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Kaelyn So! It's just post dark and all, and Kae is waiting well west of everything, out in the wastes for some backup. She'd long ago called in the fact that she'd found some mutants, and didn't want to just plow in on them by her self... Kae has her helmet folded away fornow, the woman wearing that startlingly form fitting Chinese-made stealth armor. She grins while she taps fingers on the thigh plate and is checking out her assault rifle and then her sub machine gun as well...
Harmon     Harmon had heard to call from his bunker's comm-setup and while had been sticking east in the wastes between El Dorado and Alamo citadel with Desert Ranger stuff he made a detour. He's making his way to the position, fully geared and sporting a gauss shotgun for when things tend to get messy. In spite of the ordinance he sports a red cross sewn onto his duster.
Shane Shane's starting to form a habit of rolling up on random scenes where violence is like to occur. It's like the woman's got a nose for it. She looks around curiously as people start milling to accumulate, walks over to Harmon and introduces herself as "Shane, nice to meetcha," with a touch of cajun-creole to the accent of her words.
Kaydin     Kaydin made his way along the wastes. He heard the radio call and made his way over to the person there and nods to the people present. "So where are the muties?" He asks curiously as he turns on his helmet's optics to see in the dark.
Ironface Jones Having gotten the call to come and do some good by dealing with mutants, Ironface appears riding his fine steed, First Horse Jones. The beast's trot takes the pair of them rapidly towards Kaelyn and when they get close the rider raises a hand at her in greeting. Then he's looking over towards Harmon and Shane, eyeing them briefly before his head dips in a nod. Sliding off of his horse he ties off it's reins on a nearby thing and says, "Greetings. I have come to help protect El Dorado." Then he slides the helmet to his Chinese Stealth Armor onto his head, suddenly looking a lot more like a giant insect.
Kaelyn As folk arrive, Kae looks up, she smiles a bit, those red eyes of hers almost litterally glowing, or maybe they are glowing, who knows... Kae tilts her head then nods to Shane "Well if'n yer looking for trouble... There's a boat load over the ridge..." She says and motions with her hand "Bout 200 yards that way we got rock and trees protecting us now, but I'd be best to keep your eyes shot... I saw 7 mutants, 1 super in the mix..." she says and shrugs her shoulders, then nods to Ironface "yup, could really use your help." She says with a smile. The rather buxom elf-like woman then reaches for her assault rifle the weapon litterally floating quickly to her hands before she turns toward the ridge... "Soo anyhow I can sneek around and flank, start drawing their fire and all, anyone else have anything to add?"
Harmon Harmon nods to Shane as she introduces herself, "Nice ta meetcha. Name's Harmon." he says with a courteous nod before turning his attention to Kae as she speaks, "Try not to get shot? You lure them in and I'll set up behind some cover to shred 'em a bit." he says, checking the shotgun and nodding.
Shane Glancing to Ironface, Shane asks, "Any chance you got something spare I could use in a bit closer quarters?" Like last time she showed up for these, she appears unarmed aside from a gun she has no bullets for, tucked behind her waistband.
Kaydin     Kaydin reaches into his pack and pulls out a 10 millimeter pistol and offers it to shane. "Here, you can borrow this." He says as he checks his weaponry. "So 7 mutants and a super mutant thrown in. Should be fun." He says as he pulls his revolver out and readies it.
Ironface Jones "I will sneak as close as I can to them, then run upon them and smash the largest of them," Ironface declares through his fully enclosed helmet to the group, nodding solidly after he speaks. "Unless there are others between me and them, then they will be smashed first." Seeing as how introductions are going on the huge tribal joins in, "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." Looking over at Shane, Ironface nods at her and produces a ripper from where it's sheathed at his waist, offering it hilt first towards the woman, "This will suit you until you find a weapon of your own."
Kaelyn Kae peers "Ok lots of folks that wanna get close... and ummm, I can snipe the big boy first... Get his attention and draw him into you guys, you try to set up a good ambush, if any of you know how to make snare traps and the like, I've got heavy rope... This should slow em down and keep them from mobbing us.." Kae suggests... She motions to a bunch of trees, bushes, and rocks... "I am gonna try and lead em there...." She says with a grin and begins to head toward where the mutants were last, the woman's footfalls pretty silent, as she turns, she hits a button near her neck and the helmet assembles its self over her head, just showing a sleek black helmet with thin red visor... "Ooh this thing is cool." she mutters, then the wierd stuff starts, she seems to pixelate, each pixel a hex in shape before the active cammo takes affect and renders her almost completely invisible, only a slight outline briefly visible as she starts slipping between the rocks.
Shane When Shane takes hold of the Ripper, she turns it over in hand in attentive, thoughtful study, nodding at Kaelyn faintly, and darting off closer to the mutants, though the 'hanging back' isn't quite far enough to keep from being a spectacle. Really, that's what happens when you walk into battle wielding something like a chainsaw. She looks around to try and get a lay of the topography around the mutants.
Ironface Jones When told to do so Ironface goes and sets up traps using the rope that Kaelyn offered. There's a number of trip wires in place soon and they're put together well, Jones having a ton of experience at doing these sorts of things. It makes sense, seeing as how he's a full blown tribal type, complete with a bow and everything! As he finishes he gets low and his stealth camouflage kicks in, turning him into a blurry sort of thing instead of a distinct one. Once he's gone stealthy and double checked his traps he moves back, trying to find a good position to lay in wait for the enemy to make an appearance.
Kaydin     Kaydint tries to be stealthy, he really tries. but in the end he isnt stealthy. He is probably better off being the distraction for the group of people. Which is what he will do.
Kaelyn The blurr that is Kae can be seen at the top of the ridge just briefly, theres a flicker... Heck there's even a brief red glow seen, just a flash as a large boulder litterally rips its self out of the ground, dang thing is about the size of a person? Suddenly the boulder accelerates out of sight, and there's a loud crash followed by a lot of mutants screaming, one in particular can be heard "Wut that!?!?!?" Kae collapses her helmet briefly and yells "hello! Disembodied head here, not really, did anyone ever tell all of you, that your ugly, and your collective mother wears army boots?" Kae even puts a thumb to her nose while wiggling her fingers and blowing a raspberry, followed by going full on visible and giving a double birdy.." At that point there's gunfire, and Kae is tumbling backward as a hail of bullets explode around the area she was once at...

