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Sparrow For those who'd signed up to come out to Hondo, it was going to be a bit of a way; even for those traveling with the LS Caravans. Sparrow and a couple of other El Doradans and one or two ghoul residence of Rosewell are waiting with the caravan to lead the folks off to find out what was going on.

Hondo, somewhere on the cusp of being 'dangerously' close to Dunwich and just plain old deadly wastes, is West past Rosewell some way. The entrance to its road marked with the remains of an old Red Rocket station. Its reserves had exploded in some past blast making it look as if the rocket had crash-landed on the road itself.

In the distance what once was a small community built around the service station, a Diner and an old Motel. Largely outwardly dilapidated and showing signs not only of age but the structures themselves have not completely collapsed and show some signs of recent activity. Swinging with a lonesome whale is a sign that sways in the desert breeze, 'Hondo'.

The two ghoul guides move ahead a bit. "Come in quiet." They advise, "Some of these locals can be easy, uh, too ..uh spook."
Nemo Nemo avoided travelling with the Caravans from Lone Star. He took a working motorcycle, a Prewar loan from the Scientists of El Dorado. Kaydin was the only person he knew coming to help Hondo, so they rode together. Of course they had to meet up with their contacts, so they weren't riding the load thing straight into Hondo, only stashing it nearby.

Dressed in a cowboy hat, a mexican poncho, with a sniper rifle and two revolvers, he looked ready for the job. To one of the guides, he says, "You just point the way. We'll follow."
Oakley Anders When Sparrow had told Oakley of the mission, the old Knight found himself drawn to it. Again, he's returned to the battered T-54 power armor, the insides of it humming gently as it's marked with the twin pistols and wings of the Texas Brotherhood. With his .308 settled on his shoulder, he glances towards Sparrow and the helmeted knight gives a nod of his head.

"Looks like that building over there can make a good nest. Ya want me up there, or down here by yer side?" he asks, knowing that in the armor, the Knight can do a better job of protecting Sparrow should the shit hit the fans. There's a gentle tap of armored hand against his side as he waits for Sparrow's opinion, but when the ghouls speak up, he gives a nod of his head. "Well, we'll try our best not to give the locals any issue."
Ironface Jones Amidst the group from El Dorado, Ironface rides his mighty horse, First Horse Jones. The animal is looking big and healthy, as is it's rider, the pair of them moving at a pace that keeps them even with the rest of the caravan until he's waved off the road. The large man has his large beast trot in Sparrow's direction and when he's advised to come quietly by one of the guides he nods at the ghoul and dismounts from his animal, tying off it's reins to nearby detritus. The large tribal moves pretty smoothly as he starts to limber up a little bit, stretching to get the creaks and pops out of his joints before proceeding forward. Once he's gotten the noise making out of the way he grabs his wasteland slugger from the loop it hangs from on his saddle and gives it a couple of practice swings.
Lowry Having gotten bored and always with a mind to scavenge up some loot or shoot something Lowry decided to tag along. Not to mention he's a Lone star guard. He's gently rocking in his horses saddle with a somewhat jovial look on his face. His coat blows in the gentle breeze, His denim shirt revealed along with his holster on his side from time to time. His dark brown hat is pulled down and his neckerchief up to keep his nose clear.

Everyone else seems to be going afoot so he ties his trusty steed up as well. A nod to Nemo, "Didn't know you'd be here, partner." A smile and a nod. "Aww, you either." Is added to Ironface. Oh and a nod to Oak, "Lowry." He throws out there as way of greeting and introduction. Now time for a drink. That flask comes out as always and gets tipped back. Offered around as well if one would so wish.
Sparrow The Doctor had left her horse back a ways so she could follow on foot with the Ghouls leading on to the sign post. Once grouped the group can see the layout of the town seem simple enough; it's about five miles to a small set of painted hills that the deepening shadows paint in red hues as it lowers leaving the imagination to wonder what lurks in those dark crevices. Once the group gathered in the spot she looked towards the town then back to the Ghouls who explain. "We need to go in there and speak to the Locals first. I suggest we go in on foot. The ones we talk to stay in the diner." The female ghoul tugs at her hair to amke sure her wig's still on nice and tight under her helmet and starts leading the group that way.

