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Vault Girl Dusk

The city of Albuquerque is a hellhole, but it's a largely intact hellhole that has become the central base of operations for The Enclave within New Mexico, the 'capital' of the State.

What was once dozens of disparate communities and small settlements have been united first under the banner of Solomon, who showed that he COULD be an effective leader.

It was only during Operation: Overlord that his true nature as an Enclave agent became apparent. The mystery of El Dorado's corrupt mayor deepened and suddenly his 'storied' history began to make more sense.

Jared Solomon had likely been operating as a member of The Enclave since birth, and had shown that his incompetence was merely a farce for whatever his mission was in El Dorado. No longer did he have to hide behind that subterfuge as Governor.

Due to the battle of the Alamo Citadel and the Siege of El Dorado months before that, the Militia was lower on active duty members then it had ever been.

There were not enough men and women to take Albuquerque even if that was the plan, instead commando teams had been organized to strike and disrupt Enclave activities throughout the area while an elite force hit the airfield where an entire air wing of Enclave Vertibirds was stationed at the moment.

Desert Rangers from Texas, along with Whitecloaks from New Rome, and 18th Battalion Members had been deployed to be part of the battle, with their numbers spread throughout the various teams to help bolster their numbers.

The overall plans of battle had been drawn up by Rexus and throughout Albuquerque there were attacks going on even now as the commando teams hit their various targets, checking in and letting the elite assault force (composed of PCs mostly) that the time to strike was at hand.


The strike force had gathered on the outskirts of the Airfield, using some abandoned buildings as a staging area which would allow snipers to setup while the main force moved in to directly destroy or steal any Vertibirds they could.

One of the recon scouts who was already inside of the airfield which consisted of a half-dozen hangars, a broken old fence, an airstrip, and a control tower had reported something was going on.

Through scopes you could see a team of Enclave Soldiers in X-03 Hellfire Power Armor escorting a man in what appeared to be American Flag Decorated X-01 Power Armor.

Matters were further worsened by the fact that a US Army XM-S02 'Scorpion' Mech was moving around the airfield on high-alert. Prior to this, the XM-S01 model had only ever been encountered, unlike the S01 the S02 was not a prototype. They had been in the process of being fielded by military forces prior to the outbreak of the Great War for field tests. It appears that The Enclave may have had the capability to manufacture such war machines once again.

This was either a trap or something important was about to go down. Either way? There was no turning back now!

Note: Round 1 is free poses. There are sentries and guards that can be taken down but one way or the other, The Enclave is going to become aware of your presence very quickly. Stealthy folks can feel free to try to move in through cover, bruisers can head on in to kick ass, Sniper types can cover them.. whatever works! Round 2 will go to Initiative and be the main combat vs The Mech! Explosives have also been supplied to be placed on the Vertibirds.
Stockton Stockton is there, of course he's here, he has a score to settle. Several of them. Solomon has continued to mark ticks under his own box and it was time that the people of El Dorado scratched one under theirs. His armor makes little noise as he moves low and slow, trying to get himself into range under cover and out of sight. The sight of the marching power armor earns a freeze in the man and he makes sure to signal the next group behind him. <<Solomon may be in the American power armor, approach with caution.>>
Matt Matt has got himself attached to the sharpshooter's section of the more elite unit. Ruby, the cowboy repeater held across his chest as the team surveys the air field itself. A glance off towards Lowry and he shrugs his shoulders. "A bit tougher force than we expected, I'm thinking."
Rexus There is a time for stealth... of slinking around in the shadows to try to accomplish your mission. There are times for that.... this is not one of them, at least not Rexus. The big galoot is clad in his custom set of T-45 power armor, hefting his two gatlings.. one in each massive hand. Definitely in the bruiser category today. He's at the front, as is proper for one of his standing, a beacon of badassery for the other tanky types to follow... drawing fire and preparing to slug it out with the mech. "Blow as many of the birds as you can. If you can fly one steal it... Roughnecks on me, we're goin for the Mech."
Lowry      With no good reason except from sheer boredom Lowry decided to join the assault. Perhaps just good timing as he is wont to wonder the wastes. Or maybe just traveling with other Lonestar folks. Impossible to tell. Regardless, he has made his way here with the militia. Squinting he takes in the scene. "Way out of my league." He mutters to Matt in particular while he watches the mech. "We outta keep our wits about us and let the bruisers get out front." He pats his revlover just to feel the reassuring feeling of it at his side. He waits on drawing a weapon though, still observing.
Davidson As much as Davidson really, really wants to be stealing a Vertibird - and it's a lot - he knows that he probably doesn't have the technical expertise to properly pilot one of those beauties even if he got his hands on it. Which is why he's nested in on an upper floor of one of the abandoned buildings near the outskirts of the Airfield, settled beside a blasted-out window with his back to the wall finishing off a mole-rat meat sandwich. Brushing crumbs off his shirt, he rolls up to one knee, bringing the marksman rifle with the Airborne insignia on it to rest on the window's ledge, sighting down it at the airfield.

