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Sparrow The pretty little town of Picacho has lights that work, streets that have minimal potholes or have somehow been paved over. Wasteland grasses are trimmed carefully in the yards and a few of them have even managed to get crops or various livestock to live in pens in their yards. Picacho already has low walls as well as set forth to protect the communities of workers from the Plant from the dangers of the outside world before the war. It wouldn't hold off a horde but it's a spectacular base for one.

Some mutated mongrels lay near house doors and a couple of ghoul children are already playing a game of horseshoes in a yard as the group is led past by their Ghoul Guides they picked up in Rosewell. Ms. Croup and Mr. Vandemar lead the group along the road towards the plant itself. "Most of the Ghouls stay inside." They explain, "But they appear to be having similar issues but not nearly as bad as Hondo." Some of the plants appear to be wilting.
Davidson The ghouls don't seem to faze Davidson much; a smile tugs up at the corner of his lips as he spots the children playing near the watchful eye of the dogs, one hand raking back through his hair as he looks out towards the plant - not to be confused by the dying plants. Only one 'plant' allowed it seems. "'Fraid I haven't been out to Hondo too close," he admits, looking over to the ghouls with a slight raise of both brows, shifting the All-American's strap across his shoulder, "What's been going on there, that they're having here too...?"
Ironface Jones Looking around at his surroundings Ironface rides out with the group from El Dorado, looking relaxed atop his horse, First Horse Jones. The scenery in Picacho has him looking things over intently, apparently enjoying the sight of an almost pre-war looking community, complete with dogs and pre-war children. Looking over towards Davidson Ironface begins to explain, "In Hondo the people have no good water. I think they say their water comes from here but it is no good. Also, they had many ferals and a glowing one when we were there."
Stockton Stockton strolls along in that quiet armor and his EDSD Duster with the Marshal badge stitched onto the shoulder opposite the EDSD logo. Techy looking goggles rest on top of his head, taming his wild mane of hair. His matched set of Desert Eagles rest in the custom holster at the small of his back sometimes showing under the flapping back of the coat. Giving Davidson a glance he catches the man up. "Water done run dry, feral ghouls and ghouls what were intelligent gettin' snatched up by Glowin' Ones nearby. Picacho's effected some too, but end story is somethin's in that plant needs kickin or fixin. We see if we can do these folk any good and work our way up the chain, ya follow?"
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lumbers along the road in his heavy suit of power armor, making his large body even more exaggerated. The expression on his face is one of obvious disgust as he looks upon the face of the ghouls living here. Being in the Brotherhood of Steel it is usualy his duty to kill these sorts of abominations, but for now he stays his hand and remains peaceful.

He rubs his head and winces in pain, the wounds of his last fight in a bar far from healed, but he carries on ignoring it best as he can for now. "All ghouls seem the same to me, but for now I have a job to do."
Lowry      At a slow gait atop his horse Lowry brings up the rear. His hat is pushed up high as he surveys the place and the long brown coat he wears is flung open, revealing pistols and the like. His unshaven jaw works in a slow rythmatic way with the steps his mount takes as he turns a toothpick 'round in his mouth and says, "Well, it seems this place is got more problems than just the water." His eyes dart around with contempt at the community and to Astaroth he adds, "I doubt the water's what makes this place smell like an arm pits asshole." He snorts to himself and pulls a flask, the cork ripped away and spat odn the ground before he takes a rather large tug.
Sparrow The two guides nod as others explains the situation out here between Rosewell and Dunwich. All the roads in this little section lead towards the Plant where there appear to be a group of ghouls waiting for the El Doradans and their companions to make their way towards them. The road passes in a small bridge over an inlet that looked like it used to come from a small pond near the plant. But where it looks like normally there might normally have been being water right now there's barely enough to be called runoff. The spring isn't keeping the little pond fed, nor the intake to the plant itself.

