's //probably// right. As he listens to the instructions, he frowns. "Don't want you drowning on your own phlegm, Six." he points out as he looks up towards Eden and offers a friendly enough nod of his head.
Sixteen Sixteen holds her face in an expectant kind of grimace as Sparrow does her work, that slowly relaxes as she realizes it's not as bad as she was expecting. "Never as bad as you think it's gonna be," she says appreciatively. "Thanks, Doc. 'Row. I'll take it easy while I'm healing. I'm on vacation." Louder, she repeats for Oak, "I'll take it easy, Dad! See you when you get back from rescuing the Hondo!" She winks once at Sparrow, attempting to bring her into the joke, as she pulls down her shirt and gets her duster resituated so she can clear out and make room for whichever newcomer the doc greeted.
Eden Eden smiles and nods at Sparrow, then moves to where she pointed. Humming softly to herself, Eden looses her self in her own thoughts while she waits. She doesn't mind waiting.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, the young Doctor with the serious face pats Six on her knee. "It's all right. It's bad, so don't go anything to make it worse or you might puncture a lung. There just isn't much -I- can do for you, if you gotta be out there doin; take a back seat or be support. No front lines for a bit." She washes her hands and checks her kit before gathering some more supplies on a tray. Thankfully the volunteers prep them ahead of time when they get influxes like they have from the Alamo so it's not too much work. "I got all the time in the world for you Eden," She says as the Doc she was covering for finally comes back inside scrubbing crumbs from his beard and waving smoke from his face.

"And then, on the road to Hondo. We'll be meetin at the Caravan in about an hour." She tells the others before moving next to Eden and setting the tray down to settle in to get to work on the wound. Making sure Eden has gotten her clothing out of the way so that she can clean it, and make sure it's not getting too infected. "Ya'll don't forget to come by and get yourself innoculated yall hear?" She tells the others before getting to work on the oozing cut. Always a busy Doctor.
Oakley Anders "Will do. Thanks for the patch-job, Row. I'll see you out there for back up with the Hondo thing." he says and then Oakley rolls his eyes at Sixteen. "You ain't too old for me to take over my knee." he comments dryly as he opens the door for the vacationing bounty hunter.
Sixteen Sixteen narrows her eyes at the man. "You sure?" She drawls, so friendly. And out she goes.
Eden Eden;s grin breaks over her face. "so good to see you stranger! How have you been. I got one bad cut here and some little scrapes. Ypu think you can patch me up?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Of course, Eden. No worries. We'll get you fixed up and right back out and workin again. I'm good, busy, been doin' my rounds in the wastes so nothin' unusual. More the me bein' here that often was. So what happened?" She wonders as she gets to work, cleaning, washing and stitching the bloody wound closed.
Eden Eden take a seep breath and says "I was working on the farm, and the refugees started freaking out at me. I mean, I would have just given them food had they asked. I honestly don't know what they really wanted. I am just glad they are gone. Was a tussle for a bit, but eventually they walked away." Eden laughs "I'm just a little tougher than I look!"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Yeah. Keep an eye on that stuff, Edan okay. It might not be something they have any control over." She says as she works and gets everything finally set and cleaned. The stitches holding skin together. Next comes a salve.
Eden Eden ahhhss at the soothing feel of the salve. She kept it together while being stitched (Ashur would be proud!) but man does that hurt! "Oo that cream feels heavnely. How much do i owe you Doc?"
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Twenty five. Usual going price. And I should get cleaned up, got some Ghouls to chat with." She says as she finishes carefully applying the bandage. "Change that, okay. Twice a day. I'll have the other doc get you a pot of Salve to take with you."
Eden Eden pays the doctor and adds a little tip. "Thank you so much Sparrow! i am glad you are back. but i need to get home ot Lilly. If she doesn't have all her favorite thinks- includeing her mommy, she just never falls asleep. Have a good night Sparrow!"