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Tibbie      it may be early morning at Lyn's Lounge but that's no reason not to drink and enjoy the jukebox! Especially for our young Shantytown gal Tibbie as she's looking a lil tired in the eyes but her body's swaying to some tunes with a whiskey in her hand.

Her hair sways and her spirits seem to be lifting the longer she's dancing, if only there were someone here besides busy old Chuck!
Nero      The door swings open letting in a gust of cool morning air, stumbling through the door is a pale man clutching his side. Nero takes a hard look at the swaying gal before taking a seat at the bar and ordering a whiskey.      He lifts the wiskey into the air, a silent toast to the dancing lady. A wince creeps across his gaunt face as he moves the whiskey to his thin lips and takes a healthy swallow.
Tibbie      The short girl can't help but notice a new tall guy coming in to the bar, plus he likes whiskey too! Tibbie, the friendly gal shuffles over to him and takes a seat with him, introducing herself if he liked it or not, she's just the friendly sort that way.

"The name's Tibbie Gaines fella! Uh, you sure aint looking all to well yerself...Lemme see here.." She says cheerily and pulls out her nearby drawstring bag that was hung on a nearby chair and pulls out a hypodermic needle.
Nero Nero          stares at the woman suspiciously, as the last of his whiskey slides down his throat with a poorly hidden grimace. Nero inches his hand towards his speear as Tibbie's hand reaches for the bag, only to ease at the sight of the needle. His face softens and a slight grin replaces his earlier grimace.

"I am called Nero, and I am a bit better for the whiskey in my belly now. I don't suppose you mean to stick that needle in my eye, but I could do with a bit more relief I must admit." Nero emits a gravely chuckle, the sound resembling stones being rattled together.
Tibbie      She places the needle to him and explains it with a smile, not seeming bothered by Nero's suspicions of her,

"Well there Nero buddy, this here is Med-X, and no silly this aint going in no eyeballs!" She chuckles and passes it to him.
"This oughta settle down the pain until a real doc swings on by, but you ought tell'm, cause if he does it a twice'ah times you'll prolly kick the bucket!" Tibbie's southern drawl seems to be worse when she's drinking.

"And don't you on an worry about paying me or nothin, this one's on me chum! I aint all too good a aim with these things but I can give it a go if you a little squeamish there, aint nothing to be ashamed of!" The brown-eyed gal smiles to the black-haired man.
Nero The grin soon grows to a smile, slowly worming it's way across his face, he flops a slender arm on the tabletop with a dull thud, the rope-like muscles tightening in anticipation at the promise of a painful prick of the needle. Nero takes the syringe and deftly penetrates a vein, his whole body relaxing at once as a warm flush of heat reddens his face.

"Buddy is it? I think I can deal with having a buddy in a wasteland with so few to be had. If you wont take payment, at least a trade will do." Nero then gestures to the barkeep and orders two more whiskeys, sliding one over to Tibbit and holding his up towards he in a toast.
Tibbie      With Nero feeling better and even more whiskey to be shared, it seems the two have found a good way to drink the morning away. They clink glasses and begin to chat, mostly Tibbie though as she gets into her usual outlandishly tall tales about her and a chum named Davy. The start of a friendship between needles and whiskey, what a great way to make friends!