A Ghoul in a jacket that looks like it used to belong to a real Nuka Cola fan pre-war holds up a hand. He's found one of the Elvis wigs somewhere and kept it pristine wearing it on his head currently. "Howdy folks!" He greets the group. "Glad to see you, glad to see you. I'm Marcus." He seems to be blissfully unaware of the fact there's a Paladin here, or any other insults tossed his way. Some of the others though narrow their eyes - but beggers can't be choosers.

Sparrow who's bringing up the group just shakes her head and checks her med-kit.
Davidson As the explanations are given, Davidson's head bobs in understanding. "Makes sense, makes sense..." A smile tugs up at the corner of his lips, pulling it wider as they're welcomed by the elvis-wigged ghoul, his hand lifting palm-forward into the air. "Howdy," he calls over in affable tones, "Davidson. Understand y'all might be having a bit of trouble out this a way...?" A glance down to the dying foliage, brows raising as he looks back to Marcus.

"Water issues?"
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head and directs his intense gaze towards the man greeting them. He reaches out to give a firm gloved shake to Marcus. "Marshal Volkner, and despite the fuckwits b'hind me's grumblin' - we're here tah help." He watches the 'runoff' then glances at the plants as well before looking past Marcus at the Plant itself. "Dis only fixes half the damn problem though. Still the radiation site and the Glowin Ones there. But uncloggin' the pipes first." He looks to Marcus then and nods, "You get us far as you can, we'll figure it out from there."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns to Lowry and nods in agreement of his previous statement. He then turns to the guide and his look of disgust only grows worse, but he remains silent and falls in line, never taking his suspicious hateful eyes off of the talking ghoul. Gripping his knife tightly he listens intently to the words being spoken, secretly hoping for a chance to kill some abominations, rather they be ghouls or the creatures plaguing the area.
Lowry Continiung along Lowry never returned the bottle to his coat, the cork left behind anyways. Seems he is intnet on finishing it. There isn't that much left anyways and no one needs the shakes. He's putting down the last pull when Marcus pops up. *Thrcdhfa* He spits out the last little bit with uncontrolled surprise and a bit of a chuckle. None too loudly he /will/ comment. "Haha. Get a load o' this, fella." He's shaking his head and looking down. "This fucking guy." Still a little chuckling. Deep breath. Deep breath. He's back on track now and listening and looking. After he feels hie's thoroughly assesed the situation he gives a nod to Astaroth. Quielty, he adds, "Man, that was some rot gut whiskey that broad sold me. I could do with 'unclogging' /my/' pipes." His face sours and the man rubs his stomach for a moment.
Ironface Jones "Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan," Ironface replies. "It is good to know you, Marcus." Seems the big man on the horse is polite at least. He studies the terrain, especially the spring and the plant's intake with a faint frown on his face. Dismounting from his horse, Jones makes his way towards the mud, starting to sink in a couple of inches as he gets close to inspect the water systen. As his feet sink in deeper he looks closely and nods his head solidly, "I think something did collapse." Another few seconds of staring and contemplation, "I think the flow may have been changed from where it usually goes to."
Sparrow "Well it's more'n just a bit, Y'see the Spring just started drying up slowly a few months ago. Slow enough so we didn't exactly notice at first. We've been managin' to keep everything working more or less until we could find those Nuka Cola recipes we all remember and crave so much." Marcus pulls a comb from his pocket and smooths a stray hair on his Pompadour Wig. "Before that, we were looking' for notes, recipe items, pipe parts. You know, any old thing that'd help us get things back online. Then we had a collapse of a whole part of some of the lower levels, molerats. But we ain't explorers, we're just simple folk out here wantin' a chance to bring back the best thing from before the Bombs Dropped." Obviously.. someone has a thirst that won't be quenched by anything but the real thing.

