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Nemo Early Autumn morning, and not a single cloud can be seen on the horizon. The day is clear, and fairly warm, though a chill is brought from the north-west, where the Waning Gibbous moon hangs near the horizon. The wind blows through El Dorado, carrying rumors of a barbecue being held by the Scientists of El Dorado, and the location is right off the Pecos River. Only time will tell who shows up...

Meanwhile, after spreading news of a barbecue, Nemo stocks up on drinks, and sets up the same pavilion Qwillis used during interviews at the meet and greet, and the exact same spot, so anyone asking around should be able to find the small, gently sloping field pretty easily. There, a big white canvas pavilion shades a single table, chairs, and a smoking grill. Nemo, dressed in blue overalls, turns some meat, preparing things. A perfect day for a cookout.
Valerie From the direction of El Dorado, a woman approaches the site of the Barbeque, wearing a white lab coat, a black pencil skirt, and a fairly clean gray blouse. She has a medkit satchel over her shoulder, a hand in one pocket, and a frown on her face as she draws closer. Her red-brown hair is drawn back into a ponytail, and a pair of arched bangs bounce above her glasses. Once she's gotten fairly close, she asks with a small bit of irritation, "Excuse me, I am looking for the Scientists of El Dorado, and have been for some time. I was directed here."
James     His reddened face dripping with sweat a chubby man with a dark curly mullet and a thin goatee struggles as he drags along behind him a busted up broken down robot. He stops to pant a brief moment and between strainful breaths wipes at his face smearing dark grease across his cheek and brow. "Gawddammit. This lumberin through the desert shits fer the mutants." Taking a few deep breaths James continues to anyone who hears, "I ain't cut out fer dis shit." He then looks up a moment and takes a whif of the air as he instinctively reaches up to thumb his lower lip incidentally smearing more grease. "I ain't one to pass up free barbeque an beer either."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lumbers down the trail, a large super sledge resting carelessly over the shoulder of his power armor. Most of his armor is covered in dust and he wipes off the visor screen allowing him to see better. As he makes his way down the trail he spots a pavilion with a few folks nearby and quickens his pace to catch up with them, not yet decided if they are friendly or a band of raiders.

Approaching the pavilion cautiously he waves a massive arm to get their attention, and shouts in an almost robot voice through the helmet of his armor, "Who goes there? Caravan, raider, roving band of gypsies?" He then slows to a stop taking a measure of the interior of the pavilion and it's occupants.
Ironface Jones The beautiful morning is a great time to go for a ride, which is exactly what Ironface Jones is doing. He is on a quest for the barbecue he has been hearing about. Finally seeing the spot that's been set up he guides First Horse Jones in that direction, steering the beast with practiced ease. As he closes in on the pavilion he slows down his horse, sliding off of it to the ground. Calling out to the people around him, "It is I, Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Here for food and beer."
Nemo With a sudden smile, tipping his hat to Valerie, Nemo says, "I'm Dr. Booker, Nemo Booker, one of the So Ed. So you definitely found us. Grab yourself a moledog, or a brahmin burger, and sit a spell, tell me what I can do for you." He offers a wave to James, "Come on an' dig in. It's all free," He reminds.

When Astaroth trundles up, Nemo's a bit on guard, glancing reflexively to a big ol' watchtower to the west a bit, surrounded by jagged bits of metal fortifications buried into the ground. "We're scientists! That's all, the Scientists of El Dorado. Come eat with us..." He turns to offer Ironface Jones one of the limited amount of actually cold beers on hand, the only ice they produce filled a small metal lunchbox, "Pleasure to have you, Ironface."
Valerie The lady doctor's hips tilt aside and she winces slightly at 'moledog'. More so at 'brahmin burger'. But she forces a faint smile, "Ah...yes. Those" She swallows a bit. "Lovely. Anyway..." She nods firmly, with a light bounce of her bangs, "My name is Valerie. Doctor Valerie. Ah, Anderson." Frowning a bit with a little fluster, she nods more lightly, "Doctor Valerie Anderson from...settlements out west." She smiles faintly, holding onto the leather thong of her medical satchel as her hips tilt the other way. "I am a medical doctor, scientist, and researcher. I was told I could earn some of the bottlecaps you use as currency here in El Dorado."