"Nice place they've got here," he murmurs, "Shame we've got to shoot so much of it up."
Nemo Nemo had arrived at the staging area on a motorcycle, with Valerie hitching a ride on the back. He's brought along some heavy weapons, and a few chems in his poncho's pocket, looking less like a Scientist of El Dorado with his wide-brimmed hat and guns than a Cowboy about to fuck shit up. He doesn't wait around to be asked before he's announcing his opinion to the group that's gathered to help.

"Evenin' folks, I'm Dr. Booker, and I've got a sniper rifle to any who'd be more useful hanging back here in these abandoned buildings. I absolutely need to get into one of those hangars, and secure the El Dorado Federation some of their technology, whether that's a vertibird, or one of their mech's is up to what we can grab."

He lays his sniper rifle on the a table, and moves to follow Rexus.
Ironface Jones Amidst those assembled for the upcoming action is Ironface Jones, mighty warrior and loyal resident of El Dorado. With his slugger resting over his shoulder he scans the battlefield, what he can see of it, and prepares himself for action. When he spots someone in power armor barking orders the big tribal moseys over in that direction, "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan. Today we will fight and smash many things."
Lowry      "Well..All I got's this here shotgun!" Lowry exclaims. "And ma' revolver but I'd use yer' rifle." He nods to Nemo, reluctant to grab it but surely well versed in the use of it if it will just sit idle.
Jackson Words couldn't quite describe the feelings fluttering through Jackson's heart. He was anxious above all else-- As the assault force started to make it's move, he felt knots of uneasiness and trepedation worming their way through his core. However, his anxious nerves were the prime indicator of his poise. He was ready to do his job for the people of El Dorado at any cost.
For now, he'd decided to use his assets to his best advantage. His agile and stealthy form allowed him to blend as seamlessly with the dusk around him as he could, and he decided to slink his way into the airfield as quietly as possible. He slouched as low to the ground as he could muster, and kept one of his hands firmly wrapped around the handle of his Gauss revolver as he started his controlled scuttle into the Enclave's wasp nest. For now, he'd do his best to find the brains of this operation. His best guess was that control tower-- something or someone important had to have locked itself up in that place, watching all of the chaos as it erupted. If all went as planned, he'd make his way there. If things went south.. Well, then he'd just have to make the best of a bad situation. If nothing else, he'd make a hell of a good distraction for the Enclave bucketheads while the heavy hitters moved in to pound them down.
Pierce "Well, this butchers bill will be high." Mutters Pierce to noone in particular. He'd responded to the call of the Militia for combat action. Normally he's an office doctor, but as usual, field medics are in short supply. So he's snuck along, and is currently setting up IV/Tourn-kits. Each is slipped away here and there on his uniform and armor. Next up are some quick made trauma-packs. Then he's looking to Rexus. "Captain, I can fight. However..." Pierce gestures towards what they are facing, and then at those that came with. "Casualty projections, uncertain. Orders?"
Ashur Ashur broods in the shadow of an abandoned storage shack; once upon a time, it held electronic components and radios, but now it is brother to spiders and bearer of webs. The giant looms in his gleaming, gold-plated X-03 Hellfire, distinguished from the Enclave escort by the radiant sun-glimmer of his ostentatious duraframe, the endless sprawl of his lovingly-made white cloak, and his own Goliath stature. As the others speak and plan, the brute's impatience for glory gets the best of him; he strides forth, without subtlety, shaking the ground beneath him, cloak billowing out behind. "I care not for Solomon. I will destroy the machine."