She rolls backward and kicks to a full stand, twisting so she's now running forward down the hill as she shouts "Come and get me dummies!!!" As she sees the trip wires she deftly skips over them, while reactivating her stealth armor then suddenly running left, circling around a stone. Meanwhile a large number of regular mutants can be seen stumbling down the hill, roaring and yes, firing weapons in the direction they think Kae might be....
Shane Ripper slung up over a shoulder, Shane looks from Ironface to Kaelyn and back again, taking another few steps off toward the mutants, but awaiting a sign of some sort from the immense man before engaging.
Kaydin     Kaydin grunts as he moves closer and raises his revolver. He aims and fires at the mutants, ducking and dodging to avoid being shot.
Ironface Jones When the mutants finally make it to them and the shooting starts Ironface springs into action, leading the way to do battle to their enemies. He's as unstoppable as an avalanche as he reaches the mutants' lines, bringing his slugger around in a mighty arch to connect with one of them. The slugger's barbed wire digs into the mutant's flesh and tears loose as Ironface brings his slugger back. And then he smashes it down again, ridding the world of that particular mutant with a powerful smash.
Ashur "So, um, yeah, there are mutants, and I'd really like some help!" the radio had said, broadcast directly into the Legionnaire's earpiece through his Pip-Boy's connection to the power armor. Ashur had been patrolling the western reaches of the area for the Desert Rangers and New Rome, displeased by the Legion's remnant presence; a quick track of the transmission's source, overlaid atop the procedurally generated topographical map, gave him a rough estimate of distance and travel time.

He set forth, the black-gold behemoth, and the earth shivered at his steps.

The battle has already commenced well before the bull makes it. He can hear the screams of anguish and violence in the distance, and already his suit's sensors are scanning the area, the built-in IFF systems highlighting the silhouettes of mutant and man. He hears a thunderous crash as a boulder shatters, and accelerates, crushing dirt and broken asphalt beneath him as he comes to a full-on sprint.

It's really quite terrifying how fast power armor can move. That's a lethal momentum. And the whole of it, as he slams down the hill, is directed toward everything in his way.
Kaelyn As the small hoard of mutants charge in, the group does well in letting them in, a couple manage to even get past the tripwires, one such unlucky one is cut down rapidly, another is sliced open by a ripper, screaming in agony as it's layed open. However, 4 unlucky schmucks hit a tripwire and end up superman diving, 2 drop their rifles, another cuts its self with its machete, the 4th? Well he stabs one of his buddies (Mutant 7) in the backside...

