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Lowry T Early evening brings a drop in tempature to the clouded wastes of New Mexico. The moon pops out every so often but for the most part it's a starless night. Quiet too.

     Being out Hondo way Lowry has decided to do a little exploring. His buddy, Lady Silver gave him a hot tip on an abandoned Caravan so he's set out to find it. He bobs along merrily on his horse, Despair just whistling away with his buddies and sharing drinks from his flask. "Sure hope we find this damn thing!" His mood is jovial, no doubt happy to doing something different then his normal escort routes.
Nemo Nemo, having arrived on motorcycle and stashing it away nearby, has to walk alongside his friend. "So that where we headed?" He nods towards the ruins up the road. He's got his pistol in hand, but he's carrying it casually, looking more over his shoulder than anything. He scans the road, then tells Lowry, "Think we'll find any residents?"
Kaydin     Kaydin had followed them to Hondo and was busy wandering the area, writing down notes on things like raiders in the area and what not. He approaches Nemo and company and looks to the various area. "Been too long since we were ambushed by something." He says as he pulls his revolver from the holster.
Lowry "Hope not!" Lowry says as he sways in the saddle. He throws another drink back and would toss it to Nemo. "Let ole' buddy have some when yer' done." He says indicating Kaydin. "Heh, aint that the truth." Another mile or so and he can make out a shape in the road. "Thats it." He points, getting a little closer you could see a wagon. "Hey, Careful now boys. Silver said there were raiders round these parts." Then he spots it, a body. A woman, good looking at one point till someone cut her from throat to waist. "Fucking animals." Then another, a man pry her husband. Suffered the same fate. And then the live ones. Dirty looking creeps with strange masks marking them as the scum that preys on the weak. They are stepping out from behind the wagon now and clanking swords together. Seems they are poorly equipped but they have the numbers. Lowry reigns up, "Airight." He shouts and then pulls his revolver. "Clear out you bastards! Or I swear on all I hold dear You'll pay fer' this wickedness." He leans forward a bit and awaits there answer. Under his breath he says, "Get ready boys they aint walkin' away. Just trying ta' get us the element o' surprise. "I'll count back from ten!" By now Kaydin and Nemo would have been ready to fire. "Ten! Nine! Eight" BOOM! Lowry fires off a quick shot and the raiders start rushing towards them.
Nemo Coming around the caravan, two raiders, one wearing a wolfman mask, and the other wearing a Frankenstein's monster mask. The Wolfman howls, waving his sword as he advances, "We're gonna fuck your shit up!" The Frankenstein doesn't say anything, but swings his bat menacingly, moving towards the group with malicious intent.

From far behind them, the man in the Grim Reaper's outfit yells, "Kill 'em, or don't bother coming back."
Nemo Nemo pops off with a quick shot, that goes wide, as Wolfman and Frankenstein come barreling at Kaydin and Nemo. He quickly fires off another two rounds, and Frankenstein stops mid-stride, and looks down at his jeans, where two reddened holes are swelling with blood on the crotch. He drops his weapons, puts his hands over his junk, and falls to the ground, where he bleeds out.

From behind the two charging riders, shots are fired off by Dracula, and the man dressed as Grim Reaper.
Lowry Lowry hears one whislte by his hat, damn close. Leaning forward in the saddle he levels his old revolver and pulls the hammer back and. Sighting up on the mans head he mumbles "Eat led you fucking prick." Then he he pulls the trigger. It's a little low taking him in the chest. After that he will round his horse about moving out of the line of fire, or at least getting his horse to safety.
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his magnum and opens fire. one shot missing the other hitting the man's leg. He tries to move to some sort of cover before moving to raise his gun again at the raiders. "Called it."
Nemo Frankenstein is shot in the leg by Kaydin, and he moves for cover, lowering his sword as he tries to hide behind a pile of debris on the side of the road. "I'm shot! Get them!"

The Grim Reaper, rubbing at his chest, still far past the Caravan yells out, "Keep moving, or I'll shoot you again!"
Nemo Nemo takes a desperate shot at a man dressed up like some kind of Mirelurk, then moves off the side of the road, hiding behind a rusted out car. He calls out to his companions, "How you guys doin'? I got one of em!"

He snaps open the chamber on his revolver, and loads it with bullets, peeking over the roof of the car.
Nemo Once Nemo ducks down behind the car, he seems to become more of a target. Someone shoots a pistol off at him, and then the Grim Reaper is firing his rifle at him. The reports echo across the desert after they hit the rusted metal vehicle, causing Nemo to sink his head down further and hold onto his hat.
Lowry Lowry circles back around. A carefully aimed shot is lined up now with the intent on finishing off the Reaper raider. "I'll fill you full 'o this damn LEAD!" He says before Pulling the hammer back. *click* Then he pulls the trigger. The .45 ammo rings through the air with a resounding crack and the Grim reaper is reaped. "Aww shoot!" He hollers. "We're getting them, Nemo. Keep yer' wits about you!" He swings in the saddle now and fires upon the DRacula looking one, the round taking him in the kneecap and sending him down. Not quite out though.
Nemo Frankenstein moves away from the debris, sneaking around the far side of the car that Nemo is using for cover. He's got his sword in hand, and he peeks around the old rust bucket, bringing him just in sight of Lowry. Meanwhile, still on the road, near the ruined caravan, the raider in the scarecrow mask peeks out, shooting at Kaydin but going wide. "You fuckers're gonna pay!!"
Nemo Nemo tosses his one revolver aside, drawing his other as he quickly pops up to put a bullet into the Scarecrow, fanning the hammer as he adds another two. The raider stumbles back, holding his chest. It looks like he might have tried to say something, but blood soaks into the mouth of his burlap scarecrow mask, and soon, he's dead. Another body on the ground.
Kaydin     Kaydin ducks to avoid being shot at and raises his gun and aims at the man. He opens fire and smirks when he see's his hit the man in the chest. He then turns to the next man and shoots again, this time hitting the man in the balls. He winces and seeing the men fall holsters his gun. "I think we got them."
Lowry Lowry gives a woot. "Nice Shootin', Partner!" HE flips his revolver open and spins the cylinder, the empty casings falling in the dirt. He slowly starts to reload one by one as he watches the man cradle his freshly fucked up package. LAughing as the last round is loaded and the pistol flicked and closed he says, "Now thats gotta fuckin' hurt." He leans forward in the saddle as he crumples to the ground and pushes the brim of his hat up with the barrel of the gun. "Well, that calls for a drink." He hops down and checks on Nemo, "Ya' alright? Hey...You know what..LEt's loot this damn thing. Shit. I might even hitch Despair up to it. Accompany back to the outpost?"