Marcus nods and moves to have his two burly ghoul friends who are busy trying not to glare off their help. The talkative 'face' bobs his head and points at the Tribal man. "C'mon this way." He thumbs over his shoulder walking backwards before turning to lead the group inside the plant itself.
Davidson "Ah, good thing you got one, then. An explorer, I mean. Also, these guys, who'll probably be wayyyy more useful if there's anything dangerous down there," Davidson banters easily as he follows along, gaze lifting to look up and over the plant as he draw closer, "Big you've got here. You guys got, uh, a real passion for cola, I see."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns to Lowry and says with a slight chuckle that sounds like rocks crunching together "I would scold you for wasting perfectly terrible whiskey, but tis hard to keep anything down when looking at face like his." His chuckle recedes and he turns his eyes toward the plant, following the foul looking guide inside. Glancing across the plant looking for any sign of danger, he stays close to the group and on high alert.
Ironface Jones Letting the others chatter amongst themselves Ironface walks along, following their tour guide and studying his surroundings closely. It's important to know what's going on around you, after all. As Lowry and Astaroth make comments amongst themselves Jones ignores them in favor of learning more about the plant he's in. "There will be much Nuka Cola when this place works again."
Stockton Stockton stalks along with his eyes kept open, when they reach the place he lowers his goggles over his eyes and flicks a switch to bring a silent whir up. He'll be uninhibited in the darkness it seems. The commentary behind him only earns a glare shot over one broad shoulder as he follows their guide towards the plant. "Cave-ins make me miss Tobi," he grunts at Sparrow in the rear before continuing into the place on quiet and sure feet.
Sparrow Sparrow touches Marcus' shoulder and hands him a scrap of paper that makes him grin and murmur quiet thanks to her. But she moves off to watch the rest of the group.

Marcus walks through the main plant, away from the store there is a pair of chained off red double-doors. which he trots on over to unlock letting the doors swing open.

It's obvious that the group is not fond of all the El Doradans who've come but they'd been assured that the EDF meant well. Marcus walks back over, "Here you go. Just head on in." A quick fingergun at Ironface gets him a crooked ghoulish grin, "That's the idea."

Sparrow nods. "This whole place makes me miss him." She agrees.

((IN your next pose I will need you to tell me if you go in, or not, and if you're vying for front, middle or back. Sparrow will be heading up the rear because she's a Medic.))
Davidson "Any idea what all might be down there, aside from particularly digging-inclined molerats, Marcus?" The ghoul gets a wry look from Davidson as he speaks, the explorer shrugging the carbine off his shoulder and into his hands - in case of trouble, the safety flicked off but he keeps his finger off the trigger and the barrel low as he heads for the door, "I'll take point, if nobody minds - I should be able to spot any particularly dangerous spots in there. Wouldn't do to fall down a hole or some shit."
Lowry      Lowry keeps in step and snickering says, "I know. Right. He's even got a fucking comb." He's not shouting or anything, but he's not whispering. Most likely well timed pokes. Lowry is in back. He is getting off his horse, giving him an apple and patting him with a fondness, "I'll be back in a bit bud." He smiles and turns. Pulling his pistol and double checking his cylinder before heading in behind the others. He keeps his weapon ready at his side and proceeds cautiously.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino heads forward towards the double doors, activating the flashlight on his power armor helmet. Ignoring his hatred for the ghoul he stand near him close to the front of the group now just behind Davidson, so he can defend his guide if needed. However much he hates ghouls he will do his job.
Ironface Jones Not being too subtle about it, Ironface tries to make his way to the front of the group to on through the doors first but Davidson offers to go instead. That's fine with Jones, it seems, who hangs back a little bit and pulls his wasteland slugger from the loop on his belt, adjusting the grip in his hands a bit as they proceed forward. Eyes peeled, he is as ready as he can be for trouble.
Stockton Stockton drifts quietly back to the rear of the pack with Sparrow. It makes it easy that someone wants to go ahead, easier to cover the rear and the medic that way. He's got one hand under his duster on the grip of a gun. The other is plucking the cigarillo from his exposed mouth so that he can drop it into the dirt and snuff it with a booted heel on the way in, no need to give away position with lights and smells. Not that wandering in with a Paladin in full armor will do much for stealth.
Sparrow Marcus shakes his head, "All we saw were Molerats. Couple of us got bit but none of us went feral." Sparrow looks mildly relieved by the statement as she brings up the rear and pulls her helmet a bit tighter onto her head.

