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Victoria While it's not quite bursting in, Vic will stumble her way into the clinic, usually tanned flesh a slight shade of yellow, lip split and coagulated with blood, deep bruised around her face and neck. She's wearing a baseball cap pulled down low, tongue peeking out every so often to lick at her wounded lips, one arm clutched to her chest and hugged there by the other arm which looks mangled itself. Her coat is ripped, and blood is dark on the front thighs of her jeans. However, she doesn't make a fuss as she shoulders the door open, instead she looks to where the chairs are and limps her way there.
    With a gentle sniff she will settle down on one of the seats gingerly, leaning forwards slightly as she politely waits her turn. If there is a turn system. Right now sitting down just feels damn good.
Percy     The clinic is a bit empty these days. In fact, Percy is largely the only Doctor that resides in here for the moment! With Iris gone on her crazy adventures... somewhere, and most of the other medical practitioners practicing in more populous places, not much was left for Shantytown.
    So you can imagine his surprise when the quietness of the clinic is shattered by the sudden arrival of someone needing serious aid. Most of the time he's patching someone up for light wounds. Or maybe to clean up some rads poisoning. But one look at Victoria tells Doctor Cooke that this won't be anything like that. His blue eyes track her movements as she takes a seat -- despite their being no-one else around.
    "Er," He queries, standing up from behind his desk and making his way over. "I take it you're not here to read the disgustingly out of date magazines." He chimes wryly, already starting to make assessments on the injury. Or injuries. "Wait - do I know you? You look familiar..." Their meeting at the underground scientist bunker was extremely brief. So brief in fact that Percy cannot even know for sure if they met there!
Victoria Victorias chin will lift up as she looks at Percy with a slightly dulled gaze, her right eye screwing up a little as she stares at the man, petechia spattering the whites of her eyes, "Oh, magazines? I can read those, sure-" Bloodied hand will lift from holding the other arm to her chest to take off her baseball cap, plopping it into her lap so she can get a better look at Percy, "How many ahead of me?" A glance around will tell her that there is in fact, no one there. Other than the doc. Lips part as she lets out a half-smile, dark brown eyes refocusing on the doctor best she can, squinting a little to eye the man.
    "Oh, you're the new guy, uh --" Hand will gently tap her hat on her lap, "I never got your name, but ah, the bunker, science folks. I'm Vic. And ..I need to know how much you charge, just in case I gotta pick and choose what I need you to fix. Please."
Percy     "You're the only one here." Percy confirms, glancing around the waiting room with a half-lit smile. Running a hand through his short-cut hair, he then considers. "Come on through to one of the exam rooms, Vic." The invitation is made cordially and shortly. If she had any sort of concussion or head trauma inside, he didn't want to confuse the poor lass.
    "I'm Doctor Cooke, but most just call me Percy. That's right," Said as he snaps his fingers. " - you were in the bunker with Qwillis. Good to meet you formally. But... not so good when you're in a condition like this."
    Walking into one of the exam rooms, and assuming that Victoria can get there under her own steam, he scratches the back of his neck. "You're in the Shantytown clinic, Vic. To be honest, most of the work we do is free. Or mostly free. We rely on donations from the patients we treat to get by more than anything. A great majority of our patients just cannot even afford to part ways with a single cap." He exhales lowly.
    "Take a seat on the cot. Did you want to tell me what happened?"
    Prowling about the clinic is a small black cat. He 'merrs' quietly at Vic's arrival. "Don't mind Wallace. He gets a bit grumpy when it's been raining as often as it has been lately."
Ashur "What do you mean, the refugees attacked you?"

A man's booming voice echoes at the front of the clinic, bouncing back and forth against the stone construction; then opens the door with a rush, and in gets pushed a bouncy little red-head, and following behind her like some great and terrible shadow is Ashur of Rome -- clad head to toe in glimmering duraframe, black and gold and shining like the stars, all darkly oppressive; he stalks behind her, the power armored bull, insectoid helmet and its bale-fire eyes sleekly watching her. "Tell me where this happened," he demands, "and I will slaughter them all. Any who lay hands on my brides forfeit their life."

He thump, thump, thumps forward, herding Eden like a cow or a kitten that got confused about what sort of animal it is, his long cloak swishing behind him and dragging across the floor as he walks. He glances aside to an old, long-closed door. "Kumo's office used to be here," he remarks, "until she left. I have not been in this building for a long time."