Val looks around at the empty expanse surrounding the small party. "...'Here' being relative."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino eases up a bit as the scientist greets him, he does not go for any food, but he does drop his super sledge to the ground and leans against the handle like a staff. "Thanks for the invititation, I am Astaroth, just out patrolling, and looking for work." He then turns to Ironface Jones having remembered him from a previous encounter and waves a large armored hand in his direction.
Ironface Jones Cold beer in his hand Ironface gives Nemo a nod, "Thank you. I am pleased to be here." Taking a drink from his beer, slower than he usually does as the coldness is a refreshing treat, he looks over at the others, giving each a nod in turn. Looking at Valerie directly Ironface says, "I have been wounded recently as a giant monster crushed me with it's mass. If you give me doctoring I will give you caps in exchange."
Nemo About ten miles out, along Pecos River, four men ride two insane contraptions that shoot fire, and zip along the flat countryside. Made of reinforced tandem bicycles, flamethrowers have been retrofitted to provide thrust, and bolted onto either side of each bike. Dressed in leathers, wearing bright red, blood-soaked rags and sporting rebar reinforced armor and helmets, these spiked raiders are valiantly outrunning a plume of dust on the horizon, as a larger vehicle gains on them.

The dust signal of an approaching vehicle is barely visible to the barbeque goers, but just barely.
James The laws of physics appear broken as no man of James's size and stature should be capable of sitting down, cracking open a beer, and stuffing his face with equal parts beer and molerat meat even half as quick yet somehow James manages to. From a grease stained smile half erupting in a disgusting display of gluttonous devouring James looks to Astaroth and says, "Ain't yew da." He takes a split second to swallow a bite before continuing on, "Tha dude I seen at the ghoul place the other day?" Beer drizzles out of the corner of his mouth in a thin stream before being replaced by even more beer.
Nemo Within Astaroth Paladino's Helmet:The static of Lone Star Radio frizzles out for a moment, as a male voice says, "Witnesses put a band of raiders heading south from Avalon along Pecos River. Stay safe out there wastelanders, these guys are trouble. Stay tuned in for more..." It returns to static.
Valerie Valerie blinks and pivots, looking up at Ironface Jones with an alarmed look. "Wounded?? And you are just walking around?" She looks mildly horrified and looks around for a chair to set her satchel on. Bending forward to rummage around in it, she asks, "What, exactly, is the nature of your injury? If it is an open wound, have you disinfected it?
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino taps his helmet for a second, then a large grin crosses his wide face. He turns to the others gathered within the pavilion and states with an eager tone, "Word on the radio is that raiders have been spotted along the river. Wonder if they are looking for some scientists."
Ironface Jones "Yes. I walk around much of the time," Ironface tells Valerie the scientist as he goes into his belt pouch for a bunch of caps to give her as she works on his injuries. He pauses to consider them, "I have been struck with machetes, squished by a giant mole rat and injured combating mutants." Another moment of concentration, "They have been cleaned and dressed by some whores." He takes another long, slow drink of beer, clearly enjoying the cold, refreshing drink.
Valerie Valerie eyes the caps in her hand with a bit of bafflement. Slowly looking up, her eyebrows lift innocently, "Is this...a lot of caps? Ah, well, it doesn't matter. Lets have a look at you." Pulling out some high-end equipment from her satchel, with a bit of leather stitched into place over the front as if covering a logo, Doc Val starts to dress Jones' wounds, furrowing her brow as she works. "Are these...panties? That is not sanitary. And...oh my. That should have been stitched. One moment." Working diligently, Val is definitely not watching the horizon. Or having any moledogs.
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way to the outpost, pushing an old motorcycle with him as walks it to the place. "Yo." He says as he parks it and moves to take his helmet off. Once it was off he sets it on handlebars of his bike. "So what did I Miss?" He asks as he walks over to Ironface and Valerie, helmet in hand.
James Still looking in the general direction of Astaroth, James says "Scientists? Well shit. I'm a gawddamn scientist. Practically a fuckin genius. Not with these guys ar anything." He leans in as if to whisper, "Just tween me an you.. I'm prolly the smartist sumbitch ere."
