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Aidan Drake Aidan is currently sitting on a chair outside the Sherrif's office his horse (that has yet to be named) tied up to the rail just out on the street, his hat is tipped down over his face as if he's taking a nap right now though.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine is walking her horse up to the Sherrif's office. Lilly is darting from awning to awning, her horse, Sprocket, sorta walks along slowly in the rain, not really bothered by it, but doesn't mind Lilly keeping try instead of holding her reigns, as if they had come to some agreement. Getting to the Sheriff's office, Sprocket comes over to the hitching post, letting Lilly wrap the reigns arund without getting too wet. Lillp spies Aidan. "Howdy? Aunty Sheriff in?"
Sparrow Sparrow is coming up the street, carefully moving through the slowly shifting bodies of the waking bodies slugging along South Main. Bluebelle seems pretty bombproof. Ears alert but careful not to step on tender human feets or any animal companions lingering nearby. Sparrow as on her usual rounds; she'd checked the farm, she'd checked the Saloon and next? Next was the Sherriff's office in the hopes someone was on Duty. her sunglasses and hat are on, keeping her eyes and expression hidden but the bandana is down from her face since they're in polte public. Bluebelle nickers softly to the other equines and slows as Sparrow slows the horse and swings her leg over to slide off.
Aidan Drake Aidan lifts his hat up a bit, "Hey there Miss Lilly. Haven't seen her in a bit, she might be inside haven't really gone in for a bit." He glances over at the newcomer heading towards the Sherriff's Office, "Scuse me miss needing some help?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Aidan, turning to follow his gaze to the one he's addressing. Eyebrows lift at the sight of Sparrow, not thinking she's seen hear around these parts before.. well, Lilly hasn't, cuz she's been in gut-wound-recovery until ately
Sparrow Sparrow nods her head, "You Aidan Drake?" She doesn't bother removing the octagonal dark glasses that mask the bright blue eyes. The hat manages to hide most of her hir safe for a few vagrant locks that stick out at wild angles from her ride in the desert. She glances to Lilly and nods, "Wake up from your Ramen Coma?" The stoic seeming woman asks. Her face is weathered, beaten by the wasteland sun and wind giving her premature lines in hersunkissed face. But her attention is mostly on the Deputy.
Aidan Drake Aidan looks over at Sparrow and nods slowly, "I am Aidan Drake." He looks at her a bit closer, "You look familiar..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine grows quiet, moving over out of line of sight, and becomes a bloatfly on the wall.. minus all the egg-larva-spitting ovipositor geigerian nightmare fuel. Nope. Just lilly being quiet and nosey
Sparrow Sparrow strides up to stand a few feet in front of Aidan, at the threshold of the Sherrif's building stoop. She glances towards Lilly and then reaches up taking off her sunglasses and pushing her hat back to expose her features. Her eyes are young, much younger than her weathered face might imply. "Do I? Hear you're lookin to start up the old Drake farm again. I'm here to help you." No, not here to 'offer' help. Here to help Aidan, the tone implies the whether he likes it or not.
Aidan Drake Aidan hrmms, "You can't be who you look like. My mother's dead." A pause a bit, "I could always use some help around the ranch..." Then he blinks, "Holy CRAP Sparrow?!?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine remains quiet, but wishes for all the hell she had two buckets of popcorn.. one for her, and one for sparrow.. Seriously.. she's had something similiar not two nights ago, and then mom 4 yrs so. Lilly tries to take notes, hoping Aidan looks less dory and as much like a shot-covered 6-yr old than she did.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks slower, "Wouldn't know I can't remember her." Comes Sparrows dry reply as she takes off her hat letting more of the sturbbon blonde curls whisp about without the taming influence. "But that's good because you weren't going to have much of a choice.." It's then than the smile breaks out. Honest and toothy and making all that premature aging come to life around her bright blue eyes. "I couldn't believe it when they told me you survived. Almost less when they said you were back.." She takes a breath and it comes toone of those awkward moments. How do you react with someone you haven't seen since you were a little and barely remember anything from that time. Sparrow? Apperently fidgits.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "I wasn't at home when they hit. Didn't find anybody alive when I got there and I set off in a rage... Tracked them all down. Took a long while but I got every last one of them."
