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Ironface Jones It's early evening in El Dorado and the people have started moseying onto the saloon to get themselves something to drink and to do some socializing. One of those folks is good ol' Ironface Jones, the mighty tribal hunter. He's at the bar, chatting amicably with a mostly unresponsive bartending robot. "And that, Tincan, was how I earned the name Ironface. It was also how I earned my wife, Birthing Hips. It was a great day for me and my tribe." There's a beer in front of him, which quickly disappears down his throat only to be refilled by the robot.
Emerson Emerson steps into the saloon, pausing just inside the door. Glancing around the place, he heads for a spot at the bar, looking like he's just rolled in from the Wasteland. He orders a beer himself, paying for it with caps he looks at as though they were his last. Giving a polite nod to Ironface, he sips his beer, eyes closed as if praying to whatever gods he believes in, in thanks for something to drink that isn't just recently de-radiated water.
Beefrow Beefrow finds the Gold Digger Saloon, stepping in with slow, thudding bare feet. He takes off his old football helmet, slowly surveying the room. Then he's heading towards Ironface, stepping up beside him to order a drink. "Robot. Beer." When it complies, he tosses two caps onto the bar, and asks those around him, "How much is it for their women?"
Ironface Jones Looking towards Emerson, the newcomer, the mountainous Ironface greets with a friendly tone in his voice, even if his expression is pretty neutral, "Greetings. I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." And then he drinks some of the beer in his mug, putting about half of it away in a couple of gulps before he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Big drinker, this guy. The dude asking about the women gets the big tribal guy's next look, "You can pay twenty five caps for a quick visit or forty for a very good time. I generally prefer to visit with Jasmine, but I have not been here for some time so I am not sure if she still works here."
Emerson Emerson nods curtly to Ironface again, saying, "Emerson Blake," though his tone is as curt as the nod. He drinks his beer some more, then nods as if to himself before saying, "I suppose I ought to say, /my/ parents were the Blakes from New Reno. And as for women, I just got here, so I don't know anyone's names." That last is offered to Beefrow, on the other side of the mountainous tribal.
Beefrow The towering brute Beefrow looks to Ironface, eyes level, and he extends his arm, "Beefrow Thurgood, of Clan Thurgood, of Highway fifty-four." If Ironface accepts, Beefrow's grip is strong, and his handshake firm and singular. "How much to keep the woman? I will breed them, for Clan Thurgood." His gaze briefly flicks to Emerson, then falls away, as he watches a smaller waitress pass by. "That one will do."
Ironface Jones "It is good to know you, Emerson Blake," Ironface tells the fellow with a little nod of his head. "I do not know of New Reno. I have not spent much time around city folks and El Dorado is my first city." Then he addresses Beefrow, reaching out to give the fellow a firm shake. "It is good to know you Beefrow Thurgood. I do not know how much it costs to keep them. I think that must be discussed with the women themselves." Ironface looks at the waitress, then back to Beefrow, "I think that one is not a whore. You should find one of the whores."
Emerson Emerson gives a quirk of an eyebrow to Beefrow's choice of broodmare, and then comments drily, "Reckon the whores don't want to be bred, friend, "Tends to dry up business, I think." He gives a shrug of his slight shoulders, adding, "If you're not picky, you could probably find a woman around here who'd be willing, but again... you'd have to not be very picky. Might not be good enough stock for your tribe." He pulls on his beer, then comments, "But, that's none of my concern..."
Beefrow Shaking his head, Beefrow agrees with Emerson, "I will find mine in the wastes, where they are hardier. Fat, and sturdy." He tilts back his mug of beer, and chugs it, before paying for another one. "I have not seen all of El Dorado, but the lights glow in the night, from far. I see them. I come here." He gestures vaguely about, "You have much, in your town, Ironface. How did you take all this?"
Ironface Jones "It should be possible to find a woman," Ironface tells Beefrow with a shrug of his broad shoulders. "I wish you well on your quest." And then he has to consider things for some time before answering the other big fellow, "I do not own the city. I only live in it for now. But I am good at taking things from force from my enemies. Few can manage to stand before me when a rage is upon me."
Emerson Emerson casts the two tribals a sidelong look, just drinking his beer and minding his business because that's what smart newcomers do. No one gets punched or shot or stabbed for just sitting at a bar drinking his beer.
Beefrow "Are you now?" Beefrow studies Ironface, then drains his next mug of ale, "Who does own the town? They must be very powerful, or have many men underneath them." He's eyeing that waitress, and when she walks by, he asks, in his deep voice, "How much are you?" She 'eeps', and scurries away, before he nods. "She is not suitable."
Ironface Jones "Yes." That's Ironface's big reply to Beefrow's question. "I do not think anyone owns the town. The people here all own it together. There are many people in the militia, those who make up most of the fighters of El Dorado, Then there are many others here who are also warriors and will defend the city or it's interests." A glance is given to the waitress, then back to Beefrow, "I would search in Shanty Town for cheaper women. But the whores and drinks here both are good things."
Emerson Emerson adds, "You might find one or two really wealthy or powerful people who are in actual run of the place, but like Ironface - Ironface, right? - says, no one owns it like they own a pair of boots or a horse or something." And then his beer's gone and he's apparently deeply disappointed. "Like I said before, you could find a woman, probably. Depends on what you're wanting.... and how much you'll pay for what you want. Probably find a few addicts for cheap, but babies that come from addicts are profoundly heartbreaking."
Beefrow "Babies... that come from addicts." Beefrow looks from Emerson, to Ironface, before shaking his head, laughing, "No, I will not be having that. I will find what I want." He counts through his handful of caps, frowning faintly, "But I will not be living in El Dorado. My home is fifty-four. Many people are coming west..." He trails off, then suddenly asks, out of the blue, "How far is this New Reno? What is the city like?"
Ironface Jones "Yes. I am Ironface Jones," Ironface confirms for Emerson's benefit in a not unfriendly tone of voice. Noticing that Emerson is missing beer he tells the closest robot, "Tincan. Give that man beer." And then he looks towards Beefrow again, giving the other man mountain his attention, "I stay in El Dorado a lot but my home is the wilderness. There are things there to test my might that the city lacks."
Emerson Emerson barks a sort of laugh and says to Beefrow, "If you aren't willing to consider addicts, New Reno's not the place for you, friend. Well, maybe if you wanted to fight a woman's whole - very well-armed and psychotic - family, I suppose you'd have a chance." The arrival of another beer prompts an almost puzzled expression to furrow his brow, but he nods gratefully to Ironface, and takes a drink. To Ironface, he says, "I suppose it's hard to find a good radscorpion den inside a city, am I right?"
Beefrow "It should be very hard, if the men are worth salt," Beefrow says. He looks into his empty mug, then frowns deeply. "I must go." He sets the mug down, gives Ironface a stone-cold glare and says, "Well met." To Emerson, he says, "Your addict town sounds awful."
Ironface Jones "I don't know what a radscorpion den is, unless you are talking about a den of radscorpions," says Ironface to Emerson with a serious looking nod. "I can find you one of those outside of the city. I am an expert at finding animals to hunt." THen he looks towards Beefrow and nods his way, "It is good to know you."