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Victoria Lookit who it is. One Victoria. She is walking towards the Lonestar Caravans and their buildings, a red wagon pulled behind her as she listens to some sort of ipod thing, earbuds in, music playing, sunglasses on and her usual attire worn. Her boots crunch through dirt and dead grass, that wagon kicking up a small trail of dust behind her. Her baseball cap is pulled down, a pair of goggles around her neck, "LOWRY." Called out. She's got stitches in her face, and her left arm is in a sling, while the right pulls the wagon, "Lowry. Lowry. Loowwwry." Said in a sing song voice as she looks towards the pens. Seems like a place the man might sleep.
Elsie "I haven't seen him today." That's certainly not Lowry's voice; that's someone else's voice. Someone prettier, and who likely smells better. If Victoria follows the sound with her eyes, she'll find herself looking at a pale woman with big black eyes and whitish silver hair. Odd, that, considering the woman is young. She's wearing boots and a unique blue layered dress with a faux bustle and spagetti strap sleeves. She approaches Victoria easily, clearly comfortable in her surroundings. Her hands she sets upside-down on her waist in a relaxed position. "Somethin' I can help you with, maybe?"
Lowry      Exiting the offices Lowry is counting caps, presumably his pay for the week. His coat is dusty and dirty as are his pants and boots. Rocking the five o'lclock shadow he rolls a toothpick around in his mouth while mouthing some unheard curses. Hearing his name called out his eyes dart up and he spots Vic and , Shirley. Grinning he throws a wave out there and approaches. "Oh, Didn't know you two knew each-" He pauses and his face twists into surprise. "The fuck happened to you?!!?" He asks Vic. Standing in the little circle now he pockets his caps and pulls a flask as if his breath doesn't already scream whiskey. "Never a dull moment in the wastes." He adds with a look over to Surelda and her leg. He's shaking his head but there is a small hint of a mischievious grin.
Victoria Victoria follows her ears and looks at Surelda from behind lenses, head cocking to the side slightly. A lopsided smile will touch upon her lips and she'll shake her head slightly, "I don't think you'd be able to help me. Lowry told me to meet him here today around this time." One of her earbuds is taken out as she speaks so she can better hear Surelda, the bud tucked into the collar of her coat. Victoria, herself, probably doesn't smell any better than Lowry, though she is no doubt prettier. Her clothes are crusted with dirt and grime. Her voice is whiskied and low, a bit raspy at times, as if she needs a drink of water. When Lowry makes his way out of the offices Vic will turn her body towards him, right hand lifting to wave, the wagon behind her, "We don't." Her smile grows wider, gaze cast towards Surelda, "I'm Vic." Now they know each other, "Uh, deal gone wrong? Got my ass handed to me. But, lookit. All better." Yep. A shrug, "So why the hell am I out here." Expectantly asked as knees bend and she reaches behind her for that wagon handle, ready to head out if he's wasting her time.
Elsie "Sully," Surelda says, introducing herself by her new preferred nickname. No doubt Lowry will jack that up in short order, but for now at least she can pick her own name. Speaking of Lowry, a glance to him means that the silver-haired young woman catches the look he gives to her leg, and she gives him a toothless glare. "Thought you were about to be off the clock for the next few days, Fruity. What's all this, then? You didn't strike me as the overtime kinda guy."
Lowry      Squinting he replaces the flask and rests a hand on the pistol at his side. Nodding as the two retort. To Vic he says, "Well, a little buisiness prop fer' ya. Hopefully it don't go wrong." He teases then to Surelda he says, "Aww, shoot. I'm off. Just needed ma' drinkin' money. He grins before continuing. "Well, good thing yer' both here. Came into a wagon. Got me some contacts in Acme. Was wonderin' how that pottery business is goin'? Seein' if ya' wanna get into somethin' a little more lucrative." He shifts to Surelda. "You could be a damn sight helpfull too. A lone Caravan is easy pickin's out here. Wouldn't mind a little direction when makin' deliveries. I'd prefer we didn't tell the boss man.I'll make it worth yer' while." He reaches in a back pocket and hands the radio girl something.