"It's up to you." Sparrow tells Anders, "But we can't all go into the diner either." It's a small cafe thing with a glass front and apartment above it that had been shielded from the blasts around it largely by a now crumbling concrete wall that had been placed around the parking lot at one time.

This town has exactly one intersection it's that small. A quick trained sweep of the eye reveals no more than a dozen houses, a small store and a rest area within visual range in the significant distance between the hills and the small town.

(Folks, be sure to say where you're staying clearly in your pose.)
Oakley Anders "I'll stay out here. Ain't much of a fan of confined spaces in this tin can." Oakley responds to Sparrow with a nod of his head, and then glances to Lowry. "Oakley." he offers in greetings, before his attention turns to the surroundings. "I'm gonna go get high up to take a looksie." he offers towards Sparrow finally. "Give you some eyes and ears up on the roof. You hear me start pounding five times, you know we have trouble."

With that, he moves towards the back of the diner, using the wall and starts to look for a place to climb up so that he can access the roof and set up.
Ironface Jones "I thought it was best to come help so that people know I can be depended upon," Ironface explains to Lowry with a nod of greeting. At the offer of the flask Ironface reaches out to accept it and take a little nip before returning it, "I thank you."

And then it's time for business and the big man gets an even more serious look that usual on his face. While creeping as softly as he can Ironface keeps his eyes peeled for trouble, "I will remain outside. If we are attacked I will attempt to fill the doorway with my mass to prevent them from getting inside. That should let the rest of you shoot, if that is your way." While some folks may go to enter the diner he looks for a spot outside that'll provide some cover while still allowing him to position himself to move quickly in front of the diner's door.
Lowry      Lowry listens as much as he can as they move forward. A polite nod to Oakley when the man acknowledges him and then over to Ironface, "Mighty noble o' ya', friend." He is smiling and sounds sincere as the flask is passed back. With two of them electing to stay outside he says, "Well I reckon I'll go on in. Offer some back up to the lady and her friends." He pulls his revolver, spins it open, checks, flips it closed, surely full and returned back to his side.
Nemo Nemo tips his hat to a few familiar faces, stepping up closer to Sparrow and Anders, "I'm good with ghouls, I've been followin' this lead for a while, I'd like to know how the S.O.E.D. can help out." He checks his revolvers, then draws out his Pip-Boy, telling Oakley, "If you can get on lowband 1740, I'll do the same and keep it open. Copy?" He chuckles, moving to join Lowry.
Rusty     Finally coming back in to join the main group, it pays to have your own horse. The taciturn Ranger turned Deputy Marshal dismounts from the saddle and his vox crackles to life. "Clear until the town." Then he's checking his service rifle and apparently swaps out the magazines in it. Red lenses turn back to the group. "I can always ninja out ahead on foot."
Kaydin     "My question is where the ferals?" Kaydin asks once they got there. His duster flutters as he climbs out of the bike and moves with nemo, a revolver in one hand as he looks around. When the tour guides said what they said he just pulls the hammer back on his gun. "Ready." He says calmly.
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head to Oakley and nods once to him. "Got you." She replies adjusting her own helmet as the Doc and her party of those heading inside break off from the others. Because she's not going to stand out here and get shot at. No thank you.

The two ghouls hold open the makeshift door so that Lowery, Nemo and Sparrow can step inside. Sparrow's not going to stop anyone from picking their fate; she's just here to try and sew them up after after all. "You wanna take point, that's fine." She tells Nemo seriously.

         +++++ INSIDE +++++

Another couple of ghouls are shuffling about. At first glance, it's easy to get nervous.Their clothing is little more than tattered rags of what it was. They are dedicated more than the average ghoul, in addition to their appearance and the overall husk of their eyes most people would shoot first. But the one in the filthy yellow dress greets in a ghoulish hiss, "Hello. Welcome to our home. I..don't have anything to offer you except some molerat meat." There are signs that they'd at one point had more than that. Recent signs. Dead but not ashen plants in the window and a teapot that isn't coated in dust on a cooking stove.

         +++++ OUTSIDE +++++

The others stand in the empty streets watching as the desert wind tosses just about. The buildings shift and groan as the temperature drops some when the sun continues to dip. It was a long trip.

