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Rexus It is about early afternoon in the Western Wastelands, not too far from Roswell, along the main highway. Has to be cleared of Vermin and this group is the one to do it! The highway is a little worse for wear, dotted with old wrecked vehicles and a few boulders that've been moved over time. There are even a few old road signs from a time long ago. Given the distances involved, and the need to season up some of the newer folk, Rexus is taking a backseat on this one. The recon details he's received are fairly simple. Gathering the group behind a wrecked bus, he lays out the details. "Up ahead, half a mile or so there's a small camp full of ex legion troops turned raider.... well I guess they were always raiders in a way. Maybe three or four of them... shouldn't be too difficult... they've been preying on some of the caravans that wander along this route."
Nemo Nemo and Vic arrive on a pre-war motorcycle, hauling ass to the meeting point. The grease stained mechanic has dressed in body armor and a black bodysuit, nodding to Knight Rexus when he arrives. He listens to the debriefing with a serious face, nodding along. He heard there was trouble, and where raiders were, so was loot. Usually things others didn't think were valuable, electronics and such.

Nemo's got his gun ready, and some psycho hidden for when shit hits the fan. He tells the knight, casually, "You point, and I shoot. The Scientists of El Dorado are here to back you up."
Ironface Jones Right in the midst of the others, Ironface Jones rides along on his horse rather calmly with his wasteland slugger in his hand, ready to be put to use. When the group gathers behind the bus he joins them, dismounting from his steed and looking intently at Rexus during the briefing. With a big, solid nod, the tribal speaks, "We will slay them." The huge man looks a little worse for wear, with a pair of black eyes and a busted lip, but he doesn't seem to care about those injuries.
James     Struggling down the road as he drags a useless heap of scrap that might have once resembled a Mr. Handy, a man in grease soaked attire cusses and spits. "Piece of shit! Come on now!" a thick southern drawl echoes as he yells and then kicks the robot. Raising his head, mullet shining, he looks around. "Shit didn't mean to interrupt. I'm James." he says with a grin.
Shane In truth, Shane wound up here on accident. In more ways than one. A stolen map from the cartographer's shanty she's been sleeping in since she hobbled in as the castoff stowaway from a Caravan. After stumbling into the gathering group of people she quickly (and very carefully) double checks the map's scroll case over a shoulder, gun tucked more or less pointlessly into the back of her waistband.

She smooths a hand back and forth over her face and looks around a beat on stumbling within proximity of where she might be mistaken for being there with purpose. Once she hears something about violence, she's already taking another step closer, one hand slipping absently into a hip pocket. Nemo and Victoria's ride gets a look that borders on lusty, though the riders recieve much more casual curiosity. She's afoot, but looks the type to wander afoot for weeks on end. The hints of cajun-creole to her voice suggest she's no local, at least. "Who're we killing?"
Victoria Victoria rides behind Nemo, all bad-ass like. Sort of. She's wearing a baseball cap and aviator glasses, a black v-neck tea worn sort of half-tucked into a pair of dark blue jeans. Boots are worn, and she holds onto Nemo with one arm that has a cast on the forearm, the other holding onto the strap of her backpack which is hung on her back. When they arrive and stop to listen, Vic will stretch out her back with an arch back, a few vertebrae popping, nodding, "What he said." Whiskied voice rings out to echo Nemo's sentiment, a lopsided smile touching her lips which have stitches above her upperlip in the right corner, those stitches continuing down on her bottom lip, "I didn't even think to ask that." Vic replies to Shane, a soft chuckle echoing in her throat as she dismounts from the motor cycle, backpack shifting off her back and in front of her. Crouching down allows her to pop down the pack, zipper undone as she digs out her weapon.
Rexus Captain Rexus, as he is known to the Militia and most of El Dorado. Paladin Rexus to anyone from the Brotherhood who have heard of him. Kneeling in a swatch of sand, he takes out a long metal rod, drawing in the sand.

