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B September 14, 2283 is a beautiful, lovely wasteland day. That equates to sun beating down on one petite raven-haired woman with a letter B tattooed on her face. She's presntly in her garden, tending to the hubflowers while three young girls sit on the sagging front porch of the shack behind her. The oldest one, a brunette, is telling a story to the other two. One is all tightly swaddled on her lap with a shock of white hair peeking out from the blankets. The other is a little girl with blonde curls. Both seem to hang onto the brunette's every word, though it's likely sheer coincidence for the former.

Wiping her brow with the back of her hand, B pauses to lean on the rake she's been using, and turn to glance towards the nearby Bitter Lake. "Might be a good day for a swim," she muses.
Oakley Anders The sun ain't much kinder in New Mexico than it was in Texas. Not that Oakley Anders had any allusions about the idea of what life in New Mexico was to be like. On a short patrol from El Dorado, he notices the garden for the first time and as he leans on the fence to consider it, he hears the words of the young brunette tending to the children. Grey-blue eyes rise up to regard the trio.

The kids wouldn't be much younger than his would have been. And the young woman tending to them gets a small chuckle. "Only if the fish ain't gonna come nibblin' on yer toes."
B B looks towards the stranger at the gate. "Not much in the way of fish in the shallows. Can't take the girls too deep seen as they're still learning to swim. I'm afraid I'm not much of a teacher since I didn't have access to a swimming hole while growing up." She smiles gently at that. Reaching up to push a lock of hair back behind her ear, she shrugs. "Good afternoon to you. On your way to the lake yourself?" Though she doesn't reach for it, she's got her handy-dandy rifle strapped to her back. You can't be too safe these days.
Oakley Anders There's a Carbine resting across Oakley's back, but there's no move to it. "Naw. Just exploring new territory - and seems yer plenty armed enough to take care or your youngings." he points out as he considers the young woman and chuckles. "had to worry about the gators and stuff back where I came from." he admits before gesturing. "Looks like yer well settled in. I'm pretty new around these parts myself. Oakley Anders, formerly of Texas." And she may, if perceptive, notice that soldier that never quite left the older man.
B B nods in a friendly manner. "That I am, Mr. Anders. Even though the city patrols out here, we've had our fair share of run ins with bandits, hit men, and well just your garden variety molerat trying to get a free lunch. Mmn. Texas? Were you at the Alamo? I was there, but I didn't do much in the way of defending at the end. I got injured pretty bad the first time round and was laid up in bed. Hear my contribution to the cause went over well. I brought moonshine, whiskey, and mead for medicinal .. and recreational purposes." She continues to lean on the rake with the eldest child chatting away in the background, retelling a story about some guy without a head who goes around delivering candy to good little girls.
Oakley Anders "Arrived at the Alamo after the mess." Oakley admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "Was escorting a gal there I had found on a patrol near the Corpse, found out that the Brotherhood was in ruins and well, that put me out a job. Decided to tag along with the survivors to join up at El Dorado. Getting a little old to be out in the wastes on my own - guess it's about time to settle down." There's a wry chuckle at her admission at getting drinks for recreational purposes. "Ain't nothing wrong with that, Miss. Everyone takes a little dip from the well now and again."
B With a laugh, B nods, "And it's a good thing too, or I'd be out of a job. I make all those here in my shack. Have a proper distillery the the Scientists of El Dorado bunker, but I've yet to get that funny taste out of the main still there. Looking forward to trying some new recipes that I found on a holo up North." She nods again, this time to herself, dislodging that lock so recently tucked away out of her eyes.
Oakley Anders "Sounds like I may have to come back around to sample the goods when you get them going." Oakley gives a warm enough smile without seeming to suggest that he means her, after all, she appears young enough to be his daughter and she has her own kids. "Funny taste? Supposed I ain't noticed it yet - everything where I'm from had an oily flavor to it."
B Wrinkling he nose, B gives her head another shake, "Well that won't do. No, it won't do at all. There's a flavour, sure, from decades of use in the stills here, but nothing oily. The new place? Tastes .. coppery. Just need to season it, only I'm not rightly sure how to do that beyond what I'm alreay doing. And if you're looking for a sample, Lucette's Lounge down in Shantytown sells it. Or, you can always just stop by and purchase here. I don't have a fancy storefront, but I do sell out of this place .. usually to those on patrol."
Oakley Anders "Coppery. Yeah. Finding new pipe will probably be the best, but ain't gonna be much luck in that." Oakley admits as he takes in the information. "Well, I ain't gonna trouble ya now, since yer about to go on yer swim with the girls. Ain't much of a swimmer myself. Did some wading, but swimming isn't exactly something I've tried. But I'll keep the information in mind."
B B says, "Probably. I'm sure I'll come across something, eventually, yeah? Until then it'll just be a testing ground for new ideas. That's the point of the bunker anyway -- to brew up new science." She grins, straightening and shifting her rake to the other hand. "And yeah .. I should take them for a dip, even though it's probably only me that needs it." Her smile turns rueful at that as she turns to give the trio of kids a motherly look."
Oakley Anders "Just don't blow yerself up in the process. Hate to see the gals without their maw." Oakley responds with a wry smirk before he lifts his hand in a friendly enough wave. "Ya and yers have a good one. Need anything, catch me in town. Don't mind the trips out here."
B B isn't quite ready to turn her back on Oakley, just yet. So, the petite woman nods to him, "I'll keep that in mind, and you're always welcome out here. Mmn. A pleasure meeting you .. oh! Did I even tell you my name? I'm known as B," says the woman with that same letter on her cheek under her right eye. She takes a few steps towards the porch so she can lean the rake against the side of the shack. "You might spy Derk around here sometimes too. He's a doctor. Works in town at a couple of the clinics."
Oakley Anders "Derk. That your husband?" Oakley asks curiously before he gives a tip of his faded stetson. "Pleasure to meet ya, Miss Bee." he offers to the young woman before he gives a chuckle. "Not that who yer with is any of my business."
B B shakes her head. "It's complicated," she says in regards to Derk, "but then most relationships are in their own ways. I'm sure you know what I mean." Behind her, the brunette gathers up the babe in her arms and slips down from the porch, leaving the little blonde to scamper down the steps and rush to her side. They approach B and the little blonde slips from the brunette (who has a G on her cheek in the same spot B has hers) to hide behind B and stare out at the stranger. She's not exactly hostile, but she's far from trusting.
Oakley Anders "Complicated is the easy way to put it, yeah. Lost my family some years back to Raiders." Oakley watches the young girl scamper to her 'mother's' side and he offers her a friendly enough smile. "Looks like you got someone looking for your attention. Til I see ya again." With that, he's turning to make his way along, the old man's gait speaking of military percision.
B B nods in farewell, one hand on the blonde's head. She turns to them and accepts the baby. "Clara, go get some blankets and a change of clothes, then we'll be off. Pony, go find that bucket and we'll get some more pretty rocks for your collection." Both girls nod and run off, leaving B standing out in the sun, watching Oakley head down the path.