Getting onto the Diner is going to take some acrobatics or strength, there's not a lot left of the outside structure but with teamwork or inginuity getting up isn't impossible.

((Any sort of investigation/scouting/ect rolls, go ahead w'them and a page with an idea of what you're looking for.))
Sparrow On the way up, (this totally happened I promise), people were told that they reason theyw ere coming to Hondo was some ghouls in Rosewell had a cousin out here that has dissapeared and the locals have stated to go quiet, there seem to be more ferals. It's a mystery!
Oakley Anders Set up upon the roof, Oakley takes a settling kneel position. His helmet unsnaps and comes down as he lifts Georgine into position and starts to scan the horizon. It's a check of the immediate buildings to the front of the town, a glance into windows - not because he's pervy, but more to see if there's something that might be aimed towards the building - anything that might seem untoward. Such as armed ferals. Or ghouls with pitchforks. Or torches. Or pitchforks and torches.

He adjusts his scope to start to scan outwards, checking the streets nearest the building, using the 360 view of his perch to try to take in the whole area.
Nemo Immediately inside, Nemo takes off his hat, and vows to himself to use his inside voice. "Thank you ma'am, we brought some of B's moonshine from El Dorado, as a gift from ours to yours." He keeps his movements very slow, and pulls out a bottle of whiskey, offering it over. "I'm Nemo Booker, from the Scientists of El Dorado. We heard you had a missing person, and some ah... changes in behavior. We're hoping to help anyway we can, and investigate possible connections to other problems. What can you tell of your problems, miss?"
Ironface Jones The other folks can go inside or climb stuff in power armor, Ironface is going instead to make sure that nothing sneaks up on them as well as he can. Keeping his head on a swivel, the big tribal readies himself for combat, his grip constantly shifting on the haft of his slugger. From his vantage point he can't seem to make out any trouble, but that doesn't mean he's not going to be ready for it. He's ready to rock with his wicked looking bat.
Lowry Lowry keeps his hat, You never know and this aint some dames folks house. He just squints his eyes and pushes his hat up. Rolling the toothpick around in his mouth he says, "Ya like cats?" The question is at the owner of the home and his hand has crept slowly to the handle of his pistol by now. He steps side letting Sparrow in but keeps proximity close to his fellow Eldorians. He is still searching with heavy eyes to the ghoul he had questioned though...
Kaydin     Kaydin approaches with Nemo and watches the man's back as he does the talking. He looks about curiously and keeps his gun drawn. He looks back to Nemo and then to the ghouls as they talk.
Oakley Anders Quietly, Oakley continues his scan. Reaching up, he presses his cheek against his comm against his helmet to speak. "El Dorado, Anders. Got some movement - not anything looking unfriendly. Couple of mutts out in the street. What's got me nervous? Everyone's already rolled up the sidewalks, from the looks of it." he comments quietly over his comm. "Thought these things preferred the night sometimes."
Rusty     Reaching up with his left hand, he presses it against the right side of his helmet. With a soft sound of electronics energizing, the red lenses of his helmet brighten up. With that, Rusty slips away from the rest of them to head deeper into town. He is a wastland postapocalyptic warmachine ninja. His movements are economical and silent. With his head on a swivel, he picks out his path to next see what he can see.
Lowry "And whats with the leg?" Lowry now points out to the ghoul. What in the hell is goin' on around here?" He's not one to hold his thoughts, especially with a situation like this. He nundges Nemo and uses his eyes to indicate somethng out of the ordinairy.
Stockton Always guarding the rear of the pack, is the Marshal astride his draft horse mare. As the last of the caravan rolls into town, he breaks away and dismounts, letting the horse make her way back home like she always does. Upon reaching the house, he visually checks in with the stragglers outside. His big frame ducks some while joining the herd inside the house. The goggles over his eyes come up only once he's inside the dimly lit hovel. Shadowing Sparrow some he gives a soft grunt to let her know he's there.
Rusty     Voice sounding a bit muffled due to the helmet vox. Rusty quietly murmurs on the radio channel for those that have one. <"Shit. Ferals are rousing. Eyes open."> There is a bit of a pause. <"Near the sheds. In some houses.">
Sparrow          +++++ INSIDE +++++

The two Hondans look nervously at Kaydin and shuffle a bit closer to the other Ghouls which all shuffle a bit uncomfortably as well. Sparrow though seems calm and is taking everything in with a critical if passive eye looking stumped about some things. The female ghoul nods, "Yess, we had a cat. But we haven't seen Mittens in weeks." She says quietly patting a dedicated hand against the male ghoul that's holding her arm.