Nemo Ticking off a wave to Kaydin, Nemo leans over, watching Valerie work, "Hmmm. You're pretty good at that. Contribute one percent of your caps to the So Ed, and consider yourself hired." He doesn't comment on Ironface's choice of bandage. Sometimes what works, works, and you make do." When Astaroth speaks up, Nemo turns around, setting out a plate of moledogs and brahmin burgers, passing James some of the ice cold beer, "Which river, did they say?" He glances around, searching the horizon, "Doesn't matter. See that watchtower over there? If somethin' bad happens, we'll just head in there, and get in the bunker, alright? Rest easy..." And feeling certain, and high on calmex, he doesn't panic at all. Or pay much attention to the horizon.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns to James and responds with a low slow voice "Brains dont get you very far unless they stay inside your skull." Then he lets out a low chuckle that resembles the sound of boulders rattling against eachother.
Ironface Jones "It is a good amount of caps for the services you are rendering, I think," Ironface tells Valerie with a shrug of his shoulders. He calmly lets the doctor do her thing, looking around at the surroundings while the woman works. "You are very useful, Doctor Valerie." He looks Asteroth's way, then starts scanning the horizon for signs of anything out of the ordinary headed their way.
Valerie Valerie sinces a new bandage of actual gauze into place and frowns. "Well...that should heal a bit better now. Though you still have a contusion that needs looked at. And general malnutrition issues, but..." She smiles, tilting up and closing her satchel, "That should keep you alive for a while." Glancing sidelong at Nemo, Val notes dryly, "If you want one percent of my caps, you owe me half a cap in change, Sir Wastelander." Glancing over at Kaydin as he walks up to her and Jones, Val's eyebrows lift, "Hello."
Valerie Valerie turns and points at the dust trail, "Um...I thought the wasteland was mostly devoid of working vehicles."
Nemo Zooming towards the watchtower, the only landmark in sight, Frank and Earl ride in their old suped up Cadillac 2050, with the sporty fins and crome top, glinting like sunlight as far as the eye can see as the crest a hill.

Frank yells at Earl, driving, "Speed the fuck up, ya punk! We're gonna lose them!" He points to a watchtower, "There, that's where the map said we should go!" Their vehicle leaves a very visible dust-trail in the sky.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino spotting the incoming strangers he takes his hammer back in a two handed grip, he steps forward with a determined look on his face and turns his large head back at the others gathered and says "Strangers heading this way, if it comes to a fight all ye folks who are not the most combat ready can feel free to get behind me and I will do what I can to keep you alive."
Valerie Valerie suddenly looks quite alarmed, "Fight??" She looks at the Paladin in alarm, "What do you mean, fight? I don't even have a laser pistol." Looking around with concern, the curvy redhead moves to duck behind the barbeque table, crouching close to the ground.
Kaydin     Kaydin puts his helmet back on and pulls out a primitive aer5 and offers it to Valerie. "Best I got." He says as he keeps infront of the woman to give her a shield as well as the paladin.
Esscast esscast shows up when he can since the 18th battalion sent him after reciving a report that raiders were spotted by the river as he reaches the area he pulls out his guass pistola before saying to any raiders "do ya feel lucky punks well do ya?"
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino taps on his helmet again, trying to listen through the feedback on the radio. He turns to the rest of the group and half-shouts a new revelation. "Patrols say that the raiders are using melee weapons and shotguns. I suggest all who can stick to long range. I will keep them busy while you folks give them some lead poisoning."
Nemo Brute Savaje, the dirtbag that runs his little group of raiders, zooms along on their incredibly dangerous bikes, heading straight for the source of the treasure. The map they stole from the mobsters had a big S circled right here, and they were gonna get to it before those assbags did, whatever it is.

About two hundred yards off from the little picnic, the bikers veer towards the sight of people. He screams, and so does the wild woman on the back of his bike, "Awooooo!! Yeah!!
Ironface Jones "Thank you. I do not know what is malnutrition, but I am glad to be alive for longer," Ironface tells Valerie before his attention is suddenly elsewhere, taken by the vehicles zooming across the wastes. "Are those the raiders?" He asks Paladino while grasping the grip of his slugger, a nasty looking bat with barbed wire that's been stained with blood. Pulling his helmet off of his belt and sliding it on to cover his head he adds, "I think I will smash them." And now he's ready to go fight some raiders! Just waiting for Paladino, the mobile cover, to get a move on.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino responds to Ironface with his hammer held in a deathgrip, "I am no expert they have all the symptons of raiders."
