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Milton Milton is in the Knox Residence. Blythely meandering through his orchard, plucking Mutfruit and placing it into a basket. The fancy man is humming to himself as he goes though. To say that Milton is an oddity of the wasteland is an understatement. The help wander around to manage the rest of the household while no doubt Bart is up to something untoward.
Nemo Nemo's wandering up to the large yard, looking over the old Caine house, cowboy hat shading his gaze, when he has to take a breath to just marvel at it. He's heard of this 'Milton', and read about some of his wares, so Nemo's brought a duffel bag full of goods to the man's place. Knocking at the door, he's busy checking the place out.
Bart Bart is not outside, outside includes sunlight and that has been proven to worsen the effects of radiation. Just ask him, he'll tell you all about it. He's still wearing his lab coat and goggles as he bursts out of the door a second after Nemo knocked on it. Annnnd walks right by him and into the garden. "Milton? Milton! Milton Knox, you return my shears this instant! Those are /not/ for horticulture!" He fusses and will likely be leading Nemo right to the man he seeks.
Milton Milton, in his fancy attire with his shiny unscathed specs and his Fancy pre-war suit looks up from where he's just clipped down a fresh mutfruit to place into the basket. "Well.." He replies to his introvert brother. "You were hardly using them. And look you've brought a guest with you!" He says as he walks over setting aforementioned 'sheers' into the basket tucked away so he can wipe his fingers on a handkerhief. "Hello to you." The culutred young man greets. "Don't mind Bartholamew, he gets fussy when hiseperiments aren't going well. To what do we owe the pleasure, I'm Milton Theodore Knox and this is my older brother."
Nemo Nemo follows the blustering Bart to Milton, taking stock of the two (and their differences) curiously, before he's greeted. He tips his hat to Milton, "My name is Dr. Nemo Booker, of the Scientists of El Dorado." He lifts his duffel bag, "Word is, you had some good deals on weapons. I've come to barter..." He looks to Bart, thoughtfully, "Or talk shop."
Bart Bart storms right up to Milton with that furious face only to be greeted with persons unknown and an uncaring brother. He exhales a bit sharply and shakes his head at Milton before turning around to meet Nemo. The extended greeting returned briefly, "Scientists of El Dorado..." he blinks and then looks at Milton as if he was in on this or something. "Wasn't what's his Q-face doing something like that?" he asks his brother before looking at the Doctor and reaching up to shove his goggles to the top of his head, mussing his hair profoundly. Squinting suddenly in the sun, "I see."
Milton "Qwillis was, but something happened I hear in Dunwhich, tragic really. I take it you're the new head, wonderful! I was hoping to introduce my brother to you." He greets offering a well manicured hand. "We can certainly talk shop. Why don't we go inside and have the maid bring us some tea? I've got a manifest of goods you can have a look at and I will go fetch all that interest you from storage." He pats his brothers shoulder and adjusts his glasses before stepping into the House proper.
Bart Bart stares at his brother for a long time, "And you wondered why I told you to stay away," he just grumps and ignores the social pleasantries of introductions and proper ones at that. "I need a mint tea," he sighs heavily and moves along after Milton to stomp inside and call out, "Julia, my tea please," as if it were nothing to order around a house person. "Doctor Nemo was it?" he asks of the man. "What are you doing with these...Scientists of El Dorado?"
Nemo Nemo follows along behind Bart and Milton, echoing the sentiment, "They managed to stop a swarm of nanites from infecting Roswell, and other cities. They're heroes, and the search continues for them... but ah... yes, Dr. Booker." Glancing to Bart, Nemo moves to take a seat, "I'm not the leader, we're voting on who might take that position, but we're very democratic in our processes and decision making." He hesitates, glancing around with obvious interest, "Currently, we're trying to repair our own Auto-Doc, help with medical needs in Shantytown, and helping the people of Roswell with some Feral Ghoul problems."

"What uh... what kind of experiments do you do?"
Milton Milton is quiet about it and leads them both inside to the parlor. Man these are some rich guys; and it doesn't look like anyone lives here with them to spend their moneys. They have the help, ancient people who were likely here when their parents where. A painted portrain of Great-great(x?)-Grand-Daddy Caine, Overseer of Vault 30 resides above the mantle in the parlor. He lets Bart answer their guest while he goes to a roller desk to get some parchment with a listing of his goods as he moves over. "Here you are sir. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll bring it down from the vault."