Kae slips around the rock and blinks at the crazyness, then aims one of the downed mutants, namely the one with the hole his backside. She pulls the trigger of her pistol once, then double taps to back that up as well... Kae then silently moves back into cover, smirking to her self as the pistol lights up the area briefly while she discharges it.
Shane Shane charges in not long after the behemoth in the power armor, and between he and the other killing mountain that is Ironface, she even manages some cover as she hacks one of the mutants down in a viscerally gory fashion that leaves a chunk of leg clinging to the metal teeth of the Ripper.
Ashur Ashur comes forth! He spills over a ridge and barrels downward, cloak flung behind him and billowing on currents of air like a vulture's spread wings; he slides, skids, riding crushed stones and crunching grasses down, down, down, until from the side he's hurled into the midst of the tripped-up mutants. One turns to look upon him, raising clawed hands to protect itself --

And Ashur lets out a furious howl, right hand arcing like the crescent moon, glimmering in the faint light; there's a report like thunder as his fist's magnetic coils unleash and the pressure plate on his knuckles depresses, releasing a storm of high-power rounds through the beast. He twists his hand at the wrist and his fingers open, grasping, tearing through the flesh and rending bone, as he claws downward, simply tearing the mutant in two and sending its vile blood fountaining into the air with almost comical theatrics.

".. This is what you called for aid for, Kaelyn? Tch. Withdraw, and I'll slaughter them myself."
Ironface Jones There's another mutant in his way and Ironface moves in to mess them up, swinging his bat up between the abomination's legs to catch it in it's sensitive bits with a blow that rocks it and causes the barbed wire on the slugger to catch flesh that tears away when the huge tribal brings his bat back for another swing. That second one catches the mutant into the torso and knocks it off of it's feet and straight to hell.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Ashur after neatly dispatching one of the regular mutants. "Wasn't these guys I was calling in help for..." She says with a slight smirk.. "And she killed one too! Nyah!" Shouts out CORA "It was the super mutants that she's called in help for!" Kae nods rapidly "Yah the... Wait? What?" Kae looks at CORA "Mutants? Plural?" CORA then adds in "Yus, Plural, there's 2 or didn't you notice the one next to the tree behind the camp?" Kae then blinks again and shakes her head "Nope I didn't..."

At this point there's two loud growls and howls "Me keel you now stoopid knife ear!" Shouts one of them, who obviously has a broken nose and a black eye..." The second who walks over the ledge calls out "Haha, you got given black eye by pip squeek!" Kae then peers at the two and stares "I'm not a pipsqueek." She mutters..> CORA then sniggers "Haha getting bugged by a stupid Mutant.." Kae then sticks her tongue out at CORA too as the other two regular mutants start to get to their feet, there's only 2 left, the others having been neatly dispatched by the ambush... "Well crap!" she calls out when shoe notices one of the super mutants has a chain gun, an m60 to be precise, the other is wielding a stop sign... yes a regular stopsign....
Kaelyn Kae is moving like something straight out of a chinese action flick, goes well with the armor! She runs up a rock and flips over the top of it, moving very much like an acrobat, as she flips and spins, landing lightly on her feet and falling into a forward tumble, then jumping and flipping again as another mutant shoots at her. Those bullets bouncing all over the place. The super Mutant with the busted nose shouts out "Be still you stoopid!"

CORA now shouts back "No she won't! Will you just shoot Kae!" Kae blinks as she dodges another hail of fire, tumbling behind a rock, then popping up. A shot is snapped at the super mutant mid flip this time, the round smacking him solidly in the chest. As she lands, she rolls upright and takes aim, her gun resting on her knee before she squeezes a pair of rounds off... While she's aiming the mutant shouts out "Now you still! Uhh wait, you..." He doesn't get to finish his words as the next to rounds go through each eye in succession and blows the back of his head clean off...

Kae peers at CORA "Happy now?" CORA responds "Not really, why didn't you do that earlier!"
Shane Not to be outdone just for being the smallest and most piss poor armed party in attendance, Shane goes bounding off after the super mutant too. And she's just crazy enough that one swing, at least, seems to find purchase.
Ashur The juggernaut with the stop sign roars and charges into battle, and Ashur stomps out to meet him. A thousand pounds of FEV-enhanced musculature crashes against a beast of gold-plated duraframe; the latter rocks, is steadied by the suit's auto-gyro systems, and grasps at the mutant's swinging hand with crushing force. The other begins to pummel into the stomach, each strike of the ballistic fist drowning out all other sounds with the sheer kinetic thunderclap of its issue.