James     Cupping his eyes for a moment, James glares intently at the mechanical atrocity before his eyes go wide and he yells aloud to the group, "Aim fer the gas tanks! They'll go boom!"
Esscast esscast charged his revolver before firing in meer seconds his revolver hits the tank of brute savaje blowing it sky high while out of the sand essc ast freind scorpio his another biker in the chest nocking the wind out of him as it dose so probbaby breaking alot of his ribs in the proccess
Valerie Valerie catches the weapon Kaydin tosses at her with a squeak. Looking it over awkwardly, Val ohs in sudden recognition, "An AE5. Acceptable, acceptable. Hmmm..." She looks it over, takes off the safety, sights down the iron sights randomly like a total newbie...

Then the redheaded scientist girl whips around, her labcoat flying away from her curvy black pencil skirt, holds the pistol out to the side, and snaps off a couple quick beams carelessly. One catches the wounded guy through the chest as he's getting up, and the other goes through a shoulder as he goes down.

Looking back down at the gun, Val hmms, nodding a bit with a light bounce of her bangs, "Not bad. Could use some tuning."
Nemo Blown forward in an explosion of shrapnel, bike parts, and screaming raiders, Esscast's bullets rip apart the small band, his Scorpion Bot's bullets shredding the bikers as they barrel along dangerously. Two flaming corpses lie in ruin, as Brute Savaje's partner rises, moving and groaning in pain. VAlerie puts him out of his misery, and hits Brute in the shoulder with another shot.
James     James fumbles around at various items around him. First an old clipboard, an empty boot, but nothing catches his eye quite like the sheen of a fresh propane tank. Trying to make anything useful of it, however, seems a mute point as he cries out, "Who hid the gawddamn duck tape!" Then ducks behind a table as the bullets and beams fly
Kaydin     Kaydin moves towards the watchtower, keeping himself infront of Valerie to use his armor and body as a shield to keep her safe. Anyway he opens fire on the raider and then looks to Valerie. "You alright?" He asks, looking concerned to the woman.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino charges forward toward the remaining raider and shouts "Ad Victoriam!" Swinging his large super sledge into the gas tank of the bike he sets it aflame amid an explosion that immolates the lone raider. Astaroth drops down to one knee and his power armor absorbs the heat and torrent of flame, leaving the steel black from the carbon left behind on it's outer shell.
James     "Burn bitch! Wooo!" James loudly exclaims. He dusts his pants off quickly trying to hide a quick check to see if the interior of his pants remain unscathed. A quick smile ensures the integrity of his under garments before he looks around. "Hell yeah! We really showed those bitch bike ridin flock of fucktards whose boss!"
Nemo Watching the multiple explosions, watching the people near the pavilion and watchtower decimate the thieving raiders, Earl slows down the car, looking to Frank for guidance, "What're we gonna do, boss? They had the map... no way it's gonna survive tha' explosion." In the cab of the prewar vehicle, Frank looks over at Earl, scowling, "Get on the radio, and call for backup. We don't need the damned map..." He points off towards the watchtower, "The place is right there! We found it... We'll get back into Solomon's good graces somehow." They both watch from afar.

In the distance, the chrome topped vehicle slows down to a park, remaining just within scope sight, about a hundred and fifty yards off, across the barren fields.
Valerie Valerie blinks at Kaydin in surprise, "Pardon?" Then he's moving off toward the watchtower, and Valerie shakes her head, looking a little confused as to whether she's supposed to actually follow him or not. "Wait, wait??" Starting after him with a bit of a hop, then a couple light trots, Valerie eventually starts to jog after the guy, "Hey, wait! Where are we going??"
Ironface Jones Everything is said and done and poor Ironface didn't get a chance to smash anyone or anything. Still, there's a beer waiting for him on the table. Pulling his helmet off again he goes to deal with the beer and barbecue situation. Picking up some meat on a bun and taking a big bite from it he looks towards the others, "The food is still fine." Because that's the important thing.
