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Stockton It just so happened that the Marshal managed to catch Nemo and Lowry on the highway in between Avalon and El Dorado. With a gruff voice, and that signature cigarillo between his teeth, he basically comissioned them to do him a favor. Turns out Ma Volkner was having problems with Molerats harassing her Longhorn herd. Frankly anyone who'd recieved a pair of Ma's socks has raved about the comfort of their feet afterwards, it would be a shame for the Federation itself if Ma's sock operation went down. After a quick back and forth the Marshal promises the two of them a hundred caps to split for the favor.

The deal struck, he kicked Brandywine into trotting on down the trail, leaving Lowry and Nemo wandering to Ma's plot in Avalon. Near the new gate is a fenced off plot that makes nearly two acres. The tiny house in the front is opened the moment Ma spies the two men walking together - it's like the old Tribal woman /knows/. The grizzled woman beckons the pair inside, "Come. Come. You da ones gon' deal wit that nasty molerat bitch, yes? Good," she spits on her own porch and practically shoves the two men through her house and out the backdoor into the yard.

As if on cue, the longhorns are suddenly anxious and baying out in baaahs of alarm as they start scattering through the yard towards the edges as the dirt bulges and Lowry and Nemo are greeted with the screeches of a veritable molerat horde.
Nemo "I reckon that we are, ma'am," Nemo says, tipping his hat towards her. In the rush and bustle, he's barely got time to grab his wrench and gun. He glances to Lowry, "I sure wasn't expectin' this."
Lowry Yep, no time for hat tippin' or pleasantries. Lowry just allows himself shoved out back and nods to Nemo. "Well, at least we'll have some drinkin' money afterwards. He pulls his pistol and checks the cylinder. Yep. Good to go.
Lowry As the longhorns spread out the varmits become exposed. "I hate them fuckin' things." He says to Nemo. As is his custom he pulls a bottle from his coat for a quick pick me up. After finishing he draws quick and grins, flipping the gun to his left hand he smiles at Nemo and says, "Watch this." He fires...And frowns. The shot burying itself in the dirt.
Nemo A swing and a miss, Nemo swats at a molerat with his wrench, and it scurries away. He tries to spin his revolver around and fire it quickly at the next, but misses. He's about to try again before he's yelled at to quit playing by Ma.
Stockton The molerats screch together as they start popping out of the dirt, hungry and seeking to feast on the delicate flesh of longhorns. The efforts of the men, while not entirely encouraging, do manage to get the molerat's attention away from their dinners and they are now turning on Nemo and Lowry with non-existant eyes and buck teeth!
Lowry Lowry is biting his lip after missing. "Fucking ass." Weather he is speaking about the Molerat or himself is unclear. But what is clear is that he's upset as he flips the gun back to his right hand and snaps the gun up to his eye firing quickly. "Hot damn!" He shouts with his whiskey soaked breath as the little critter explodes.
Nemo Following Lowry's lead, Nemo tosses his wrench aside, takes a step forward, and quickly fires two shots into the chest of another molerat, before firing the round that knocks it on it's back, dead. "Yeehaw," Nemo says, casually.
Stockton The last of the molerat swarms falls with a death screech that echoes down into the hole in the middle of Ma Volkner's holding pen. The frantic baaas of the longhorns picks up as the ground itself rumbles. Coming up from the hole, forcing it open wider, comes a horribly mutated and large molerat. Momma is here! And she's pissed.
Lowry      Lowry sees the big momma and kind of laughs. "That's one ugly bitch." He says still laughing. The thing is so freakish he can't contain himself and his shot goes wide. "Damnit, never missed so much in ma' life!" To save face he aims at an old bucket and the shot richochetes off into her.
Stockton The big ugly critter roars its contempt at Lowry and his laughter, her babies are dead. All because of these guys! She can smell it. Scrambling out of the hole on four gnarled looking paws, she charges right into a bullet, blood gushes in a trail behind her as she continues to close the gap between herself and the would-be heroes of Ma Volkner.
Nemo Nemo screams at the top of his lungs, raring back with his pistol, "Don't fuck with Ma's Socks, dammit!" He smacks the large molerat against the temple, caving it in. Once it hits the ground, he just keeps kicking it, "People. Need. Warm. Feet!"
Stockton With a sickeningly wet crunch, the Molerat Momma collides with Nemo and his nerdly rage! In the end, the furry creature slumps to the ground and the last of its life fades from its eyes. From the back porch comes a whoop! Ma Volkner is there with a beaming grin on her face, her wild hair framing that round cheeked countenance like a halo. She's got sweet tea, biscuits and a pair of socks for both the boys. "Don' you worry none, bout dem bodies, I got a means," which is a frightening prospect when presented with the force of nature that is She. When Nemo and Lowry have been properly hydrated a few caps are shoved in their hands along with their new socks and they're shoved right back out the front door.