The doors open leading into an open to the central manufacturing area, catwalks and ravens nests line the walls and beams above massive vats and various types of machinery that hover like giants above a maze of conveyor belts below. They are sturdy and well maintained, for the most part, very few sections have begun to fall apart and those have been welded an repaired by the ghouls here. Notably, there seems to be a massive set of pumps with a slowly dwindling supply from what used to be the spring that fed this Nuka Cola PLant.

They really want their Cola.

The the section that collapses is easy to see, near the bottom of the spiraling catwalk the whole bottom two sections and what appears to be the floors underneath have sunken in and in some parts collapsed completely. There's evidence of them digging an entrance to the collapsed parts out.. and a few dead molerats and a lot of blood mark the entrance where the Ghouls could no longer fend for themselves.

((I will be setting up Combat Now. We will have one round of Poses beforehand for getting there and anything you want to get in before combat. I will have an OOC statement before Combat, and then I will begin Init tables))
Ironface Jones Now seems to be the time for Ironface to be extra certain that he's prepared. Something is likely coming and it may very well be molerats. Slugger in hand, Jones moves forward, clearly anticipating the combat that may be to come as he approaches the mess on the floor, eyes peeled for trouble, "If there are molerats they may come through the floor for us. Be wary." Based on the way he clutches his weapon he's ready to play whack a molerat.
Lowry      Lowry casualy stays in step near the back, his eyes darting all around. All to knowing that the situation smells of trouble. Not taking any extra precautions he more or less just expects it. After Ironface cautions though he does nod in agreeance, "Ain't that tha' truth." He'll make sure to keep that in mind.
Davidson A long, low whistle escapes beneath Davidson's breath as he walks slowly inside, head lifting to take in the whole of the room. "Damn. Now this place is really something."

He gestures then with the barrel over in the direction of the collapsed catwalk - and where the floor has caved in entirely. "Guess it's no secret where it happened," he observes quietly, "Keep an eye out for the bitey little buggers. And try not to damage the equipment, the locals would get pissed as hell..."

He slowly approaches the collapsed area, covering it with his carbine, butt braced against his shoulder.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino moves close to the group staying near the front, keeping silent but for the loud sounds his power armor make as he moves. He turns his attention to the sunken holes and the corpses of the molerats, his headlamp highlighting them. Then he scans the area for live enemies, a deep expression of concentration fills his face.
Stockton Stockton remains calm and collected, this isn't his first rodeo and it won't be his last. The group descends deeper into the Plant and he starts sniffing here and there, attempting to figure out where the ambush might come from. Always on edge now. "Keep it tight, if we separate we're easier to pick off," he intones through the vox in his helmet. Creeeeping along, the surprisingly quiet man just looks like a coiled spring, ready to unleash.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino charges toward the swarm of regular molerats shouting "Ad Victoriam!", getting their attention focused on him, and slashes at them with his combat knife.
Stockton Stockton spits once on the dirt and narrows his eyes as the molerats make themselves known. It's like picking out a line-up as the monsters keep pouring out. One, two, three swarms and the mutated bitches that popped out with 'em. He can't help but stare for just a second as the Paladin charges ahead of him, he's not used to anyone flinching before he does. And then like that there is action. The EDSD Duster flutters up with a crack at the tail from the sudden movement. One hand reaches back grabbing 'Kindness' the silvered desert eagle. Zeroing down the sights, he squeezes off one large caliber bullet into the brain meat of the first mutant. Turning on his heels, the second handcannon is whipped out and leveled with the fist as he squeezes off four quick shots that slam .50 slugs into molerat bodies. The second step has him dropping angles on one knee, the rapid shots picking up one set of a swarm into another sending them all to the floor. Finally the last mutant earns a brain-splattering ticket to hell as the Marhal's guns smoke and there's eerie silence for a moment.
Sparrow Squealing death, Molerat bodies everywhere. It wasn't really a contest, really. Stockton had pretty much-destroyed everything that had been standing in their way. The collapsed cavern only had one group of molerats left and they were trying to get around to attack the Paladin again.