James     Taking a cue from Ironface, James gives a quick chuckle, "Hell yeah. Now this fucker has the right idea." He then sits back down and without skipping a beat begins right where he left off in the consumption of mass quantities.
Nemo Nemo, having ducked behind the table like Valerie, but wisely /stayed/ there, rises up once things start to settle. He scans the chaos, whistling a low tune, "Daaaamn, that was crazy." He moves to follow Valerie and Kaydin, "Let's get to the bunker, I see more folks out on the horizon." And he's ever helpful, too, pointing out a possible enemy. Glancing back at Ironface and James in disbelief, he says, "We might need to grab the guns, or... I don't know, tell the Sheriff?"
Valerie Valerie eventually stops following Kaydin and notes, "I think it would probably be wiser for me to get reinforcements from town." She tosses his laser pistol at him. "And be careful with that thing, it can overheat!" Then she's turning and jogging off, lab coat flying behind her.
Esscast Esscast walks to the group "is everyone allright?" i came as soon as i could before looking to valery "here you can keep this " he says before giving her his 9mm
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino responds to Esscast's question with a slight grin crossing his large grim face for moment, "Well sure got me an insta-tan, but other than the explosions and heat I am all good."
Ironface Jones "Are there more raiders coming?" Asks Ironface of Nemo around a mouthful of food. "If there are then we should get more people to fight them, probably. Although I think I can kill many of them." His big shoulder's shrug, "I will wait here and kill them while the Doctor Valerie gets help. You may stay or go."
James     With two grown men's mouthfuls worth of barbeque stuffed in his face James gets out a quick, "Deue wee wall icked der esses." He then takes a long serious of gulps from his beer and tops it off with a belch that would make a deathclaw wince.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, moving towards a nearby motorcycle. He pulls out a sniper rifle with a scope, and sights the vehicle, "It looks like two thugs, mobsters, in suits and fedoras. They've got guns, and one is on the radio." He lowers his gun, looking to James, peturbed, before telling Esscast and Ironface, "I don't know if they're raiders or not. I'm gonna go with Val into the bunker... just glad you guys showed up." He gestures to include Astaroth in his statement.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns to Nemo with a bit of concern showing on his large square face before turning to other to ask, "Any of you Brain-Os have a way to scramble the radio transmissions?"
Ironface Jones As there seems to be danger on the horizon, literally, Ironface begins to pace back and forth, waiting for it to arrive. He licks his lips in anticipation and to get the meat remains off of them before finishing off his beer and setting the container back on the table. "I will crush many mobsters today if they choose to do battle with us."
Nemo Nemo nods quickly, looking to Astaroth, "Yeah, I think that's a good idea. You scan channels, see if you can't pick up what's going on." Nemo takes out his handheld Pip-boy, turning on the radio, "And I've got a shit-ton of equipment and spare parts I could maybe use. Worst come to worst, I'll climb the watchtower, and snipe who I can." He throws his sniper rifle over his shoulder, heading towards the bunker at a jog.
James     Scratching his head vigorously with barbeque, grease stained hands James responds to Astaroth, "Ima look in da bunker fer sum shit."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino taps his helmet, suffling through every RF frequency he can find with a frustrated grunt, "Nothing on my end, we should not take too long. Figure something out or get ready for a helluva fight."
Nemo It takes them a while, cause they're on foot, but mobsters begin cresting the hill near Pecos River, close to the chrome-topped vehicle. Four or five, it's hard to tell from this distance, all wearing suits. They gather around the car, and then pile into it. A few moments later, the car is accelerating towards the watchtower, not the pavilion, picnic, and scattered wreckage of bikes.
Ironface Jones As ready as he'll ever be, Ironface puffs his chest out and nods his head deeply a few times. "If they come to us we will smash them all. I think I will try to take one alive to speak to, maybe. I think it is strange that mobsters would be here now." But here they are, heading for the watchtower. Ironface immediately starts back in that direction, fixing his helmet back in place.
Nemo On his way to the bunker, Nemo passes off his rifle to Kaydin, "I got some work to do. We don't need anymore reinforcements showing up!" He starts to sprint towards the watchtower, and the bunker below it.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns to Ironface and bobs his head up and down in agreement, he opens his large mouth to say what in his mind is the most intelligent thing said in a while, "I seen them with a map, perhaps if we could get a hostage we could find a reward for all our hard work tonight eh?"