And, really, it's true. Solomon never did shit to him. What's he care? But this'll make the third giant scorpion he's fought -- he's developing a knack for it.
Carter Griffin Things have not been going very well ever since the Enclave's attack was driven off. Carter's still been doing what he can to help out El Dorado, because he realizes that while the NCR may have driven the Enclave out...Despite their propoganda saying otherwise...Anything he does out here will help folks back home. So that's why he's brought himself out here to help blow up another dangerous robot that the Enclave has access to.

"We're going to need to figure out where they're building these damn things...Someday.." He says, as he glances at the patrols nearby. Looks like he's gonna get to break in his new rifle the old fashioned way.
Vault Girl Even as Prism trips an alarm sneaking into the airfield for a covert assault, the initial group of Enclave sentries and guards on duty went down fairly easily to the massed fire of the Strike Force's members but this was not meant to be a siege or a prolonged assault.

Each of those Six Hangars held at least Six Vertibirds and if the launches occurring from the furthest hangar were any indication, The Enclave had already been planning a launch of some kind.

The Scorpion Mech aims a tail mounted plasma gatling towards one of the buildings containing a group of snipers and rakes it with devastating plasma fire that incinerates and burns all those within.

Note: Every 500 Damage done to the Walker will Trigger a Reward Phase. Every Vertibird Destroyed or Captured will provide guaranteed rewards at the end of the scene. It takes 2 actions + your move action to reach a Vertibird and plant an explosive. 1D6+1 Vertibirds will launch each round!
Vault Girl Being active when your turn comes up and having your actions ready will result in being given a single Quantum Cap. Hell Yeah! So be ready when I move over to you on initiative. I'll give everyone a few minutes to prepare so it's not unfair to the people at the top.
Vault Girl The Enclave Honor Guard head into one of the hangars surrounding the American-Flag armored figure in X-01 Power Armor. They seem to be in a hurry.
Stockton Stockton waits for hell to break loose and when it does, the Marshal begins his all out sprint against the clock, leaping over a load of crates with a vaulting action - that EDSD Duster flapping hard in the wind behind him. Like a streak of grey and tan. When he reaches the bird he slaps on the charge and turns. Those Badass shades get pulled outta thin air it seems, sliding onto his face like they were meant to go there as the first vertibird behind him goes up. Of course he doesn't look back - it's more badass that way. Flames lick his coat as he draws his handcannons. The first shots ringing out as he levels the blackened steel Desert Eagle at the Mech and fires, the silvered Kindness follows up behind, the sharp clacks of the slides reaching their end and slapping another big slug into the chambers.

You could say Stockton's opening line was...explosive. YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH
Lowry      Lowry continues to scan the landscape. "Them fuckers." He murmurs as he looks down the barrel of the rifle at the tower. He sights in and takes a deep breath. Holding it he slowly squeezes the trigger. The shot rings out and the .308 takes the woman down, her head exploding with the color red as she falls lifelessly to the floor.
Davidson The volley of plasma fire turns the building next to Davidson's into an inferno, his head turning just enough to notice it.. a deep breath taken in, then exhaled, a magazine of armour-piercing rounds slammed into the rifle. "Remember the mother fucking Alamo, Davidson," he mutters to himself as he sights past the living hulk of a man that is Ashur, taking aim at the robotic scorpion that's just taken out a good chunk of the snipers -- and then he fires. And he fires again, and he keeps pulling that trigger until it clicks, a hail of tungsten-tipped rounds peppering across the scorp-mech's body and legs.
Jackson As jackson crept under a hole in the old fence surrounding the air field, an alarm started to blare it's annoying, warbley whine at top volume, echoing throughout the clearing as he quickly dashed against a nearby crate for cover. His eyes fell upon the man wearing american flag power armor, and he examined the individual closely for a moment before focusing his attention back on his goal-- the control tower. He didn't have time to be distracted by the Enclave's flashy theatrics. The man was certainly of some degree of importance, but the young deputy came to the conclusion that fact was made readily apparent by his extremely over-embellished armor. Regardless of that, the time to act was now, and he wouldn't be wasting any more grains of sand.
Though the alarm was already deafening them all, Jackson knew that a stealthy intrusion into the control tower was El Dorado's best bet for safety. There was a chance that some of those Vertibirds were still going to get out of this place, and if they could get somebody in the tower redirecting their advance, it could buy the city the valuable time it needs to survive. So, quickly snapping his Gauss Revolver to a ready position in his right hand, Jackson clung to the shadows as closely as he could manage, hopping from box, to scrap, to small craters in the pavement as he moved upon the control tower.
Ashur The thrill of battle beats like a violent drum in Ashur's chest; it makes his blood burn, the aches and pains of his rough lifestyle dwindling in significance until they're not felt at all. This is a foe worthy of his strength!