The Rosewell Ghoul's change a look and one cough, "Look, if you could just tell us where Cindy went.."

But the female ghoul in yellow sounds like a broken record. "I haven't seen Cindy in weeks.."

Sparrow frowns even more and tilts her head a bit looking at the ghoul's leg but the female ghoul seems reluctant to say much more than that giving Kaydin another nervous glance. Easily Spooked is an understatement. The Rosewell ghouls say, "Hey there's no need for that.' But as companions go they certainly aren't being very helpful. Maybe they're a little scared too but not as scared as the two Hondo Ghouls are. In fact, the ghouls from Hondo are suspiciously more afraid.

        +++++ Outside +++++

The sun isn't down but purples gather around the edges of the sky and shadows deepen to help conceal the urban Ninja and also anything else that might be skulking in the shadows. The temperature drops as well. Night drawing close to the wastes draws the 'yotes out to howl, the sound of radscorps in the distance and for those who are outside the telltale signs of life and movement.
Oakley Anders Sitting up in his sniper perch, Oakley suddenly straightens. His breath tightens further, as he suddenly pushes his helmet forward and it snaps down with a hiss as he starts to bring up the optics and radio. "<<El Dorado, Anders. Movement, copy. Diner, Red Rocket, possible contact.>>" Then there's a pause as he raises his rifle and brings it up to link optics with the scope. "<<Aww, fuck.>>" comes the quiet noise.

"<<Possible contact. Hills. It's large. It glows. And it's coming this way. Copy, over.>>" he says as he chambers the first round and flicks the safety off of Georgine and sets the assault carbine to the side in case he needs to rapidly switch weapons.
Ironface Jones Ironface turns his head slightly and speaks towards the people in the diner in a quiet voice, "There are things here. They're moving in buildings off that way." He points the way with his weapon to show where he's talking about. The big tribal doesn't seem phased by the information, just passing it along to make sure that everyone's aware of it. Little does he know that Rusty is doing the same thing more efficiently.
Nemo Nemo pulls his revolver, "We come in, and try to help you, and you pull some shit on us?" He glances to Lowry, calling out on his Pip-boy, "Copy that. Standy." He snaps his attention back to the ghoul in yellow, pointing his gun at her, "Jig's up, tell us how many are ambushing us, or I'll paint a picture with your brains on the wall, and you'll never miss Cindy the fucking cat again, lady."
Kaydin     "Mittens. Mittens is the cat." Kaydin says as he looks to the people present and moves to holster his gun. He moves to the people and gives an audible sigh. "Look. I dont want any violence. If I can avoid killing anything, then I would do it. I like to think folks are like that in the end. Work with us, and you will be protected and allowed to live a peaceful life as one can out here."
Stockton Stockton tries not to do the full on Gibbssmack, but he does kinda cuff Nemo in the back of the head with a low grunt. "Just as likely they get fragged if we do. Point the gun outside and we'll deal with this in a minute without violence, peachy?" He asks of the gunsmith with a little click of the feral man's tongue as his masked features turn towards the windows. "Let's get firing positions, maybe we get the drop on it instead of the other way around, yeah?"
Oakley Anders "<Marshal, Anders. We got one glow bug - from the direction of the old Brotherhood base. Be aware. Five mikes out.>" Oakley quickly relays to Rusty as he starts to look for a possible target.
Lowry Lowry is still just fingering his pistol but he says, "I aint in no hurry to kill this crazy cat lady but I do want some explainin on that thar' leg." He's pressing now and spreads out, away from the windows. Thumb pulling back the hammer on his pistol in the holster.
Sparrow +++++ INSIDE +++++

The yellow dressed ghoul hears Ironface and steps forward, "Don't. Don't hurt them. They can't help it!" But Nemo's already speaking and all four Ghouls have turned to stare at him. "How dare you.." One of them barely has the time to reply before the thin weak male ghoul throws a hand over the Rosewell ghouls mouth. "Shhhh. We have to get to the basement. and -be quiet-." The humans are not being invited. Glare. Mean.

