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Beefrow The residents of Roswell have reached out to the citizens of El Dorado for help. There's a particular part of the scrapyard that they've been unable to clean out, come to be known as Hades, at least by the Legionnaires that had tried to loot it and failed. Rumor has it, there's a lot of good scrap in that part of the junkyard, but no one's been able to get at it.

El Dorado sends it's very best, or at least those get wind of the call for help, and they're welcomed by two non-feral ghouls, at the edge of the scrapyard.
Himne ghoul wears overralls, flannel and a fishing cap, and the other wears a dirty, pre-war suit. There's a big, open gate into the scrapyard, and front part of it seems cleaned out, but the southeastern corner still has gates, with visible roaming feral ghouls and a shack beside a stack of crushed cars. One can get into 'Hades' by the north gate, or the west gate, but walls of rusted metal, rubbled, stacked up cars and useless, destroyed appliances block entry any other way.
Stockton Stockton lives nearby in Avalon, or at least close enough. So it is no long trot on Brandywine to get to Roswell. He lets the mare wander back home. The Marshal with his star on his EDSD duster, and his stealth armor underneath strolls up with spurs jingling. "Heard there's a problem?" he asks of the ghouls out front, nice and civil like.
James James, lured by the prospect of some unusual salvage couldn't resist the chance. He was going to get that damn robot working again if it's the last thing he did and if he had to bust up a rotter or two, well that's what Betty Sue was for. Gleaming like a beacon of hope, if some meatbags needed a good whallup his trusty wrench was there to deliver.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell arrives on scene to help out with Stocktons issues! He is wearing his usual power armor and armed with a laser musket, looking over around the scrapyard. "Soo err...The Guardians sent me to come along to help out. I'm here if need be. Couldn't hurt to get my hands on some of that neat scrap too." he says, nodding towards the ghoul friends. Ghouls are friends! Not Horrid Abominations That Need To Be Exterminated - A quote from Williams favorite movie 'finding ghoulie'
Shane "Best" isn't typically associated with Shane, but... here she is anyhow, doing such a piss poor job of riding up that she makes it look a challenge despite the thoroughly placid demeanor of the horse. Stubborn works. She's definitely stubborn, and the big toothy blade slung over one shoulder is more crooked than her own. A mite bit bloodier too. She looks up at Stockton curiously, the jingle of the spurs drawing her attention back again.
Beefrow The ghoul with the fishing cap immediately steps up to Stockon, his voice gravelly but excited, "I'm Randy! You're from El Dorado, right? We got these Glowing Ones all in our scrapyard. No one can fight them! Even worse, there's these electrified fences we can't open. Y'all do somethin', right?" He's looking to the group that shows up, a bit skeptical, "We'd sure appreciate it, and pay you what little caps we can scrape up."

The ghoul in the suit waves, "I'm Marsh, Yancy Marsh, and I'm the one that sent for help. We heard your people have a... knack for killing." He moves them all towards the shack before the gates, warning them, "The Scrapyard's office is filled with feral ghouls, but there's glowing ones further in, possibly radioactive material." He glances around, "Best of luck!"
James Scratching his head for a second, James asks Randy, "What's that ya say about fences now?" As he waits for an answer James becomes transfixed on a particularly gruesome part of the cap clad ghoul.
Beefrow Randy points off towards the fences, and when one ghoul gets close to it, and touches it, there's a loud zap, and it shuffles away. "There's fences separatin' off Hades. These two here," He points to one on the northside, around the shack, and then one right next to the shack, and facing the heroes, "And then there are two inside that little area there, and then one at the Back Gate."