     "Legion camp is here, east side of the road..." he explains, drawing little lines and circles in the sand for a visual aid. "A few rocks on the western side of the road for cover if we have anyone good with a rifle. We'll put one or two there, the rest will come with me and we'll move up the eastern side, use their tents for cover an wait till we get close to finish them off." he pauses to look up, "Any questions?"
     It's a pretty simple plan, but simplicity is often the best plan when it comes to combat. "Good. We'll give the shooters a five minute head start to get to the western side, shouldn't take long then we'll move off to the right. When you see us in position give them a few shots to get their attention... then we'll move in."
Shane Offering Victoria an appreciative grin, Shane nods, and says, "Shit, sugar, I like you already. I'm Shane." Despite the word choice, it seems more a dialect thing than overt flirtation, if only because she's 'not' paying any extra attention to those eyes, or lips.

She steps closer still, to the Captain, looking over the diagramming lines as they're drawn out. "I uh... I'm better real close up or with a bow." No explanation offered, as a dark eye squints in contemplation. "So, I guess I'll sweep in when we move in." She pops her knuckles as she looks back to the lines and circles thoughtfully.
James James scratches his head for a moment before looking to Rexus and saying "I have no idea what kinda goddamn shitstorm i just wandered into. You're a captain, I'm following your ass." He kicks the heap of robot again before saying "I gotta get this little honey back to town an git sum caps comin in if ya know what I mean." he chuckles with awkward and poorly timed gestures.
Ironface Jones "It is good to know you, James," Ironface replies to the other man with a nod. "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." Then his attention is back on Rexus and the plan he's making. Not being much of a shooter, Ironface plans to be moving with those taking the Eastern side approach to things. Taking his helmet off of his belt he slides it over his head and takes a moment to adjust it, "I will kill them with my slugger."
Victoria Victoria's eyebrows raise slightly as she draws out her smg, a quick check done of the clip and the overall useability of the gun. With the bag between her legs she'll keep an ear out for Rexus' words, nodding her chin slightly. The gun is set down on the ground beside one of her boots, hand diving back in to the pack to grab out a tube of chapstick which gets popped into the small pocket of her pants, "Okay, I am beat to hell, so I'll stick with the shooters." As Shane speaks Vic's eyes will glance upwards to take in the woman more fully, a flush touching her cheeks as she allows her smile to curve wider, "Vic."
    Backpack gets zipped up and slung over her right shoulder, the left arm carefully looping in the opposite strap to get shoudlered on, gun picked up and Vic coming to stand upright once more. Boots are shuffled in the dirt, a glance given to James, her smile lessening slightly as she gives him a pained smile, nodding, "O-kay." Her chin will dip a few times as she nods encouragingly to the man. Vic may be the only one shooting. A realization as she listens to where everyone is going, "Greaaaaat, all right, well. I'll start over." But not before she goes to the drawing Rexus did on the ground, checking out the plan as the gun is hugged to her chest, "Okee dokee." Gun is swung over a shoulder then, and she'll begin that way. West. To go behind those rocks.
Nemo Nemo tips his cowboy hat to Captain Rexus, "Yessir," he gestures down to some lines, "I'll move in with you, but I got a sniper rifle on the bike, if someone 'round the boulders needs it." He does a quick survey of the surrounding area, before pulling his revolver, and switching some dials on his pip-boy. "I've been itchin' to kill some raiders lately." His gaze sweeps over Ironface with recognition, before he takes in the newcomers, Shane and James. "I'd recommend givin' that bow there, Ironface Jones, to the young woman here." He looks to James, "And I'd recommend the civilian go with her to the rock outcroppin' over yonder, out of range of gunfire. The Captain, sorry Captain, will probably be takin' a lot of fire."

Quite casually, he takes out a syringe of orange, carbonated looking fluid electrical taped to a aerosol can. Once that get's into his arms, he's grinning madly, and spinning the chamber on his rifle, "Let's Go."
Rexus Rexus is never one for formalities really. "Shane and Victoria move left, the rest of you follow me to the right." he says, drawing his pistol. As the group moves out, Rexus takes the lead of the assaulters whilst Shane and Victoria can move up to the opposite side and get into position.