Victoria "Can't go anymore wrong than this last business prop." Vic will state with some chagrin, her chin tilting to Surelda as she drops the wagon handle, "Hey, Sully." A glance back to Fruity then, Vic's hand tucking into the pocket of her coat, "Things have stalled a little in regards to my other work, so I could take on a contract right now." Said carefully, and slowly, Vic not entirely committing. For now, as she waits for explanation, she'll look between Surelda and Lowry.
Elsie "Oh, there's always more wrong," Surelda notes dryly as she looks over Lowry with a look of interest and suspicion. Whatever it is he's on about, she's already skeptical. "You want to run an independent caravan, planned while standing in LoneStar's compound?" she asks. You know, just to confirm. She waits for the answer with amusement glinting in her eyes. She folds her arms beneath her busts, watches the man, and waits.
Lowry      "Yea, sorry to hear about that." His chin lifts and he asks, "Someone need a talkin' to?" She's his friend by now and while the wastes are a dangerous place beatin' on women don't sit too right with the man who holds the mysterious past. "Anyways. Been diggin' that stuff you gave me the other day." He looks over at Surelda and gives her a smile and a nod as if to say 'yea, thats the good shit'. "What you need to make say..fifty hits or so?" After Surelda is done he looks around and throws his arms up. No one is around!" He points at some guards about twenty yards off." Those fucks can't hear us. I aint took 'ya fer no snitch." An eyebrow lifts. "You want some extra caps or not? First crack at the goods too not to mention. Don't tell me ya' got that much loyalty to these batards. Shit, I figure we use 'em to our advantage. But you let me take care of that. All I need is updates on hotiles and that wonderfully keen women's intuition ya' got."
Victoria "Well, I could die, true." Vic will acquiesce to Surelda with a little dip of her chin, fingers playing around in her pocket as she refocuses on Lowry and his Big Plan. "Nah, he's not worth it." Murmured, lips pulling to the side a little which causes a wince. Ow. OW. "Fifty whats? Hits? Dude, I don't make music, I make tea chems, pottery and" Said ever so slowly so Lowry gets it, "And takes me a good month or so to make 30 chems. I have ...a stock now, but it's just buffout. What are you looking for? And how much we talking? And /where/ is this manufacturing to take place?"
Elsie "Oh settle down," Surelda says as she reaches forward to take the little container of pills. She shakes it, and then opens it and peers inside. Hmm. Yes, she will keep that, thank you much. It gets tucked away into a pocket for now. She looks between Victoria, brows raising further with interest, and then back to Lowry. "I'll keep track of ya when you're out there; you still work for LoneStar." For her cut, obviously. "But you know, you shouldn't talk about Mr. Ward like that. He's a good egg and you know it." She doesn't say that with any malice; just a point she wanted to make sure was noted for the record. "I mean, you //are// running all this," she pats her pocket, "Under a load of legit cargo, yeah?"
Lowry "Pfft, call 'em whatever you want. I call 'em fun and profit! As far as /where/. How much room you need? I'll arrange it. But the spot is." his eyes dart over to Surelda and he says, "Confidential. Just you and me gonna know where. To be safe." He shrugs his shoulders, no offense to Lady Silver, just better that way. "Wait...30? Well, we will see what we can do about that." He doesn't seem to worried. Back to Surelda now he says, "Huh? Oh, naw he's alright. As far as legit...We will see. I'll work that out. I don't want anyone else gettin' in on the action if I can help it. But we can cross that bridge when we come to it. I think the runs will be more for material. Aint nothing wrong with that. Just be cheaper to do it m'self. As far as the product we shouldn't need a whole caravan....Yet." He laughs and looks around to make sure no one is eavesdropping as well.
Victoria Victoria eyes Lowry, one brow having lifted as she listens to him go on, and on, and on. And on. Her sunglasses were pulled off after hand lifted from pocket, tucked away into her pocket, "Okay. Well. Let's give it a go and see what happens." Yep, easy peasy answer, Vic also looking around to see who might be listening, "It takes time to science up a chem, Low. Or, Fruity." A crooked smile then, Vic trying to avoid splitting that stitched lip apart, "So, lemme know where this 'place' is, when it's safe to do so, and I'll get to work."
Elsie For her part, Sully just offers a slow, long nod. "Well I'll keep you on track when you're out and about," for chems, of course. "But I don't wanna know beyond that. Mister Ward's been really good to me, so I don't want to do anything he might disapprove of." But she'll at least keep an eye out for them, track their movements, and do her best to keep them out of danger.