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Alasa Alasa has set up, on one of the banks of the pecos river. She has some fishing gear, and a she looks out over the river, then up at the clouds a moment. "Nice clear day, the fish should be out..." Bob sits by the waters edge trying to spy the fish.
Oakley Anders Out on patrol, Oakley has abandoned his armor for now. Instead he's taking a walk along the shore of the water's edge, his carbine set upon his shoulder. After the events of the nights before, he's better off with the whole idea of getting some fresh air as he glances towards the woman setting out to fish and it's pet. There's a pause as he takes her in, considering the woman's age somewhere near his own. Maybe.

"Fish biting?" he asks curiously as he glances at the water. "Or they coming out trying to bite you?"
Ironface Jones There's time to be spent out and about in nature and Ironface Jones is one of the types that enjoy that sort of thing. He's armed to the teeth like he usually is, but he's also brought with him a bucket and some cord. Once he closes in on the river itself he takes a long look around to determine if there are any threats in the area since animals and the like need to hydrate. The only critters he manages to spot, however, are Alasa, Bob and Oakley. Being the friendly type that he is Ironface makes his way in their direction, lifting a hand and saying, "Greetings."
Alasa Alasa blinks, "Fish trying to bite people? know, I've never seen a fish do must be fishing someone near Roswell to get a fish like that." She laughs a bit. "Usually you can catch something, if you just have some basic skills after all." As Bob paws at the water, "Or in some cases, you just keep hitting the water, till your claw hits a fish." She grins, "You should try your luck." as she spots Iron, "Hey there...come to try your luck with the fishes?"
Oakley Anders There's a glance over towards Ironface, and Oakley lifts his chin in greetings. "'ey, Jones. Glad to see yer doing better from that whole ghoulie incident." he offers up before he snorts and gives a chuckle. "No. Down near the Gulf coast, ya know. Mutant sharks and shit like that." he says with a grin before he gestures. "Sounds like ya got an invite. I'm on patrol, so it'd probably be bad form for me to meander too long."
Abdiel     Abdiel makes his way over towards the river. He had a fishing pole as and a book with a cross on the cover. He sets up his line and looks to the various people nearby. "Good day. Just trying to catch my daily food." He says as he watches the various people.
Ironface Jones "Yes. I have come to hunt fish," Ironface declares in response to Alasa's question. He begins his preparation for fishing by setting aside the bucket he carries and pulling his bow off of his back and testing it's strength by drawing it slightly. Once he's gotten that out of the way he sets it down on the ground and draws an arrow from his quiver. It's carefully inspected before he takes his cord and ties it off to the end of the arrow. While he works he replies to Oakley with a nod, "I am well. Took a long bath at the saloon. Many brains were on me after the battle. You conducted yourself well in combat." Then a newcomer arrives and gets the big tribal's attention. Ironface nods at the guy trying to catch his daily grub as he nocks his arrow to his bow and steps towards the river, "Good day to you, as well."
Alasa Alasa hmms, "On patrol?..what are you on patrol for, if I may ask? Not much happens by the river after all, just random mutants coming down for water..and all you have to do is kill those." She looks over and gives Abdiel a wave, " you just need one fish, right?..I thought there was a magic spell in that book of yours, that feeds a ton of people with one fish." She grins a bit..."Well, and some breadsticks...course, those are usually bottomless anyways." As she draws back on her rod, and sends the line out into the water. "But whatever catches your fish, I guess."
Abdiel     "A miracle I dont think I can replicate but something I can try." Abdiel says with a friendly smile and wave. He then looks to the various other people and hmms. "Well this area should be fairly safe, three big strong people here to defend against any threat. I feel safe."
Ironface Jones Making sure he won't be disturbing the other people's fishing, Ironface finds himself a good spot to go ahead and just wade into the water, getting in up to his calves so he can watch for the slippery aquatic beasts he aims to make his next meal. Alasa's jokes to Abdiel get him looking between the two of them for several seconds. Then he asks, "You have magic spells to create many fish out of one? I shall get you a fish to see this." And then he looks around again, just in case there is suddenly a threat, "I am a strong protector. We should be safe." But he is here for a reason and soon the tribal is back to looking for fish to shoot, keeping his bow ready to be drawn so he'll be prepared when he spots one.