Sparrow's lips thin.

+++++ OUTSIDE +++++

In the town some of the houses can be heard making barriers. Others feral ghouls shift and move about but don't seem too willing to come out from where they shuffle and slough mindlessly for the time being. The pack of dogs that had been headed for the well turns and flee towards the other end of the town, dragging one of the ferals off into the night with them in that direction.
Rusty     <"Copied, Direct, All."> Rusty curses inside his helmet without transmitting. <"Someone confirm civvie numbers. Centralize them to defend."> Mutter. Grumble. Damn kids and his lawn. <"We're too goddamn spread out."> Reaching up and back, he unslings the service rifle from under his duster and flicks the safety off. Limited to no backup. John Wayne time, kiddies. The Deputy Marshal does a double take, focusing on some crops a moment. "That's... not a good sign."
Oakley Anders Setting up on the roof, Oakley finally has a direction to focus on. "<Copy. El Dorado, Anders. Glowing One inbound. Five Mikes. Will keep appraised.>" Then he switches back. "<Marshal, I'm going to engage when he gets into range. Listen for the shot.>" Hopefully the glowing one is the biggest danger at the moment as moves towards the edge of the building and prones out the power armor.

With the barrel of the sniper rifle peeking out over the edge of the roof, Oakley starts to feed data into his comm and bring power to the targetting systems. With that, he takes a deep and clearing breath, preparing himself for the engagement.
Ironface Jones People start moving to get themselves ready for battle. Ironface is ready for it. At least as ready as he can be without knowing the specifics of what he'll be dealing with. Still, as people move into position to prepare themselves for what is coming he opts to join them. One more look around is taken to make sure there's nothing sneaky headed towards the El Dorado patrol before he moves to get deeper into his cover, attempting to use it to conceal his position. It's clear that it's important to him to be ready to defend the diner, but he doesn't want to be an easy target until it's necessary.
Stockton Stockton taps a previously hidden button on his helmet and his voice reaches those on com links and those in the room with him. While the ghouls make their escape he notes, <Ferals are not the targets. If they attack us, cripple, do not kill. Everyone inside, find a window and get ready for a Glowing something. Anders. Take the shot, try to harry it towards us if you can. Either way, this is going to be ugly.> The vox cracks off and he ducks outside the door looking for high cover while he keeps low and slow.
Lowry Lowry's mouth twists in a scowl and the toothpick falls from his mouth. "What's in the basement?!?!" Now he's on edge. His gun is drawn. Pointed at the group. "Nemo, bar that door. I say they aint goin' anywhere. They can die up here with us if that's the plan." His voice is all grit and his resolve seems strong. "Fucking, abominations." He is muttering now as he shuffles around to flank them.
Kaydin     "Sheriff's right." Kaydin says as he looks to Stockton and listens to him. "I say let them go in the basement. This way we can deal with what is coming and they stay safe." He says as he turns to Stockton to see if he agrees of disagrees.
Nemo Nemo tips off a quick nod to Stockton, and the Kaydin, "Alright." He trades his revolver, for his sniper rifle, and moves towards a window. "Aye, if they're too meek to fight this thing with us, they're just civilians." He radio's Rusty giving him the number of ghouls heading towards the basement, "I'd listen to the Sheriff, Lowry." The law-abiding citizen pulls out a syringe, too, squatting by the window.
Rusty     <"Good hunting, Anders."> Rusty is on the move, looking for cover. Preferably on higher ground. <"Marshal, I agree. Glowing One is the priority. But ferals can kill us just as dead, too."> Rusty clearly disagrees with a shoot to wound order. He's probably due for another Marshal-Lecture too. <"Numbers copied, Nemo. Obliged."> Another pause. <"All units, be advised. I've seen clear signs of the glow's damage along the crops. Don't let it get close. It's messy. Bad way to die.">
Lowry      "Safe? Seems to me like they fucking set us up?!" Classic argue with your teamate stuff. Dissention amongst the ranks, Lowry aint havin' it though. "I don't think so." His gun stays steadied at them. "Start talkin' or I start shootin'. What's comin? Why you runnin'?" He will shuffle over into a corner, no one is coming up behind him and he can see the door and windows. Though he be making a whole lot more enemies than he means to.
Sparrow +++++ INSIDE +++++

More guns. The poor Rosewell and Hondo ghouls freeze and start to shuffle more and make little distressed noises that sound an awful like feral growls from the particularly shy male ghoul. The female Hondan frowns and stares at Lowry. The predjudices are well known and may be a good portion of why they're so skittish, "We have to get downstairs. Look, we're all really on edge here.."