The others? Well, they went to an exam room!
Victoria "Oh, well. I can afford free." Vic will stated with a lopsided smile, her head shaking slightly as she pushes up with a wince, her hat held in her hand as she gingerly makes her way to that examination room, "Awh shit, what happened - long or short?" She'll ask, tiny beads of blood appearing on the large cut she has across her lips, brown eyes looking for the cot as she makes her way, a heavy sit down done into it, "Just joking about the free, I can pay. I got into a fight with a customer, or rather, they out of nowhere got into a fight with me and I can't tell you much other than ...I woke up after the first punch to my face." One of her brows will tick with movement, a wry look on her face as she shifts her legs and lifts them so she can lay down oh so carefully, eyes closing in relief as her head hits the pillow, "I told a friend I'd be fine meeting with the person on my own, but wow. I was wrong." The booming voice has her startled, and she half-way sits up and immediately regrets it, letting out a small cry as her injured arm is jostled, "Shit - who is that."
Eden "I was just on the farm. I wasn't doing anything but trying to pull weeds and gather a few potatoes. They were jsut there." Eden is never quite sure what to do when Ashur is angry. She just tries to stay calm. "I don't know where they went. But i think they were just hungry and desperate." She is not sure how to calm him. They really hadn't hurt her that badly.
Percy     "Free, but please remember the donations part of what I said." Percy reminds dutifully. No-one can work for free indefinitely, after all! "To be truthful, if I know someone is cashed up to their eyeballs? I mayyyy put in a mandatory charge. Heh." At the question of whether wanting the long or short, he shrugs. "To be honest, what happened is mostly irrelevant. Just tell me what's wrong?" And then, she reveals the tale of her broken body. "So you got punched in the face and woke up like this? With a broken arm, irritation on your neck, bloodied pants... and everything else?" Nodding a little, his eyes widen as Victoria sits up suddenly when Ashur makes his boisterous arrival. Raising his palms, he shakes his head. "I don't know, but I'll find out. Vic, just lay down and don't move for a while. Wallace, keep an eye on her, will you? I'll be right back with some equipment to help treat you." As he finishes the sentence, the small cat jumps up onto the cot. With his tail curling about its rear, he sits and looks at Vic through focussed yellow eyes.
    "Can I help you...?" Percy asks as he exits the examination room, looking to Ashur and Eden with an air of mild annoyance. "I'm Doctor Percy Cooke." He introduces, busying himself behind the main front desk in order to gather the gear he needs to help give immediate treatment to Victoria.
Ashur "They are no better than raiders, pilfering the fruit of your labor," the sullen Legionnaire declares, the petulance of his voice thick even through the metallic filter of his helmet's nozzle. "Had they any integrity, they would bow and scrape before you, and offer the sweat of their brow; they would work for their meal, rather than assault you."

He lifts his right hand. It's a massive gauntleted thing, sleek and black and gold-plated like his armor, the articulated joints of the knuckles shining with rings of gold and magnetic coils lining the forearm, activated quite obviously by the pressure plate that rests atop the knuckle. A shining digital counter on the back of his hand reads 12.

It curls into a fist and cracks and grinds.

"The medicus will check you for wounds.. and when I find them, the degenerates will go on a cross."

At this point, Doctor Percy Cooke makes his appearance, and Ashur, girded in Hellfire, cuts that gauntleted hand through the air to gesture at Eden. "My wife suffered injury," he explains. "Tend her, medicus."
Victoria "I know, I know. I'm just teasing. I wouldn't want anything for free, anyhow." Vic will state, laying back down slowly, her body still tense, "I think I got knocked out, then the guy went to town. I didn't have anything worthwhile on me though, so ..sucker. I never sell to clients I don't know without meeting them first." Ha.
    "Hey, Wallace." With a slight turn of her head against the musty pillow she'll eye the cat.

"Gotta be honest, Wallace, I don't even know if the arm is broken, it's probably a bad sprain. Or maybe a hairline - which, I know ..I know still broken bone." She rolls her eyes, tongue peeking out again to lick her lips, whetting them and prying off a bit of blood which she spits out, "Sorry, I know. I'm disgusting." Apology to the cat, Vic crossing her ankles on the cot, quite easily able to hear the convo in the room beyond. Good, not the dude who attacked her.