Abdiel     "No it's a story from the bible. A group of people are starving and all they had to feed the mass amount of people was a couple fish and a few loaves of bread. Anyway they managed to spread the food supplies amongst everyone to feeding the large group. A miracle god performed for his people.
Abdiel     "No it's a story from the bible. A group of people are starving and all they had to feed the mass amount of people was a couple fish and a few loaves of bread. Anyway they managed to spread the food supplies amongst everyone to feeding the large group. A miracle god performed for his people." Abdiel explains to the man.
Alasa Alasa says, "Big strong people?" she glances about, "I'm just a simple Cherokee girl..I don't know if I'd be all that good at defending other myself..yeah I can defend myself really well." As she listens to Abdiel, "Just stone soup...stone soup can feed a lot of people.""
Ironface Jones Looking back up from where he's trying to spot a fish, Ironface eyes Abdiel for a few seconds, then nods his head seriously. "I have heard of god and spirits. My people used to tell stories about them but I do not think they are true." His eyes squint slightly as he draws back his bow, aiming carefully at something in the water. Body going stock still aside from subtle corrective motions he prepares to fire.
Alasa Alasa says, "Of course the stores of spirits are true, I know they watch over does Mother Sun....even now she rises over us, heading for her daughers lodge.""
Ironface Jones Whoosh! Ironface looses an arrow into the river, the cord behind it going taught. He grabs the cord and starts hauling back on it, using both the hand on the bow and a free hand to do so. In moments there's a splashing and fluttering fish dancing in the with an arrow through it. Snatching the fish out of the air, Ironface returns to the bank of the river and rips the arrow free with a squishy sound. The still flopping fish is deposited in the bucket. "If the sun is a spirit then maybe those I was told of were just lies or were not powerful enough," Ironface calmly says to Alasa as he whips his arrow through the air to get the water and fish juice off of it as well as possible. There is now some banging coming from the bucket that the fish is in.
Alasa Alasa says, "All I know is, the spirits have kept me alive..when I shouldn't have been...they helped be fight off a half dozen centaurs alone...just need to believe in things...the old ways are still as good as they ever were"
Ironface Jones "The spirits failed my people," Ironface says solemnly as he puts his arrow back to his bow and heads back to the river, hoping to shoot some more fish. He moves purposefully back to where he'd just gotten the one, "I am glad for you that you managed to survive. I am told that centaurs are very powerful creatures." Splashing around a little bit to position himself better, the large fellow continues staring into the water in the hope of finding more mobile food.
Alasa Alasa reels in her line, before tossing it out again. "Well, you do what you have to, to the joke says...Help me out, buy a ticket...they can't do everything."
Ironface Jones "I am good at surviving. I do many dangerous things and have survived them all," Ironface says with a deep nod of his head. "I do not know that joke but I think I know what you mean." His head turns back and forth slowly so that he doesn't miss signs of fish in the water, "I do not call on anything or anyone I cannot see to help me, though."
Alasa Alasa says, "Can't look to the future, if you don't look to the'll never know if your moving or not. My parents taught me the way of my grandfathers grandfathers. I mean, its worked for generations way back I think it will keep working for me." She a splash is heard, and Bob comes walking out of the river, a fish in his mouth."
Ironface Jones "I still do as my parents did and their parents, I just don't believe as they did any more," Ironface explains as he splashes through the river, looking still for prey. When Bob comes out of the water the mountainous man looks over at the cat and nods his head approvingly. Then he's looking back at the water intently, bow halfway drawn, just waiting for the right moment to shoot.
