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Lucky Taking a walk, Lucky was called toward a small outskirt section of Roswell. Heavy spring rain fell from the sky in sheets and sent a chill to the air. It wasn't something he particularly cared for, however he felt compelled to search, the scavenger nature in him calling him to cull the lands of whatever he could find.
Jude Jude notices Lucky taking a walk and rises to follow. He follows along, not wanting to let a fellow scavenger brave it alone. The buddy system works!

Jude pokes around quietly, skilled eyes and deft hands showing that this is something he's pretty experienced at. He flicks his gaze over to Lucky and murmurs, "How ya holdin' up?" He pauses a beat. "Bet y'all Rangers are used ta this sorta thing, huh?"
Lucky Glancing at Jude with a Jovial smile, Lucky rubs the nape of his neck and shrugs. "Some Rangers jobs are t' help provide protection. Some, like m'self, provide support. But yes, I've grown up my entire life in and around danger." He adds chuckling as he bends down to push some scrap to the side. Eyes glancing back to Jude, he asks "What about y'self?"
Jude Jude nods as he pokes around, pausing and taking a moment to clear out an area from some refuse and debris. He listens as he works and then offers, "Me? I ain't done much. Grew up in Vault City. Spent a lot of time schoolin' and scavenging. Tech is my speciality. Fixin' stuff too, I reckon." He glances over with a smile as he digs out a digging tool from his belt, "Like, I ain't so much good in a fight. Unless I have an laser or somethin'. And, my folks are makin' me find my own way, so no access there anymore. So, less useful than I otherwise would be even." He rolls his eyes with a comical shrug as he hunkers down and digs out what looks like it might be an ammo box that's stuck down in there pretty good.
Lucky "Vault wha?" Lucky asks with a confused look. He nods slightly as he looks back "Well, in the Rangers, we are trained t' fight. Might not be our primary focus, but we know how. "As f'r me, I'm good at scavenging.. Got a bit of luck on m'self which has helped me." He adds with a small grin as he taps his pip-boy. "Found this here thing in a cave of Deathclaws when I was eleven." A beat and chuckles heartedly "Scar'st sh't I had ever done."

Standing up, he is met by a raider "Wh't the fuck?" A surprised look as the raider attacks with a knife, stabbing him in the side where the armor wasn't protecting. "God damn a'h'le." He shouts, raising his smg and fires at him until it clicks. "Gooram it! Y'u made me waste the last of m' ammo!" He adds, picking up a piece of steel and throws it.

The steel hits the raider upside the head followed by a scream as he disappears over a deep crack in the road. "Karmas a b'tch a'n't it!" Lucky shouts.
Jude Jude starts to explain Vault City, but then there is a pipboy that works! His jaw drops and he scurries over to take a look and nerd out just a little. "Holy shit! That's a three thousand, huh?" He glances up, slate gray eyes meeting Lucky's blue ones. He whispers real quiet, "I have a 5000 that I'm fixin' up back home. Found, an, umm, holodisc for it too the other day." He gushes, "That there one is a beaut though!"

Then there is a raider. With a knife. Jude has his knife out, but doesn't rush into the midst of the SMG chatter. He flanks Lucky and watches the Ranger's back, keeping watch just in case there are friends. In fact, after the lone raider falls into the crevasse, he's almost disappointed. He huffs, "Two of us and a whole damn camp yonder and he tries somethin' alone? What the hell?"
Lucky "Some raiders are smart; some raiders are stupid." Lucky replies with a bit of a chuckle. "Some taste lead, others get a slice or bullet 'n th're target." He adds bringing his hand up with blood. "F'cker." He gripes, head shaking. Looking back to Jude, he hmm "Wh't can I do f'r that 5000 series?" He asks "I mean, 'fter you fix it all up and everything."
Jude Jude laughs and nods his head in agreement. "An' some do a little of both." He moves a little closer, hesitating before he murmurs, "Lemme take a look see?"

At asking to buy the 5000, he shrugs and blushes. "I dunno that I'd rightly want ta give up that bad boy. Gonna take a small fortune to fix 'er up. I reckon thousands of caps to get the displays, electronics and whatnots. S'why I'm out here doing this here danger." He pauses and offers, "When I get it done, I might be able to go and upgrade your 3000 though. S'long as the hardware is mostly the same, it shouldn't be much more'n it's gonna take to fix up my wreck."
Lucky "Th'nk so?" Lucky ask with a smile as he lifts the armor off and roles up the shirt. The cut wasn't deep my any means, just a nick that got enough skin and tissue to bleed. "Prob'bly should see about se'ng that pretty doctor girl f'r a patch." He says, adding "D'n't want to waste my stimpack." as he rolls the shirt down. "B'st be heading back, huh? Bef're more of those sh'ts show up?"
Jude Jude looks at the wound, peering with half a frown. He pulls out a clean rag from his tool belt and presses the square to the wound. "Hold that there and it shouldn't be too bad. Staunch the bleedin' at any rate." He smiles at the idea and nods. "Yeah. Bet she's not as fun as the Brothel, but anythin' to make ya feel better, right?" He blushes a little and looks away. "Yeah. You go on ahead. I'm gonna finish diggin' out that box real quick. I'll be right behind ya."
Lucky "Heh, no thanks t' the brothel." He says applying pressure against the wound. A nod is given, waves and heads back to the camp.