Bart Bart listens quietly and observes the man, the scientist. He gets his tea delivered by the ancient Julia and gives her a warm smile, practiced at least. "Repair an Auto-Doc?" he perks up some and then his fingers steeple a little bit and he leans closer, "What are your views on lasers, Doctor Brooks?" No he's not getting it intentionally wrong, he's just that distracted. Those intense blue eyes are focused on Nemo though. "I could help though, with the Auto-Doc." That's where he leaves it for now though. "Erm, I can show you my experiments if you'd like...after you conclude your business of course," he wouldn't be /that/ rude to his brother making a deal.
Nemo     apping the piece of paper, before handing it back to Milton, Nemo asks, "How much are you looking for for that Assaultron Blade, or the gunsmith tools, and tatoo equipment. And what on earth is a 'Bondage chestpiece'?" He chuckles lightly, shifting his attention to Bart, "MY opinion? We need more of them, laser accurate tools, lasur turrets, and laser shows." He's got Nemo's attention alright, "We'd love your help."
Milton Milton nods, "It's true, Bart's mind is sharp as a tack. He's really quite a wonderful inventor. Myself I couldn't get into it, I was much more interested in traveling with Lonestar and seeing the world. Learning it's secrets." He nods and stands, "I'll go fetch those and be right back."
Bart Bart hums quietly to himself at the list and then smirks a little, "You're still holding onto that damned harness?" he asks of his brother, "You promised me you had gotten rid of it, not that you were getting rid of it," he teases before turning attention back to Nemo. "Laser healing," he says with wide eyes, that is his specialty. The thing about it being rather disturbing is his fanatical faith in the laser. "The atom got us here, the particle will get us out," he assures the doctor. "When and where, I suppose," he says before hmming to himself, "Will need more weed."
Nemo "We will need more weed, indeed," Nemo says. He looks to Bart, "I didn't know your brother was with Lonestar, OR that you could heal with lasers. I've picked up all my education just from the holodisks and random books I've found... and trial and error." He looks around the house again, "Is that uh... Bart and Milton Caine?"
Milton Milton chuckles, "Well you need to tend the agrden then if you want more weed." He reminds Bart as he comes down holding a strang harness and a couple of other things. The butler is holding the tattoo equipment and Gunsmithing tools. Milton moves over to set them all on the table so that Nemo can look at them at his Lesiure.

Milton moves to settle down, crossing his ankle over his knee and leaning back. "No, Knox is our family name. But dearest MOther was a Caine."
Bart Bart nods slowly, "We Knoxes are full of surprises," he assures Nemo before pushing away with his tea to think on something. Distracted by an idea more than likely, just drifting away from the conversation for a moment while they conduct business.
Nemo Looking over the Assaultron blade, Nemo whistles, "What a beauty... Ah, Knoxes. I'll have to remember that." Nemo pulls an unmarked Holodisk from his duffel bag, a pre-war porno and some nice tanned leather. "This refined leather is kind of nice, and seems somethin' along the lines of what you might like. I've also got some psycho, and jet is brewing for next month." He looks to Bart, brow furrowing. "Have you considered joining us, Bart? I think, once we got the red tape out of the way, you'd enjoy working with us. I'm certain you could help us help El Dorado."
Milton Milton considers Nemo for a moment looking over the leather. "The leather's nice, but not worth more than seventy five caps which would cover the bondage piece. The Tattoo equipment and Gunsmithin' tools I'd be willin' to trade for the porn and the Holodisk but for the blade unless you've got omething nice I'll need three hundred caps. It cost nearly an arm and a leg to get.
Nemo Passing over holodisk and the porn, Nemo nods and smiles to Milton, "I can trade these for the tattoo equipment and tools. I'll need to save up for that blade. I'm buyin' a stake in the cap mine, to try and make coin for the So Ed and our costs." He considers the leather, then offers it to Milton, "And for the leather, I'd gladly take fifty caps, if that sounds fair to you?"
Bart Bart is considering things while they do business things. He's also getting distracted by the whirr of a motor upstairs and then suddenly bowing himself out of hte interaction so he might scamper along to his experiments.
Milton Milton nods nods, "Of course, that seems like it would be just fine. So, th equipment and the Chestpiece." He nods and drops everything. "Though I don't really need the leather, so keep it, see if you can't sell it to someone who needs it. And bring it back here. As a leatherworker I find all sort of leather in my craft. Or, save it and bring it to me when you need something made." He suggests.
Nemo Chuckling, Nemo says, "It was a pleasure meeting you," to the departing figure, before grinning at Milton, "You're trying hard to get rid of the chestpiece, hmm? I'll take it, who knows when it might come in handy." Nemo takes up the equipment, telling Milton, "You know, I'd like to catch up with you on a day I don't have so many appointments. I think I have a business opportunity for you." It's not long before the Cowboy Chemist is departing, after a final farewell.