Alasa Alasa nods, "If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything. Course then again, I know people that won't believe the truth, cause it sounds too odd...talking one believes I heard I hear some guy talking about a villiage of talking animals...though I have to wonder how drunk he was, when he visitied that villiage
Colt Colt says, "I heard about that." It can be barely heard as he walks up from around a far bend of the river. "But then again, I heard my Pa swearing up and down that the Brahmin were talking to him." As he nears, he slings his rifle on his shoulder. "Nice day for fishing..." he comments, idly."
Ironface Jones "I do not think that is true. There are sayings that sound good but are not right, I have found," Ironface states as he continues to go about his bow fishing. "And I did not say that I believe in nothing, just that much of what I thought to be true is actually not." At the mention of talking deathclaws and talking animals he looks over at Alasa again, then to the newcomer. From his place in the river he gives a friendly nod of greeting, "It is a fine day for fish. Usually I hunt meat animals but it is very hot for that today."
Alasa Alasa says, "Yep, nice day for fishing...not so sure about catching though. More of a drowning worms thing. But its more of a hobby, then anything...I have a garden that provides more then enough food for me and my friends. Convient too, right outside the my house." As she reels in the line again. "But yeah, everyone has there beliefs...not my fault so many of them are wrong.." she grins."
Colt Colt nods, as he stops close to the pair, by the bank. Crouching down, he scoops up a handfull of water before splashing it on his neck. "You sure said it, it's a hot one today." he says to the man in the river. Looking up to the woman present, he says "Oh, I feel the same, Ma'am. My pa has a ranch not too far out." To both, he adds "Name's Bennett, by the way."
Ironface Jones "It is funny to hear some speak of their beliefs, but I do not laugh much," Explains Ironface before he grows serious and quiet, looking very intent at the river ahead. His bow is drawn all the way back and he takes careful aim at something swimming in the river. An arrow is loosed into the water and Ironface start rapidly pulling on the cord tied to the end of it, pulling a flopping fish from the water. Looking at the other fellow he nods, "It is good to know you, Bennett. I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan."
Alasa Alasa says, "And I of course am Alasa, Daughter of darkness, Wanderer of the wasteland, Keeper of the keys, finder of the unfindable, dealer of tupperware. Etc, etc....yeah, that sounds good.""
Colt Colt chuckles at Alasa's comment while standing up. "Well met to both of you. Though I'm afraid it's just plain old Private Bennett for me. Just came through on patrol, heard voices. Just wantin' to check, make sure nothin' was amiss." He sets his behind on a flatish rock, before continuing. "That's a very good shot, by the way. You have some skill to it."
Ironface Jones "One does not need a long name in El Dorado. In my clan we used names to show who we were and who the people we came from were," Ironface says to Bennett with a serious tone of voice as he brings his fish to the shore and drops it into a bucket. Setting his bow down and taking a knee next to the bucket he continues speaking, "Thank you. I am more proficient with a spear but my only spear now is electric and it is not good for fishing."
Alasa Alasa looks to Bennet, "Oh, no..everythings fine now...that last person to wander in..well we just dumped the body into the river, and it floated away. Best place to dump a body, people have been doing it for hundreds of years." She nods a couple times, then turns as she listens to Iron..."Actually, and electric spear would work wonders...stick it, turn it on..shock all the fish...and they float to the top...sorta like fishing with dynamite."
Colt Colt nods just as seriously towards Jones. "That would not be good, no. Last feller that tried something like that got quite the new hair." He then asks "Is the fishing in this stretch good?" He tilts his hat up with a smirk again towards Alasa then, quipping "Well, explains the last couple o' critters we found about 50 miles from here, hmm?"
Ironface Jones "It's unwieldy for fishing," Ironface explains to Alasa. "And I worry that I would waste fish in a river like this. The current might take more than I can." Colt's mention of getting a new hair do gets a big nod from Ironface. "It would be stupid of me to electrocute myself." And then there's a shrug as he pulls a fish from the bucket and draws a small knife from his belt, getting ready to take some critters apart.
