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Sparrow It's a quiet afternoon in Hondo. Most of the ghouls, about two and a half dozen in total, including three children, have all gathered in the motel here in Hondo. Inside it used to be a small place, one of those Motor Inns with a small 'hall' for their contimental breakfast, a bellhop station and the counter. Despite the outside of the uilding the inside looks all right, they appear to have repaired the houndstooth wallpaper and patched it with old posters where there are rips or holes. Holes too large have had wood and plaster added to make sure that the inside of the little motel itself is weather proof.

THe Marshall, Lowery and the Doctor were invited in greeted by the Governer of Hondo, a Ghoul. Old, nearly corpselike with sparse whispy white hair and wide crystal blue eyes. They call him Mayor Keeper, perceptive eyes will notice that his first initial on the Plaque for 'Head Bellhop' at the old Motel is C. Keeper. No one has ever guessed his first name.

"Well we just wanted to thank you for comin' to help us." The old Ghoul rasps. "But Carol," 'Yellow Dress', "And Bill.." Her blue clothed friend. "said you might have some questions which is just as well. Because those creatures you killed the other night are .. only part of the problem." There's a general uncomfortable shuffle amidst the ghouls of Hondo.
Stockton Stockton steps with the heavy thuds of a man who feels safe currently. The giant sometimes-ninja wearing the Marshal star offers a polite smile to the Mayor of Hondo. "Questions, ideas, thoughts and such," he notes before glancing back at Lowry and Sparrow for a moment. "From intel, we gather you got plenty a problems. We're here to help yah with 'em. Course we'd like it if you considered bein' part of the Federation we're buildin' in return, but that all can be talked about later. Fer now, what're yah dealin' with?" The man's got a cigarillo between his teeth, it's smoldering still, but he's only drawing on it when he breaths to avoid it going out. Not like Ghouls'll mind right?
Lowry As Lowry enters he nods amiably enough though he is showing no smile. Jutting a foot out he leans against a wall and crosses one of those dirty boots over the other. His arms next and now he rolls the toothpick around in his mouth before nudging that dark brown hat up easily over his brow allowing his straggly hair to reveal itself. He rubs at the 5:00 shadow on his cheeks and shakes his head. Observing the shuffling about with general dissaproval his eyes dart between his humanoid companions. "Only part?" Now it's time for the drink. After replacing his little flask he goes back to crossing his arms and awaits one of the others to chime in. He does manage with whiskey soaked breath to quietly add, "I hear so long as 'ya stay underground yer' alright." He lifts a brow and leaves it at that, his general disposistion possibly saying more. When Stockton extends the invitation and offer of help he says nothing. Just leans forward and hooks thumbs in his holster, his attention spread evenly about the room.
Ironface Jones Following behind the other three is Ironface Jones, plodding at his own pace as if taking in the scenery. The various ghouls are given friendly nods or waves that are mostly just him lifting up his hand. When he enters the look on his face shows the big fellow seeming content as he takes in his new surroundings. As the others talk he looks between them, quietly considering what they each have to say before he turns towards the mayor and speaks, "I am glad that we could help your people."
Sparrow People half turn in their chairs so they can keep an eye on the human folk. Sparrow who's taken a quiet spot in the back is not putting her foot in just yet. So far it's not about the health or safety of these people or the people of the Wastes and so she's keeping her nose out of it.

AS one might suspect it's the Mayor who responds though there are a few male Ghouls in the back who make rabble noises but don't interject.

"Well ya see we got problems two-fold. Could be related, we're not entirely sure. You see, Picacho is having problems with their water system too. Could be the same thing, could be different. All we know is those things kept comin' and taken our folk to the hills. Since we haven't had a real source of water that hasn't been tainted. It's been easier to catch us. Slow, half-mad from dehydration and radiation. Even our Livestock and Crops are dying. OUr pets. Most of the things that yanno keep us from..."

Sprrow interjects, "Goin' Feral." She says it' grimly.

The Mayor nods and there's a hushed whisper amongst the people of Hondo, the children's parents covering their ears.

" And.." Says one of the young male ghouls in the back who doesn't look as far gone as the others - but he's wearing suspiciously raider like gear. "It's easier for whatever it is to catch and control the Ferals. It's why our /Mayor/ keeps 'em locked up like dogs in their yards."

The Mayor Glares.

The young male ghoul glares back and tensions in the room rise. But it's Carol, the ghoul with the Yellow Dress that stands and looks to the humans. "That's why I said they can't help it. Whatever's in them glowin' hills is doin' it too..."

THe Mayor sighs and nods to Ironface. "Hopefully you all wont mind helping us a bit more."
Stockton Stockton listens quietly, his intense glare fixating on the talkative ghoul in what looks like Raider gear. "So there's a source of the Glowin' ones. We may wanna invest in some rad-gear," he says as an aside to Sparrow. Looking back at Lowry he just gives the man a nod. Ironface showing up makes the Marshal shift some, giving room for the rest of the group to step up if they wish. "We can bring some water next trip, we got horses and wagons. Fresh food to at least hold yah over," he actually puffs on his cigar and chews on it some in though. A glance back to Sparrow with his scarred eyebrow lifting in question, she have much to add?
Lowry      Lowry nods to Ironface when he enters. The nod, the eyes and the nod. Everyone knows it. Stockton gets one in return as well. Turning as the mayor talks though his attention is quickly sent back to the matter at hand. Now and again he shifts his sight down and kicks at imaginairy dust, those thumbs still absently hooked in his holster. He furrows a brow as the poorly dressed looking ghoul pulls the inflection card now and shrugs. But he does eventually grin at the two so obviously in disagreeance. "I'm a not gonna lie." Lowry adds now. "How we get caught up in all this? Seems these two are responsible." And he points at Carol and the one nearest her. "Now I won't have no half truths outta you." The two already not fon the best of terms. "You tellin' it true?" He fixes his eyes and stares.
Ironface Jones Even with people watching him Ironface doesn't seem to change his stoic expression, seeming to not care one way or the other about being a spectacle. His attention is on the mayor as the old ghoul starts filling them in on details, though it shifts to the younger male ghoul and Carol when it's their time to speak. Ironface's brow furrows after they finish speaking and he starts to open his mouth to ask something but Stockton beats him to the punch. Then there's another idea, "Where is Picacho? Do you get your water from the same place?"
Sparrow Carol looks affronted and the young ghoul in the back laughs. "Yeah, Caarooooll. It's all about you and Bill, now sit your ass down."