James James hunkers down behind the rocks as sweat drips from his grease stained brow. "Alright ya'll, just be sure to kill'em before I get up."
Rexus The Legion soldiers are in camp, there's about four of them. They are lounging around a campfire, with a few crude tents for shelter. Things haven't been going well for them so they have forsaken guns and taking up clubs and other melee weapons... no prey means no source of ammunition so.. they've gone back to their Legion roots this time. They aren't paying much attention, more focused on their empty stomachs than defending their little camp.
Victoria Victoria manages to get behind that rock as well, kneeling down onto one knee, her weapon lifted and aimed in the direction that Rexus indicated, "Will do, boss man." Vic murmurs to James, looking down the way to where they'll be shooting, "Just keep your head down."
Nemo Nemo tries to be as stealthy as he can, sneaking off behind the tents, opposite of the side Victoria and Shane will be attacking from. Once in position behind a tent, he waits for Rexus' signal, keeping that loaded gun ready.
Shane Catching the bow and tipping a deep nod to Ironface, Shane moves to duck off behind the rocks with Victoria, drawing an arrow to nock and following the group on foot with her eyes, looking between them and the Legion camp, and trotting about to adjust her aim and cover situation, biting her lip thoughtfully. A smile is flashed, belated, in Victoria's direction, before she looks back to the camp, then the Captain again, biting her lip in anticipation.
Ironface Jones After tossing off his bow to Shane Ironface begins his stealthy, at least as stealthy as the big guy can manage, approach behind the tents. He stays close to the rest of the group in the event they need assistance, but he's more than ready to run off and engage the enemy when it's called for.
Rexus Rexus leads his group into position. He can still see roughly where Victoria and Shane are, and they him. Looking in their direction he gives a little wave of his hand, the signal to give the Legion camp a few potshots, just to stir the nest and get them looking where they shouldn't be.
Victoria Victoria's nostrils flare just a smidgen as she watches Shane come on over, a nod given to the other woman. She's not alone! Not that she was alone with James, but he's more a spectator at this point. She will scooch in closer to the rocks on her knees, leaning against and over one rock, her weapon aimed as she leans her elbows and one forearm onto the rock, taking aim and firing a round of shots towards the camp when Rexus gives his signal. After the shots go off she lets go of a breath she didn't know she was holding, brown eyes staring through those sunglasses as she sinks back down into cover, waiting. Watching. To see how the camp reacts and to see if her shots made any marks.
Rexus The Legion soldiers are stirred a little by the sound of a few shots in the distance. "Eh?" one asks as the first bullet whizzes passed, bringing him out of his stupor. The second bullet clangs off a cooking pot, really getting their attention. "Ah shit, what was that?!" they all grunt in unison as they stand up, looking around. Their weapons get picked up as they start to sloooowly creep towards Shane and Victoria. The arrows whistling overhead don't seem to draw their attention at all... arrows fly pretty silently and they don't draw much attention at all... but those gunshots do!
Rexus And just in case anyone was wondering, Rexus takes this little moment to let the assaulters go, "Come on." he grunts, rising up and leading the group towards the camp, his pistol drawn as he lets the others have the fun of engaging the raiders for some proper beat downs.
Nemo Once their attention is drawn, Nemo swoops in behind Rexus, attacking the first Legionairre he sees. Two shots, right to the gut, and the sun-kissed cowboy rares back while running to pistol whip the man. When the soldier stumbles backways, Nemo puts another bullet in him. "Fuckers."
Ironface Jones Once he's given the signal Ironface goes off, charging across the landscape to attack one of the raiders. Moving swiftly he makes it into close combat with the man and starts swinging his slugger, bellowing a terrifyingly loud battle cry. The weapon connects, instantly killing the former legionnaire. But Jones doesn't stop there, there's more killing to be done. Running up to the next man in line that slugger of Jones' comes up and down twice in a pair of powerful blows that crush the life out of his opponent.