It begins as more of a feeling in the eardrum than a sound. A tickle, that raises tiny hairs. Mied somewhere between a near cowlike lowing and a whale. Pebbles and cracked concrete from the plant foundation fall around the group and only moments later the earth below them cracks and shakes and breaching through the earth is a huge naked buck-toothed face glowing the eeriest of neon blues. Another one of those angry Broodmother sounds come from the massive Mole Rat as she swipes out at the Vanguard. Bodyslamming the shiny dude in the power armor angrily in vengeance for her slaughtered young.
Davidson A long whistle escapes Davidson's lips in the silence that follows Stockton's assault. "Damn. Nice shooti--" The compliment never fully is given breath as the ground heaves, and he's hurled back to the floor--grabbing a rail with one hand as he's dropped down to his ass, breath gone for a half-moment. It's the sudden emergence of that hideous head and its quantum-glowing eyes that kicks his adrenaline into overdrive, reminded in a flash of the gigantic super-mutant that tried to tear down the wall of the Alamo he was standing on.

The memory drives him up to his feet in an instant, the All-American brought up in his hands and spitting out a roar of gunfire, armor-piercing rounds peppering the thick, wrinkled hide of the Broodmother and covering its near-hairless flesh with eerily-luminous blue ichor.
Sparrow Sparrow has stayed in back. She has her Pistol at her hip and her bow in her off hand. But she's moving through, "Surround her, we got this fellas." She calls out assuringly from the rear as she squeezes past the bulk of her companions to do a quick once over of the Paladin and some quick patch up work with her medkit.
Stockton Stockton quickly uses Sparrow's inspirational pep talk to drop the magazines in his guns into his duster pockets. Pushing his coat back he slides the empty grips along his belt to catch two fresh magazines, lifting up his handcannons with a clack-clack as the slides lock into place.
Ironface Jones A huge beast has appeared! Ironface Jones has an adversary worthy of his wrath! With a roar he runs at the broodmother, spittle flying from his mouth as he begins to froth. Sheer berserker fury overtakes him as he makes his move to slay the beast with his slugger going back over his shoulder then slamming forward in a wide arch to hit the giant critter in the torso. When the beast doesn't fall Jones seems ready to continue his assault.
Lowry      Lowry is a Hero of the Alamo as well! When the Broodmother blasts him back he stumbles gracefully drunk with pride. He's used to bouncing back up. It's poetry in motion As he smashes off a conveyer belt, two quick shots are fired even before he lands on his knee taking aim. But he's a drunk of the wastes as well. He curses. Then with reckless abandon fires another in the brood mothers looselfy hanging nipple. He grunts with laughter and aims for it again just to be an ass.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino quickly nods at Sparrow in thanks, feeling much better as he is healed, then he turns back to face the Quatum Brood Mother and shouts a taunting insult "You are almost as ugly as that ghoul!"
Ironface Jones The big monster doesn't have a chance to get to Ironface before he's back to bashing on her. Bellowing like a brahmin in battle the big berserker bashes boldly the beastly broad's broad body! His action leaves a score across the monster's torso as the barbed wire on his slugger catches her flesh. When she turns to look at him more closely or to inspect the damage done (it's hard to tell with giant monsters) it puts her face in reach. The maddened tribal lunges forward and slams his weapon into the side of her head with a mighty thud.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lurches forward to stab at the Brood Mother, his knife connects with her flesh to give her a good slice and then he steps back and returns to a defensive stance
Sparrow The brood mothers tough hide can only take so much and she's taking hits from every direction. Glowing blood now spears and melds with the red from the smaller molerats, the three other creatures thrashing about and trying to hide as the mother starts to wail and thrash in pain, flipping onto her back and landing on the group and rolling around on them like a massive nasty smelly whale of a rat. lashing out with her teeth she grabs ahold of the armored man who'd just been just begging for her to attack him; grabbing him around the middle and whipping him around like a ridiculous ragdoll. No one tell the Palidins back home about this..
Stockton Stockton managed to get his magazines reloaded in the interrim. Which means he's locked and loaded for another deathly dance of guns and ammunition. This time the sole benefactor of his destruction is the big brood mother bitch. Blapblapblapblapblap. Several bullets find their mark, digging into armor plates and chitin, loosing more lovely ooze and blood.
Davidson There aren't any broken bones, but damn if Davidson isn't feeling the bruises when the massive thing rolls off him; stumbling up to his feet, he opens fire again, though this time the bullets go wide, peppering the crumbling ruined wall behind the Broodmother. "Fucking-- hell-- kill that thing," he calls out, working to stabilize his stance.
Lowry      Lowry is trampled by the enraged beast. She topples over him along with the others and he hopelessly jabs at her with his pistol. He's huffing and puffing and wheezing for air while laying their thirstier than ever. "Get 'er right way we want 'er!" He shouts!
Ironface Jones Being crushed by a giant monster rolling around on him hasn't phased Ironface Jones in the least. Partly because he's so big himself and partly because he is currently in a berserker rage. His anger at the beast only increased by the smooshing he continues striking at it with his slugger, the barbed wires on the bat scoring deep gouges in the brood mother's hide over her left leg.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino gets flung into the air by the Brood Mother and lands in a crash of steel and sparks. He then struggles to his feet a few times before getting up. Finally regaining his footing he turns his attention back to the overgrown rat. With a look of fatigue and determination growing on his face he makes his way closer to the Brood Mother, as fast as his power armored body will let him.