Up or down, they'll go if allowed. Yellow Dress practically dragging along the male ghoul when they go. Shuffling along to the basement to try and keep out of the way. Sparrow isn't joining them but she's moving towards the back of the group and pulling out, of all things, a crossbow.

+++++ OUTSIDE +++++

There are very few Feral outside. Those that are appear to have been caged in their yards. Unless fences break there may not be a whole lot of feral to deal with.

Well ecept for the group that seems to be heading towards the town with their guiding light leader. Despite looking ridiclous while doing it; ghouls move pretty fast. They move in and in groups.

Ironface can hear them, more than he can see them. The numbers that are coming. It's like hearing the ocean's tide coming ouncing off cavern walls. It intensifies and gives him an idea of what to prepare for. Oakly can see it more than hear it and estimate that they have about five minutes to prep for the stampede.

Rusty catches it too, in the moments following.. Time is ticking away.
Ironface Jones Battle is nearly upon them. Ironface takes some time to center himself from within his hiding space, gritting his teeth tightly and shaking his head to make sure that he's ready for game on. That's when he hears what's coming. Feral ghouls. Lots of them. A low growl makes it's way out of his throat, just barely making noise, as he prepares himself for the onslaught he knows is coming. A glance is given to the door to the diner, just to make sure that he can make it in time to prevent anything from getting through.
Oakley Anders As the glowing one starts to come into range, Oakley announces quietly over the radio. "<Unable to make out a target, too fuckin' glowie. Gonna aim for te center of mass and hope to get a clean hit.>" he comments and draws in one last breath. Holding it tight, as the Glowing One moves over a fictional line in Oakley's head of embarkation, the rifle will sound out with a single cracked shot as he fires 'Georgine' towards the glowing mass.
Lowry Lowry is sweating now, eyes darting back and forth, ghouls, door, ghouls door. "Fuck! Go then!" He shouts. Assuming they make it quickly he will bar the door with a chair. Not getting snuck up on. Now he flips a table with a good look at the front door and windows and changes weapons. The pistol gets holstered and his shot gun comes out. "Stay down miss!" He looks over.."Is that a damn crossbow?" He'll set his pistol down now after removing it again. "Grab that if it comes to it." Time for one more quick one. Flask. Mouth. Coat. Squinting now he mutters.. "Never a dull moment."
Rusty     No more sense in talking. Everyone seems to have enough information to make the night suck. And the night is still young! Rusty has gone for some high ground. Clambering up, trying to get onto a roof. If he makes it, he's trying for cover behind hopefully an AC unit or some such.
Nemo Nemo injects himself with Calmex, and calmly smashes a hole in the window, through which he calmly feeds the barrel of his rifle. He chambers a bullet, peers down the sights, and waits for the first sight of a clean shot. He starts humming a low tune, a vaguely familiar one. He crouches there behind the wall, peering over it through the broken window.
Sparrow Sparrow snorts at Lowry and her lips twitch. But she doesn't seem offended just makes sure she's got a bolt in.

The ghouls have barried themselves downstairs like most of the other ghouls have done for the night leaving the humans to fend for themselves. So typical. (It's how it always works in the games)
Rusty     Looking out, one can see a metric fuckton of ghouls coming. Rusty exhales softly as his orders regarding feral lives conflicts with reality. A heartbeat later the service rifle comes up. Eyes on target, Rusty squeezes the trigger with a brief pause before squeezing again. He's inflicted damage on the next worst threat aside from the glowing one.
Lowry Lowry stays ducked down. He has good cover and is about as far as anyone could be, besides maybe Sparrow. Last line of defence. If they get close he will blow that door off the hinges. Till then he let's the big guns fire the first volley. "Don't forget about that pistol just in case!" He hollers to Sparrow. "Wouldn't wanna catch you havin' to try in reload in the thick of things." He gives a nod to show he means it. "How you boys doin' up there?!" He calls to Nemo and Kaydin. "Whaddya see?"
Oakley Anders After squeezing off the first two shots and they slam into the Glowing One, the damn thing just keeps moving. "Fuck me." Oakley mutters as he prepares to adjust fire. Bringing up the rifle to prepare to fire again, he once again holds his breath for a moment before squeezing off a pair of shots. "Forgive me, Brother." he comments quietly, "But you shall not be allowed to terrorize this night and I will send you to your rest and reward."