"There's supposedly a switchboard, or some way to turn the on or off, inside the office." He means shack. "Or you could probably shoot one of the transformers, and just blow the circuitry or something."
Stockton Stockton lifts a hand to scratch instinctively at his cheek only to have glove meet armor and he makes a face behind the mask. Cricking his neck side to side he looks at the ghouls in front of the party and grunts, "Lemme make sure I got this then, Glowin' Ones and Feral ghouls need checking, and you need the live-wire fences shut down?" He doesn't seem to make comment about the fact that El Doradans are known for being a bit trigger happy. It's not like he isn't. "Switch fer the fences is in the office along with several it. Anything else we should know?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell simply stays quiet, checking over the fences for a moment. "We'd better not blow the transformers. That's gonna cause a hell of a lot of noise and attract every god damn Feral at once to us." he says. He looks over his musket, inspecting to see if it's ready to do his job. Sure is a good thing he stocked up on ammo!
Beefrow Marsh speaks up, "I did mention the possibility of radiation, though, didn't I?" His eyes drift towards Guardian Caldwell.
Shane Leaning forward, Shane just listens to all of this, Ripper slung over one shoulder, earthy brown eyes tracking from face to face as she remains quiet.
James James looks around very quickly before relaying an idea, "First we knock out all the gawddern windows, then we shoot the sumbitches from where can't none of em reach.. other side of them fences. Next I figure out that damn fence control, but we gots ta have sum way we can holler back an forth.
Stockton Stockton grins a little toothsome and then shakes his head, "Good start. We finish it by lettin the Glowin' ones and the Ferals try to clammor over the electrified fences, let it shock the hell outta them while we shoot 'em."
Sparrow Sparrow has been quiet most of ehr time here. Arriving with Stockton and seeming more of a desert wall flower than any real part of the stratagy. She's here to heal and help where she can. Her crossbow's already loaded and set - at least her weapon is quiet and wont attract attention. She listens to the plans being detailed and then glances towards Stockton with a lofted brow.
James James's face lights up after hearing Stockton. "It'll be like the gall dern fourth a July."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to Marsh "That pip-boy could be handy." he says, gesturing towards his own. "We could radio with each other and can give me heads up info about any hazards or the like. Also, Stockton, if we can get take those ghouls on group at a time it'd make things a lot easier."
Shane Grinning over at James and nodding, Shane chuckles, remaining otherwise quiet to listen more to others ideas rather than supply any of her own. She casually, if a bit loudly, cracks her knuckles in anticipation as she listens to everyone else talking strategy.
Beefrow Marsh is nodding to Caldwell, showing off his pip-boy, "I got it from a vault dweller! Only traded one of my spacecraft pieces for it." He looks off towards the fenced in scrapyard wistfully, "It'll be worth it, if there's more in there like I suspect." He's looking to Sparrow now, "A ufo crashed in, I've got a series of old fortune cookies that spell out these coordinates, give or take!"