He rushes once more at the Brood Mother getting a good strike to land on her torso with his knife. Taking a chance he runs for cover and to get out of the way of incoming bullets, he makes it back to the group, but not without taking another hit from the Brood Mother.
Sparrow Sparrow drops her medkit and pulls her pistols out trying to work on getting a shot on the big blue mother of broods that is currently shaking the Paladin around with a grimace she tries to fire. But she's mible and these tunnels are -her- playground, wet and disgusting as they are. She's not any good at getting shots off though the one she hits barely sinks into the large mass of leathery blue glowing flesh and strange mutated lowing.
Stockton Stockton is down to final rounds so he takes his time aiming the huge guns at the mother bitch who still has the Paladin in a nasty tangle. Crack-Crack! ANd the slides remain open, his guns empty again, but at least each of those slugs found a marked point in the bitch's torso.
Davidson As others fire, Davidson wipes his brow with the back of his hand to get sweat from his eyes; bringing the carbine back up as he drops a few steps back, the faded insignia of the 82nd catching the light as he waits for his opening, the barrel moving through the air to track the broodmother's thrashing body. Then those last two rounds from Stockton's pistols hit home, one after the other, and the brood-mother rears back with a gutteral lowing sound, bioluminescent blood splattering cerulean through the air as its head goes back and forth in pain... its rolling chin-wattles stretching with the movement.

The explorer brings the rifle up, jaw tensing as he pulls the trigger -- once missing, the second catching right between those rolls of fatty flesh in its throat, cutting something vital that gouts another spray of luminous blood. It rears back, claws off the ground, as if to fall upon the group once more...