James     Taking a cue from Nemo, James takes off for the bunker with a look of self assuredness, or perhaps the look of a particularly challenged individual.
Nemo It takes them a while, cause they're on foot, but mobsters begin cresting the hill near Pecos River, close to the chrome-topped vehicle. Four or five, it's hard to tell from this distance, all wearing suits. They gather around the car, and then pile into it. A few moments later, the car is accelerating towards the watchtower.
Kaydin     Kaydin takes the rifle and moves into position. He reloads the weapon and looks through the scope, eyeing the various mobsters. He keeps his eye on the people and begins to open fire on them.
Nemo Nemo, Kaydin, and James manage to get into the bunker. Nemo moves to close the big steel sliding doors, and Kaydin moves to get rooftop access, heading for the watchtower. James is treated to an assortment of broken down machines, chemicals, tools, parts, and oh look, oxygen tanks. There's plenty of electronical equipment on the counter. Nemo curses at the door's control panel, "Damnit. I can't get the doors closed... Whatever, it's fine." He moves to the table, surveying the electrical equipment.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino makes a suggestion as James, and Nemo repair the door. "Perhaps you let Ironface and I out to deal with the mobsters, leaving Kaydin in the crows nest dropping lead on them from above?" He stops and things a bit longer before adding, "Then you Brain-Os can rummage through this junk and come up with whatever contraptions will help?"
Kaydin     Kaydin eyes the people through the scope and he opens fire, shooting the man in the torso with the first shot. He then takes a breath and exhales, shooting the second shot, in the man's right arm. He keeps his eyes on the mobsters to snipe them out.
Nemo Nemo shakes his head, movign straight for a sleeping bag in the corner, "I'm not sure what contraptions would help... but here!" He pulls out a plastic bag, and starts handing out electrical-taped syringes filled with psycho. "Here, take these!"
James     The grease stained tubby hobbles about to the door and wiggles a cord. "You forgot to make sure the device was connected!" he shouts to nemo before digging through random junk with a look of determination until a child=like sense of wonder consumes his face. His eyes dart quickly from an oxygen tank, to astaroth, and then to his own wrench several times. "Hey Hammer-Time! Grab this," he says gesturing to the oxygen tank. "And aim it thata way," he finishes pointing at the car
Ironface Jones The vehicle is the largest target. Ironface loves killing the largest target on the battlefield. It might not be alive or a robot but don't tell the big tribal that as he charges the car. His bat comes up to his shoulder and he swings it around, aiming for the driver. The bat misses the man, seeing as how he's behind a windshield in a moving vehicle. It does, however, smash right into the Caddy's grill and leave it a dented in wreck. By the time the slugger is back on Ironface's shoulder the car's engine has begun to smoke.
Nemo Earl's driving along with Frank yelling at him, "If we get her, we can come back, and convince Solomon to let us back in! Drive! Dri-" Frank's shouting is cut off by a loud report, Krakow! Then another, Krakow! Two bullets from Kaydin's gun piece Earl, and he screams, jerking the car to one side, then other. That's when Ironface comes into view, swinging that bat of his, slamming it into the grill of the vehicle, actually causing it to lurch and start smoking. They swerve again, everyone in the Caddy screaming.
Nemo Three of the mobsters were just riding with, having been told by some exiles they had a real score. When they told them what was supposed to be at the watchtower, they all scoffed and laughed, but went along with anyways. "I mean, if we're wrong, and they're right... we're dead. IF we go with, just to check, /they're/ dead, and we're the heroes, see?" The rat-faced leader of the mobsters said, and the returned later when called for backup.

They had no idea what awaited for them, just on the edge of El Dorado.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino hoists a large oxygen cannister into his arms, aims it at the incoming car, and when all is going well, it explodes. Luckily the explosion is mostly absorbed into the arm pit of his power armor rattling it a bit and loosening some screws, but does send a shockwave throughout the bunker. Astaroth looks back to make sure everyone is okay, which seems to be a case. In his anger he shouts aot the car in a taunting tone, "How you expect to make it here in a lemon like that!?!"