The Mayor sighs and shakes his head. "Carol is too busy taking care of Bill to have the time to mastermind our well water and the increasing feral population. She stands to lose Bill and gain nothing out of any such thing." Then to Jones, he gestures towards the direction of Roswell to the East. "A town that way, Picacho is where the Nuka Cola Plant is. They have a spring there. Couple months back our water supply started getting low and now it's undrinkable. We've sent people down.."

The raider spits, "Yeah, with nothin. And they never come back, Keeper. So the way I see it that's on you."

A fuss breaks out almost immediately and all the ghouls start talking at once.

Sparrow nods to Stockton, "I agree. Radiation protection. Folks who are good at fighting.." She looks for an inoffensive word but finds none. Not that the two dozen or so adult ghouls would hear right now over their general din and arguments.
Stockton Stockton snaps a cruel eye towards the raider, "You done, peanut gallery?" he grunts and chews on his cigar to the other side of his mouth. Giving a firm nod to the mayor he grumbles, "How many've gone down? And is there reason we should figure they're under control at this point?" His face twitches side to side. "Rad-gear and fighters to clear it out, maybe an engineer or fixit genius to work on the water pumps. See if the place is somethin' we could put back into operation." He folds his arms over his chest and looks at the group there, then the ghouls, "Anythin' else needs yakkin' 'bout? Or we square here?"
Lowry      Lowry just rolls his shoulders with general disinterest at the words on Carol's plight. And when the rest of them break out and start talking over each other he just starts rubbing his temples. "Christ." He mumbles, before finally opening his eyes. Leaning back against the wall he starts to chime in, "Well, might as well work on clearin' it out first. Then get the techy types in. Gonna be hard enough to secure provisions and such..." He looks around with a frown. "Doubt theres gonna be much here /we/ could use. But Theres an outpost about twenty miles from here. If tha' sheriff here," He motions to Stockton, "Can give his word and the mayor here will chip in I can pry hit them Lone star boys up I aint been around that long but I got a few friends. Due for a run the next few days anyways. Might save us the time and hassle. No sense ridin two days straight and walkin' right into a fight."
Ironface Jones "We can find the people to fight any who oppose us on our quest to fix the water. I am not sure if I know anyone who is good at science and fixing any more," Ironface declares with a solid nod of the head. The others have the rest of the talking covered for him, though. The immense tribal is then content to listen and look around, carefully watching the people around them.
Sparrow The humans words do eventually sink in to those Ghouls in the Hotel seating area and most fall quiet though the Raider is now traiding glares with Stockton. Young rebellion pops it's head up everywhere. The Keeper stands and holds his hands out, palms down to get the rest of the talkers to silence. "Whatever help you'd offer we'd of course be greatful. We may even consider joining the Federation to prevent something like this from happening again. But until then I have too much on my hands to keep together. AS for scientists we don't have many of those. We're simple farming folks. Any aid or water would be appreciated as well. We have a couple more people we can send to lead you either to Picacho to meet the ghouls there at the plant or into the hills."

((ONe of these quests is up, the other, to the hills - will be scheduled after the initial Piacho quest))
Stockton Stockton just gives a quick nod and a grunt. ONe hand lifts up to capture the cigar so he can exhale a puff before putting it back. "Alright. I think we got 'nuff information, we'll gather a posse and let yah know soonest we can get back out 'ere. Til then, I'll do what I can to see some food and water shipped up 'ere," glancing back to Lowry he nods, "Check in wit yer LSC buddies, any help we can get these folk means more help fer us in the future." With that he moves back to the doorway and hangs there, by Sparrow, waiting until the doctor leaves before ducking out himself.
Lowry      Lowry is smirking at the little raider dressed ghoul and he helps himself to another pull from his bottle before smoothly stashing it back in his coat. He'll nod to Stock though. "Yea, I'll be back on duty tomorrow. And I got ma' caravan out this way too." He offers a shit eating grin on the note. "I can haul most everything up. I'll just need to slip outta' duty for a few days." He doesn't seem to worried about pulling that off. "Get me a list together, you too, Doc." He says now before reaching to roll that toothpick around
Ironface Jones "It would be wise to join the Federation, but I think we will help you even if you do not," Ironface tells Keeper. Looking between Stockton, Sparrow and Lowry he says, "We can try to bring in meat for these people. I am a skilled hunter." He moves towards the door with the others, looking over the ghouls one more time before passing through it, "Be well, people. I will see you again."
Sparrow The offer of supplies goes over well, the offer of meat goes over significantly better. These are hungry people. They all say their farewells to the group leaving and the Mayor tips an invisible hat. "Thank you." And the group are let to go on their way to preare for whatever's in the water supply or the hills..or both.