Randy's already skipping towards shack, "I don't have a gun, but I could throw rocks at the windows, yeah!"
James James wobbles over to the window with a big smile on his face and a shiny wrench named Betty Sue in hand. His mullet shines proudly as he readies himself to smash the glass. Both of his eyebrows raise quickly as he points the wrench and mouths out the word "key".
James James rares back with his wrench coming across with the business end of Betty Sue. Shards fly everywhere as his eyes take on the look of a mulleted madman.
Stockton Stockton is not one to lose his calm in the face of swarming ghouls. Instead, he just draws up the black and silvered Desert Eagles, smashing out a window with the butt of the black gun, he takes careful aim before popping off quick shots. The heavy slide clacking back against the end of its rail before pulling another round for the next shot. Fire erupts from the barrels and in a few quick shots, the large calibur slugs smack one, two, three ghouls dropping them into pieces. "Keep yer eyes open," comes through his vox.
Sparrow Sparrow is ready as well. Her medkit attatched to her lapel and her hands holding a crossbow steady. Her head is down and she's watching as Ghouls are being taken out and windows are being smashed. But the Doctor is here, really, more to keep people alive than to destroy and so she continues to hang back in Long Range
Beefrow Inside the shack, there's carnage and waste. The ghouls have scattered some bones across the room, and knocked over the shelves, making it hard to get around. You have to jump onto the shelf, then off, pointlessly, to cross a small room, but the heroes manage somehow. There's an old, dirty desk with a powered down computer on it, and a chair pulled up, some graffitti on the wall that says, "The Legion killed 2 G.O.'s and 5 Ferals in Hades!" in big bold, white letters. A ladder leads onto the roof, a cot is beside that, and there is a big breaker box that controls power and auto-locks to each of the gates, but none of them are named. Marsh and RAndy enter behind the group when they enter.
Stockton Stockton is fast and just as soon as the first pack drops, he's wheeled himself into a new angle to get a bead on another. Two bullets, three bodies. The way ghouls line up for his shots, like they want him to put them out of their misery. Fire and lead sing with metal and the Marshal's guns smoke as he shouts, "Go go go."
Sparrow Sparrow knows that the Marshall can drop swarms with his hand cannons and she waits until she has clearance for go time before she's heading for the shack now that the glass is out and the ferals are down. She moves fast as instructed and makes sure that James isn't too far off either, keeping her crossbow up to give both Stockton and the new face silent cover.
James James somehow traverses the debris within the room and hastily as he can makes his way up the ladder to the breaker box. Unsure of what kind of setup he cracks his knuckles and attempts to make sense of the wiring.
Beefrow There's an obvious, very big 'Shack Power' switch that could be flipped to turn on the computer. The smaller others were all jury-rigged long ago, but alternate between red breaker switches, and black breaker switches, with two rows of four switches. With four gates, red must turn the electricity on or off, and black must be to open the gates. James is smart enough to know they could cut all the power right here, and just shoot the locks on the gates, too, or shoot the lines connecting to each gate as they get to it.
James The rotund southerner thumbs his chin a moment or two as if not quite certain which course of actions to take but ultimately flips the power switch before asking the nearest of the group, "What's on that computer and it better not be galldern size of a supermutant pill ads again?"
James James from atop the shack calls out to the others, "How ya'll want it? Juice or no juice?," Sweating slightly he continues on, "I could turn em all off and one shot here can clear em or we might can still trick the brain-rotted bastards into frying themselves for us." He looks up and away for a moment before finishing with, "Is it cannibalism if ya eat fried ghoul?"
Stockton Stockton snorts, "Pretty damn sure it is, don't do it. Ain't worth the indigestion. Fer now, keep 'em hot, I'm gonna try to draw them towards the fences, see if they won't take some damage along the way, slow 'em down while I take down what I can."
Sparrow Sparrow spots the computer and slips on over. Setloing in and checking her pip boy she starts to work on getting the computer hacked as she listens to the others. She however doesn't fiddle with any of the switches just let's people know that the switches are for the various pens. And of course, asks how the others would like to proceed.
Beefrow When James flips them all on, there's a dimming of shack lights. On the cameras displayed in front of Sparrow, a couple of the feral ghouls jump back, away from the fences. They are quite obviously electrified.
Stockton Stockton lets the computer whizzes work on the safe and the fences, meanwhile he kicks out of the shed and starts hooting and hollaring at the ghouls. "Hey, you walkin' revenants, yer dead, you just don't know it yet. So die already. Have some dignity! Or come and eat me, whatever fuckin' strikes your fancy."
Beefrow There's a growl, and then more, as ghouls begin to respond to the noise, their decaying, rotting bodies shambling around the corner of stacked cars towards the gate. Brrzap! Brrzap! Seems they won't climb it, and after a few zaps, the growing crowd of them just linger near it, not pressing their luck. Then, a glowing one turns the corner.