Sparrow Sparrow blinks a bit slowly and her brows knit. She shakes her head, "I don't remember. They told me I showed up at the neighbors covered in soot and blood. Can't remember that or anything that happened in the months that followed. Took me up to Grant and Martha's place and raised me there. Up north by the river at the far outskirts. I think everyone was just so shocked.." She lifts a shoulder but smiles. "So are you already moved all in?"
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "I didn't have much to move in so it didn't take long. I'm sorry you had to experience that. Been cleaning out rooms and fixin up the house some and I'd run across cousin Celeste she'll be helpin on the ranch as well."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head. "I'm sorry you had to hunt those fuckers down alone. But ya missed one.." She says simply and looks up at the sherriffs office and exhales through her nose. "But that's not important right now. I'm glad to see you, Aidan." She says sincerely. "I'm sure Celeste was happy to have the help. I haven't been nearly attentive as I should;ve been to her. She lost a lot too."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "I didn't miss one of the bandits. Made sure of that. But there's still one person left to settle with." And he nods a bit, "Yeah she was surprised to have seen me as well."
Sparrow Sparrow takes a breath, "I wasn't talkin' bout Raiders." Her lips twitch, "Ya know then? It's about the only thing I remember clearly.." She admits and scratches her cheek. "I bet. Not many of us figured you for livin' let alone a Deputy." She barks a bit of a laugh but it doesn't last long. Her features dropping back to stoic resolve. "Fuschia's about too. Don't see her alot. Hear more about her than anything."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "I think I'd heard about a Drake making a livin at the Saloon. And yeah I remember the fight Pa had before the attack. I plan on settling that score eventually but I need to make sure that I've got proof."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "If we could find Pa's old statements and ledgers.. It was about caps. I know it was. I just remember that greasy fat fu..face." She coughs. "face. And every time I see him I just want to put one in his brain. I uh, don't come into town a lot.."
Aidan Drake Aidan hmms and nods a bit, "Ledger. I think I remember where Pa kept 'em I'll start searchin around and maybe come up with somethin. I'll also keep an eye on the good gent but we can talk about it more back at the house."
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "Sounds good to me. I've got some folks lined up to help. Been workin at it while I've been lookin' for you. Found a pretty good salesman, tribal Merc and a pretty good Mr. Fixit. Last two've been my friends since before I got Bluebelle."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "We'll need to get breeding stock again so keep an eye out for some good livestock. I'd like to see about getting ahold of the deed to the stables and sell horses from there so we'll need to start getting good quality horses. And of course brahmin for food and all that. And if you want to move back into the house we'll clear out a room for you."
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "Well there's some Horses available from the local markets, might work out. Bluebelles only five, she's got a few good years in her yet. I think we can do it, between the three..maybe four of us? You get me the animals and I can breed'm, plant the feed they need, make sure they stay healthy. Uncle Grant wanted to be sure I knew what Ma and Pa were, yanno? Pretty good at patchin' people up too. I'd like to have my family back, though it's a little odd to move in with strangers."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Got my horse as well and Celeste seems to have a good eye for horses as well. We can make it work. And somebody that can patch folks up would come in mighty handy."
Sparrow Sparrow inclines her head and flips her hat back onto her head. "I am to be handy... Aidan? Big Brother? Deputy? All three?" She wonders as she reaches into the pocket of her duster and pulls a brown rolled cigarillo from her pocket and finds a match to light herself. "I'll get the last of my stuff from it's varied stash places and be at the Farm in a few days."
Aidan Drake Aidan chuckles, "Whatever you wanna call me. Although unless you're in trouble Deputy prolly could be dropped." He nods a bit as she talks about getting to the house, "Sounds good I'll get one of the bedrooms cleaned out for you then."
Sparrow Sparrow puts on her sunglasses and starts moving for the blue roan mare. "All right. I'll take my time to figure out what rolls best of the tongue. Good to see ya again." She mounts up and settles getting ready to leave Aidan to his Srs Deputy 'business'.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods and waves as his sister takes off into the sunset... Minus the sun stupid rain. "See ya around sis. If I'm not at the house I'll likely be around the town patrollin or at the Saloon drinking my worries away."
Sparrow Sparrow laughs looking over her shoulder. "We'll see eachother quite a bit then." And off she trots, bluebelles hooves splashing through puddles at an easy trot to keep her from mowing down bystanders.