The man's power armor flares open with a pneumatic hiss, the black-gold carapace cracking open like a shell and releasing a beautiful butterfly.

Only, instead of a butterfly, it's a supermutant.

Stumbling forward, the transforming Legionnaire trips, takes a knee, digs his hands into the asphalt of the airfield. His fingers claw into it like butter, cracking the stone and ripping chunks free as they swell and darken; muscles swell, veins throb and pulse visibly, face becomes craggy. There now stands Ashur, a swollen grotesquerie, a caricature of brute, masculine strength -- some ten feet tall, a thousand pounds, lumbering nakedly (fortunately, without genitalia) toward the scorpion mech. The ballistic fist around his hand strains to contain it, the magnetic coils stretched.

Ashur bellows, and slams himself against the machine.
Carter Griffin Well looks like shit has gone and hit the fan. Not that Carter is surprised. He sends the bolt on his rifle home and squeezes the grip tight. He exhales his breath and then fires the weapon in three rapid successions.

It's three simple reports, nothing to write home about, but the weapon is something he is extremely familiar with, despite it being new to him, this is not a new weapon. Sometimes he wonders how much death and destruction this rifle has seen over its lifetime. It's going to have to see a few more tonight.
Rexus Rexus braces with one foot planted forward, the other back, spreading out his feet to give better support as he leans into the expected recoil. Those dual gatlings roar to life, sending their blasts of energy roaring up to the Mech and connecting. He stitches his fire back and forth, holding down the triggers as he works his fire all over that Mech, bathing it in luminescent fire.... I love the smell of Plasma in the morning!
Ironface Jones There is now a very large foe on the battlefield. That is what Ironface Jones has decided he will be fighting right now. The big tribal looks both ways to make sure nothing will be blindsiding him before he starts hauling ass towards the scorpion mech. His long stride takes him across the battlefield towards the enemy, weapon at the ready. When he makes it to the enemy he slams his slugger into one of it's appendages with a heavy clanging sound.
Nemo Sprinting throught the hanger as a siren wails, gunfire cracks, and metal rings out from shots fired, Nemo's holding onto his hat as he reaches a vertibird along with others. There's an explosion on the other side of the hangar, and when Nemo's finally gotten the demolitions in place, he hears someone yell out about the Alamo. The 'scientist' has just enough time to get behind a steel column of the hanger before the machine explodes behind him.

Nemo's shooting a duct-taped syringe full of orange-soda looking chemicals into his arms. His eyes goes wide and bloodshot, and veins poke out on his face. He's bolting towards the next bird, screaming like a madman "REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!"
Lowry      "Hot damn!" Lowry shouts when his bullet collects. Being semi close to Matt when the missles come he ducks down, his hands thrown over his head. "Ya' alright?!?!" He screams before looking around. Shaking his head he pulls the rifle back up to his shoulder and stares down the barrel at the top of the tower. "I know they aint up ta' no good." He whispers to his self. He racks the bolt and the empty cartridge hits the floor beneath him.
Ashur The air sings with vertibird song! It hums and thrums, the earth shaking as tons of metal lift and soar; and so, too, does it shake beneath the gargantuan frame of the mech, spewing lasers and lashing out with its many articulated limbs. One massive robot-foot tries to stomp on Ashur, but the supermutant laughs and throws himself to the side, barely feeling the other sprays of bullet and laser that hit him. They scant leave marks on his bruise-colored figure.

"I'll rip you apart," he growls, tongue heavy and clumsy in his mouth, "and make you into a car for Eden!"

Can robots know fear? Probably not. But regardless, the brutish mutant rears back and slams his hand into the thing's leg hard enough to dent it, and uses a crack in its armor as a finger-hold to begin climbing it. "I'll cook soup in you and eat it!"
Vault Girl Another set of Vertibird's launches from the hangars but the launch pattern seems disruptive perhaps due to the actions of those who are presently trying to disrupt the Airfield's Control Tower.

The Honor Guard advances into the hangar nearest to Stockton and begin to pile into the Vertibird, several of them standing near the entrance of the hangar to cover it.