The shot slams into the body of the Glowing One again, and this time, as he falls, he doesn't come up. Instead, there's a massive flash of light as the Glowing One's radioactive body explodes admists the other ghouls. Keying his radio, he reports, "<Glowing One down. Adjusting fire.>" with that, he's moving to the next group closest to the diner.
Nemo Nemo hums to himself, smiling a little as he starts to sing a Prewar song, as he takes aim on several of the ghouls, rabid and feral, advancing on the diner. "Sometimes I feel I've got to," Two shots ring out, and two heads explode, bodies falling limp to the ground to be trampled by the hoard. "Run away. Mmmm, mmm"
Stockton Stockton was hiding behind that crate, waiting for his opportunity. His trademarked Desert Eagles in each of his big mitts. He doesn't waste time, twisting out from behind cover, he brings the handcannon up to level the heavy barrel at the swarm getting closest. They're scrambling down the streets, slobbering and raving, they line up; then the gun barks twice in rapid succession, two large calibur slugs ripping through three skulls and two throats in a gory display. Taking a quick step forward he changes his angle and brings up the second gun. The loud clack of the slide is heard as the second swarm is torn apart by the Marshal's guns.
Sparrow Sparrow ducks out, patting Lowry's arm. "C'mon." She tells him as she ducks out, moving to go head to a spot where she can get to Ironface if she needs to in prep for the onslaught. But thanks to Stockton it's too late to 'Be quiet'. Loud guns! "C'Mon guys, almost down, this could be fucking painless. We're El Doradans!" She reminds them all and it's almost like they all feel some sort of pride speed them, goading them into an extra action.

Ironface is stil facing three oncoming swarms. What's he gonna do?!
Lowry Lowry says, "Fuck it." The girls got charisma. He isn't from Eldorado. Maybe he's starting to like the place. He hops the table and heads near the door. Muzzle down there are friendlies in front still.
Nemo Nemo drops his sniper rifle, tossing it aside calmly, still swinging. He whips out his Cowboy Revolver, Alamo Edition, and smashes the window clean out, to jump into the fray beside Ironface, wielding a hand-held pipboy and his badass gun. "Let's show them how El Dorado does it, motherfuckers!!"
Ironface Jones It seems the ghouls know where Ironface is hidden and the big fella realizes it quickly. Based on the way he stands and strides out to purposefully block the diner door, meeting the ghouls headed that way head on, he doesn't seem to mind being spotted early. The big tribal is a blur of movement, a veritable tornado of destruction. He smashes his way through the ghoul's ranks, bringing his slugger down on head after head, crushing skulls with a practiced ease. Moments later Ironface is covered in gray matter and those ghouls are no more.
Nemo Nemo follows in Ironface's wake, still singing along, fighting against the ghoul swarm. He pistol whips any that come to flank Ironface, finishing them off with a bullet to the face, showing a special hatred for ghouls for some reason as he snarls and curses them. When they're all dead, he remarks to Ironface, touching his bloodied cheek, "Ya got a little... " He trails off, looking over each other, then around at the corpse strewn little intersection. He asks the Pip-boy, radioing, "How's everything on y'alls end?"
Sparrow town goes quiet after the roving packs and their glowing ones have been turned to grey splatters all over the little town of Hondo.

In the distance it sounds like something large howls something eerie and unearthly. Marking a point, perhaps that the city isn't done with its troubles. That and the clues Rusty had found upon investigating Hondo.

Odds are the residents won't be out til dawn...

Best the El Doradans camp and come back at a later time for the next installment of

I want to Hold your Hondo

    Well, Well, Well, what do we have here..