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino nods at James once more as his arms grab two more oxygen tanks, he holds them as tight as he can under his armpits, hoping he does not suffer a repeat of last time. James uses his superior explosives knowledge to ignite both, sending them shooting from his arms like guided missiles and heading towards the incoming car. Before the missiles hit, one of the gangsters slumps down into his seat with a new hole to leak from, courtesy of Kaydin just a moment before the explosive tanks impact the car with dovestating results.
Kaydin     Kaydin aims the rifle and opens fire, the first shot missing the man. He growls as he focuses, exhaling to fire a second shot, hitting the man in the arm but it was enough to kill the man. A mercy killing since the rest of them blew up with the oxygen tanks.
Nemo Jack sees the insanity they're about to barrel into, and before those huge airborne tanks come at him, he grabs his gun, tucks, and rolls out of the car. He's lost his fedora, but saved his own life, as two mobsters are screaming and trying to climb from the fiery inferno that was once a classic 2050 Cadillac Atomica, Patriot edition, and will soon become just another rusted out graveyard. He starts fleeing in the opposite direction, the moment he finds his feet.
James      Screaming the wail of an eight year old James attacks the tail end of an Astarocket with all his might and in doing so suddenly remembers a dream with ballerina dancers. He dances around in a manner even a centaur would call less than graceful before coming down on the second nozzle. Ass cheeks clench and jaws tighten as each makeshift missle fires from the hateful arms of Astaroth. James sees a bullet rip into Earl as each tank smashes into the car leaving any hopes of scavenging them in utter and glorious flaming ruins. "Yeah! How ya like the taste of my big juicy rocket you tank swallowing sumbitch!"
Ironface Jones After dodging out of the way of the oncoming vehicle like a matador dueling a bull, the mighty Ironface Jones prepares for combat with the people now exiting the vehicle now that it's been more or less destroyed. The sight of someone trying to flee triggers Ironface's predatory instincts and the tribal hauls ass to catch his prey. The first swing of Jones's weapon takes the mobster in the torso, knocking the wind out of him even as barbed wire digs into the man's flesh. The next blow catches Jack in the right leg and almost takes his legs out from under him.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino walks up to the single remaining mobster, his body is obviously tired from the fatigue of a long fight. With the last bit of his strength his swings his hammer, turning it into a rocket powered supository, giving the mobster instant relief...from the pain of existance.
Nemo The group of mobsters that piled into the spacious back are struggling to get out, pulling at the door handle that melts, tearing at their faces, which melt, the incredible heat melting the car around them, flames licking everything. The odds of the vehicle exploding increase with every second.
Nemo Rue D. climbs over her friends, smashes the back window with her pistol, and despite the backdraft, rolls out of the car, onto the ground, body flaming and smoking, where she just lies, still, not making a sound, parts of her clothing still on fire. Her face is buried in her arm, against the dirt.
Nemo Nemo steps out of the bunker, returning with more beers. Calm as calm can be, as if people didn't die, and things didn't just explode out here, he offers one to anyone standing around. "What are we doing out /here/? More ah... more barbeque?" His pupils are completely dilated, and he sips on a beer absently.
Nemo Jack just got a baseball bat to the chest, barbed wire ripping open his flesh, and then a heavy swing to his legs. He almost rounded on his assault with his gun, but he could barely see, barely walk, barely breathe. He falls backwards, to the ground, and gasps for breath, "I surrender! I give up!" He croaks out hoarsely, staring up at Ironface.
James     Popping his head out the door a moment, James takes a deep smiling breath at least until the smell of charred flesh and burnt car make him gag and cough. He regains whatever composure and begins yelling strings of obscenities it takes a southerner to comprehend. "Ball barbeque," this and "grease stain where their ass used to be," that precedes a pun along the lines of, "Guess they needed some fresh air." He stares into the flames licking his lips and realizing: he truely is a pyromaniac.
Ironface Jones Luckily for the gangster Ironface has a sense of honor. What exactly it entails is a mystery to most, but the big tribal doesn't finish off the mobster. Instead he grabs the bastard by the back of the neck and hauls him to his feet, moving him back towards the rest of the group. "You will do as I say or you will die. You will not attempt to escape or you will die. You will tell the truth or you will die." He's very direct in the way that he speaks.