The mech vents deadly plasma at its feet spewing all over Ashur and Ironface before attempting to impale the pair of men with sharp and deadly talons; only the latter suffers any noticeable damage though.

Nemo, all psychoed-out barely notices a plasma gatling hitting all around him even as missiles fly around the battlefield and impact all over.

Almost a dozen militia soldiers are killed and the triage center that was being setup is destroyed in a blinding flash of munitions.

Note: Every 400 Damage done to the Walker will Trigger a Reward Phase. Every Vertibird Destroyed or Captured will provide guaranteed rewards at the end of the scene. It takes 2 actions + your move action to reach a Vertibird and plant an explosive. 1D6 Vertibirds will launch each round due to tower disruption!
Nemo Dr. Booker is seeing red, everywhere around him, there's mechs, vertibirds, power armor, and half of it is exploding. Zap! As the psycho pumps through his veins, he's screaming and running through the hanger, "You're all gonna fuckin' die! We're gonna kill every last fuckin' one of you!!" Zap! Now that Dr. Booker has scratched 'Get fucked up' off his to-do list, he can move on to the 'Fuck things up' part of his day. Zap! His mouth spews nonsense as his mind works out which vertibird to hit next. And which to possibly steal. "You don't melt us, we melt you, motherfuckas!!" Zap! He doesn't even notice the lasers barely missing him. Zap!
Davidson A thin tendril of smoke drifted up from the barrel of the All-American as the trigger goes 'click' with the chamber empty, the weapon lowered slightly as the cartographer-marksman tries to get a good look at the scorpion-mech to judge what damage is being done. It's a bit difficult in the haze of plasma-smoke and the explosions of the missiles from the robotic horror, though. He takes a deep breath, reaching for another magazine even as he turns his head - wait. Where did those power armored Enclave guards go? His lips tighten in a thin line as he finds them guarding one particular hangar's entrance.

"That can't be good," he mutters as a missile goes flying by the window.
Jackson The airfield around him had devolved into absolute shenanigans within a fraction of a minute. As suddenly as he'd entered, the entire base veritably exploded into an orgy of laser and gunfire. From the few scant glimpses Jack felt comfortable taking, he'd seen no less than an entire building's destruction, Ashur tearing off his power armor and transforming into a hulking mutant, another power-armor clad gentleman politely striding through the carnage, firing twin gattling lasers on the gigantic robot scorpion.... This shit was absolutely insane.
For the briefest instant as he advanced, Jack quietly came to the conclusion that he was vastly underqualified for an excursion of this magnitude. Nevertheless, he pushed on toward the tower, narrowly ducking under the attention of the Enclave as their lasers burned through the air mere inches from his hiding places. As he travelled, he dextrously leapt from piles of rubble, to storage crates, to power banks for miscellanious robotic apparatuses, until finally he reached the entrance to the ground level of the tower. Now.. It was time to get really fancy.
Davidson The entire building that Davidson's perched in shakes as one of the stray missiles strikes the side of it, nearly knocking him over. "Fuck this," he mutters under his breath as the next magazine's slammed into place, grabbing the edge of the window and swinging himself over -- grabbing hold of the rails on the fire escape outside the window and sliding down, the rickety metal rattling and clattering as he drops down one tier, another, and then drops down to the ground.