...and then collapses down, head, its head rolling limply to the side.
Ironface Jones The biggest beasty goes down and Ironface stands over it's body letting out a cry of triumph to the sky. Or ceiling, in this case. But it's epic, the big man standing, covered in glowing blue blood and guts, screaming his head off. As the emotions wash over him he calms down, seemingly all at once, and takes a few deep breaths. After all that exertion it looks like he needs a bit of a rest, but there's still probably work to do before then so he instead looks at the rest of the party to see what they're going to do.
Sparrow The Brood mother's death scree is eye-crossing and echoes through the wet sounding tunnels that merge here in the low open chamber where the Molerats appear to have been living and growing off the leftover remains of the Nuka Cola plants supplies and growing mutated and weird. In the distance, the sound of water dripping rapidly in the distance can be heard and it might finally be noted that when they'd reached this chamber they were about ankle deep in water that seemed just a little too clean. Weirdly clean. Blue almost. Someone's got their filters on. Or maybe it's just the brood mothers glowing oozing blood mixing with it.

The other molerats have scampered and Sparrow is up and moving looking for the Paladin first, checking out injuries with a serious face as she tucks her pistols away.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino stands next to the body of the Brood Mother, beaming with delight at their success. He glances over at the people here with smile of comradarie and pride. Wiping some sticky blood off his power armor, he inspects it for dents and checks himself for injuries using the suits heads up display.

"That was sure one helluva fight, glad to have had all you folks here with me. Think that is all I can handle for one night." He rolls his large shoulders causing his power armor to shift and hiss. Finally relaxing a bit.
Davidson "Ow," Davidson mutters as he slings his rifle, leaning heavily on a wall, "Everything hurts. And not in the 'good date' way."

A deep breath, and he pushes off the wall, moving to examine the collapsed section before going in any deeper--kicking a pile of pipes, he turns his head to call back, "Think the big bitch might've uncovered some pipes and shit that Marcus and his friends can use, anyway. It's something. Water's looking pretty clean too..."
Stockton Stockton checks for sounds and noises after the gunfire stops. When there's enough room to breath he quickly picks up his magazines and starts reloading the metal cases with more .50 slugs. Packing his gear back into that specialty holster, the Marshal starts to stoop and look around. He's got his game face on as he explores and touches gently. Muttering aloud, "S'what we're 'ere for. Appreciate you soakin' up all that damage, vaguely remind me of a former Legionaire," he smirks and shoots a look towards Sparrow, noting she's untouched he goes about his business. "Definitely the tunnels collapsed into the water. These bastards were prolly nested underneath," he kicks a dead molerat, "Was kind of inevitable, so I don' think it was foul play. Would definitely drain a lot, might be a reservoir underneath feeding the drain offs." He scratches his chin, "Now Tobi woulda been able tah figure out how to get the water flowin' again without fuss or muss. Prolly wit the shit in here."
Lowry      Lowry continues getting flattened and squirms about helplessly. With all his might he smashes his pistol against the angry soon to be childless mother but to no avail. She's already dying and gushing green ooze all over him. He lays back, "Fuck it." His head drops to the side and he notices the little swarm scurrying away. He levels his pistol from trapped beneath the dying mutated creature and ...Falls limp, the pistol laying in his hand while he slips in and out of conciousness. "Hey.." He's pointing up in the air but doesn't manage to get anything really said before truly passing out.
Ironface Jones As the violent portion of the adventure seems to be over and done Ironface sets about trying to find something useful to the ghouls who run the plant, his injuries causing him to move more slowly than normal. After mucking about in the messed up area of the floor he manages to come up with something, however. After careful examination of what he's found Jones nods his head very seriously and declares, "I have found science machines." Which are actually just valves. Still, they might be useful to someone. His head comes up and his eyes look at the others in the area, "I am glad none of us are dead. That large thing was very dangerous." And then he hears the sound of Lowry still stuck underneath the big beast and goes over to see how he can help.