The heat coming off of it makes the abomination a strange sight, it's flesh illuminated from the inside out, it's glowing, intelligent yet feral orbs. The ghoul howls, and the others begin to stir, it's presence making the others grow more agitated, more animate.
Beefrow The glowing one charges through it's fellow walking corpses, and attacks the chain link fence. Brrzap! It backs off, the others squeezing it out of the way. It's hateful eyes focus on Stockton, even as it's view is obstructed by the crowd of more active, feral ghouls.
James Seeing Stockton hooting and hollering and generally raising hell, James decides to get in on it. He clambors down the ladder as quickly as he can manage, but he narrowly avoids slipping on the last step. He somehow emerges from the shack and heads toward the fences. "Alright ya gawddamn leather headed sacks of shit! Yer decrepit asses are in my house now!" he screams as he fumbles around for random junk to throw like a spear through the fences
Stockton Stockton keeps his ground in that all black armor and the flapping duster from the EDSD, the Marshal will stand alone against the tide if he has to. But he's glad for the backup to be honest. HIs guns ring out again. Putting pain into every swarm, dropping the middle one with a clean shot to the head of the ghouls. He even manages to save some damage for the closest glowing one. "Someone cover, I'm gonna need to reload in a second."
Beefrow As Stockton fires bullets into the swarm of ghouls, dropping at least three, if not more, and they're driven wild, clawing and tearing against the gate. Soon, there's smoke rising from some of the swarm, and the wires, and it's hinges are creaking as they're stretched. That wall is going any moment now.
Beefrow Out in Roswell, in a part of the large Roswell Scrapyard that's come to be known as Hades, the Samaritans of El Dorado have gathered to take care of a particularly nasty feral ghoul problem. They've cleaned out the office that controls the electrified gates, and are moving strategically to wipe them out, with plenty of hubbub, shouting, and gunfire to draw their attention.

Right off the highway, one electrified fence is shut down, and opened accidentally, letting a swarm of ghouls slip onto the road to wander listlessly, impeding any traffic coming off of Highway 285. The ragged, tatter-skinned humanoids all cluster around a glowing one, lumiscent and glowing even in the early morning. There's static on the radio of one of the /non/-feral residents of Roswell, as the fisherman looking ghoul follows Stockton out of the general safety of the main scrapyard, and towards the infested parts. "Krrrsht! Alright Marsh, we got the first area clear. Keep an eye on the camera to tell us what's ahead of us."