"Wallace, you like fish?"
Eden Eden sighs at Percy "I guess I'd like to see you doctor. Just a few cuts and scrapes." She notices that he is already working on Victoria and adds "I'll just wait till your ready." She is grinning at the worry and protectiveness.
Percy     As Victoria chatters to the cat, Wallace lifts up a paw and reaches for her arm. He does it a few times, before having it rest on there. Victoria may just feel the edges of his sheathed claws, but they don't pierce her skin or anything like that. To the question, he just 'mrowrs'.
    The mere sight of the almighty Ashur is impressive and forbidding, of that there is little doubt. Percy considers himself a tall man. And truthfully, he is! But this guy truly towers above him like a predator does its prey. A glance goes to Eden, where he nods. "Absolutely. I'm currently in the process of tending to someone with far more significant wounds." The sentence is said cooly and calmly, steely blue eyes looking back up to Ashur politely from behind his round, largely frameless glasses. "But I should be able to tend to your wife in ten to twenty minutes or so. Please, take a seat on one of the chairs." A polite gesture with his hand is made to the many empty waiting chairs for guests. "There's a magazine there if you feel spiritless. I won't be long."
    "There's a hulking ex-Legionnaire out there." Percy reveals to Victoria as he re-enters the examination room. Well, she did ask what that sound was! Sitting on the other side of the cot so that Wallace can remain where he is, the Doctor rolls up his long sleeves neatly. "Alright Vic. What we're going to do is treat your immediate injuries first. I'm going to hit you with some medicine that will help with the pain you feel. To be honest, your arms can be treated reasonably simply. I'm most worried about your neck. So I'll look at that first." Getting together his stuff, he begins by gently feeling the bruising on Vic's necks with finger tips. His eyes close behind his round spectacles in concentration. "... Have you got any pain when you swallow?" He pauses again. "I see blood on your legs. Have you got injuries there as well?" Once those are answered, the Doctor treats the surface wounds over a period of time that lasts roughly fifteen minutes. And then, he puts her under. BAM!
Victoria "All right, Dr. Wallace, I will bring you some fish in as soon as I am better, ok. Pinky swear." Her pinky will wiggle at the cat, and she'll eye the furry creature as she listens to what's going on in the next room. As Percy comes back in Vic will raise a brow in query, though the man quickly gives her the necessary information to settle her fears, "Holy bananas, really?" Her voice, is of couse, hoarse, but it's normally raspy to begin with, "Yes, hurts a ton when I swallow, or move my muscles there. It feels like it's been crushed. Or like I have a really, bad, sore throat." Which is of course why she keeps talking. Because talking helps, right? She winces visibly as his fingers probe her throat, and teeth will grit lightly as she tries to suppress a cry. Ow. Ow. Ow, "Man, I don't know, probably. Unless I stabbed the guy and didn't know it?" The blood is from her lip and nose, both of which bled heavily, the woman having doubled over herself in a near blackout daze after the attack. Questions all answered she'll look to Wallace, "I like his bedside mannnn..." Zzzzzpt. She's out. Cold.
Ashur "My Eden endures," Ashur declares, taking a step forward and staring down at the doctor. "But keep her waiting no longer than necessary, medicus." He gazes over the doctor's head toward the door to the examination room. What look might be on the brute's face is unreadable beneath that regal helmet, but given his attitude it is easy to imagine a sullen sort of glare. And then, with a chuff, the Legionnaire pivots on a heel, and escorts Eden to one of the waiting chairs.

In his power armor, he is well over five hundred pounds. He will not be sitting in one of these chairs. But he can hold vigil, Eden's ever-watchful gargoyle, still as stone and a hundred times harder.
Eden Eden sees her tune is up and quietly walks up to the Docotr. Feeling shy for some reason, she says "Some refugees attacked me while I was working on my farm. Do you think you can give me a once over? I don't think any are too serious, but I can't see the cuts on my back." Eden proceeds to show the dr the various small injuries from the scrape up. cuts, scrapes, bruises, but the one gash on her lower back is a bit deeper. Maybe it needs stiches, or just an especially tight bandaging. She can't see.
Percy     As promised, Percy emerges. With Victoria safely under anaesthetic and beginning to heal, the Doctor is free to move on to his next patient. "Alright then. Ms? Did you want to come on through?" Percy smiles warmly to Eden, lifting a hand to gesture her to one of the open examination rooms. "You're free to come through as well if you like, Sir." He still hadn't actually been given any names of the people here. So when he references them it has to be through general means.
    Leading the pair into the examination room, or just Eden if Ashur desired to remain in the waiting area, Percy examines the cuts and scrapes. His fingers trace against the skin near the wounds carefully, eyes squinting a bit in concentration. "To think you would be attacked while on your own farm. Sheesh." Pushing his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose, Percy begins to assemble the items needed to help Eden. "You have some wounds here. One requires stitches on your back. But you should be fine. I can treat the other gashes you have and cover them up."
    And just like that? He begins. He treats expertly and quickly, not wasting any movements or time.
Ashur As all the medical tendings and going-ons occur, Ashur stands quiet and watches, as if by the force of his sight alone any of Eden's minor injuries could be banished. By the time the process is over, he'll nod, and give the man a clap on his upper arm. "Be in good health, medicus," he declares, reaching to take Eden's hand and help bring her to her feet. "Salve."

With that, and handling any payment necessary, he'll depart!