"Look at you, brute," he taunts, releasing the mutant and drawing up his hands in a boxer's stance, circling slowly. "A wretched animal without even the discipline to make use of that powerful body. I will let the woman bathe in your blood, eunuch. It's the closest you'll have ever been to fucking."
Ironface Jones Amongst the people charging at the melee oriented super mutant is Ironface Jones, letting out a scream of rage at the monster. His slugger whips around three times in rapid succession, only scoring one hit, but it's a decent blow, striking the brute in the arm, the barbed wire on the bat carving skin away and getting coated in mutant goo. Ironface then leans forward and continues to bellow at the monster, mouth open wide with spittle flying out and eyes crazed.
Kaelyn Now thoroughly engage with three Assailants, Supermutant.. Ok well call em George has just enough time to call out to his partner who's suddenly rendered headless, before well he's barraged by a flurry of blows. The creature now roars at Ashur, taller and broader to boot, he swings his massive sign at the brute of a man in shiny power armor. One of his buddies fire at the power armor as well, unleashing a barage of smg fire his way.

Kae in the meantime turns toward another and while still kneeled takes very very careful aim at him the woman wanting to make the last round in her firearm count....

CORA calls out "Careful, a bit more to the left, now breaaaath" giving Kae possibly unneeded guidance as the red-eyed pointy-eared beauty depresses the trigger, sending a round zipping in the direction of that other mutant, the round slamming into his chest as the desert eagle's slide locks open. "Out..." she mutters and reaches behind her back for a spare mag.
Ashur Ashur pivots on a heel and sweeps his body in a tight circle around the supermutant as its subordinate opens fire; the bullets harmlessly whiz past, Ashur now wielding the lumbering bear of a creature as a human(ish) shield. "Scream," he tells the monster; scream it does, smashing the signpost against the gold-plated Hellfire. The clamor of metal on metal is a noisy din, indeed, but the damage is negligible -- indeed, the Legionnaire fails even to buckle or take a knee despite the hammerblow.

"To think she imagined I'd find my death at mutant hands," he remarks, curiously quiet.. and then he stuns the flailing mutant with a quick slap of his left hand, disorienting it, and driving his gauss ballistic fist into the hip joint. There's a sickening crunch, the howl of the firing, and the joint shatters, the high-velocity rounds ripping the meaty limb off with such force that it severs completely. Those thick, pumping arteries spray into the air as the behemoth topples backwards, making a geyser of gore before it pitifully exsanguinates.
Ironface Jones When the big guy drops Ironface is too enraged to stop trying to smash. So it's lucky for him that there's more smashing to do. He turns and sprints at the nearest mutant, swinging his bat straight up between it's legs with force enough to lift it off of the ground and kill it. The next mutant in line fares just as poorly against the massive mountain of a man's wasteland slugger, dying as the weapon connects with the poor bastard's body.
Shane Shane starts to wheel around to try and swig on another mutant when Ashur's wild assault leaves her drenched in the gore of the super mutant as it's faling back. She winds up so distracted she doesn't even follow through, and when she does, it's easily countered or blocked. Shane blinks then, looking faintly surprised at the sheer amount of blood.
Kaelyn As the last mutant dies, Kae stands upright, and promptly reloads her pistol. She then holsters the weapon and looks around curiously as the various mutants melt away to nothing... Kae then wanders up to Ashur and tilts her head as that blood that Ashur was bathed in kind of steams and goes away... "Guess good thing 'bout killing mutants... they clean up real well." she mutters to him, then glances at the others "Everyone allright?" she asks curiously as she hits a button and the helmet opens up aroun dher face and stowes away...

Kae now can't help but give a playful dig. "Got mine first." she says cheerfully, motioning to where the enraged mutant used to be, mostly just an ash pile now and all. She winks at him, yah she's exhibiting her playful side, again. Kae then looks at Iron curiously "Ummm soo you gonna calm down now big fellah?"
Ironface Jones It takes a few moments and a number of whacks with the slugger into one of the mutant corpses before Ironface gets himself back under control. He's breathing heavy when he comes around again and stares at Kaelyn blinking a few times to clear his vision before he can figure out how to speak once more. "Yes." And he looks a lot calmer, not to mention a bit more tired than before, but a fight'll take it out of you when you lose control as Ironface did. The tribal scans the remains of the battlefield and nods his head slightly as he starts to shake the blood and guts off of his bat. "That was well fought."