Large walls of crushed and stacked cars form an unnatural, rusted circle around 'Hades', with a couple narrow passageways curling haphazardly off to the left, and right, separated by electrified gates. Anyone passing can see a crowd of ghouls near the scrapyards back entrance, and anyone on the radio can hear some of the details of what's happening.
Lowry      Lowry enters the scarpyard now on his trusty mount. He is bobbing along in the saddle and has bandages wrapped about his head underneath his hat. He pulls a cigar from his mouth and spits. He nods to Stockton when he sees him. "Mornin' Sheriff." He leans back in the saddle and yawns. Any others get a nod and he pulls his shotgun from beneath his coat. He checks to make sure it's loaded and rests it non-threatningly across his horses mane.
Stockton Stockton stalks the grounds on heavy boots, his helmet tugged down to block some of the sun. He nods to Lowry and then angles his head towards the ferals, "Couple packs of Ferals, and a few Glowin' ones, you ready to use that shotgun?" he asks pointedly.
Elsie "Fruity, you ain' checked in for the last three hours. I'mma bout to send someone out lookin' for you and they ain' gonna be as nice as me, over." Lowry's radio crackles to life. "Report on //any and all// unfriendlies for the map as part of your scoutin', sugar." The voice might be recognizable for those that know Surelda, but most know her better as Lady Silver anyway, so that's how she'll be known. "So what'll it be, Fruity? You gonna talk to me or'm I sendin' out some big lug t'run you down?"
Lowry      Nodding to Stockton he says, "Don't you doubt it." He grins afterwards and looks ahead, scanning the scrap yard. Then he hears the buzz in his ear and frowns. "Shit, thought this damn thing was off. Nah, don't send anyone. Given the Marshall a hand." He pauses and pulls his flask. After a small drink he returns it to the inside of his coat and continues, "We got a dozen or so ferals and some glowers too out here at the scrap yard. Be advised some have exited. Headin' down the highway unchecked. Any Caravans in the area should proceed with caution. Repeat: Ferals roaming 'round 285. Over." He nudges his horse forward, deeper into the scrapyard.
Beefrow The main gate into valley of crushed cars is jury-rigged up with equipment to be electrified, and was just barely holding after Stockton riled the up, to the point some were having so much fun their head popped. More than likely that was just the massive amount of lead the Marshall was throwing through the fence at the undying creatures. The glowing one hiding within the pack, watching with vile hatred and shining, radioactive orbs as Stockton and Lowry converge.
Stockton Stockton blinks once and then twice at Lowry, "What channel, y'all on?" he asks without questioning who the man is talking to. Marshal don't really care, he's just interested in not being out of the loop. With a few more steps they're in the maze of fences and finding bodies he'd already piled up. Pulling his guns, he checks the ammunition by pressing the slides back slightly before pulling back the big hammers. He gives Lowry a nod and starts his hunting.
Elsie There's a brief pause on Surelda's end before her voice sings across the waves once more. "Roger that. Location and unfriendlies marked for other caravans. Alerts will be sent out on long-range frequencies. Please report back in an hour, sugar, so we know not to worry. And stop drinkin' before a fight." The last part is added pointly, as though she were right behind him when he took that little swig. "And you take real good care of the Marshal while you're at it."
Stockton Stockton is conservative to start with. As he and Lowry march up to the fences he finds the swarms of ghouls still there. With a rather deliberate and calculated shot, the blackened steel Desert Eagle he wields barks and the jut of hellfire afterwards ends in the the swarm dropping to the ground. He takes careful aim with the silvered gun and the slide clacks hard as he takes out the structure support beside them, dropping a fair bit of timber and debris atop the group. That done, he takes a quick pot-shot at the closest Glowing One, saying hello with a gritty smile and a hail of bullets.
Lowry      "Umm, 14." He says to Stockton. "Just updatin' Lady Silver. Feel free to switch over. It's a Caravan channel but not much chatter right now. Bein' this early." Surelda is chiming in all the while and when she is done he shakes his head. His mic is /off/ and he mumbles. "Fuckin' christ.....Like my damn mother..." He contiues to grumble for a moment then straightens up and with his most jovial tone says over the radio. "Yes Ma'am. I copy. Over and out"

     Then the firing begins. Lowry is too far for the shotgun so he just lets it rest atop his horses neck. He draws his revolver quickly and fires from the hip. The shot goes wide and he lifts it up taking careful aim, and missing. "Sonofabitch bastard!" He shouts now as he rattles off more in reckless abandon. One finally catching the hideous thing in it's chest. Radioactive ooze starts to bubble from the wound but the thing is still up. Shaking his head he spins open the cylinder, the large .45 casings spilling on the dirt next to his horse.
Beefrow The glowing one opens it's rotting maw and screams in pain as it's blasted at, it's pack falling to the ground near it's feet, permanently cured. Behind the fence, the vivid light coming off the ghoul bleeding a bright, glowing radioactive fluid dims, then brightens drastically. It howls a shrill, harsh and gutteral sound, and in the distance, further into the scrapyard, and the hideous thing turns and limps further into the scrapyard.

Out of sight of the heroes, the thing rushes to the other gate, and it's doppleganger on the other side rushes to meet it. There's low growls back and forth, while the unglowing feral ghouls around them breath rapidly, feeding off their combined energy radiating from them.