He hits the ground at a run, heading into the battlefield.
Ironface Jones After having been bathed in plasma and clawed by the scorpion mech, Ironface is looking much worse for wear, half punch drunk and half roasted. But he's still in the fight and swinging his weapon, trying to bring down the robotic monstrosity. With a roar he begins slamming his bat into the metal beast, slugging the shit out of the thing with amazingly powerful blows. With two mighty clangs his wasteland slugger leaves prominent dents in the robot's steel hide.
Lowry      It's a ways out but Lowry can see his shot connect. The target not going down though. "Shit." He mumbles as he pulls the bolt back and stares back down the barrel. He sees Prisim moving towards the tower and squints. "What tha' hell."
Rexus Rexus sees that the Mech is being taken care, the others are fighting it out in the Control tower and other places.... no one's blowing the Vertibirds. Rexus figures he'll go for a bird, ducking down a bit as he shuffle-waddles across the field to one of the vertibirds that is spooling up, slapping a satchel charge against its hull and setting the timer before trundling out towards the next one.. someone's gotta blow these things.
Stockton Stockton eyes the vertibird with a bunch of fellers jumping in and he swears under his breath. "Shit, we're losin' 'em!" He growls and charges through the hail of gunfire on both sides to plant another bomb and run away as it blows another escape chopper into bits and scrap. He glances at his guns and mutters a swear. He'll need to reload or figure out a new strategy.
Nemo Nemo quickly dispatches another vertibird, moving to the center of the hanger as it explodes. He squats a little and braces himself as he fires his machine gun at the Walker, unloading an entire clip into the machine as he just scream one single, confused word, "SSCCIIEENNCCEE!!"
Pierce Lacking better options, actual patients, and specific instructions. Pierce runs like hell for a vertibird to find it empty. "Unexpected." He starts looking over the controls and winces. "I have a degree in theoretical applied sciences... theoretically." Fortunately noone is around for that particular gem of wisdom, so he's looking to see if he has can lie in wait to ambush whoever will want this thing... and hopefully not create some blue on blue fire.
Davidson The burning wreckage of fencing that's been shredded by wild plasma fire is hurtled by Davidson as he crosses the pavement between him and the airfield, his head low and the All-American cradled in his arms ready to be brought up on a moment's notice. Glimpses of the battle caught by his keen eyes, taking note of where the mech is, where Enclave forces are, even as he heads for the vertibirds.

"Who wants to fuckin' live forever anyway?"
Vault Girl Reports from the other commando teams begin to come in one by one signaling that they were pulling back after mission completions. The recon teams reported that the Enclave was sending in a large force to the airfield and they would be there within minutes.

The entire purpose of a strike like this was to get in and out as quickly as possible, but there didn't seem to be any pilots to help with that fast extraction.

Over half the Vertibirds have launched or been destroyed with a great number towards the former, not that destroying almost a squadron of the rare and valuable aircraft was not a great accomplishment.

Pierce is a hero for a few minutes until he is unable to get his Vertibird started up and the Spider-mech which is burning and exploding at multiple points as well as missing a pilot locks onto the aircraft on orders.

Pierce didn't know what hit him as the Vertibird was struck with a barrage of missiles and gatling fire that caused a more spectacular explosion then Stockton's earlier showork.

The walker collapses to a single leg after the assault and seems to be on the verge of exploding.

An extraction was likely in order soon.

Note: Every 400 Damage done to the Walker will Trigger a Reward Phase. Every Vertibird Destroyed or Captured will provide guaranteed rewards at the end of the scene. It takes 2 actions + your move action to reach a Vertibird and plant an explosive. 1D6 Vertibirds will launch each round due to tower disruption! Enclave Reinforcements will arrive at the end of this round and will perform automatic attacks. Fleeing takes an action.
Davidson If there's one thing that's kept Davidson alive in the past it's knowing when not to stop moving. A satchel's pulled from his belt as he reaches the nearest vertibird, and leaps up in through one of the opened side doors. The pilot about to take off starts to react, but before he can the explorer's tossed the explosive charge to land in the man's lap.

"Special delivery," quips the man, leaping right out the other side of the vertibird and making for their pre-planned retreat path at a dead run, silhouetted by the blinding explosion that erupts behind him, one more vertibird for the vehicle graveyard.
Lowry      Lowry takes his attention away from the tower. All manner of burning, explosions and laser fire littering the landscape. He sees that multiples have been destroyed and it is most likely time to get lost. But he does notice Davidson and others retreating from the hangars. The watch tower explodes and the shape of Prisim's body apperas at the front of the wreckage. He levels the rifle one more time to offer some cover for his fellow El Doridians. Safety be damned.
Ironface Jones While not a particularly wise man, or one who's knowledgeable about science machines, Ironface Jones is no dummy when it comes exploding things. It's time for him to get the hell away from the potentially explosive scorpion mech. Clear out! Once he's clear he looks around for the next thing to take care of and sees many of his allies leaving the scene. Since the thing he was fighting is on gone the only thing left to do is join those getting the hell out of dodge.
Rexus Rexus ducks as the first Vertibird he planted a charge on explodes, sending bits of shrapnel and other destruction flying across the landing area. Thankfully his power armor saves him from and nicks, giving him time to plant another charge on the nearest Vertibird. He doesn't even make it look pretty, just sets the timer and starts jogging back with the others. "Pull back, once you're back, lay down some suppressing fire for the others, everyone gets out." he wheezes over the radio as he clears the landing area.
Pierce "Fuck. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck-Shit. Shit-Fuck! OH COME ON!!! Damn it man, I'm a Doctor not a fuckin' pinata!" Doctor Pierce finds out that being a hero has a price. Such as having some jackass in a mech shoot the hell out of the vertibird you tried to secure for others. Lesson learned. People suck. Now he has his own holes to patch up. Again. He's able to stagger out of the wreckage to consider the charge being tossed. Realizing everyone else is getting the hell out of there, he gives abaleful look at the wreckage of the vertibird that was destroyed around him. "Fuck it. Close enough." So Pierce Nopes the hell out of there on the Nope Train from Fuckthatistan.
Ashur A blind red fury guides Ashur's heavy hands. The scorpion shakes its leg and flings him about; he soars into the air, a twisted hunchback of muscle and hate, and descends like the fist of an angry God. He bellows louder than any of the vertibirds, his voice more bestial than human, and threads his fingers together. As he achieves terminal velocity and crashes into the scorpion's most sensitive bits, he slams his hands down together, ripping through armored plating, wires, and sensitive electronics as triflingly as if they were made of hot butter. The straining coils of his gauss fist glow and discharge left and right, blasting high-powered armor piercing rounds through the scorpion's insides as the fascist Hulk annihilates everything in front of him in a truly epic temper tantrum.

