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Kendar The amount of injured have steadily decreased over the past few days. Which was good for the general population of course, but it also left Kendar with nothing to do. Which wasn't great. Kendar was seated in the medbay, just hanging about, since he still didn't exactly know anyone in El Dorado. Sure there was Iris, but he hasn't seen her in a bit. Shaking his head, Kendar stood up and moved over to the kitchen area and turned on the radio on a counter. The smooth jazz quickly overtook the quiet atmosphere of the clinic and Kendar found himself nodding his head along with the music.
Lowry Lowry enters now, his coat bundled up tightly and sweat on generously puring down his face. "Doc." He nods To Kendar. "Ya' did a fine job back there in Texas but uhhh." He slowly undoes his coat with a grunt and shows his shoulder. As he unwraps his bandage one could see pus and smell it as well. "Quite sure it's infected." He would lower himself into a seat and roll up his pant leg. "Don't think this is any better." The leg itself doesn't look half as bad but it is still bleeding when he pulls the makeshift bandage he so obviously applied himself.
Kendar "Guess no music for me." He noted, turning off the radio. "That's look pretty bad. C'mon let's get to to one of these tables." He motions towards one of the operating tables and moves over to Lowry. Putting his hand on his forehead, he starts. "Sweat, signs of a fever." He looks over to the wound on the leg. "You probably didn't clean this when putting on the bandage, did you?" He shakes his head. "No matter, let's get you to one of these cots" He motions towards one of the several cots laid in the room and will assist Lowry to get there if needed.
Lowry 'Ehh, leave it on." Lowry says with a smile. He pulls his trusty little flask and takes a tug. Then he gets up and heads to the cot, he's alright enough to make it on his own. "Nah, I'm just lit." He answers in regard to the sweating. Once he sits he adds, "Nah. But I steralized it. Grampas cough syrup." He nods and winks. "Honestly it was fine till yesterday. PRy should have stayed off of it."
Kendar "It is best to not aggravate your wounds." Kendar sets up near the cot that Lowry is sitting on. "Right, this should be simple enough to fix up." He says, grabbing a piece of gauze and applying pressure to the wound. "Do you feel any numbness around the wound?" He slightly squeezes the wound, hoping that Lowry can feel it. "Did ya feel that?"
Lowry Lowry nods. "I know I know." It's not his first rodeo but it doesn't seem he learns either. Shaking his head he says, "Doc. I aint gonna lie. I aint felt nothing in years." The whiskey on his breath will back this statement up. "But I appreciate it." When he squeezes the man just shrugs. "Maybe? A little." Shrugging now he leans back. "Guess Whiskey /doesn't cure everythin'. Contrary to my faithful beliefs." He's kind of laughing but he winces. "Hymm, maybe I feel a little."
Kendar "As long as it's not completely numb, you're good to go." Kendar says, noticing that the gauze is now completely blood soaked, so he grabs another piece of gauze and places it on top of the bloody gauze. "Now I hope I don't have to explain that alcohol does numb your senses just a tad bit, but I'm sure you know that already." He said with a small smile. He notices that the wound has completely stopped bleeding, he removes the gauze and puts it in a bowl nearby. Taking out some alcohol and more gauze, he soaks the gauze in alcohol. "I don't have to tell you that this might sting, right?" He said with a smirk.
Lowry "Oh, I know. Thats why I drink." He doesn't sound as enthusiastic as he did a moment ago. He just chuckles at the stinging part. "No, but don't worry. Alchohol has little effect these days. Well, at least...Well, you know." He trows his arms above his head and lets the doctor do his work.
Kendar Kendar just shakes his head and unleashes a small chuckle. "You know, you people never cease to amaze me." He said, as he finishes cleaning the wound. Observing it a bit closer, he just double checks if he forgot anything. "I do believe that's all I can do for now." He lobs the alcohol soaked gauze into the bowl and places the bottle of alcohol near his medical supplies. He then proceeds to take out a fresh bandage and starts applying it. "You'll need to change the bandage daily, so either do it yourself or come back to me. Oh and also if you start seeing signs of infection, come straight to me, I'll get you something for that."
Lowry "Thanks, Doc." Lowry says with sincerity. He stands now, "Feeling better already." He stretches out. "Well, I don't think I'll have much luck staying off of it but I'll try and keep it a bit cleaner." He reaches in his pocket and throws something on the table. "Fer' yer' trouble." He gives the man a respectfull nod and heads to the door.
Kendar Kendar observes Lowry as he heads for the door. "Interesting fellow that one." He mutters, going back into the kitchen and turning on the radio again.