Meanwhile, the third spotted glowing one is leading it's pack out into traffic. They all look about wildly, before a scent catches one's attention, and like a herd moving as a single unit, they begin shambling down the highway... back towards Roswell proper, and the front of the scrapyard.
Elsie "Sugar bombs!" The radio crackles to life suddenly. "I ... ach, sorry sugar. We've got a report. Watch yourself on the right side and from above. You've got ghouls and the moment you're breaching, they'll be on you." Lady Silver's voice can be heard both by Lowry and by Stockton, now, if he changed over his own radio. She sounds a bit tense, a bit nervous. Lowry will know the tone - it's when there's serious business afoot.
Beefrow Once the ghoul ran away, Sparrow and James quickly saw on the camera, and opened the gate for Stockton and Lowry to follow in for the kill. The inside was a large circular clearing, with a small gate to the left, and a large gate to the right, with all of the ghouls crowded on one side of it, and the bleeding, injured but rapidly healing glowing one the pistoliers shot on this side.
Stockton Stockton isn't content to let anyone get too far away. In fact he's probably already hell bent on hunting the Glowing one and its horde that left out the back gate. For now though, he continues to advance, dropping another pack of ferals as he marches on the second Glowing one while it still remains here. He's switched over to the channel so he hears the Sugar Bombs curse and the only thing that filters through the VOX is his laughter.
Lowry      Lowry is fuming as he sees the thing still standing. "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!" He shouts. Shaking his head he reloads the pistol. Hopping down from his horse he enters the pen now. His radio crackles and he hears Surelda. "Copy that." He starts looking around and notices the things are actually on his right. "If I can't drink at work lay off tha' Jet when my life is on the line." It's good natured though. "Check yer' source, Shirley." His mood improves drastically when his next shot purchases flesh on the swarm. "There on the /right/!" He shouts at the Marshall.
Elsie "I said on the right, ya pickled fruit," Surelda's voice crackles on the radio again. But at least she knows better than to shout at them on the radios. "An' whoever's laughin' at me, you'll get yours too." She's no idea Stockton's got her channel on now; probably safe to assume it's some random caravaner listening in.
Grover Grover is out and about, when he hears gunfire...gunfire? changes direction towards..when he spots the Glowy one and his friends on the road. He slips Dr. Chop Chop off his back, and starts running towards the foe..."Time to hit the road jack!" As he brings his axe down hard into the ghoul.
Beefrow The dead glowing one dropping to the ground signals to the others to run, as a permanent and immortal light in the wasteland is snuffed. They flee from the gate, while Stockton takes shots at some of them, only to hide and scatter around the corner, free to leave out the other gate, that's been left hanging wide open. The sounds of ghouls growling and snarling can be heard to the left and the right. And up on some stacked cars, another glowing one is shot when Lowry sets his sights on it, and it scampers down and out of sight

Thankfully, Grover's there to clean up that mess, burying his axe into the glowing fless of a radioactive ghoul. It screams, and the six ghouls it was following all snarl and turn to look at Grover.

Two paths remain, one deeper, and one out the back, where Grover cleans up, both locked by gates.
Kaydin     Kaydin pushes the bike with him and looks to the various people present seeming to be shooting at things. He reaches into his duster to pull out a desert eagle and moves to try and shoot at what everyone else was shooting at. "Nice Shindig." He says to Stockton.
Stockton Stockton figures this is escalating quickly when he'd rather see it be put down faster. So he steps up the time-tables by calling in another fence to be cleared, turning down after the ghouls, he stalks through the giant rows made out of dead cars. Kicking in through the gate he wheels on the nearest glowing one and unloads two resounding claps of gunfire into it. With a snarl he turns his sights on the second one in sight and takes careful aim before squeezing off another couple of barks from his .50 cal handcannons. Dropping another body he turns on the group nearest him and levels the blackened gun first, Clack! goes the slide, then the silvered pistol follows to lay low another swarm. He's left bullets in everything, even if it hasn't died - he's tagged it to let it know he's there. Coming over the channel he informs those listening, "Two hostiles down, three packs down. Looks like one more swarm to clear."
Lowry      Lowry lays down a few more ill placed shots. "Fuck it." He says with a frown. He just drops his pistol in the dirt. "Piece of shit." He turns around shouting over his shoulder. "You got this, Marshall." Pulling his little bottle he downs it and tosses it away. "Heading back, Lady. All clear out here in the scrapyard. I'll check the highways and report back in."
Elsie "Who's that? Never you mind, sugar, you just keep reportin' in. An' keep an eye on our Fruity over there, woncha?" Surelda's voice on the radio is more smooth, more confident, and has a seductive purr to it. At least, most of the time.