Then it blows the fuck up, and Ashur is engulfed in fire, vanishing wholly from sight. The holocaust of flame blackens the air and sends up clouds of smoke and waves of force..

... and, in the sky, the eagle-eyed might notice at some point the figure of Ashur, bare-ass and burning, soaring toward the horizon with the grace of the Hindenberg.
Nemo Even as everyone else is retreating, Dr. Booker is screaming obscenities, "You're all gonna fuckin' burn and die!" He straps another explosive to the bottom of a vertibird, and is heading for another one when a swarm of bullets riddle him from nearby Enclave soldiers. Changing his mind, bleeding and limping, he's trying to catch up with the others.
Vault Girl The last of the Enclave Vertibirds remaining on the ground are destroyed, the shrapnel from the mech's explosion taking down one of the freshly launched birds to give the strike team and even 12 confirmed Vertibird Kills, along with a confirmed kill on a Scorpion Mech.

Casualties had been moderate throughout the various teams, there were more dead that had to be left behind then wounded to bring forward.

The Enclave reinforcements were swarming the area and there was no doubt that such an attack would not succeed in the future, but if that was to happen; it would have to be an assault to take the city.

The twenty-four Vertibirds along with Governor Solomon were confirmed to have been heading to the Mojave where they would be reinforcing the Enclave's military forces that were intent on taking The Hoover Dam and New Vegas itself.

The assault had only opened up more doors that lead to questions without answers at this time. It had also signaled the start of a chain of events that would once again require the involvement of El Dorado and her Samaritans.

You were all Heroes of El Dorado on this day, and Villains to The Enclave.

War. War never changes.

Note: For log purposes put Prism's pose before this.
Jackson @emit The tower was nothing special, really. Plane concrete and steel walls, and a flurry of absolutely serene Enclave soldiers, techs, and controllers strolling around the tiny tower without a care in the world for the carnage going on around them. As he crept into the entrance, the deputy remembered that his time was limited. This was a hit and run operation, not some sort of long-running infiltration. So, throwing his cautions to the wind, Jack swallowed his pride, stood up boldly in the clearing near the building's door, and plainly stated, "Plan B, then."
With that declaration in mind, Jackson 'The Prism' Parkes took off toward the stairs in a full tilt sprint, kicking the door inward violently and barreling up the concrete steps with reckless abandon. As he entered, he startled an Enclave controller into awareness, but before the man could so much as mutter a confused, "What?" Jack checked him aside with his shoulder, sending him rolling in a flailing mess down the stairs as he barreled to the control room. As the individual dropped to the floor, the deputy unintentionally wedged one of his feet into the bars holding the handrail in place-- rather than take the moment to pull his boot out of the bars, he instead took the rapid route, choosing to withdraw his foot from the article completely and leave it behind as he continued his reckless advance. He crested the apex of the stairwell, absent one boot, and chose to kick the other one off back toward the controller. Poor guy-- he had no idea that the elegantly dressed stranger who'd just stormed his place of employment had every intent to murder his supervisors. At the thought, the deputy, sans boots, kicked open the door of the control room, only to attract the attention of every man and woman in the room working terminals