Alasa Alasa says, "Critters? Not sure how those would have gotten in the river...but what the hey....though I don't see how it would be a waste...lots of things get hungry out here...and they need to eat as well. Finding a fish would be great....I mean, like that Deathclaw over on the other side of the river..he needs to eat too""
Colt Colt nods. "Yes, that would be a waste of fish. Besides, it might do harm to the riverbed, itself. As for..." he trails off, slowly moving his head to look on the far bank. "Hope you ain't meaning that as a joke, miss." he says, before settling his eyes on the area.
Ironface Jones "Deathclaw?" Ironface looks up from his work and scans the area quickly to ascertain if Alasa is being serious. There's an almost hopeful look on his face as he reaches for his slugger and wraps his hand around it's grip, "I would enjoy eating a deathclaw more than eating fish." He almost seems happy about the possibility of fighting a horrible monster to the death.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she picks up her tackle box..."Oh, no..its been sitting over the watching us for awhile. I'm sure if there was a bridge nearby, it would be over here. Well, we must be off...come on Bob." as she rests the pole on her shoulder, and moves off whistling the theme song to Andy Griffth.
Colt Colt blinks twice, looking between the departing Alasa, Ironface, and the Deathclaw, before saying slowly "So... Never saw him there... Kind of a strike on my patrol record, no?"
Ironface Jones "Take care, Alasa," Ironface tells the woman as he goes back to gutting fish, working surely and quickly to dress the fish. Once he's through with the first it's on to the other one. He glances from the deathclaw to Colt and shrugs his shoulders, "They can be very sneaky beasts. It is good that he is not over here, they are extremely dangerous."
Colt Colt mmms, and nods. "They can be, yes." he says, while watching the gutting process. "Had a pair of them get over 20 brahmin last year. It almost devestated the ranch. They're one hunter that's surely our equal." He never can seem to keep the beast away from the corner of his eye.
Ironface Jones Finishing up his work pretty quickly, Ironface produces some leather from his person to wrap his freshly cleaned fish in to keep it safe during transport and throws the guts into the running water, "You tell the truth. They are even more dangerous than the yao guai and that is the largest thing that I have killed." Looking at the deathclaw again he lets out a sigh and shakes his head, his lips pressing together in concentration. "Someday I will kill a fire breathing deathclaw of Dunwich, but that will probably have to wait until I have finished helping Hondo." Getting his things together the big guy gets ready to leave.
Abdiel     "I was raised a christian. New Canaan worshipped our lord god and were his chosen followers.
Colt Colt nods, standing whilst tipping his hat towards Ironface. "I must be getting along, too. Need to make sure that Headquarters knows about our friend over there. Just so we can let folks know he's around." Unslinging his rifle, he offers a hand towards the gentleman. "It's goot to have made your aquaintance, sir. Hope you make it back to your sestination safe."
Abdiel     "I was raised a christian. New Canaan worshipped our lord god and were his chosen followers. We continued the faith even in this day and age." Abdiel says as he pulls his fishing line and gets a fish and smiles. "Thank you lord." He says as he gets the fish and begins to go about cleaning it.
Ironface Jones Shoving stuff under his left arm, Ironface reaches out to take Colt's offered hand and give it a firm, but not bone crushing, shake. "It is good to know you, Bennett. I think we will both make it to where we come from safely." Then he looks over towards Abdiel, "It is good that you have your faith. It's important for many people to have something that they can hold true to in their hearts."
Colt Colt gives a wide grin, and returns the firm grip. "Indeed, it is fine for one to have faith, in whatever you do. Otherwise, the effort may be seen as a waste." He spins on a heel, angling towards a dirt path away from the river. "Well, duty calls. You gentlemen have a fine day, now."
Abdiel     "My faith is what keeps me alive. I have seen so many other people surviving and I cant help but feel that my faith is what will allow me to survive even the most harshest times." Abdiel says as he is descaling the fish now and looks to Ironface. "Do you believe in god?"
Ironface Jones Ironface Jones stands with his hands mostly full, getting ready to head off, but Abdiel's question stops him short and he pauses to think. "I do not believe in one god. I think there may be, or may have been, many spirit but still I think I would not like to serve or ask for help from something I cannot see." There's a big shrug of his shoulders.