Other times? Her voice gets tight, forcibly controlled, after Lowry radios in. "Fruity, put that flask down; there's another glow." How does she know? She must have done math from previous reports ... or something.
Grover Grover turns his attention to one of the swarms, "Oh, so you want some of this two...right, then now you die as well" As he turns, brings his axe around once, then a second time. Slicing and dicing the swarm to pieces...."Right, who else wants some?"
Grover Grover spins the axe in his hands, as he eyes the ghoul body parts on the ground. "And I thought it was going to be a dull day..."
Stockton Stockton chimes in over the Vox, "I'm a little hurt you don't recognize the voice, darlin', but this's the Marshal." he gives Grover a quick salute of tapping one gun barrel to his chest before turning, prepared for more havoc.
Beefrow After Grover hacks through a group of ghouls, one of them howls in anger from above, jumping down at Lowry. It's glowing skin radiates heat as it whizzes by, hitting the ground. The cowboy, despite whatever flask he brought, had forewarning from Lady Silver, and a sharper eye than most.

Whatever bodies might be lying around, the only ones moving are those still attacking Grover, and the glowing one near Lowry's feet, scrambling to stand on it's feet.
Elsie "Marshal Stockton?" Surelda AKA Lady Silver asks across the waves. Then she chuckles. "You showed me what for, sugar. I didn' think you'd know mine so easy as that. I oughta see if I can't smooth it out a little for the listener's pleasure. Is Fruity alright? If he's knicked we gotta bring some folks out to come'n get him."

Silver pauses for a few moments before speaking again. "Did ya'll find that glow yet?"
Stockton Stockton just chuckles into the Vox, "Fruity's just fine, so far. Hell, you could say he's doin you proud," he insists even as the flare of gunfire echoes over his voice and brings down two more packs of ghouls and the Glowing one closest to the raging Grover, "Git the last damn Glower!" he calls to the barbarian.
Lowry      Lowry heres the conversation over the radio and chimes in, "Nah, I'm fi-" Then the Glower lands at his feet. He looks down puzzeled with a glaze in his eye. Then it's body explodes, the green goo landing radiation and guts all over the man. "I'm gonna need some Radaway, Lady." He says over the radio while shaking his head, not seeming to care all that much. But, he looks around, checking his back and the surrounding area. Shrugging he shouts, "Nice shootin, partner!"
Elsie "You doin' us proud too now, Marshall?" Surelda asks, the smirk in her voice audiable in her voice. There's some sounds in the background from Caravan headquarters, but Surelda's voice remains smooth and present, responding to Lowry. "You just come on home, sugar, we'll get you taken care of. And bring that Marshall too, if he's in need. If he's helpin' ours, we'll see he's looked after if he needs. I'll let the gates know ya'll are comin' round."
Grover Grover brings his axe up again, and slices the air by the he growls and slash with the axe again, this time slicing into the thing..."Stop moving!"
Beefrow After being shot and hacked at, the Glowing One curls it's clawed hands and shrieks in pain. Waves of degradation, heat, and itching, burning pain exude from it, warping the air around it. It tries to spring past Grover, to flee towards the highway, and possible freedom.
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his desert eagle and opens fire onto the ghoul as he watches it. "These are ferals right?" He asks as if unsure if he was firing on ferals or actual people.
Stockton Stockton gets splashed with Radiation and just ughs. He's going to have to get his Duster and armor cleaned up again soon. He Voxes into 'Lady' and Lowry, "Almost cleaned up here, definitely going to need the Rad-Away." He is already holstering his guns like he doesn't give a fuck and putting on his badass Sheriff Shades.
Grover Grover sees the glowing one trying to run for it...."Oh, no you don't...your not leaving the party," As it tries to get by him, he slash at it in a back hand motion with his Axe.
Kaydin     Kaydin holsters his gun and begins to go throguh the pockets in the tattered clothes the ghouls were wearing. "Nothing ever interesting on these buggers." He says calmly.