Rexus It's a bit of a bloodbath really. The Legion raiders are more than taken aback as they are pounced on out of nowhere. Nemo basically lays one outright, with Ironface Jones smashing two apart. There's one left.
Rexus The last Legionnaire, with nothing left to do but die or face enslavement, goes for broke! He charges Nemo! Swinging his bat at the man but... luckily misses.. by a narrow margin.
Victoria Victoria will watch from afar the carnage happening in the camp, her brown eyes widening as she takes it all in, "Holy bananas, they didn't even need us." Vic murmurs down to James as he hides, "I don't think there's much else for us to do from here." She's not unhappy by this, fairly neutral at this point, settling back on her heels a little as she looks to Shane, "You are a helluva better shot than me, I'd probably shoot one of our own." Gazing back to the camp she will continue to observe. James has the right idea, it seems. Unless he's wet his pants.
Nemo The soldier charges Nemo with a bat, and the cowboy steps aside, sticking out a leg to let the man trip and hit the ground swinging. Nemo quickly turns, fires off a quick shot and richochets a bullt off an iron skillet hanging on one tent into another soldiers face, ripping flesh off with the separated lead slug.
Shane Ducking back around the rock, Shane looses a couple more arrows in fairly quick succession, though this time she actually aims, rather than merely trying to create a rattling of fallen ammo in their midst. She flashes Victoria a grin, losing an arrow. "Ah, yeah. Arrows are what I used to use to bag dinner. If I'm going for violence on a person, it's typically in closer quarters. Gets the blood pumping," wink, and another shot, nocked and loosed.
Rexus The last Legion goes down in a hail of.. arrows, bullets.. beatings and all else. The camp has been cleared! Rexus gives a nod, "Gather what you can... we'll leave the rest, the wastes will reclaim it."
Nemo Nemo says, "That's all I needed to hear," before he's off to check and see if any of these men wear boots his size. Once he's done that, he's moving through tents, calling out to Victoria, "Hey, here's somethin' good. Oh, and here, looka that." He returns with a sack, from a tent, to tell Rexus and Ironface, "It was good working with you gentleman again. Lemme know if y'all ever need our services." He lingers around, inspecting everything, or perhaps waiting on Vic, its unclear.
Victoria Victoria watches as Shane hits her marks with precision, a look of shock on her face. Slowly she will ease up off her knees, gun put atop the rock so she can access her backpack, "Holy bananas ...Shane. You should have been named Artemis. You are a -beast- with that bow." Goddess, beast. Whatever works. Shaking her head she'll call out to the group still standing, "Everyone all right?" Gun is slipped into pack and zipped back up, Vic making her way across the field to head in for some lootin's. Afterwards she'll likely take a ride back with Nemo. Her first time out without injury! It's a good day, "Nemo, you didn't say you were physically adept like that. Crap. You, Shane. Ironman. Jeebus." And James. Well.
Ironface Jones After smiting two of the raiders Ironface looks around for more enemies to lay low, a wild, crazed look in his eyes as he searches. When he realizes there's no more villains to slay he quickly calms down, his expression returning to normal, though perhaps looking a bit on the tired side. "Well fought!" He declares to the rest of the group as he shakes off his slugger to get rid of some of the blood, though it's definitely still permanently stained by some. Then the looting begins. Ironface is no stranger to this part of the mission as he starts digging through the gear on the raiders' corpses, tossing stuff in a pile so that the others can search through it as well. Looking over at Nemo the big tribal offers a nod, "It was good to fight alongside you." And then, trying to encompass everyone in a wide gesture, "It was good to fight alonside all of you."
James      Popping his head out from behind a rock. "WOO!" he shouts as he checks himself for bullet holes. Dusting himself off a brief moment then looking around, he scratches his chin before exclaiming "Now that's what I'm talkin about! You fuckers came in like this, they went down like that!" all the while making erratic hand gestures. "And you! You piec'a shit. You almost got my ass killed!" he screams as he kicks the robot once more with feeling.